Kilnanare (new) Cemetery, Firies, Kerry, Ireland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AhernDan Ahernfirst name on this monument1984id: 1181076
Nellie Ahernwife of Dan Ahern1989

2AsheMartin Ashefirst name on this monument1894851979id: 1711074
Bridie Ashewife of Martin Ashe1907801987

3BreenFinola Breenfirst name on this monument197981987id: 101068

4BreenTimmie Breenfirst name on this monument1997id: 1351071
Joan Breenwife of Timmie Breen2016

5BroderickMary Broderickfirst name on this monument2000id: 1071077
John Broderickhusband of Mary Broderick1918922010

6BroderickPatrick Broderickfirst name on this monument1955562011id: 751069

7BrosnanDairmuid Brosnanfirst name on this monument1927721999id: 1111065

8BrosnanElizabeth Brosnanfirst name on this monument1983id: 1191067
Breeda Saimbi Brosnandaughter of Elizabeth Brosnan1943602003
Christy Brosnanhusband of Elizabeth Brosnan1989
Eugene Brosnanson of Elizabeth Brosnan

9BrowneNoreen Brownefirst name on this monument1934651999id: 1311070numerals unclear
John Brownehusband of Noreen Browne1922832005 numerals unclear

10BrownePat Brownefirst name on this monument1988id: 141067
Margaret Brownerelationship not known of Pat Browne2008

11BrowneSheila Brownefirst name on this monument2000id: 1081070

12CallaghanKathleen Callaghanfirst name on this monument1949451994id: 162
(2 images)
Aaron Thomas Murphygrand son of Kathleen Callaghan

13CaseyMichael Caseyfirst name on this monument1926531979id: 1701075
Catherine Caseywife of Michael Casey1930702000

14CaseySeamus Caseyfirst name on this monument1975id: 71067
Lily Caseywife of Seamus Casey2010

15CliffordJames Cliffordfirst name on this monument1933742007id: 271075

16CooperThomas Cooperfirst name on this monument1979id: 1771082
Bridie Cooperwife of Thomas Cooper2012

17CorcoranGerald Corcoranfirst name on this monument1929782007id: 281069

18CorcoranJohn Corcoranfirst name on this monument2003id: 1011074
Maryanne Corcoranrelationship not known of John Corcoran2004

19CorcoranMary Corcoranfirst name on this monument1975id: 551069
Denis Kerriskrelationship not known of Mary Corcoran1996

20CounihanDenis Counihanfirst name on this monument1973id: 561067
Mary Counihansister of Denis Counihan1977

21CourtneyDenis Courtneyfirst name on this monument1984id: 1221068

22Courtney (Mccabe)Kathleen Courtney (Mccabe)first name on this monument1939742013id: 821071
Michael Courtneyrelationship not known of Kathleen Courtney (Mccabe)2016

23CroninDeborah Croninfirst name on this monument1917902007id: 1021074

24CroninJohn Croninfirst name on this monument1911781989id: 521069

25CroninPatrick Croninfirst name on this monument1924701994id: 1531067
Daniel Croninrelationship not known of Patrick Cronin1933692002
Kathleen Croninrelationship not known of Patrick Cronin1929732002

26CroninTadgh Croninfirst name on this monument1995id: 1801074
Sheila O'shearelationship not known of Tadgh Cronin1990

27CroninThomas Croninfirst name on this monument1954562010id: 341070

28CullotyJimmy Cullotyfirst name on this monument1943692012id: 781081

29DalyEileen Dalyfirst name on this monument1923661989id: 691072

30DalyJames Dalyfirst name on this monument1918681986id: 961066
Margaret Dalywife of James Daly1917761993
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31DalyJerome Dalyfirst name on this monument1942692011id: 771074

32DalyJuliana Dalyfirst name on this monument1987id: 91075
Paddy Dalyhusband of Juliana Daly1927732000

33DalyMargaret Dalyfirst name on this monument1911771988id: 511067
Bill Dalyhusband of Margaret Daly1905841989

34DalyMarie Dalyfirst name on this monument1988id: 1210651

35DalyPat Dalyfirst name on this monument1990id: 711071
Charlie Dalyrelationship not known of Pat Daly1909901999
Nora Dalyrelationship not known of Pat Daly1917962013

36DennehyDan Dennehyfirst name on this monument1927842011id: 761081

37DineenMary Dineenfirst name on this monument1911731984id: 1241074
Denis Dineenhusband of Mary Dineen1917942011

38DineenPat Dineenfirst name on this monument1951642015id: 831077

39DonoghueDenis Donoghuefirst name on this monument1942632005id: 241076

40DonohueBetty Donohuefirst name on this monument1934712005id: 191075

41DowneyPatrick Downeyfirst name on this monument1980id: 1471070
Ellen Downeywife of Patrick Downey1980

42DrwalMaxmillan Drwalfirst name on this monument1982id: 1441066
Elizabeth Drwaldaughter of Maxmillan Drwal
Sheelah Drwalwife of Maxmillan Drwal

43FalveyTony Falveyfirst name on this monument1952612013id: 801073

44FarrellyBernard Thomas Farrellyfirst name on this monument2004id: 171070

45FellDonie Fellfirst name on this monument1933641997id: 1391067

46FellMichael Fellfirst name on this monument1935752010id: 331068

47FellMichael J Fellfirst name on this monument1927701997id: 1381070
May Fellwife of Michael J Fell1927812008

48FellPatrick Fellfirst name on this monument1906841990id: 461066
Nellie Fellwife of Patrick Fell1910821992

49FinnertyJack Finnertyfirst name on this monument1928872015id: 851067

50FinnertyMary Finnertyfirst name on this monument1931812012id: 321077
Ned Finnertybrother of Mary Finnerty1930822012

51FlemingMary Flemingfirst name on this monument1997id: 1401066

52FlynnCornelius Flynnfirst name on this monument1999id: 1591072

53FlynnEliza Flynnfirst name on this monument1924641988id: 151076
James C Flynnhusband of Eliza Flynn1926892015

54FlynnEliza Flynnfirst name on this monument1924641988id: 451069
James C Flynnhusband of Eliza Flynn1926892015
Kay Flynnrelationship not known of Eliza Flynn1958391997

55FlynnFrancis Flynnfirst name on this monument1925551980id: 1481073
Diarmuid Flynnrelationship not known of Francis Flynn1963331996

56FlynnJames E Flynnfirst name on this monument1934601994id: 1861067

57FlynnPatrick Flynnfirst name on this monument1978id: 531075

58FoleyPat Foleyfirst name on this monument1930852015id: 841071

59GleesonJackie Gleesonfirst name on this monument1954201974id: 41068Car accident
Molly Gleesonaunt of Jackie Gleeson1909861995

60GleesonMichael Joe Gleesonfirst name on this monument1919812000id: 51068
Mollie Gleesonwife of Michael Joe Gleeson1920932013

61GlosterMaurice Glosterfirst name on this monument1916831999id: 1681072

62GloverPatrick Gloverfirst name on this monument1982id: 1511075

63GrovesDaniel Grovesfirst name on this monument1920761996id: 1571071
Mary Groveswife of Daniel Groves1920761996
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64GrovesThomas Grovesfirst name on this monument1924561980id: 1691082
Liam Grovesson of Thomas Groves1951572008
Kit Groveswife of Thomas Groves1925882013

65HammondPatrick Hammondfirst name on this monument1948632011id: 861074

66HannafinKathleen Hannafinfirst name on this monument1990id: 671081

67HartiganThomas Hartiganfirst name on this monument1983id: 1201076
Mary Hartiganwife of Thomas Hartigan1991
Michael Hartiganrelationship not known of Thomas Hartigan1993

68HayesJeremiah Hayesfirst name on this monument1925611986id: 971068
Kitty Hayeswife of Jeremiah Hayes1931832014

69HickeyWillie Hickeyfirst name on this monument1925691994id: 1541074
Ann Hickeywife of Willie Hickey1938762014

70HoganJohn Hoganfirst name on this monument2016id: 871071

71HoganSean Hoganfirst name on this monument1992id: 1671069
John Hoganson of Sean Hogan1967362003

72HoranHannah Horanfirst name on this monument1897801977id: 60
(4 images)
Patrick Horanrelationship not known of Hannah Horan1895851980

73HorganJames Horganfirst name on this monument1918791997id: 1371067
Kitty Horganwife of James Horgan1913912004

74HorganTimmy Horganfirst name on this monument1997id: 1261066
Kathy Horganhusband of Timmy Horgan2004

75HoulihanNellie Houlihanfirst name on this monument1985id: 941068
Conor Houlihanbrother of Nellie Houlihan1996
Tom Houlihanbrother of Nellie Houlihan2009

76KelliherPatrick Kelliherfirst name on this monument1979id: 173
(2 images)
Bride Kellihersister of Patrick Kelliher1987

77KelliherWillie Kelliherfirst name on this monument1982id: 1461068
Rita Kelliherwife of Willie Kelliher2003
Minnie Kelliherrelationship not known of Willie Kelliher1986

78KellyNora Kellyfirst name on this monument1919761995id: 1551066
Rita Kellyrelationship not known of Nora Kelly2016

79KellyPatrick Kellyfirst name on this monument1978id: 1751071
Catherine Kellywife of Patrick Kelly1978

80KennedyJoan Kennedyfirst name on this monument1937672004id: 161076
John Joe Kennedyhusband of Joan Kennedy1941642005

81KerriskJohn Kerriskfirst name on this monument1925641989id: 481067

82KinsellaMargaret Kinsellafirst name on this monument1918942012id: 791074

83LenihanCaroline Lenihanfirst name on this monument1971191990id: 1811066

84LenihanConor Lenihanfirst name on this monument1939712010id: 361071

85LenihanJohn Lenihanfirst name on this monument1940732013id: 351065

86LyneKitty Lynefirst name on this monument1992id: 1661068
Timothy Lynebrother of Kitty Lyne1995
Patrick Lynerelationship not known of Kitty Lyne2006

87MannixCatherine Mannixfirst name on this monument2006id: 581069

88MccarthyJohn Mccarthyfirst name on this monument1912701982id: 1431089
Norrie Mccarthywife of John Mccarthy1921761997

89MccarthyTimmie Mccarthyfirst name on this monument1923802003id: 991067

90McgillycuddyNora Mcgillycuddyfirst name on this monument1917811998id: 1341067
Patrick Mcgillycuddyhusband of Nora Mcgillycuddy1913892002

91MckennaChris Mckennafirst name on this monument1992id: 1831079
Sonny Mckennabrother of Chris Mckenna1920902010
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92MckennaDan Mckennafirst name on this monument1938782016id: 891072

93MckennaPatrick Mckennafirst name on this monument1899871986id: 951067
Mary Mckennawife of Patrick Mckenna1910871997
Mary Teresa Mckennarelationship not known of Patrick Mckenna1936672003

94MoranJoseph Moranfirst name on this monument2016id: 1031081

95MorganMary Morganfirst name on this monument2004id: 1041068
Derek Morganhusband of Mary Morgan1983

96MoriartyCatherine M Moriartyfirst name on this monument1919641983id: 1211075
Nancy Moriartysister of Catherine M Moriarty1924641988

97MoriartyMichael Moriartyfirst name on this monument1910791989id: 681065
Nora Moriartywife of Michael Moriarty1915811996

98MorrisEric Morrisfirst name on this monument1936672003id: 1001066

99MulchinockDenis Mulchinockfirst name on this monument1912781990id: 731078
Kathleen Mulchinockdaughter of Denis Mulchinock194241946
Sean Mulchinockson of Denis Mulchinock1940622002
Catherine Mulchinockwife of Denis Mulchinock1919932012

100MulchinockMary Mulchinockfirst name on this monument1956361992id: 1851082
Eilish Mulchinockdaughter of Mary Mulchinock
Tom Mulchinockhusband of Mary Mulchinock
Jamey Mulchinockson of Mary Mulchinock

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Kilnanare (new) Cemetery, Firies, Kerry, Ireland.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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