Campbells Hill (Anglican) Cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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1401ThrelfoElizabeth Threlfo1845651910id: 12976707731076w; m
Henry Threlfo1839791918 h; f
Alfred Havelock Threlfo1879391918
Walter Frederick Threlfo1887501937

1402ThursbyDudley Thursby1914691983id: 4236699001078

1403ThursbyEdith Louise Thursby1869571926id: 12086706841088w
Wilmott Charles Thursby1870871957 h
Ivor Davies1890851975
Myra Bessie Davies1900711971

1404ThursbyFrederick Norman Thursby188621888id: 4246699011075
Agnes Thursby1913
Frederick W Thursby1857671924
Paul R Thursby194521947
William T Thursby1882711953

1405ThursbyGeorge Thursby1859631922id: 6326701081072

1406ThursbyGeorge John Thursby1828801908id: 9176703931073

1407ThursbyHarry Hume Thursby186611867id: 12456707211083
Adela Mary Thursby186551870
Amelia Thursby186371870
Claude Thursby1873721945

1408ThursbyMary Amelia Hume Thursby1880701950id: 4256699021083
Emma Jane Thursby1886901976

1409ThursbyMelbourne Valentine Thursby1875671942id: 12546707301081

1410ThursbyPatricia Nola Thursby1918842002id: 3956698721079w/Dudley
Dudley Thursby

1411ThursbyWilliam Thursby1832741906id: 12816707571073

1412TiedemanAlan Maurice Tiedeman1965221987id: 16226710981069

1413TiedemanHarry Linden Tiedeman1912id: 14016708771071

1414TiedemanHenry William Tiedeman1900421942id: 16156710911082
Sandra Ann Nicholson1946161962 gd
Eva Marie Tiedeman1900631963 w

1415TiedemanJune Elizabeth Tiedeman1941491990id: 16236710991073w; m; gm
Alan Maurice Tiedeman1941501991 h; f; gf

1416TiedemanKevin John Tiedeman1931621993id: 16216710971068ashes

1417TiedemanMary R A Tiedeman1932631995id: 16196710951068w/Kevin
Kevin John Tiedeman

1418TiedemanPhillip Arthur Tiedeman1943201963id: 16206710961070

1419TiedemanWilliam Henry Tiedeman1870851955id: 11626706381081
Emily Tiedeman1879761955

1420TinsonHannah Tinson1801631864id: 16066963710911w
Mary Ann Tinson1835681903 d
Sarah Elizabeth Tinson1842861928 d
William Tinson1803861889 h

1421TinsonJane Tinson1834671901id: 16166963810821w/Thomas F.
Thomas F Tinson1831871918 h

1422TomkinsElizabeth Lowry Tomkins1829511880id: 3356698121076w/John Mofeatt Tomkins
John Mofeatt Tomkins

1423ToozeEliza Jane Grey Tooze1837451882id: 6836701591071w/William
William Tooze

1424ToozeEmily Elizabeth Tooze1859701929id: 14386709141092
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1425ToozeEmmie Tooze1901151916id: 14366709121085dau/W. and E. Tooze
W Tooze
E Tooze

1426ToozeWilliam George Tooze1857671924id: 14376709131081

1427TowlerSarah Towler1847681915id: 11796706551086w; m
Noah Towler1842861928 h; f

1428TownsendAnnie Townsend1944id: 8746703501089

1429TracyW Wallace Tracy1877141891id: 7166701921072

1430TranterErnest G Tranter1916501966id: 8126702881083

1431TranterKeith Tranter1941662007id: 12146706901080
John Malcolm Cooper1952582010

1432TravisMargaret Travis1844691913id: 7486702241074
H J Travis1872351907

1433TravisWilliam Travis1814421856id: 4586699341080

1434TrayhurnAgnes Trayhurn1825431868id: 4406699161074born Scotland

1435TremainJohn Tremain1834771911id: 13276708031067

1436TrindallRichard Buckingham Trindall1795771872id: 12316707071090
Lydia Buckingham Trindall1852331885
Mary Ann Trindall1810961906

1437TrindallRichard Buckingham Trindall1834681902id: 12326707081078
Damaris Trindall1833721905
Damaris Thirza Trindall1866481914

1438TroubridgeElias Troubridge1799751874id: 77667025210821
Edward Troubridge183451839 s
Robert Troubridge1828271855 s
Thomas Troubridge1822171839 s
Elizabeth Troubridge1801711872 w

1439TroubridgeGeorge Troubridge1832511883id: 7776702531072
Annie Florence Troubridge
George Troubridge1859211880 drowned
Jemima Troubridge1836761912

1440TuckJohn Tuck1840431883id: 9766704521075

1441TuckMargaret Tuck1817621879id: 9756704511074w
John Warn Tuck1797861883 h
Robert Luscombe Tuck185261858 s

1442TuckerGeorge Tucker1821631884id: 3916698681081
George Oliver Tucker1 s
Annis Tucker1824751899 w

1443TuckerMartha Tucker1817911908id: 846695611085

1444TuckerMary Elizabeth Tucker1855831938id: 15716710471071w; m
Robert John Tucker1856711927 h; f

1445TuckerOliver Tucker1892311923id: 15726710481070

1446TuckerRobert John Tucker1884731957id: 636695401071h
Millicent M Tucker1885891974

1447TuckerThomas William Tucker1816791895id: 836695601075

1448TuckettAllan George Tuckett1922721994id: 16036710791084
Thomas Tuckett1888571945

1449TuillerFrances Anne Tuiller1884441928id: 6786701541068
Phillip Henry Tuiller1877651942

1450TurnbullArgyle Bruce Turnbull1861231884id: 7736702491095

1451TurnbullEliza Turnbull1839751914id: 15266710021079
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1452TurnbullElizabeth C Turnbull1893561949id: 196694961086w; m
Magnus H Turnbull1886741960 h; f

1453TurnbullRalph Warr Turnbull1869441913id: 3546698311090h/Eleanor
Eleanor Turnbull
Clarry Turnbull
Edna Turnbull

1454TurnerCharles F Turner1897571954id: 11536706291083

1455TurnerEdward Mark Turner185411855id: 9746704501083s/Mark and Catherine
Mark Turner
Catherine Turner
Alexander Brown
Helen Brown1842481890 w/Alexander

1456TurnerHamilton Ford Turner1896541950id: 96694861082h; f
Verlie Turner1898901988 w; m

1457TurnerJoseph Turner1885731958id: 9976704731071

1458TurnerLeonard Turner194101941id: 16526711281125s/Ezma
Ivan Roy Turner1938501988 s/Ezma
Ezma Turner
Ezma Leitha Blackwell1912882000 w; m; gm
Melton Mansfield Blackwell1929832012 h/Ezma
Christine Turner1957 twin Kathleen Drayton (Turner)
Darryl Turner1957 twin Kathleen Drayton (Turner)

1459TurnerMark Turner1819621881id: 9726704481080h; died Gunnedah
Catherine Turner1826851911

1460TurnerMary Ann Turner1805511856id: 4286699041071

1461TurnerMary Anne Hosking Turner1833191852id: 4296699051082w/John Andrew
John Andrew Turner

1462TurnerWilliam Turner1889621951id: 8416703171078h; f
Lynton Turner1914461960 s
Essie May Turner1892961988 w; m

1463TurtonJane Ann Turton1871681939id: 10346705101083
James Turton1868841952

1464UhrigAnn M Uhrig1871441915id: 7636702391086

1465UhrigJacob Uhrig1863401903id: 7626702381087
James Joseph Uhrig1894 s

1466UnderwoodEva Elizabeth Underwood1913591972id: 376695141078m; gm

1467UnderwoodLorna Underwood191281920id: 14526709281069dau/R. and K. Underwood
Roy Underwood
Kate Underwood1881641945 w/Roy

1468UnderwoodPercy Robert Underwood1912571969id: 386695151075h; f; gf

1469Van HarenAmy Enid Van Haren1891611952id: 1076695841088w; m
Wilhelmus Peterius Van Haren1872861958 h; f

1470Van HarenFrancis Adrian John Van Haren1917781995id: 1086695851080f; gf

1471Van HarenPeter Charles Van Haren194701947id: 8966703721074
Elaine Maud Van Haren1927812008 m; gm; ggm

1472Van HarenRuben Van Haren1926571983id: 1096695861079bro; unc

1473VarleyMaria Varley1862751937id: 5136699891073w
William Gibson Varley1853891942 h

1474VarleyMartha Varley1889211910id: 7686702441073

1475VercoeHarriet Vercoe1830781908id: 3206697971077w
Henry Vercoe1830901920 h
Charles Vercoe1866851951
Lucinda Vercoe1873651938
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1476VetterCarl Frederick Vetter1850851935id: 2456697221094h

1477VickeryEmma Vickery1836661902id: 1316696081109
Arthur W Vickery1860731933

1478VickeryHenry Vickery1856291885id: 13266960910821
Ethel Hodges
Ethel Johnston
Robert Johnston1865851950 h/Sarah
Sarah Jane Johnston1866751941 w/Robert
George Henry Vickery1879701949
Job Vickery1829771906
Mary Ellen Vickery1853821935
Sarah Vickery1823931916

1479VickeryLeslie Flood Vickery1893581951id: 13466961110881

1480VickeryRobert Vickery1856381894id: 13366961010781h
Amy Vickery1856651921 w

1481VickeryWilliam Vickeryid: 13066960710741
Arthur William Vickery
Jane Vickery1870561926 w/Arthur William

1482VileFrancis John Vileid: 6006700761069s/James and Matilda
James Vile
Matilda Vile1854821936 w/James

1483VileJames Vile1854831937id: 6016700771073h/Matilda
Matilda Vile

1484VileNellie Violet Vile1891231914id: 5996700751073dau/James and Matilda
James Vile
Matilda Vile

1485VincerBertha Caroline Vincer1886231909id: 12986707741074

1486VincerC H Vincer1840681908id: 15906710661080

1487VincerJames Vincer1864321896id: 15916710671086

1488VindinAlfred Vindin1835571892id: 3196697961073
Mary Ann Vindin1841711912

1489VindinCecil Collingwood Vindin1868661934id: 9696704451073s/George and Emma
George Vindin
Emma Vindin

1490VindinEmma Vindin1825731898id: 9716704471073
George Vindin
George Henry Vindin1858501908 s/George and Emma

1491VindinGeorge Vindin1828441872id: 9686704441087
Emma Mabel Vindin1860 dau/George and Emma
Emma Vindin

1492VindinJoseph S Vindin1866681934id: 3166697931077
Kate E Vindin1863921955

1493VindinRoy James Solomon Vindin1882id: 9706704461074

1494VitnellSarah Adelaide Vitnell1875661941id: 9526704281084w; m
William George Vitnell1868891957 h; f

1495VogeleEdith M Vogele1888431931id: 11376706131072
John J Vogele1887781965

1496VogeleJohn F Vogele1917601977id: 15676710431074bro; u

1497VollmerCarl Christian Vollmer1855701925id: 4756699511069h; f
Annie Zorade Vollmer1885841969

1498VollmerMary Jane Vollmer1855751930id: 4766699521086m
Edna Irene Vollmer1896701966
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1499VollmerSarah Rosena Olive Vollmer1882161898id: 4776699531071dau/C.C. and M.J. Vollmer
C C Vollmer
M J Vollmer

1500WadeCharles Wade1845471892id: 3396698161085born Batley , Yorkshire , England

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