St Oswald (part 2)'s Church burial ground, Flamborough, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.view

1AtkinsonJane Ann Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1880571937id: Flam7776645691072
George Frederick Atkinsonhusband of Jane Ann Atkinson1886651951

2AtkinsonLilian Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1904231927id: Flam643
(2 images)
Robert Atkinsonhusband of Lilian Atkinson

3AtkinsonRobert Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1855811936id: Flam774
(3 images)
Irene Glenday Atkinson1908601968
Robert Atkinson1901851986
Mary Emma Atkinsonwife of Robert Atkinson1860791939

4AtkinsonThomas Henry Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1941181959id: Flam7406645321069

5AveyardJohn G Aveyardfirst name on this monument1889721961id: Flam847
(2 images)
6646411072names on both side of stone
Florence A Aveyardwife of John G Aveyard1893951988 names on both side of stone

6BaileyJane Ann Baileyfirst name on this monument1868651933id: Flam682
(2 images)
Mary Alice Baileysister of Jane Ann Bailey1872631935 missing monument
Elizabeth Hannah Bothamsister of Jane Ann Bailey1938 Alberta , Canada. Missing monument

7BaileyJohn Baileyfirst name on this monument1888731961id: Flam7426645341070
Hilda Baileywife of John Bailey1894811975

8BaileyRobert Baileyfirst name on this monument1940id: Flam8696646631071
Ella Bailey1962

9BancroftStanley Bancroftfirst name on this monument1892651957id: Flam7006644891074
Ruth Bancroftwife of Stanley Bancroft1897691966

10BarchardHarold William Barchardfirst name on this monument1961id: Flam8496646431088
Hilda Barchardwife of Harold William Barchard1982

11BarkerGeorge Frederick Barkerfirst name on this monument1891591950id: Flam8636646571070
Lizzie Barkerwife of George Frederick Barker1894811975

12BarkleyJohn Barkleyfirst name on this monument1859681927id: Flam609 different6643961072
Cockroft Barkley1844911935

13BarnesRobert Barnesfirst name on this monument1876541930id: Flam656
(2 images)
Sarah Elizabeth Barneswife of Robert Barnes1882491931

14BarrattOlga Annie Barrattfirst name on this monument1873601933id: Flam6816644701072
Frederick W Barratthusband of Olga Annie Barratt1865701935 late of New Holland

15BayesAnnie Elizabeth Bayesfirst name on this monument1882751957id: Flam7506645421073
Laura Bayesniece of Annie Elizabeth Bayes1998
Sarah Alice Bayesson of Annie Elizabeth Bayes1881811962

16BayesEdith Ellen Bayesfirst name on this monument1877591936id: Flam766
(3 images)
Bessie Bayesdaughter of Edith Ellen Bayes1911611972
Mary Bayesdaughter of Edith Ellen Bayes1904881992
John William Bayeshusband of Edith Ellen Bayes1872821954
Frank Bayesson of Edith Ellen Bayes1899161915 lost in the White Sea with ss Sappho. Newspaper reports call him F Boyes.
Richard Kingston Bayesson of Edith Ellen Bayes1901721973

17BayesFrancis Bayesfirst name on this monument1850741924id: Flam664
(3 images)
Mary Bayeswife of Francis Bayes1851411892

18BayesGeorge William Bayesfirst name on this monument1884761960id: Flam7946645861072
Elsie Bayeswife of George William Bayes1889791968

19BayesMary Elizabeth Bayesfirst name on this monument1874831957id: Flam790
(3 images)
Vickerman Mainprize Bayes1875831958

20BayesSarah Ellen Bayesfirst name on this monument1883741957id: Flam7386645301071
Francis Edwin Bayeshusband of Sarah Ellen Bayes1881781959
James Arthur Bayesson of Sarah Ellen Bayes1920741994

21BellWilfred Henry Bellfirst name on this monument1919301949id: Flam813
(2 images)
Amy Bellwife of Wilfred Henry Bell
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22BerrimanGrace Edith Berrimanfirst name on this monument1893651958id: Flam7496645411072
John Henry Berrimanhusband of Grace Edith Berriman1892841976

23BothamJohn Bothamfirst name on this monument1852671919id: Flam5966643811077of South Villa Flamborough
Mary Bothamwife of John Botham1858731931

24Boulton Boultonfirst name on this monumentid: Flam6736644621080tomb with no inscriptions except the surname

25BowenGwendoline Mary Bowenfirst name on this monument1899631962id: Flam7986645901070
William James Bowen1901651966

26BrookbankMary Jane Brookbankfirst name on this monument1897351932id: Flam6166644031074the monument does not have the name Brookbank. She married Oscar W Brookbank in 1922
George William Nordassfather of Mary Jane Brookbank
Mary Ann Nordassmother of Mary Jane Brookbank

27BrownAgnes Brownfirst name on this monument1895731968id: Flam6986644871071
Charles Brownhusband of Agnes Brown1887911978

28BullockElizabeth Bullockfirst name on this monument1865831948id: Flam781
(2 images)
Dorothy Cravendaughter of Elizabeth Bullock1900771977
Jonathan Stanley Cravenson-in-law of Elizabeth Bullock1900641964

29BurnleyEdward Prince Burnleyfirst name on this monument1847881935id: Flam691
(2 images)
Faith Thelwelldaughter of Edward Prince Burnley1915341949
Florence Annie England1884961980 probably Edwards sister in law.
H R Thelwellson-in-law of Edward Prince Burnley
Hannah Burnleywife of Edward Prince Burnley1967

30BurtonFlorence Emily Burtonfirst name on this monument1909521961id: Flam7466645381067
Mary Alice Majorson of Florence Emily Burton1904741978

31ChadwickElizabeth Chadwickfirst name on this monument1863841947id: Flam7286645201079
Sarah Ann Chadwickdaughter of Elizabeth Chadwick1883771960
Richard Chadwickhusband of Elizabeth Chadwick coxwain

32ChadwickGrace Chadwickfirst name on this monument1884381922id: Flam5996643841067
Samuel Chadwickhusband of Grace Chadwick

33ChadwickJohn Chadwickfirst name on this monument1878711949id: Flam784
(2 images)
Alice Maud Chadwick1884861970

34ChadwickJohn Jack Chadwickfirst name on this monument1896821978id: Flam6086643941071flat names not visible
Lilian May Chadwickwife of John Jack Chadwick1897941991 flat names not visible

35ChadwickRichard Chadwickfirst name on this monument1854751929id: Flam6146644011079
Fanny Jane Chadwickwife of Richard Chadwick1856851941

36ChadwickRichard Chadwickfirst name on this monument1865691934id: Flam6896644781074
George Leng Chadwickson of Richard Chadwick1889471936 coxwain of Flamborough lifeboats
Elizabeth Chadwickwife of Richard Chadwick

37ChadwickSamuel Chadwickfirst name on this monument1883681951id: Flam8616646551075no MI date from NationalProbate calendar

38ChapmanJames Walter Chapmanfirst name on this monument1870801950id: Flam8866646801101
Alice Chapmandaughter of James Walter Chapman1902791981
Mary Ann Chapmanwife of James Walter Chapman1876801956

39ChapmanRobert Chapmanfirst name on this monument1868671935id: Flam7726645641075
Mary Ann Chapman1874631937

40CharlseworthMabel Charlseworthfirst name on this monument1894661960id: Flam702diff16644921077
Albert Charlseworthhusband of Mabel Charlseworth1897711968

41ChatwinGeorge Henry Chatwinfirst name on this monument1869731942id: Flam822
(2 images)
Bertha Chatwinwife of George Henry Chatwin1870861956

42ChewWilliam Henry Chewfirst name on this monument1894661960id: Flam8896646831078
Rosa Chewwife of William Henry Chew1914701984

43ClarkJohn Brownlee Clarkfirst name on this monument1882741956id: Flam8446646381069

44ClayJohn Cainan Clayfirst name on this monument1874631937id: Flam7766645681073
Julia Augustine Claywife of John Cainan Clay1878781956
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45CliffBeatrice Rebecca Clifffirst name on this monument1885711956id: Flam7526645441072

46CoatesEllen Coatesfirst name on this monument1852751927id: Flam6246644111067
William Coatesbrother of Ellen Coates1855821937 of Head Farm

47CoatesEthel May Coatesfirst name on this monument1893571950id: Flam812
(2 images)
6646051068late of Thornwick Farm
Charles Richard Coateshusband of Ethel May Coates1886721958

48CoatesJohn William Coatesfirst name on this monument1944id: Flam8336646261068
Elizabeth Ellen Coateswife of John William Coates1885881973

49CoatesRichard Coatesfirst name on this monument1856851941id: Flam831
(3 images)
6646241080Late of Thornwick Farm
Ellen Coatesdaughter of Richard Coates1895811976
Jane Ann Coates1888761964
Sydney Wright Coates1889981987
Annie Tindall1887751962
Matthew Richard Tindall1898871985
Catherine Coateswife of Richard Coates1858871945

50CoathamGeorge Coathamfirst name on this monument1849781927id: Flam6266644131068
Mary Coathamwife of George Coatham1850771927

51CoathamRobert Coathamfirst name on this monument1874821956id: Flam6996644881069
Isabel Coathamwife of Robert Coatham1880801960

52CollingsEarnest Collingsfirst name on this monument1892541946id: Flam8166646091068
Ophelia Collingswife of Earnest Collings1897501947

53CollingsJames Collingsfirst name on this monument1887601947id: Flam8146646071069

54CollingsJames Collingsfirst name on this monument1860681928id: Flam605 606 607 missing
(2 images)
6643931072missing MI
Jane Ann Collingswife of James Collings1861661927 missing MI

55CollingsJohn Collingsfirst name on this monument1854651919id: Flam6346644211067
Jane Collingswife of John Collings1857811938

56CooteArthur Cootefirst name on this monument1897661963id: Flam6776644661087
Annie Cootewife of Arthur Coote1903781981

57CowenRobert Charles Cowenfirst name on this monument1945id: Flam835
(2 images)

58CowlingGeorge Cowlingfirst name on this monument1880611941id: Flam8776646711070
Hannah Mary Cowlingwife of George Cowling1878841962

59CowlingThomas Cowlingfirst name on this monument1901561957id: Flam7076644991066
Lily Cowlingwife of Thomas Cowling1895831978

60CrossBenjamin Crossfirst name on this monument1854781932id: Flam6176644041068
Benjamin Crossson of Benjamin Cross1880371917
Fanny Crosswife of Benjamin Cross1857761933

61CrossGertrude Crossfirst name on this monument1890541944id: Flam8666646601069
John Henry Crosshusband of Gertrude Cross1885701955

62CrossJane Crossfirst name on this monument1935id: Flam7686645601068died 31 Dec from National Probate calendar , death registerd Jan-Mar 1936
Richard Crossbrother of Jane Cross1940 died 27 Aug from National Probate calendar

63CrossJohn Crossfirst name on this monument1858761934id: Flam7706645621068
Elizabeth Burton Crosswife of John Cross1869891958

64CrossJohn Crossfirst name on this monument1878651943id: Flam8216646141068date of death 1 March from National Probate Callendar
Elsie Mabel Crossdaughter of John Cross1907691976 date of death 9 Aug from National Probate Callendar
Jane Ann Crosswife of John Cross1878691947 date of death 16 Mar from National Probate Callendar

65CrossMargaret May Crossfirst name on this monument1890561946id: Flam7606645521068
George Crosswife of Margaret May Cross1889571946

66CrossMary Crossfirst name on this monument1880551935id: Flam680
(3 images)
William Crosshusband of Mary Cross1891631954

67CrossMaud Matilda Crossfirst name on this monument1860691929id: Flam6206644071069
John William Crosshusband of Maud Matilda Cross1857821939

68CumberlandSarah Jane Cumberlandfirst name on this monument1852951947id: Flam865
(2 images)
Ada A Morrisdaughter of Sarah Jane Cumberland1880931973
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69DobsonGeorge Arthur Dobsonfirst name on this monument1872631935id: Flam7186645101065
Sarah Dobsonwife of George Arthur Dobson

70DrakeEarnest Drakefirst name on this monument1893421935id: Flam7176645091071
Beatrice Annie Drakewife of Earnest Drake1898711969

71DukeAlbert Elliot Dukefirst name on this monument1881701951id: Flam8396646321068
Sarah May Dukewife of Albert Elliot Duke1882731955

72DukeElliot Dukefirst name on this monument1849801929id: Flam605 606 607 missing
(2 images)
6643901068missing memorial. Died in Hull.His wife Emily died in Hull Q3 1926.

73DukeGeorge Leonard Dukefirst name on this monument1885831968id: Flam6746644631066
Winifred Dukedaughter of George Leonard Duke1911171928
Esther Dukewife of George Leonard Duke1886891975

74DukeGertrude Dukefirst name on this monument1868641932id: Flam650
(3 images)
Samuel Dukewife of Gertrude Duke

75DukeHarriet Dukefirst name on this monument1865621927id: Flam6096643951070
Samuel Dukehusband of Harriet Duke1871821953 later husband of Amy
Amy Dukesecond wife of husband of Harriet Duke

76DukeLeonard Dukefirst name on this monument1921361957id: Flam7516645431068
Billy Mainprize
Harriet Mainprize1922711993 wife of Billy Mainprize

77DukeMatthew G Dukefirst name on this monument1883911974id: Flam7156645071065
Alec Duke1918161934 surname not on MI. Could be Walter Alexander Duke
Nora Duke1897801977

78DukeWinifred Dukefirst name on this monument1912171929id: Flam6216644081068

79DunkArthur Dunkfirst name on this monument1896551951id: Flam7876645791068
Gwendoline May Dunkwife of Arthur Dunk1896791975

80DunnFeilds Spencer Dunnfirst name on this monument1881551936id: Flam7736645651070late of Doncaster
Maud Nellie Dunnwife of Feilds Spencer Dunn1881871968

81EdmondAlice Gertrude Edmondfirst name on this monument1900581958id: Flam7926645841070
Robert P Edmondhusband of Alice Gertrude Edmond
Robert Edmondson of Alice Gertrude Edmond1936241960

82EdmondPockley Edmondfirst name on this monument1837751912id: Flam6546644411073
Annie E Edmonddaughter of Pockley Edmond1866211887
Robert Edmondson of Pockley Edmond1882361918 killed in action in France
Mary Edmondwife of Pockley Edmond1841901931

83EdmondRobert Edmondfirst name on this monument1890541944id: Flam7616645531072
Alfred Earnest Atkinson1919621981
Lilian Edmondwife of Robert Edmond1890581948

84EmmersonGeorge William Emmersonfirst name on this monument1888741962id: Flam7976645891070
Hannah Louisa Emmersonwife of George William Emmerson1890881978

85EmmersonJohn Emmersonfirst name on this monument1858711929id: Flam6126643991065
Matilda Emmersonwife of John Emmerson1859741933

86EmmersonJohn Cross Emmersonfirst name on this monument1898601958id: Flam739
(2 images)
Hannah Winifred Emmersonwife of John Cross Emmerson1895821977

87EmmersonLily Emmersonfirst name on this monument1887671954id: Flam8076645991075
John Emmersonhusband of Lily Emmerson1875841959

88EmmersonRobert Emmersonfirst name on this monument1871721943id: Flam7236645151066
Elizabeth Ann Emmersonwife of Robert Emmerson1869791948

89EmmersonRobert Emmersonfirst name on this monument1862691931id: Flam6466644331069
Fanny Emmersonwife of Robert Emmerson1863681931

90EmmersonSamuel Cross Emmersonfirst name on this monument1895611956id: Flam789
(2 images)

91EyreFrancis Henry Eyrefirst name on this monument1882701952id: Flam8406646331081
Martha Eyrewife of Francis Henry Eyre1887891976
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92FalkinghamRobert Henry Falkinghamfirst name on this monument1890691959id: Flam8886646821069
Emma Augusta Falkinghamwife of Robert Henry Falkingham1890721962

93FellGeroge Smiddy Fellfirst name on this monument1870761946id: Flam6556644421071
Jane Ann Fellwife of Geroge Smiddy Fell1871591930

94FellJames Tanton Fellfirst name on this monument1879721951id: Flam810
(2 images)
Elsie Fellwife of James Tanton Fell1893621955

95FellJohn Tanton Fellfirst name on this monument1846591905id: Flam7806645721080
Florence Annie Felldaughter of John Tanton Fell1876881964
William Tanton Fellson of John Tanton Fell1890561946
Jane Elizabeth Fellwife of John Tanton Fell1850981948

96FiddyAlbert William Fiddyfirst name on this monument1896661962id: Flam7956645871069
Emily Fiddywife of Albert William Fiddy1897731970

97FosterGlaves Fosterfirst name on this monument1882821964id: Flam6956644841068
Sarah Mabel Foster1907721979

98FreemanTom Freemanfirst name on this monument1887691956id: Flam737
(2 images)
Alfred Freeman1923611984 probably Alfred Freeman born 18 June 1923; mother's maiden name Smith
Sheila Mary Freeman1927711998
Honour Elizabeth H Freemanwife of Tom Freeman1893781971

99GaneC Venour Ganefirst name on this monument1925id: Flam629
(3 images)
6644161066Cambridge University Allumni says he was awarded BA in 1900 and was a school teacher in Hackney and in Bridlington
Florence Ganewife of C Venour Gane1970

100GardhamAlice Gardhamfirst name on this monument1886741960id: Flam747
(2 images)
Ethel Gardhamdaughter of Alice Gardham1906801986

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