Campbells Hill (Anglican) Cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1201RyanDavid Ryanfirst name on this monument1813461859id: 7096701851065

1202RyanEffie Irene Ryanfirst name on this monument1904531957id: 14596709351065

1203RyanEileen May Ryanfirst name on this monument1900541954id: 11406706161065
James Ryanrelationship not known of Eileen May Ryan1897671964

1204RyanPercy York Ryanfirst name on this monument1913791992id: 15616710371065h; f; gf
Elizabeth Ryanwife of Percy York Ryan1916902006 w; m; gm

1205RyanPhyllis May Ryanfirst name on this monument1916461962id: 8676703431065w; m
Maurice Charles Ryanhusband of Phyllis May Ryan1915841999 h; f; gf

1206SadlerWalter Stephen Sadlerfirst name on this monument1951id: 74967022510931

1207SalesKenneth George Salesfirst name on this monument1943592002id: 2386697151066

1208SalesWilliam H Salesfirst name on this monument1884711955id: 11616706371065h; f
Ethel E Saleswife of William H Sales1897861983 w; m

1209SampersonPhoebe Sampersonfirst name on this monument1844381882id: 4466699221065

1210SandersonWilliam Hutchison Sandersonfirst name on this monument1848331881id: 6376701131065

1211SandridgeThomas Sandridgefirst name on this monument1865541919id: 14606709361065h; f
Mary Ann Sandridgewife of Thomas Sandridge1861861947 w; m

1212SanlavilleEmeline Sanlavillefirst name on this monument1860621922id: 14516709271065w
Marius Sanlavillehusband of Emeline Sanlaville1855801935 h

1213SarroffNassim Sarrofffirst name on this monument1872701942id: 16246711001065
Assad Sarroffrelationship not known of Nassim Sarroff1872801952

1214SattlerAlexander P Sattlerfirst name on this monument1922id: 12666707421071
Effie Doreen Sattlerdaughter of Alexander P Sattler d

1215SattlerHarry Sattlerfirst name on this monument1919id: 13516708271068h/Lillian
Lillian Sattlerwife of Harry Sattler

1216SaundersLyle Frances Saundersfirst name on this monument1903992002id: 14796709551066sis; au
Elsie Edna Pearl Burchamrelationship not known of Lyle Frances Saunders1908952003 sis; m; gm; ggm

1217SavidgeRichard F Savidgefirst name on this monument1856371893id: 6256701011065born Leicestershire , England

1218SawyerJohn Sawyerfirst name on this monument1815801895id: 2126696891065born Bermondsey , Surrey , Eng.
Harriet Sawyerwife of John Sawyer1825741899 w

1219SawyerThomas Albert Sawyerfirst name on this monument1858321890id: 2106696871067
Ada Charlotte Sawyerrelationship not known of Thomas Albert Sawyer1861781939 w/John
John David Sawyerrelationship not known of Thomas Albert Sawyer1853831936 h/Ada

1220SawyerWilliam M Sawyerfirst name on this monument1855421897id: 2116696881065
Emily Sawyerrelationship not known of William M Sawyer1850861936
Harriett Elizabeth Sawyerrelationship not known of William M Sawyer1859891948

1221SayceHarry D Saycefirst name on this monument1896581954id: 9666957310721h; f
Violet C Saycewife of Harry D Sayce1897751972 w; m; gm

1222SayceJohn Christopher Saycefirst name on this monument1862591921id: 12706707461065h
Harriet Saycewife of John Christopher Sayce1858881946 w

1223ScherbakLubov Scherbakfirst name on this monument1921351956id: 11736706491067

1224SchofieldGeorge Schofieldfirst name on this monumentid: 3476698241065
Doris Schofieldrelationship not known of George Schofield1909891998
Noreen Schofieldrelationship not known of George Schofield

1225SchofieldHelen Margaret Schofieldfirst name on this monumentid: 626695391069

1226SchofieldJohn Schofieldfirst name on this monument1859831942id: 9306704061080
John Barwickrelationship not known of John Schofield1938
Raymond Barwickrelationship not known of John Schofield1944
Mary Jane Schofieldrelationship not known of John Schofield1863691932
Robert Schofieldrelationship not known of John Schofield1893511944
Doris May Worthingtonrelationship not known of John Schofield190631909
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1227SchubertEdna Mary Schubertfirst name on this monument1902531955id: 5036699791073
Beryl Joan Schubertdaughter of Edna Mary Schubert1925171942 d
Noel Schubertson of Edna Mary Schubert192701927 s

1228ScifferAnnie Mary Scifferfirst name on this monument1823641887id: 6556701311065
Jeremiah Scifferrelationship not known of Annie Mary Sciffer1820741894 born Hamburg , Germany

1229ScottErnest R Scottfirst name on this monument1895591954id: 7026701781068h; f
Margaret Evelyn Scottwife of Ernest R Scott1891721963 w; m
Violet May Edwardsrelationship not known of Ernest R Scott1916421958 w/William
William Maurice Edwardsrelationship not known of Ernest R Scott1907731980 h/Violet

1230ScottKenneth Scottfirst name on this monument1931531984id: 7036701791065

1231ScottLawrence H Scottfirst name on this monument1826531879id: 14726709481065

1232ScottingJennie Scottingfirst name on this monument1864891953id: 15006709761070

1233ScullyAlbert Scullyfirst name on this monument1868851953id: 1056695821071h; f
Lily Scullywife of Albert Scully1880901970 w; m

1234ScullyEthel May Scullyfirst name on this monument1909771986id: 11166705921065w; m; gm
Aubrey George Scullyhusband of Ethel May Scully1908942002 h; f; gf

1235SeddonRobert L Seddonfirst name on this monument1860281888id: 9846704601066drowned

1236SeftonAlbert Edward Seftonfirst name on this monument1863511914id: 10956705711070s/Isaac and Isabella
Isaac Seftonfather of Albert Edward Sefton
Isabella Seftonmother of Albert Edward Sefton

1237SeftonIsaac Seftonfirst name on this monument1815521867id: 1596696361074h
Isabella Amelia Seftondaughter of Isaac Sefton186021862 d
Isabella Seftonwife of Isaac Sefton1821701891 w

1238SeftonKathleen Dora Seftonfirst name on this monument189611897id: 10966705721071dau/R.H. and Sara E.
R H Seftonfather of Kathleen Dora Sefton
Sara E Seftonmother of Kathleen Dora Sefton

1239SeftonLouisa Maud Seftonfirst name on this monument1872621934id: 2376697141072
Reginald James Seftonrelationship not known of Louisa Maud Sefton1876601936

1240SellersCharles William Sellersfirst name on this monument1869741943id: 8346703101072
Agnes Lavina Sellersrelationship not known of Charles William Sellers1912912003
Agnes Sabina Sellersrelationship not known of Charles William Sellers1875741949

1241SellersEdward Alfred Sellersfirst name on this monument1905731978id: 2636697401074

1242SellersMary Ann Sellersfirst name on this monument1844841928id: 2366697131077
Mary Ann Eliza Sellersdaughter of Mary Ann Sellers1933 d

1243SellersOswald James Sellersfirst name on this monument1902641966id: 2646697411074h; f
Daisy Eileen Sellerswife of Oswald James Sellers1906711977 w; m

1244SellersWalter Sellersfirst name on this monument1875511926id: 2356697121080
Edith Sellersrelationship not known of Walter Sellers1882811963

1245SemitecolosSpyros Semitecolosfirst name on this monument1898581956id: 4546699301069h; f
Peter Semitecolosson of Spyros Semitecolos1941251966 s; bro
Metaxia Semitecoloswife of Spyros Semitecolos1910731983 w; m

1246SetchellGeoffry William Setchellfirst name on this monument1921id: 10886705641065s/H.G.C. and R.V. Setchell
H G C Setchellparent of Geoffry William Setchell
R V Setchellparent of Geoffry William Setchell

1247SetchellHenry George Setchellfirst name on this monument1888751963id: 10876705631065h/Rita
Rita Setchellwife of Henry George Setchell

1248SetchellMorris Garth Setchellfirst name on this monument1924id: 10856705611065s/H.G.C. and R.V. Setchell
H G C Setchellparent of Morris Garth Setchell
R V Setchellparent of Morris Garth Setchell

1249ShandThomas Shandfirst name on this monument1920781998id: 16546711301070h; f; gf
Noela Maitland Shandwife of Thomas Shand1924842008 w; m; gm
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1250SharpJoy Sharpfirst name on this monument1926id: 6026700781071dau/F. and D. Sharp
D Sharpparent of Joy Sharp
F Sharpparent of Joy Sharp
Caroline Esther Adamsrelationship not known of Joy Sharp1872631935
James M C Adamsrelationship not known of Joy Sharp1874831957
Vivian Adamsrelationship not known of Joy Sharp189531898 s/J. and E. Adams

1251SharpeJohn Sharpefirst name on this monument1860521912id: 5916700671069h; f
Lily Ann Sharpewife of John Sharpe1865451910 w; m

1252SharpeMargaret Sharpefirst name on this monument1853771930id: 14296709051070w
Daniel Sharpehusband of Margaret Sharpe1854911945 h

1253SharpeValentine Roy Sharpefirst name on this monument1887261913id: 14426709181065

1254ShawJob Shawfirst name on this monument1881741955id: 15396710151065h
Enid Alma Shawdaughter of Job Shaw1927 d
Sarah Ann Shawwife of Job Shaw18871001987 w

1255ShawJulia Shawfirst name on this monument1858581916id: 11776706531066w
Thomas Clements Shawhusband of Julia Shaw1848801928 born Chester Le Street , England

1256SheelyClara Sheelyfirst name on this monument1879771956id: 2476697241071

1257ShepheardAllan Douglas Shepheardfirst name on this monument1929271956id: 4526699281074h; f
Bob Wallacerelationship not known of Allan Douglas Shepheard1898831981 unc

1258SheppardJohn Sheppardfirst name on this monument1815741889id: 6316701071065

1259SheridanH J S B Sheridanfirst name on this monument1881id: 12406707161067

1260SheridanMary Sheridanfirst name on this monument1829431872id: 5256700011083w/John
John Sheridanhusband of Mary Sheridan

1261SherwoodHenry Sherwoodfirst name on this monument1823571880id: 5776700531068h
Ann Sherwoodwife of Henry Sherwood1825571882 w

1262ShillingThomas Shillingfirst name on this monument1820801900id: 9186703941074

1263ShoneEdwin Thomas George Shonefirst name on this monument1871631934id: 2576697341066

1264ShoneRoy Edmund Shonefirst name on this monument1894741968id: 336695101065f

1265ShuttleworthThomas Shuttleworthfirst name on this monument1857641921id: 15016709771065h
Charlotte Shuttleworthwife of Thomas Shuttleworth1866661932 w

1266SilcockBenjamin Silcockfirst name on this monument1851651916id: 13176707931070h
Mary A Silcockwife of Benjamin Silcock1865671932 w

1267SimmonsEdith Anne Simmonsfirst name on this monument1899301929id: 15986710741065w/Victor
Victor Simmonshusband of Edith Anne Simmons

1268SimmonsEsther Maud Simmonsfirst name on this monument1916221938id: 10626705381065
Albert Oliver Simmonsrelationship not known of Esther Maud Simmons1870741944
Margaret Simmonsrelationship not known of Esther Maud Simmons1890521942

1269SimmonsWilliam Ford Simmonsfirst name on this monument1809661875id: 5726700481073
Winefrid Simmonsdaughter of William Ford Simmons1848271875 d
Eunice relationship not known of William Ford Simmons gd
Caroline Simmonsrelationship not known of William Ford Simmons1817891906

1270SimonGeorge Simonfirst name on this monument188531888id: 7916702671066

1271SimonsJane Simonsfirst name on this monument1850621912id: 6416701171065
John Simonsrelationship not known of Jane Simons1843701913

1272SimpsonSarah Simpsonfirst name on this monument1849741923id: 15706710461065w; born Wales
William John Simpsonhusband of Sarah Simpson1851771928 h

1273SimpsonWakefield Simpsonfirst name on this monument1865id: 4456699211068
Edmund Simpsonrelationship not known of Wakefield Simpson1843151858

1274SimpsonWilliam Simpsonfirst name on this monument1833221855id: 1706696471066born Kent , England

1275SimpsonWilliam Price Simpsonfirst name on this monument1894661960id: 8856703611065h; f; gf; ggf
Elsie Maude Simpsonwife of William Price Simpson1891921983 w; m; gm; ggm
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1276SinclairAlexander Fraser Sinclairfirst name on this monument1912731985id: 206694971069h; f; gf; ggf; ashes
Ruby May Sinclairwife of Alexander Fraser Sinclair1919781997 w; m; gm; ggm

1277SingletonMary Alexandria Singletonfirst name on this monument1883341917id: 6206700961079

1278SingletonWilliam Singletonfirst name on this monument1815731888id: 3186697951066

1279SirettDorothy Reynolds Sirettfirst name on this monument1892921984id: 11196705951065
Elizabeth Sirettrelationship not known of Dorothy Reynolds Sirett1936

1280SivyerEliza Lacy Sivyerfirst name on this monument1866671933id: 10286705041067w/Henry John
Henry John Sivyerhusband of Eliza Lacy Sivyer
Lacy Graham Sivyerrelationship not known of Eliza Lacy Sivyer1936

1281SivyerHenry John Sivyerfirst name on this monument1858891947id: 10276705031066h/Eliza Lacy
Eliza Lacy Sivyerwife of Henry John Sivyer

1282SkillicornWilfred Edward Skillicornfirst name on this monument1937611998id: 9296704051088h; f; gf

1283SkinnerAlexander Levi Skinnerfirst name on this monument1864701934id: 2426697191076h; f
Martha Skinnerwife of Alexander Levi Skinner1866791945 w; m

1284SkinnerAmy Ethel Skinnerfirst name on this monument1870671937id: 5176699931070

1285SkinnerCharlotte Skinnerfirst name on this monument1837721909id: 7126701881065w
William Skinnerhusband of Charlotte Skinner1839751914 h

1286SkinnerErnest Albert Skinnerfirst name on this monument1892701962id: 8826703581066h; f
Sophie Skinnerwife of Ernest Albert Skinner1911731984 w; m

1287SkinnerJames Skinnerfirst name on this monument1803631866id: 7136701891065h
Sarah Skinnerwife of James Skinner1803551858 w

1288SlaterSamuel Slaterfirst name on this monument1811831894id: 7676702431065
Fanny Slaterrelationship not known of Samuel Slater1833621895

1289SmaleFrederick Smalefirst name on this monument1839371876id: 14636709391068
Richard Thomas Comerfordrelationship not known of Frederick Smale1929681997
Susan Cranerelationship not known of Frederick Smale1811771888
Essie Gertrude Mearsrelationship not known of Frederick Smale188071887

1290SmithAlexander Smithfirst name on this monument1857761933id: 4036698801065

1291SmithAlice Smithfirst name on this monument1859551914id: 14686709441065

1292SmithAlice Emily Smithfirst name on this monument186211863id: 4026698791065dau/William and Jane
William Smithfather of Alice Emily Smith1826451871 f
Jane Smithmother of Alice Emily Smith1829721901 m

1293SmithCharles T Smithfirst name on this monument1878321910id: 12946707701070
Alfred Lewis Brandtrelationship not known of Charles T Smith1871801951
Eleanor Jane Brandtrelationship not known of Charles T Smith1878651943

1294SmithConstance Mary Smithfirst name on this monument1892351927id: 15406710161069w
S Warran Smithhusband of Constance Mary Smith1893341927 h

1295SmithFrancis Maxwell Smithfirst name on this monument1923842007id: 14856709611067

1296SmithGeorge Edward Smithfirst name on this monument192681934id: 2796697561065

1297SmithGraham Maxwell Smithfirst name on this monument1955341989id: 14846709601065

1298SmithJoseph Cecil Smithfirst name on this monument1889331922id: 6896701651065
Eliza Jane Smithrelationship not known of Joseph Cecil Smith1841901931 w/Robert
Robert Smithrelationship not known of Joseph Cecil Smith

1299SmithLucy Smithfirst name on this monument1826631889id: 4266699031069
Emanuel Brownrelationship not known of Lucy Smith31
Robert W Brownrelationship not known of Lucy Smith1857
Tamar Brownrelationship not known of Lucy Smith1908841992
Thomas Brownrelationship not known of Lucy Smith1815641879
G A Smithrelationship not known of Lucy Smith1828661894
William Smithrelationship not known of Lucy Smith1850431893
Kezia Jane Vanesrelationship not known of Lucy Smith1846251871
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1300SmithRosanna Smithfirst name on this monument1798731871id: 6446701201065
John James Shawrelationship not known of Rosanna Smith s/Peter and Mary
Mary Shawrelationship not known of Rosanna Smith
Peter Shawrelationship not known of Rosanna Smith

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