Campbells Hill (Anglican) Cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1001NealMargaret Nealfirst name on this monument1816381854id: 13816708571068
John Nealrelationship not known of Margaret Neal185221854
Sophia Nealrelationship not known of Margaret Neal185041854

1002NellerHannah Nellerfirst name on this monument1867651932id: 10426705181072
David Nellerrelationship not known of Hannah Neller1861861947

1003NewAgnes Mary Newfirst name on this monument1869501919id: 4016698781069w
James Newhusband of Agnes Mary New1866741940 h

1004NewElizabeth Jane Newfirst name on this monument1888521940id: 16336711091071w; m
Thomas Edward Newhusband of Elizabeth Jane New1901841985 h; f

1005NewMark Newfirst name on this monument1835791914id: 5896700651069
Eliza Ann Newrelationship not known of Mark New1840761916

1006NewburnAllan Newburnfirst name on this monument1916221938id: 10706705461066s/Frederick and Alice
Frederick Newburnfather of Allan Newburn
Alice Newburnmother of Allan Newburn

1007NewmanCharles Newmanfirst name on this monument1833481881id: 1416696181071
Matthew Morrisrelationship not known of Charles Newman

1008NewtonAlbert Harvey Newtonfirst name on this monument1940id: 6716701471072

1009NewtonAudrey Newtonfirst name on this monument1918741992id: 15436710191066d/Florence and Vincent. Ashes
Vincent Newtonfather of Audrey Newton
Florence Newtonmother of Audrey Newton

1010NewtonBasil Newtonfirst name on this monument192061926id: 15426710181066

1011NewtonFlorence Cicely Newtonfirst name on this monument18891001989id: 15446710201066m/Basil and Audrey
Audrey Newtondaughter of Florence Cicely Newton
Basil Newtonson of Florence Cicely Newton

1012NewtonHarold Noel Newtonfirst name on this monument1921481969id: 356695121067h; f
Grace Mary Newtonwife of Harold Noel Newton1922771999 w; m

1013NewtonVincent Charles Thomas Newtonfirst name on this monument1888721960id: 15416710171068

1014NiallJames Niallfirst name on this monument1826771903id: 12656707411071
Charles Niallrelationship not known of James Niall1865711936

1015NicholsGraham Reginald Nicholsfirst name on this monument195121953id: 1026695791072s; bro
Iris Marie Nicholswife of Graham Reginald Nichols1922782000 w; m; gm; ashes
Reginald Thomas Nicholsrelationship not known of Graham Reginald Nichols1917761993 h; f; gf; ashes

1016NicholsThomas George Nicholsfirst name on this monument1881531934id: 15286710041083h/Alice
Alice Nicholswife of Thomas George Nichols

1017NicholsWilliam John Nicholsfirst name on this monument1878391917id: 15276710031071
Elizabeth Nicholsrelationship not known of William John Nichols1854731927
William John Nicholsrelationship not known of William John Nichols1852691921

1018NicholsonHarriet Mabon Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1862181880id: 5816700571069dau/Francis and Margaret
Francis Nicholsonfather of Harriet Mabon Nicholson
Margaret Nicholsonmother of Harriet Mabon Nicholson1840441884 w/Francis
Harriett Nicholsonrelationship not known of Harriet Mabon Nicholson77 gm

1019NicholsonJohn Henry Nicholsonfirst name on this monument185661862id: 9936704691067s/William and Mary Ann
Walter James Nicholsonbrother of John Henry Nicholson1853 s/William and Mary Ann
William Nicholsonfather of John Henry Nicholson
Mary Ann Nicholsonmother of John Henry Nicholson

1020NicholsonMary Ann Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1846881934id: 1286696051068w/William Thomas
William Thomas Nicholsonhusband of Mary Ann Nicholson

1021NicholsonPeter William Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1948542002id: 16176710931066s; f; b; gf

1022NicholsonShirley Claire Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1928722000id: 16186710941067w; m; gm

1023NicholsonWilliam Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1805851890id: 756695521066
William Thomas Nicholsonrelationship not known of William Nicholson1839721911
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1024NicholsonWilliam Albert Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1924792003id: 16166710921067h; f; gf

1025NisbetFreda June Nisbetfirst name on this monument1923802003id: 10496705251067w; m; gm; ggm
Leslie Nisbethusband of Freda June Nisbet1918741992 h; f; gf; ggf

1026NisbetPhillip Vincent Nisbetfirst name on this monument1954441998id: 10506705261067s; h; f

1027NixonJohn William Nixonfirst name on this monument1878201898id: 3566698331065
Robert Harold Nixonrelationship not known of John William Nixon1884141898

1028NoakesJames Noakesfirst name on this monument1817451862id: 13376708131067
Anne Noakesrelationship not known of James Noakes1818421860

1029NormanFrances Normanfirst name on this monument1832761908id: 11986706741066
William Robert Normanrelationship not known of Frances Norman1830791909

1030NormanWilliam Normanfirst name on this monument1858421900id: 3416698181066
Owen Garnet Normanrelationship not known of William Norman188541889

1031NorrieAustralia Amelia Norriefirst name on this monument1859581917id: 9906704661067

1032NorrisFrancis Norrisfirst name on this monument187071877id: 14666709421065

1033NorthmoreBridget Northmorefirst name on this monument1865721937id: 5146699901073

1034NorthmoreClive Palmer Northmorefirst name on this monument1926121938id: 9926704681067

1035NottAnnie Milba Evans Nottfirst name on this monument1911611972id: 6046700801067

1036NottCharles John Nottfirst name on this monument1864601924id: 6056700811071
Ida Sarah Nottrelationship not known of Charles John Nott1874721946
Ivy Myrtle Phillpsrelationship not known of Charles John Nott1901621963 d

1037NottThomas Edward Nottfirst name on this monument1829671896id: 6036700791071h
Bridget Nottwife of Thomas Edward Nott1836681904 w

1038NowlanElizabeth Nowlanfirst name on this monument1777861863id: 7086701841068

1039NowlanJohn Nowlanfirst name on this monument1821741895id: 7076701831081

1040NowlanTimothy Nowlanfirst name on this monument1776801856id: 7106701861067

1041O'connellAnnetta Joyce O'connellfirst name on this monument1931762007id: 10736705491067
Richard Cyril Cantrelationship not known of Annetta Joyce O'connell1900351935

1042O'hara JamesRuth Naomi O'hara Jamesfirst name on this monument1932491981id: 8496703251067

1043O'loughlinF M O'loughlinfirst name on this monument1905401945id: 12776707531075

1044O'loughlinJ M O'loughlinfirst name on this monument1895321927id: 13366708121068
Rolf Augustus O'loughlinrelationship not known of J M O'loughlin1907731980

1045O'loughlinThomas O'loughlinfirst name on this monument1863631926id: 12766707521068h
Emily Clara O'loughlinwife of Thomas O'loughlin1867641931 w
Frederick O'loughlinrelationship not known of Thomas O'loughlin1905401945

1046O'neillArthur John O'neillfirst name on this monument1884311915id: 13066707821065

1047OakesBeverley Kaye Oakesfirst name on this monument1955id: 616695381066

1048OdgersAnthony Odgersfirst name on this monument1870771947id: 4136698901076f

1049OgleEliza Oglefirst name on this monument1845411886id: 1366696131072w/John
John Oglehusband of Eliza Ogle
Margaret relationship not known of Eliza Ogle1818721890
Thomas Daniel Bellamyrelationship not known of Eliza Ogle1892

1050OldfieldJack Oldfieldfirst name on this monument1920381958id: 11756706511067h; f

1051OldfieldPercival Oldfieldfirst name on this monument1892591951id: 8396703151069h; f
Merle Oldfielddaughter of Percival Oldfield1947391986 d
Brenda grand daughter of Percival Oldfield gd
Ivy Oldfieldwife of Percival Oldfield1890751965 w; m

1052OlssonDelta Irene Olssonfirst name on this monument1929722001id: 2556697321073
Delta Ann Wilsondaughter of Delta Irene Olsson195211953 d

1053OrrJohn Maule Orrfirst name on this monument1842481890id: 4636699391065

1054OsborneGordon Osbornefirst name on this monument1930762006id: 6996701751065f; gf

1055OsborneLydia Osbornefirst name on this monument1863421905id: 6196700951067
Herbert Mansfieldrelationship not known of Lydia Osborne1870381908
Charles Osbornerelationship not known of Lydia Osborne1855891944
Thomas K Osbornerelationship not known of Lydia Osborne1887611948
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1056OsborneMabel Osbornefirst name on this monument1908501958id: 6986701741065
Robert C K Osbornerelationship not known of Mabel Osborne1891731964

1057OsborneSamuel Osbornefirst name on this monument1814671881id: 6856701611066born Essex , England

1058OslandJohn Oslandfirst name on this monument1889541943id: 5656700411100f
Frederick James Oslandrelationship not known of John Osland1922842006 bro; ashes
Nellie Alma Osland Uptonrelationship not known of John Osland1892801972 m
Samuel Richard Uptonrelationship not known of John Osland1882731955 sf

1059OslandMary Oslandfirst name on this monument1827721899id: 9096703851068w
Henry Oslandhusband of Mary Osland1827811908 h

1060PaineRhoda Painefirst name on this monument1854751929id: 13086707841066
Thomas Painerelationship not known of Rhoda Paine1849661915

1061PankhurstGrace Elizabeth Pankhurstfirst name on this monument1915371952id: 11416706171065

1062ParnellJames Virgo Parnellfirst name on this monument1814561870id: 13536708291070

1063ParnellMontague Parnellfirst name on this monument1817741891id: 11006705761070
Ann Rachel Parnellrelationship not known of Montague Parnell1824531877
Charles Edmund Parnellrelationship not known of Montague Parnell1863291892
Ratcliffe Parnellrelationship not known of Montague Parnell1857441901

1064ParreyAlbert H Parreyfirst name on this monument1908321940id: 7416702171065h; f

1065ParsonsFrank Maitland Parsonsfirst name on this monument1914801994id: 12956707711066h; f; gf
Edith Lena Parsonswife of Frank Maitland Parsons1918932011 w; m; gm

1066ParsonsHarmon Parsonsfirst name on this monument1842731915id: 11836706591066
Ellen Parsonsrelationship not known of Harmon Parsons1842761918

1067ParsonsWilliam John Parsonsfirst name on this monument1910952005id: 11846706601069
Violet Grace Parsonsrelationship not known of William John Parsons1916862002

1068PartridgeAnnie Partridgefirst name on this monument1870641934id: 2616697381067
Charles Vivian Partridgeson of Annie Partridge1900441944 s

1069PassfieldJoshua Passfieldfirst name on this monument1827521879id: 6936701691067
Mary Ann Passfieldrelationship not known of Joshua Passfield1830591889

1070PatfieldAlice Mary Patfieldfirst name on this monument1885471932id: 10466705221069

1071PatrickGeorge Edwin Patrickfirst name on this monument187531878id: 14926709681076

1072PatrickJoan Mcalpine Patrickfirst name on this monument1935641999id: 1006695771069w; sis; au

1073PattfieldCaroline Sarah Pattfieldfirst name on this monument1875781953id: 1036695801083w; m
Herbert Pattfieldhusband of Caroline Sarah Pattfield1872811953 h; f
Eric Ernest Pattfieldrelationship not known of Caroline Sarah Pattfield1897631960

1074PattinsonClarissa Pattinsonfirst name on this monument1868661934id: 2596697361065
Leslie James Pattinsonrelationship not known of Clarissa Pattinson1949411990
Mary Louise Pattinsonrelationship not known of Clarissa Pattinson1923751998
Thomas Pattinsonrelationship not known of Clarissa Pattinson1872831955
Thomas Pattinsonrelationship not known of Clarissa Pattinson1905611966

1075PayneEdith May Paynefirst name on this monument1881531934id: 13946708701068

1076PeakAllan Sinclair Peakfirst name on this monument1937752012id: 56694821067h; f; gf

1077PearsonJames Pearsonfirst name on this monument1852451897id: 3136697901065

1078PeddleCharles Peddlefirst name on this monument1827651892id: 6306701061065
Johanna Peddlerelationship not known of Charles Peddle1829661895

1079PeekCatherine Peekfirst name on this monument1821391860id: 7146701901065
George Peekrelationship not known of Catherine Peek1814721886

1080PeekJames Peekfirst name on this monument1840651905id: 7326702081067
Sarah Peekrelationship not known of James Peek1923 b 81

1081PeetChard Peetfirst name on this monument1831681899id: 9106703861066
George Frederick Moorerelationship not known of Chard Peet1863451908
Ellen Peetrelationship not known of Chard Peet1835851920
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1082PenfoldAda Myrtle Penfoldfirst name on this monument1888711959id: 556695321065w; m
Raymond Charles Penfoldrelationship not known of Ada Myrtle Penfold1889791968

1083PenfoldGeorge Arthur Penfoldfirst name on this monument1884771961id: 1486696251065h; f
Elsie Isabella Clara Penfoldwife of George Arthur Penfold1882831965 w; m

1084PerrauGarnie Perraufirst name on this monument1890511941id: 16456711211072
Gladys Perraurelationship not known of Garnie Perrau1905451950

1085PerrettNorman Isaac Perrettfirst name on this monument1902691971id: 15696710451065

1086PerreyJohn Robert Perreyfirst name on this monument1837621899id: 12216706971065

1087PetersonClifford L Petersonfirst name on this monument1907751982id: 9276704031065

1088PetersonEthel Maude Petersonfirst name on this monument1956id: 9256704011065

1089PetersonJohn Mccoll Petersonfirst name on this monument1871571928id: 9266704021065

1090PetersonLawrence Petersonfirst name on this monument1815701885id: 8956703711066
Elizabeth Petersonrelationship not known of Lawrence Peterson1835831918

1091PhillipsErnest Phillipsfirst name on this monument187631879id: 14676709431065s/C.T. and E.A. Phillips
Charlotte Phillipsrelationship not known of Ernest Phillips1798921890
Henry Phillipsrelationship not known of Ernest Phillips1812781890

1092PhillpottReuben Phillpottfirst name on this monument1841731914id: 11896706651065
Margaret Ann Phillpottrelationship not known of Reuben Phillpott1836841920

1093PhilpAlbert Ernest Philpfirst name on this monument1869651934id: 2606697371066
Martha Lena Philprelationship not known of Albert Ernest Philp1876711947

1094PictonGrace Ellen Pictonfirst name on this monument186311864id: 4216698981065dau/John and Mary Ann
John Pictonfather of Grace Ellen Picton
Mary Ann Pictonmother of Grace Ellen Picton
Emily Louisa Pictonrelationship not known of Grace Ellen Picton186131864

1095PictonLloyd Benjamin Pictonfirst name on this monument1877741951id: 9876704631065
Elizabeth Ann Pictonrelationship not known of Lloyd Benjamin Picton1878821960

1096PictonMary Ann Pictonfirst name on this monument1836491885id: 9866704621066w/John
John Pictonhusband of Mary Ann Picton1822841906

1097PiddingJohn Thomas Piddingfirst name on this monument1832441876id: 13646708401071

1098PiddockFrancis G Piddockfirst name on this monument1911401951id: 8436703191067h
Gordon Robert Piddockson of Francis G Piddock1947221969 s
Alyth Winifred Piddockwife of Francis G Piddock1910701980 w

1099PierceEllen Mary Piercefirst name on this monument1860671927id: 856695621069w/Stephen Thomas
Stephen Thomas Piercehusband of Ellen Mary Pierce

1100PierceJohn Piercefirst name on this monument1875id: 13666708421066
Cecilia Mary Ann Piercerelationship not known of John Pierce1846871933

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Campbells Hill (Anglican) Cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia.

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