St Mary's Church burial ground, Hackford, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AllenDaphne June Allenfirst name on this monument1929712000id: Hsm696575541067
Donald George Allenrelationship not known of Daphne June Allen1919932012

2AllenHarry Allenfirst name on this monument1859391898id: Hsm10
(2 images)
Eliza Jane Allenwife of Harry Allen1862851947

3AskewCharles Askewfirst name on this monument1823681891id: Hsm286575131066

4AskewCharles William Askewfirst name on this monument1863291892id: Hsm276575121066

5AskewJohn Marshall Askewfirst name on this monument1865541919id: Hsm266575111065

6AskewMary Ann Askewfirst name on this monument1834511885id: Hsm296575141066Wife of Charles Askew.
Charles Askewhusband of Mary Ann Askew

7AskewWalter Askewfirst name on this monument1871411912id: Hsm306575151065

8BakerMaud Bakerfirst name on this monument1907681975id: Hsm416575261065
Jimmy Bakerhusband of Maud Baker1911751986

9BarkerElsie May Barkerfirst name on this monument1911942005id: Hsm426575271065

10BarkerFrederick R Barkerfirst name on this monument1907841991id: Hsm456575301065

11BattenRaymond Alfred Battenfirst name on this monument1992-421950id: Hsm626575471065Born in August. Died in September.

12BidewellFrances Bidewellfirst name on this monument1727801807id: Hsm9365757810671
John Bidewellhusband of Frances Bidewell1716881804
John Bidewellson of Frances Bidewell1753491802

13BidewellMary Bidewellfirst name on this monument1752581810id: Hsm946575791066Wife of John Bidewell.
John Bidewellhusband of Mary Bidewell

14BriggsFrederick George Briggsfirst name on this monument1848741922id: Hsm516575361073
Emma Briggswife of Frederick George Briggs1849771926

15BuckHenry William Buckfirst name on this monument1881671948id: Hsm1076575921077

16BunnSusanna Bunnfirst name on this monument1836851921id: Hsm136574981065

17BuntingFrancis John Buntingfirst name on this monument1962id: Hsm666575511068

18BuntingJames Buntingfirst name on this monument1800861886id: Hsm316575161070Husband of Susannah Bunting.
Susannah Buntingwife of James Bunting

19BuntingJames Buntingfirst name on this monument1800861886id: Hsm366575211068Husband of Susannah Bunting.
Susannah Buntingwife of James Bunting

20BuntingWilliam Buntingfirst name on this monument1903891992id: Hsm436575281067
Florence Mary Buntingwife of William Bunting2006

21BurgessEliza Burgessfirst name on this monument1848701918id: Hsm146574991066
Arthur Burgesshusband of Eliza Burgess1850831933

22BushElizabeth Bushfirst name on this monument1834351869id: Hsm10865759310661Wife of Thomas Bush.
Thomas Bushhusband of Elizabeth Bush

23BushHannah Bushfirst name on this monument1806691875id: Hsm1116575971065
Thomas Bushhusband of Hannah Bush1797721869

24BushJohn Bushfirst name on this monument1844811925id: Hsm346575191065Husband of Sarah Bush.
Sarah Bushwife of John Bush

25BushSarah Bushfirst name on this monument1849791928id: Hsm356575201065Wife of John Bush.
John Bushhusband of Sarah Bush

26CobbSarah Ann Cobbfirst name on this monument1852731925id: Hsm186575031078
Charles Cobbhusband of Sarah Ann Cobb1852671919

27CobenMary Cobenfirst name on this monument1842551897id: Hsm216575061068Wife of Moses Coben.
Moses Cobenhusband of Mary Coben

28CobenMoses Cobenfirst name on this monument1837691906id: Hsm206575051066Husband of Mary Coben.
Mary Cobenwife of Moses Coben

29DanielsAnn Maria Danielsfirst name on this monument1856461902id: Hsm126574971067Daughter of William and Martha Daniels.
William Danielsfather of Ann Maria Daniels
Martha Danielsmother of Ann Maria Daniels
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30DaveyRichard James Daveyfirst name on this monument1933742007id: Hsm466575311065

31DaveySidney William Daveyfirst name on this monument1907561963id: Hsm496575341065
Ivy May Daveywife of Sidney William Davey1907821989

32DownesHilda Downesfirst name on this monument1925id: Hsm6365754810661Daughter of James and Selina Downes.
James Downesfather of Hilda Downes
Selina Downesmother of Hilda Downes

33DownesJames Downesfirst name on this monument1870771947id: Hsm546575391067
Selina Downeswife of James Downes1867831950

34DuffieldElizabeth Duffieldfirst name on this monument1766811847id: Hsm1016575861065Wife of W Duffield. The stone partly obscures that of John and Sarah Miller.
W Duffieldhusband of Elizabeth Duffield

35DuffieldWilliam Duffieldfirst name on this monument1752881840id: Hsm1046575891066

36DurrantIsaiah Durrantfirst name on this monument1825771902id: Hsm246575091068Husband of Susannah Durrant.
Susannah Durrantwife of Isaiah Durrant

37EverettCharles Everettfirst name on this monument1916741990id: Hsm446575291067
Joyce Vera Everettwife of Charles Everett1916932009

38FieldingLouisa Fieldingfirst name on this monument1864291893id: Hsm166575011065

39FullerAnn Fullerfirst name on this monument1736771813id: Hsm866575711072
Robert Fullerhusband of Ann Fuller1735811816

40GalerWilliam Henry Galerfirst name on this monument1871631934id: Hsm526575371066
Maria Elizabeth Galerwife of William Henry Galer1860871947

41HaythorpeJohn Haythorpefirst name on this monument1791741865id: Hsm856575701070
Harriet Haythorpewife of John Haythorpe1786791865

42HewsonLinda Gertrude Hewsonfirst name on this monument1898811979id: Hsm656575501065

43HodgesPercy Frederick Hodgesfirst name on this monument1916501966id: Hsm646575491068
Evelyn May Hodgesrelationship not known of Percy Frederick Hodges1921922013

44HyltonHannah Kerrison Hyltonfirst name on this monument1807291836id: Hsm16574861069Wife of Henry Hayward Hylton. Daughter of John and Hannah Bartram.
John Bartramfather of Hannah Kerrison Hylton
Henry Hayward Hyltonhusband of Hannah Kerrison Hylton
Hannah Bartrammother of Hannah Kerrison Hylton

45LainElizabeth Lainfirst name on this monument1789721861id: Hsm11065759610691Wife of James Lain.
James Lainhusband of Elizabeth Lain

46LainJohn Lainfirst name on this monument1827781905id: Hsm2265750710671
Sarah Ann Lainwife of John Lain1841791920

47LainSamuel Lainfirst name on this monument1821701891id: Hsm1965750410671Husband of Mary Lain.
Mary Lainwife of Samuel Lain

48LeatherdaleWilliam Leatherdalefirst name on this monument1840621902id: Hsm976575821065
Ellen Leatherdalesister of William Leatherdale1908

49MartenBarry Martenfirst name on this monument1947682015id: Hsm676575521068

50MatthewsEthel Christian Matthewsfirst name on this monument1878501928id: Hsm56574901065Daughter of James Storey and Frances Matthews.
James Storey Matthewsfather of Ethel Christian Matthews
Frances Matthewsmother of Ethel Christian Matthews

51MatthewsFanny Matthewsfirst name on this monument1871471918id: Hsm66574911065Daughter of James Storey and Frances Matthews.
James Storey Matthewsfather of Fanny Matthews
Frances Matthewsmother of Fanny Matthews

52MatthewsFrances Matthewsfirst name on this monument1840591899id: Hsm76574921065Relict of James Storey Matthews.
James Storey Matthewshusband of Frances Matthews

53MatthewsHarriet Matthewsfirst name on this monument1948id: Hsm616575461065

54MatthewsLaura Matthewsfirst name on this monument1867431910id: Hsm86574931065Daughter of James Storey and Frances Matthews.
James Storey Matthewsfather of Laura Matthews
Frances Matthewsmother of Laura Matthews

55MatthewsRichard Matthewsfirst name on this monument1869851954id: Hsm606575451065
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56MatthewsThomas Henry Matthewsfirst name on this monument1863521915id: Hsm96574941065Son of James Storey and Frances Matthews.
James Storey Matthewsfather of Thomas Henry Matthews
Frances Matthewsmother of Thomas Henry Matthews

57MillerGeorge Reynolds Millerfirst name on this monument1785781863id: Hsm956575801065

58MillerJohn Millerfirst name on this monument1766871853id: Hsm1026575871066The stone is partly obscured by that of Elizabeth Dale Elizabeth Duffield)..
Sarah Millerwife of John Miller1760811841

59MillerJohn Millerfirst name on this monument1790781868id: Hsm966575811065
Elizabeth Millerwife of John Miller1801781879

60NortonJeremiah Nortonfirst name on this monument1764871851id: Hsm996575841069

61PageArthur Charles Pagefirst name on this monument1900741974id: Hsm576575421067
Bessie Pagewife of Arthur Charles Page1906781984

62PageDonald Arthur Pagefirst name on this monument1926221948id: Hsm566575411066Son of Arthur and Bessie Page.
Arthur Pagefather of Donald Arthur Page
Bessie Pagemother of Donald Arthur Page

63PatrickArthur Alan Patrickfirst name on this monument1930822012id: Hsm686575531073

64PittsMary Pittsfirst name on this monumentid: Hsm826575671073Wife of Richard Pitts.
Richard Pittshusband of Mary Pitts

65PlumbEllen Plumbfirst name on this monument1893681961id: Hsm486575331065
Bernard Plumbhusband of Ellen Plumb1894691963

66PorterAnnie Porterfirst name on this monument1839581897id: Hsm109
(4 images)
6575941066Second wife of Reverend Jacob Porter. Church memorial to her is covered separately.
Jacob Porterhusband of Annie Porter1826731899 Church memorial to him is covered separately.

67PorterJacob Porterfirst name on this monument1826731899id: Hsm36574881065

68PorterSusanna Mary Porterfirst name on this monument1809841893id: Hsm26574871067Wife of Reverend J Porter.
J Porterhusband of Susanna Mary Porter
Annie Portersecond wife of husband of Susanna Mary Porter1839581897 Wife of Reverend Jacob Porter.

69PorterSusanna Mary Porterfirst name on this monument1809841893no image6575951065First wife of Reverend J Porter. Church memorial to her is covered separately.
J Porterhusband of Susanna Mary Porter

70RichardsonJacob Richardsonfirst name on this monument1747841831id: Hsm746575591065

71RichardsonJacob Richardsonfirst name on this monument1795291824id: Hsm726575571066Son of Jacob and Sarah Richardson.
Jacob Richardsonfather of Jacob Richardson
Sarah Richardsonmother of Jacob Richardson

72RichardsonSarah Richardsonfirst name on this monument1768581826id: Hsm736575581065Wife of Jacob Richardson.
Jacob Richardsonhusband of Sarah Richardson

73RichesJohn Richesfirst name on this monument1821621883id: Hsm376575221065Husband of Mary Ann Riches.
Mary Ann Richeswife of John Riches

74RichesJohn Richesfirst name on this monument1821621883id: Hsm326575171067Husband of Mary Ann Riches.
Mary Ann Richeswife of John Riches

75RichesMary Ann Richesfirst name on this monument1826661892id: Hsm336575181065Wife of John Riches.
John Richeshusband of Mary Ann Riches

76RichesMary Ann Richesfirst name on this monument1826661892id: Hsm386575231065Wife of John Riches.
John Richeshusband of Mary Ann Riches

77ScaseGeorge Scasefirst name on this monumentid: Hsm536575381065

78ScaseHenry Scasefirst name on this monument1851581909id: Hsm176575021065Husband of Sarah Scase.
Sarah Scasewife of Henry Scase

79ScaseIda Scasefirst name on this monument1887341921id: Hsm156575001065

80SeamanCatherine Seamanfirst name on this monument1878731951id: Hsm586575431071
John Seamanhusband of Catherine Seaman1875831958

81SeamanJohn Frederick Seamanfirst name on this monument1906851991id: Hsm596575441070

82SeamanMaurice William Arthur Seamanfirst name on this monument1932772009id: Hsm406575251071

83SeamanRebecca Seamanfirst name on this monument1842591901id: Hsm46574891071Wife of George Seaman.
George Seamanhusband of Rebecca Seaman
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84SeamanWilliam Seamanfirst name on this monument1901741975id: Hsm396575241074
Elsie Ruth Seamanwife of William Seaman1907881995

85SeamanWilliam Seamanfirst name on this monument1829581887id: Hsm236575081071
Elizabeth Reynoldsdaughter of William Seaman1866251891
Charlotte Seamanwife of William Seaman1828871915

86SkidmoreRichard John Skidmorefirst name on this monument1944471991id: Hsm506575351065

87SmithRose Ellen Smithfirst name on this monument1996id: Hsm556575401065

88StantonAnn Stantonfirst name on this monument1856381894id: Hsm256575101065

89StoneGilbert Edward Stonefirst name on this monument1920761996id: Hsm706575551072
Brenda Mary Stonewife of Gilbert Edward Stone1927862013

90StoneRachel Stonefirst name on this monument1800671867id: Hsm716575561072Wife of Taylor Pheonix Stone.
Taylor Pheonix Stonehusband of Rachel Stone

91TurnerCharlotte Turnerfirst name on this monument1746891835id: Hsm916575761065
John Turnerhusband of Charlotte Turner1751791830

92TurnerDinah Turnerfirst name on this monument1793611854id: Hsm1056575901065Wife of William Turner.
William Turnerhusband of Dinah Turner

93TurnerJohn Turnerfirst name on this monument1811561867id: Hsm1066575911069Son of William and Dinah Turner.
William Turnerfather of John Turner
Dinah Turnermother of John Turner

94TurnerSarah Turnerfirst name on this monument1831901921id: Hsm876575721065

95TurnerWilliam Turnerfirst name on this monument1782791861id: Hsm886575731066Son of William and Esther Turner.
William Turnerfather of William Turner
Esther Turnermother of William Turner

96TurnerWilliam Thomas Turnerfirst name on this monument1795671862id: Hsm906575751065
Tabitha Turnerwife of William Thomas Turner1807591866

97WadeElizabeth Wadefirst name on this monument1807651872id: Hsm846575691065Wife of John Wade.
John Wadehusband of Elizabeth Wade

98WadeEmma Wadefirst name on this monument1883771960id: Hsm476575321066
Arthur John Waderelationship not known of Emma Wade18651001965

99WadeGeorge Wadefirst name on this monument1810321842id: Hsm75
(2 images)
6575601065Stone is mostly obscured by another , broken , stone.

100WadeHarriet Wadefirst name on this monument1815901905id: Hsm766575611065

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