St Oswald (part 2)'s Church burial ground, Flamborough, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.view

201PrestonAdelaide Prestonfirst name on this monument1876731949id: Flam8846646781069

202RawnsleySam Rawnsleyfirst name on this monument1852741926id: Flam627
(4 images)
Amy Jeffrey1879861965
George Francis Jeffrey1880881968
Lydia Ann Rawnsleywife of Sam Rawnsley1854891943

203RedheadClara Rebecca Redheadfirst name on this monument1868611929id: Flam6596644461072
William Robinson Redheadhusband of Clara Rebecca Redhead1866701936

204RedheadGeorge Redheadfirst name on this monument1865741939id: Flam8726646661075
Mary Hannah Redheadwife of George Redhead1876871963

205RobinsonVictor Robinsonfirst name on this monument1883751958id: Flam802
(2 images)
Gladys Mary Robinson1901681969

206RobsonJenny Robsonfirst name on this monument1913171930id: Flam6456644321067

207RobsonMary Elizabeth Robsonfirst name on this monument1956id: Flam704different
(2 images)
6644961066flower holder

208RobsonWilliam Robsonfirst name on this monument1915241939id: Flam873
(3 images)

209RollettLily Rollettfirst name on this monument1878791957id: Flam804
(2 images)
Arthur Rolletthusband of Lily Rollett1876821958

210SantFrederick William Santfirst name on this monument1887741961id: Flam8536646471069
Ellen Santwife of Frederick William Sant1887991986

211SayerMadge Sayerfirst name on this monument1897621959id: Flam7486645401067

212ScottEthel Kate Scottfirst name on this monument1880641944id: Flam832
(2 images)

213ScreetonGeorge Screetonfirst name on this monument1863691932id: Flam649
(2 images)
Dorothy Hettie Screetondaughter of George Screeton189311894 interred Western Cemetery , Hull
George Robert Screetonson of George Screeton1895211916 lost at sea with SS Hildawell
Hannah Elizabeth Screetonwife of George Screeton1860791939

214SedmanHerbert Sedmanfirst name on this monument1905581963id: Flam7446645361067

215SedmanRobert Sedmanfirst name on this monument1855701925id: Flam6306644171065
Mary Jane Sedmanwife of Robert Sedman1864731937

216SeniorHarold Seniorfirst name on this monument1895561951id: Flam731
(2 images)
6645231071The MI names him Jack. His real name appears to be Harold , eg will (National Probate calendar)
Betty Edmonddaughter of Harold Senior1923521975
Ted Edmondson-in-law of Harold Senior husband of Betty Edmond
Edith Seniorwife of Harold Senior1900591959

217SewardGraham Sewardfirst name on this monument1895581953id: Flam7336645251070named Frederick G(raham) in the Civil registration birth and death indices.
Mabel Sewardwife of Graham Seward1894721966

218SimpsonVera Simpsonfirst name on this monument1911521963id: Flam6946644831068

219SmalesElizabeth Ann Smalesfirst name on this monument1887831970id: Flam6636644511073

220SmithWillie Smithfirst name on this monument1886741960id: Flam8016645931067
Frances Helena Smithwife of Willie Smith1888871975

221SnowdenRita Mary Snowdenfirst name on this monument1961id: Flam605different6643911067flower holder without date. Birth certificate reference Oct-Dec 1960 , death certificate reference Jan-Mar 1961 Buckrose

222SquireEthel Harriot Squirefirst name on this monument1872561928id: Flam6446644311066

223SteeleArthur Steelefirst name on this monument1856681924id: Flam666
(3 images)
Ellen Elizabeth Steeledaughter of Arthur Steele1880421922
Lila Steeledaughter of Arthur Steele1896661962
Ada Steelewife of Arthur Steele1863771940

224StephensonBeatrice Maud Stephensonfirst name on this monument1889681957id: Flam7086645001069
John Robert Stephensonhusband of Beatrice Maud Stephenson1884851969

225StephensonHannah Stephensonfirst name on this monument1860731933id: Flam6836644721074
Wm Stephenson1864721936

226StephensonKenneth Stephensonfirst name on this monument1913471960id: Flam8556646491074

227StephensonMary Stephensonfirst name on this monument1839831922id: Flam631
(2 images)
William Stephensonhusband of Mary Stephenson1838861924
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228StephensonMary Ann Stephensonfirst name on this monument1867621929id: Flam6226644091066
Florence Stephensonsister of Mary Ann Stephenson1875701945

229StephensonThomas Stephensonfirst name on this monument1880611941id: Flam823
(3 images)
John Henry Stephensonson of Thomas Stephenson died in infancy. Born Q2 , died Q3 1918 (Bridlington registration district)
Thomas Stephensonson of Thomas Stephenson1908591967
Hannah Mary Stephensonwife of Thomas Stephenson1883971980

230StephensonWilliam Stephensonfirst name on this monument1895571952id: Flam8096646021066stone laid face down. Yorkshire Post 3 June 1952 page 2
Olive Stephensonwife of William Stephenson1903841987 stone laid face down. Will has date of death.

231StevensHorace Stevensfirst name on this monument1878561934id: Flam7166645081065
Fanny Gertrude Stevenswife of Horace Stevens1882771959

232StocksAnnie Stocksfirst name on this monument1936id: Flam679
(2 images)

233StocksMary Allen Stocksfirst name on this monument1943id: Flam8806646741069
Jessie Stockssister of Mary Allen Stocks1949

234StorkAnnie Storkfirst name on this monument1886621948id: Flam8376646301074
Thomas Stork1883701953

235StorkArthur Storkfirst name on this monument1913581971id: Flam6046643891069
Patricia Nellie Storkdaughter of Arthur Stork193551940
Arthur Storkson of Arthur Stork194291951
Daisy Storkwife of Arthur Stork1916831999

236StorkFrances Jane Storkfirst name on this monument1873591932id: Flam652
(2 images)
George Storkfather of Frances Jane Stork
Annie Elizabeth Storkmother of Frances Jane Stork the late

237StorkGeorge Storkfirst name on this monument1885761961id: Flam7046644951069
Marguerita Storkwife of George Stork1971

238StorkGeorge Storkfirst name on this monument1848781926id: Flam628
(2 images)
Annie Elizabeth Storkwife of George Stork1850871937

239StorkGeorge Henry Storkfirst name on this monument1878861964id: Flam6966644851072
Leonard Mainprize Storkbrother of George Henry Stork1886841970
Joseph Lewis Langton1923661989
Ethel Storksister-in-law of George Henry Stork1900731973

240StorkTom Storkfirst name on this monument1882731955id: Flam807different6646001069
Hilda Storkwife of Tom Stork1898891987

241StorkWilliam Storkfirst name on this monument1854701924id: Flam637
(2 images)
Mary Jane Storkwife of William Stork1857691926

242SuddabyAnnie Eliza Suddabyfirst name on this monument1936id: Flam719
(2 images)
6645111065missing monument. Date 29 July from Hull daily Mail
Robert Henry Suddabyhusband of Annie Eliza Suddaby1862901952 missing monument. Date 28 Nov from National Probate calendar

243SunleyGeorge Albert Sunleyfirst name on this monument1910521962id: Flam8526646461070

244SunleyOlive Annie Sunleyfirst name on this monument1895641959id: Flam7026644911076
Edith Sunleydaughter of Olive Annie Sunley1913781991

245SykesIsrael Sykesfirst name on this monument1885761961id: Flam7996645911069
Margaret Sykeswife of Israel Sykes1890901980

246TaylorEdward Taylorfirst name on this monument1883611944id: Flam7786645701070
Edith Annie Taylorwife of Edward Taylor1883701953

247TaylorEliza Taylorfirst name on this monument1871601931id: Flam6476644341071
Mary Ellen Sawdendaughter of Eliza Taylor1898931991
Edward Taylorhusband of Eliza Taylor1864831947

248TaylorHarry Bernard Taylorfirst name on this monument1901621963id: Flam8466646401071
Elizabeth Walker1874861960 aunt of the creator of the memorial
Elsie May Taylorwife of Harry Bernard Taylor1904811985

249TaylorThomas Taylorfirst name on this monumentid: Flam672
(2 images)
6644611068plaque on 2 seats

250ThackrayPercy Walter Thackrayfirst name on this monument1881801961id: Flam702diff26644931066
Maud Annie Thackrayrelationship not known of Percy Walter Thackray1903601963
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251TomlinsonJames Sydney Tomlinsonfirst name on this monument1890631953id: Flam840 different6646341067

252TowseRobert Towsefirst name on this monument1881731954id: Flam8416646351072
Mary Towsewife of Robert Towse1889801969

253TravesEmmie Travesfirst name on this monument1920451965id: Flam713
(2 images)
6645051065stone from next row is laid on this grave
Olive Travessister of Emmie Traves1901921993

254TravesFred Travesfirst name on this monument1905501955id: Flam7366645281067
Ivy May Traveswife of Fred Traves1908621970

255TravesGeorge Herbert Travesfirst name on this monument1874611935id: Flam6786644671067
Minnie Traveswife of George Herbert Traves1878761954

256TravesJohn Francis Travesfirst name on this monument1873681941id: Flam868
(2 images)
Mary Jane Traveswife of John Francis Traves1878911969

257TravesMargaret Travesfirst name on this monument1917491966id: Flam7126645041065
John E Traveshusband of Margaret Traves1912731985

258TravesRhoda Travesfirst name on this monument1913821995id: Flam669different6644581067
Ronald Ayto Traveshusband of Rhoda Traves1912912003

259TravesTheophilus Travesfirst name on this monument1862751937id: Flam7646645561069
Sarah Elizabeth Traves1876711947

260TravesThomas Travesfirst name on this monument1861871948id: Flam7576645491068
Susan Traveswife of Thomas Traves1865831948

261TrowhillDodson Trowhillfirst name on this monument1886481934id: Flam688
(2 images)
Amy Rebecca Leeson1918711989
Geoffrey Leeson1914751989
Rebecca Maud Trowhillwife of Dodson Trowhill1888671955

262TurnerIsabella Gladston Turnerfirst name on this monument1894571951id: Flam8876646811068
Percy Mallorie Turnerhusband of Isabella Gladston Turner1891761967

263TurnerPercy Edward Turnerfirst name on this monument1879621941id: Flam8786646721068probably an architect

264TwiggWilliam Twiggfirst name on this monument1887681955id: Flam7356645271068
Margaret Twiggwife of William Twigg1890831973

265WadsleyConstance Wadsleyfirst name on this monument1881551936id: Flam7756645671069
Cyril Wadsleyhusband of Constance Wadsley

266WadsleyCyril W Fullard Wadsleyfirst name on this monument1871761947id: Flam7596645511069
Lily Wadsleywife of Cyril W Fullard Wadsley1972

267WainesFrances Elizabeth Wainesfirst name on this monument1898491947id: Flam7276645191065
Thomas William Waineshusband of Frances Elizabeth Waines1892851977

268WainesFrancis Henry Wainesfirst name on this monument1885661951id: Flam7546645461068
Mary Elizabeth Wainesmother of Francis Henry Waines1883711954

269WarcupGeorge Warcupfirst name on this monument1888821970id: Flam7106645021066
Frances Warcupwife of George Warcup1894851979

270WarcupGeorge Warcupfirst name on this monument1884901974id: Flam7886645801068
George Bolton Warcup1917581975
Edith Warcupwife of George Warcup1895571952

271WarcupIrene Blanche Warcupfirst name on this monument1882571939id: Flam825
(2 images)
William Warcuphusband of Irene Blanche Warcup1872821954
George Major Cross1902721974 husband of the above
Mary Ann Cross1911631974

272WarcupLeonard Warcupfirst name on this monument1910491959id: Flam7936645851067
Maud Warcupwife of Leonard Warcup1917631980

273WarcupRobert Warcupfirst name on this monument1871701941id: Flam8306646231067of Flamborough
Thomas Warcupbrother of Robert Warcup1875661941
Robert Warcupfather of Robert Warcup
Ellen Warcupmother of Robert Warcup
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GPR ref.view

274WarcupSarah Warcupfirst name on this monument1857631920id: Flam5976643821068
John Warcuphusband of Sarah Warcup1849851934
Elizabeth Fisher
William Fisher
Edna Warcup
John Warcup1919451964 husband of Edna
John Warcup son of John

275WarcupSarah Warcupfirst name on this monument1877541931id: Flam619
(2 images)
Benjamin Warcuphusband of Sarah Warcup1876821958

276WardGeorge Fred Wardfirst name on this monument1885721957id: Flam8036645951066
Amy Wardwife of George Fred Ward1893671960

277WardJessie Wardfirst name on this monument1872721944id: Flam7246645161066
Robert M Wise1893781971 name covered
Charles William Wardwife of Jessie Ward1871811952

278WaudMary Elizabeth Waudfirst name on this monument1886591945id: Flam7266645181065stone laid on grave 713
Frances Stork Wauddaughter of Mary Elizabeth Waud190721909
John Robert Waudhusband of Mary Elizabeth Waud1883671950

279WaudSarah Ann Waudfirst name on this monument1875641939id: Flam8246646171068
William Waudhusband of Sarah Ann Waud1877621939

280WaudSarah Ellen Waudfirst name on this monument1852761928id: Flam660
(2 images)
William O Waudhusband of Sarah Ellen Waud1852831935

281WaudbyWilliam Waudbyfirst name on this monument1877521929id: Flam6576644441069
Stella Waudbywife of William Waudby1936

282WeedonNellie Lydia Weedonfirst name on this monument1866901956id: Flam8596646531072
Thomas Gibson Weedonhusband of Nellie Lydia Weedon1873871960

283WentworthMarrian Wentworthfirst name on this monument1864651929id: Flam611
(2 images)
6643981068should be Marion

284WheelerJohn William Wheelerfirst name on this monument1894661960id: Flam7416645331067

285WilesAlf Wilesfirst name on this monument1898471945id: Flam8196646121070
Arthur Donald Wilesbrother of Alf Wiles1906581964
William Wilesfather of Alf Wiles
Frances Wilesmother of Alf Wiles
Colin Wilesnephew of Alf Wiles
Peter Wilesnephew of Alf Wiles
Annie Wilessister-in-law of Alf Wiles

286WilesGeorge Wilesfirst name on this monument1891711962id: Flam8506646441070

287WilesJack Wilesfirst name on this monument1903411944id: Flam7626645541069

288WilesMarmaduke Wilesfirst name on this monument1848901938id: Flam686missingMI6644751070
Marmaduke Wilesson of Marmaduke Wiles1890251915 killed in action
Emily Wileswife of Marmaduke Wiles1849841933

289WilesWilliam Wilesfirst name on this monument1861601921id: Flam5986643831073
Frances Wileswife of William Wiles1866911957

290WilkinsonDavid Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1869801949id: Flam756
(2 images)
Clarence Wilkinsonson of David Wilkinson1900801980
Stanley Wilkinsonson of David Wilkinson1896931989
Elizabeth Ann Wilkinsonwife of David Wilkinson1870871957

291WilsonRobert Lowson Wilsonfirst name on this monument1884811965id: Flam6976644861067
Nora Wilsonwife of Robert Lowson Wilson1915791994

292WiseEdward Wisefirst name on this monument1857701927id: Flam6256644121067
Mary Wisewife of Edward Wise1859491908

293WoodAudrey Bertha Woodfirst name on this monument1893601953id: Flam8086646011066
Joseph Woodhusband of Audrey Bertha Wood1884711955
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294WoodcockAda Woodcockfirst name on this monument1860761936id: Flam693
(2 images)
Ada Stiles1895741969
Reginald Alfred Stiles1893591952
Tom Woodhouse Woodcock1859831942 National Probate Calendar says he died in Newcastle

295WoodhouseCharlotte Elizabeth Woodhousefirst name on this monument1888361924id: Flam6366644231078

296WoodhouseChristiana Keturah Woodhousefirst name on this monument1877801957id: Flam7916645831085

297WoodhouseFrances Woodhousefirst name on this monument1896601956id: Flam805
(2 images)
Marion Rawlingsdaughter of Frances Woodhouse1933441977
Samuel Woodhousehusband of Frances Woodhouse1883801963

298WoodhouseHerbert Woodhousefirst name on this monument1900441944id: Flam8826646761070
Peggy Woodhousewife of Herbert Woodhouse1901721973

299WoodhouseJames Woodhousefirst name on this monument1837831920id: Flam670
(2 images)
Catherine May Woodhousedaughter of James Woodhouse1964
Catherine Woodhousewife of James Woodhouse1840851925

300WoodhouseJames Woodhousefirst name on this monument1846811927id: Flam665
(2 images)
Christiana Woodhousewife of James Woodhouse1847771924

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Oswald (part 2)'s Church burial ground, Flamborough, Yorkshire, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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