Campbells Hill (Anglican) Cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101BlacktopHenry Charles Blacktopfirst name on this monument1884781962id: 8836703591074
Edith Blacktoprelationship not known of Henry Charles Blacktop1896861982

102BlackwellJohn Blackwellfirst name on this monument1803571860id: 3966698731070
Mary Ann Blackwellrelationship not known of John Blackwell1823601883

103BlackwoodJohn Blackwoodfirst name on this monument1824901914id: 11866706621067
Margaret Blackwoodrelationship not known of John Blackwood1836941930

104BlakemoreGeorge C Blakemorefirst name on this monument1888911979id: 58367005910661

105BlakemoreMay Winifred Blakemorefirst name on this monument1916id: 5846700601066
Kenneth Francis Blakemorerelationship not known of May Winifred Blakemore191491923

106BlakemoreRonald Jack Blakemorefirst name on this monument1921681989id: 14816709571067h; f; gf; ggf
Joyce Irene Blakemorewife of Ronald Jack Blakemore1916731989 w; m; gm; ggm

107BlakemoreSarah Blakemorefirst name on this monument1853551908id: 63667011210661

108BlanchardAnn Blanchardfirst name on this monument1815731888id: 5906700661069w/Henry; born Dorsetshire , Eng
Henry Blanchardhusband of Ann Blanchard1809871896 born Wiltshire , England

109BlanchardBert Thomas Blanchardfirst name on this monument1910301940id: 16346711101068h; f

110BlanchardHenry Thomas Blanchardfirst name on this monument1877751952id: 13986708741082
Elizabeth Blanchardrelationship not known of Henry Thomas Blanchard1882811963

111BlanchardLydia Blanchardfirst name on this monument1852761928id: 13976708731067
Henry Thomas Blanchardrelationship not known of Lydia Blanchard1850831933

112BlaxlandAnnie Maud Blaxlandfirst name on this monument1863451908id: 12896707651065

113BlinkhornMary Blinkhornfirst name on this monument1814721886id: 10916705671069
John Blinkhornrelationship not known of Mary Blinkhorn1814811895

114BlomdahlOscar Blomdahlfirst name on this monument1873251898id: 9206703961068

115BlundellHarold Blundellfirst name on this monumentid: 1766696531097s/H. and S. Blundell
H Blundellparent of Harold Blundell
S Blundellparent of Harold Blundell
Irene Blundellsister of Harold Blundell dau/H. and S. Blundell
Baby Blundellrelationship not known of Harold Blundell ch/H. and S. Blundell

116BodeSophia Elizabeth Bodefirst name on this monument1835331868id: 12416707171065w/Rev. G.C. Bode
G C Bodehusband of Sophia Elizabeth Bode

117BoganJohn Joseph Boganfirst name on this monument1845331878id: 6476701231067

118BootlandTrevor Bootlandfirst name on this monument1933221955id: 6966701721072

119BouldanSusan Bouldanfirst name on this monument1839751914id: 13006707761069
Samuel Bouldanrelationship not known of Susan Bouldan1836901926

120BoutillierJames Boutillierfirst name on this monument1841821923id: 15116709871072
Elizabeth Boutillierrelationship not known of James Boutillier1854721926

121BoyceMarjorie Hall Boycefirst name on this monument1896id: 3426698191065dau/W.L and G. Boyce
G Boyceparent of Marjorie Hall Boyce
W L Boyceparent of Marjorie Hall Boyce

122BoyleGeorge Boylefirst name on this monument186411865id: 4166698931065s/John and Jane
John Boylefather of George Boyle
Jane Boylemother of George Boyle

123BoyleJohn Boylefirst name on this monument1826721898id: 5436700191066born Cripplegate , London , Eng.
Francis Boylerelationship not known of John Boyle1868101878 drowned in the Hunter River

124BoyleJohn Boylefirst name on this monument1867451912id: 4156698921065

125BrabenJane Margaret Brabenfirst name on this monument1856id: 5456700211069
Abel Brabenrelationship not known of Jane Margaret Braben1854101864
Albert Brabenrelationship not known of Jane Margaret Braben186011861

126BrabyRonald Brabyfirst name on this monument1897371934id: 2586697351065h/Hilda; 4th Battalion A.I.F.
Hilda Brabywife of Ronald Braby
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127BrackenregCharles Stubbs Brackenregfirst name on this monument1865181883id: 15896710651069

128BrackenregMary Anne Brackenregfirst name on this monument1830571887id: 15886710641072w
Charles John Brackenreghusband of Mary Anne Brackenreg1829591888 h

129BradberyMona Bradberyfirst name on this monument1858801938id: 15846710601068w/William
William Bradberyhusband of Mona Bradbery

130BradberyWilliam Bradberyfirst name on this monument1856821938id: 15836710591068h/Mona
Mona Bradberywife of William Bradbery

131BradfordCaroline Bradfordfirst name on this monument1858741932id: 2886697651068
John Bradfordrelationship not known of Caroline Bradford1863731936

132BradfordEva Muriel Bradfordfirst name on this monument1903481951id: 8486703241067w; m
Archibald Bradfordhusband of Eva Muriel Bradford1902751977 h; f

133BradyCharles Bradyfirst name on this monument1950id: 136694901066
Marjorie Iris Bradyrelationship not known of Charles Brady1958
May Bradyrelationship not known of Charles Brady1968

134BrazierAlbert Charles Daniel Brazierfirst name on this monument1912882000id: 7886702641066

135BrazierCharlotte Ann Brazierfirst name on this monument1889701959id: 11766706521067

136BrazierCharlotte Ann Brazierfirst name on this monument1889701959id: 11256706011066

137BrazierEmma Brazierfirst name on this monument1868881956id: 11696706451082
Charles Brazierrelationship not known of Emma Brazier1865921957

138BrazierViolet Florence Brazierfirst name on this monument1887791966id: 7876702631073w
Albert Brazierhusband of Violet Florence Brazier1887841971 h

139BrazierWilliam Harry Brazierfirst name on this monument1921832004id: 11246706001066
Edith Margaret Brazierrelationship not known of William Harry Brazier1925481973

140BrennanMary Brennanfirst name on this monument1862481910id: 4796699551066m

141BrewerCharlotte Brewerfirst name on this monument1802371839id: 3936698701072w
Jonathan Brewerhusband of Charlotte Brewer1818551873 h

142BrewerEliza Brewerfirst name on this monument1820861906id: 3146697911065w/Jonathan; b/Lancashire , Eng.
Jonathan Brewerhusband of Eliza Brewer

143BridgeMartha Bridgefirst name on this monument1847711918id: 14616709371066w
William Bridgehusband of Martha Bridge1847731920 h

144BriggsJoseph Briggsfirst name on this monument1828921920id: 7466702221065

145BristowAllan William Bristowfirst name on this monument1917711988id: 9956704711071h; f
Hannah Bristowwife of Allan William Bristow1916791995 w; m

146BristowRhonda Helen Bristowfirst name on this monument1948481996id: 9966704721066

147BristowTrevor Norman Bristowfirst name on this monument1945131958id: 9946704701075s; bro

148BrocksoppWilliam Allan Cunningham Brocksoppfirst name on this monument194331946id: 8526703281071

149BrocksoppWilliam Allan Cunningham Brocksoppfirst name on this monument194331946id: 8536703291104

150BrogdenFrederic Brogdenfirst name on this monument1864551919id: 14996709751068
Johann Brogdenwife of Frederic Brogden1866721938 w

151BromheadGeorge Bromheadfirst name on this monument1850481898id: 9036703791065
Cecil Wellesley Bromheadrelationship not known of George Bromhead1880551935

152BromheadSarah Bromheadfirst name on this monumentid: 5246700001073
Joseph Bromheadrelationship not known of Sarah Bromhead

153BromheadVida Abigail Bromheadfirst name on this monument1882661948id: 9046703801069

154BrommeadJohn Brommeadfirst name on this monument1821821903id: 5976700731071
Jane Brommeadrelationship not known of John Brommead1821721893

155BrookerHenry John Brookerfirst name on this monument1867681935id: 2656697421065f; gf

156BroomfieldSophia Mary Ann Broomfieldfirst name on this monument186431867id: 1556696321065dau/George and Mary Ann
George Broomfieldfather of Sophia Mary Ann Broomfield
Mary Ann Broomfieldmother of Sophia Mary Ann Broomfield

157BroughtonAmie M Broughtonfirst name on this monument1857311888id: 1176695941074
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158BroughtonWilliam Broughtonfirst name on this monument1851381889id: 1166695931068

159BrownDavid Brownfirst name on this monument182858id: 9736704491065h
Elizabeth Brownwife of David Brown183758 w

160BrownGeorge Brownfirst name on this monument1822841906id: 5946700701067h
Elizabeth Jane Brownwife of George Brown1831811912 w

161BrownGrace Brownfirst name on this monument1946id: 8516703271065
Albert Brownrelationship not known of Grace Brown1957

162BrownLindsay Gordon Brownfirst name on this monument1892441936id: 7236701991070

163BrownRichard Brownfirst name on this monument1851301881id: 12506707261065

164BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument1838171855id: 3866698631065born Perthshire , Scotland

165BucktonVida Lily Bucktonfirst name on this monument1897151912id: 14456709211066

166BullockHarold Richard Bullockfirst name on this monument1909491958id: 566695331082h; f; gf
Clara Violet May Bullockwife of Harold Richard Bullock1911681979 w; m; gm; ggm

167BunnCharles Herbert Bunnfirst name on this monument1886491935id: 2916697681068
Margaret Bunnrelationship not known of Charles Herbert Bunn1886861972
Norman Louis Tiedmanrelationship not known of Charles Herbert Bunn1899581957

168BuntFrank William Buntfirst name on this monument191091919id: 13446708201065s/A. and H. Bunt
A Buntparent of Frank William Bunt
H Buntparent of Frank William Bunt

169BurcherMary Burcherfirst name on this monument1798731871id: 12626707381068
Caroline Chippendallrelationship not known of Mary Burcher1818891907
Edward Charles Chippendallrelationship not known of Mary Burcher1812831895
Mary Alice Grahamrelationship not known of Mary Burcher1858191877

170BurgessKenneth Wimbledon Burgessfirst name on this monument1902id: 4736699491065

171BurkeChristina Burkefirst name on this monument1846771923id: 128067075610761w; m
Thomas W Burkehusband of Christina Burke1845791924 h; f

172BurkeWalter Burkefirst name on this monument1826501876id: 14646709401065h
Jane Hamilton Mcblanegrand daughter of Walter Burke1872151887 gd
Mary Burkewife of Walter Burke1814981912 w

173BurleyElsie Burleyfirst name on this monument1884561940id: 16406711161075
Florence Alcornrelationship not known of Elsie Burley1891521943
Caroline May Burleyrelationship not known of Elsie Burley1882781960
Frederick J P Burleyrelationship not known of Elsie Burley1894621956

174BurnsArthur Hastings Burnsfirst name on this monument185821860id: 3946698711068

175BurnsMay Jean Burnsfirst name on this monument1906241930id: 2536697301065w

176BurtEvelyn Joyce Burtfirst name on this monument1920711991id: 5566700321065m; gm

177BurtonJohn Burtonfirst name on this monument1806751881id: 5786700541066
William Henry Keeprelationship not known of John Burton1858251883

178BushSarah J Bushfirst name on this monument1861651926id: 15456710211067w
Oliver Bushhusband of Sarah J Bush1858761934 h
Frederick Bushson of Sarah J Bush1887541941 s

179BushSusan Bushfirst name on this monument1880691949id: 256695021070w; m
William Henry Bushrelationship not known of Susan Bush1881761957

180BushnellThomas Bushnellfirst name on this monument1860801940id: 10686705441068h
Jessie E Bushnellwife of Thomas Bushnell1864901954 w

181ButlerHarrie Marsden Butlerfirst name on this monument1880161896id: 3596698361065

182ButlerNeville Mark Butlerfirst name on this monument1933802013id: 8906703661077

183ButlerRobyn Ann Butlerfirst name on this monument195821960id: 8896703651065

184ButterworthWilliam Butterworthfirst name on this monument1845821927id: 13256708011070
Ellen Butterworthrelationship not known of William Butterworth1845811926

185ButtonCharles Buttonfirst name on this monument1811651876id: 1456696221070
William Henry Buttonson of Charles Button1850271877 s
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186ButtonElizabeth Buttonfirst name on this monument1811621873id: 1446696211072w/Charles
Charles Buttonhusband of Elizabeth Button

187BuxtonAlexander Buxtonfirst name on this monument1879171896id: 14936709691067s/John and Mary

188BuxtonDulcie Buxtonfirst name on this monument1909111920id: 13406708161067d
Clara Buxtonrelationship not known of Dulcie Buxton1869641933 w
Thomas Buxtonrelationship not known of Dulcie Buxton1868491917 h

189BuxtonWalter Andrew Buxtonfirst name on this monument1903821985id: 11506706261065

190CadellHenry John Frederick Cadellfirst name on this monument1861id: 746695511071s/Thomas and Sophia
Thomas Cadellfather of Henry John Frederick Cadell
Sophia Cadellmother of Henry John Frederick Cadell
Alfred Cadellrelationship not known of Henry John Frederick Cadell186411865
Rosa Cadellrelationship not known of Henry John Frederick Cadell187011871

191CallaghanMargaret Callaghanfirst name on this monument1823931916id: 2226696991069

192CalwellJoseph Calwellfirst name on this monument1845601905id: 1546696311069

193CampbellAmelia Campbellfirst name on this monument1819431862id: 12496707251068

194CampbellMargaret Campbellfirst name on this monument1868421910id: 9286704041073
Robert Campbellrelationship not known of Margaret Campbell1865911956

195CannonAlfred Maitland Cannonfirst name on this monument185011851id: 8016702771077
Sophia Cannonrelationship not known of Alfred Maitland Cannon1827291856 w/William
William Cannonrelationship not known of Alfred Maitland Cannon

196CannonJoseph Cannonfirst name on this monument1800651865id: 5696700451067born Newington , London , Eng.

197CantAbraham Cantfirst name on this monument1861471908id: 4786699541068
Charlotte Caroline Cantrelationship not known of Abraham Cant1863751938

198CantEdward Hilton Cantfirst name on this monument191171918id: 4656699411089s/A. and E. Cant; acc drowned
Dudley Maxwell Cantbrother of Edward Hilton Cant1907111918 s/A. and E. Cant; acc drowned
A Cantparent of Edward Hilton Cant
E Cantparent of Edward Hilton Cant

199CantFrank Oliver Cantfirst name on this monument1879551934id: 2626697391070
Harriet Ella Cantrelationship not known of Frank Oliver Cant1877881965

200CantWilliam Richard Cantfirst name on this monument1845261871id: 13556708311071
Jane Cantrelationship not known of William Richard Cant1839561895
Ruby Jane Cantrelationship not known of William Richard Cant1886
William Cantrelationship not known of William Richard Cant1820861906

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Campbells Hill (Anglican) Cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia.

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