Prospect Cemetery, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland

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201McAuliffeM D McAuliffefirst name on this monument1862741936id: Glas1181116
Susan McAuliffesister of M D McAuliffe1872741946

202McCannJames McCannfirst name on this monument182121823id: Glas411094Son of James and Hanna McCann. Year of death may be incorrect.
James McCannfather of James McCann
Hanna McCannmother of James McCann

203McCaulMary McCaulfirst name on this monument1806601866id: Glas571123Wife of James McCaul.

204McDermotJohn McDermotfirst name on this monument1782661848id: Glas2971069Father of Peter McDermot.
Eliza McDernotdaughter-in-law of John McDermot1808301838
Peter McDermotson of John McDermot
Elizabeth McDermotwife of John McDermot1797511848

205McDermotMatthew McDermotfirst name on this monument1775631838id: Glas1951071Father of Anne Adams nee McDermot.
Anne Adamsdaughter of Matthew McDermot
Matthew Adamsgrand son of Matthew McDermot Died young.

206McDonaldT M McDonaldfirst name on this monument1890311921id: Glas1481072WW1 Number 136543. Royal Air Force.
Bridget Blakerelationship not known of T M McDonald1818501868
Elizabeth Marianne Blakerelationship not known of T M McDonald190021902
Francis Blakerelationship not known of T M McDonald1874 Aged 9 months.
James Blakerelationship not known of T M McDonald1845471892
Thomas Blakerelationship not known of T M McDonald1812581870
Thomas Blakerelationship not known of T M McDonald1887671954 Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
Thomas Joseph Blakerelationship not known of T M McDonald190531908

207McDonnellJohn McDonnellfirst name on this monument1801321833id: Glas2861070Husband of Mary McDonnell.
Mary McDonnellwife of John McDonnell

208McDonnellWalter McDonnellfirst name on this monument1808281836id: Glas2001070Son of James McDonnell.
James McDonnellfather of Walter McDonnell
Elizabeth McDonnellmother of Walter McDonnell1788521840

209McGarryPatrick McGarryfirst name on this monument1792471839id: Glas2301071Husband of Mary McGarry.
Robert Joseph McGarryson of Patrick McGarry1830201850 Died on the 20th.
Mary McGarrywife of Patrick McGarry

210McGeerT McGeerfirst name on this monument1918id: Glas511067WW1 Number 81837. Royal Field Artillery.

211McGovernBridget McGovernfirst name on this monument1830651895id: Glas218
(2 images)
1086Mother of Mary Carron and Margaret Treacy both nee McGovern.
Mary Carrondaughter of Bridget McGovern
Bridget McGoverndaughter of Bridget McGovern1858101868
Margaret Treacydaughter of Bridget McGovern
Thomas McGovernhusband of Bridget McGovern1833721905

212McGrathAnn McGrathfirst name on this monument1797441841id: Glas2591089Wife of Richard McGrath.
Richard McGrathhusband of Ann McGrath

213McGuiganBridget McGuiganfirst name on this monument1899id: Glas1861082
Patrick Ludlowrelationship not known of Bridget McGuigan
Rosanna Ludlowrelationship not known of Bridget McGuigan1846
Bridget McDonnellrelationship not known of Bridget McGuigan
Ellen J McDonnellrelationship not known of Bridget McGuigan
James C McDonnellrelationship not known of Bridget McGuigan
Rosanna McDonnellrelationship not known of Bridget McGuigan

214McKennaPatrick McKennafirst name on this monument1815541869id: Glas229
(2 images)

215McMahonJohn McMahonfirst name on this monument1802301832id: Glas2461077Brother of Bernard McMahon.
Bernard McMahonbrother of John McMahon

216McMahonTimothy McMahonfirst name on this monument1800681868id: Glas951075Husband of Eliza McMahon.
Eliza McMahonwife of Timothy McMahon

217McMullenBridget McMullenfirst name on this monument1877241901id: Glas1811073
Joseph McMullenfather of Bridget McMullen1851661917
Annie McMullensister of Bridget McMullen189291901
Catherine Mary McMullensister of Bridget McMullen1918
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218McNallyBridget McNallyfirst name on this monument1750861836id: Glas1031066
Patrick McNallyrelationship not known of Bridget McNally
Patrick Joseph McNallyrelationship not known of Bridget McNally1836 Died in December. Son of Patrick McNally.

219McNallyChristopher McNallyfirst name on this monument1799571856id: Glas150
(2 images)
Laurence Francis McNallyrelationship not known of Christopher McNally184141845

220McNamaraMichael McNamarafirst name on this monument1851361887id: Glas2191067Son of Eliza McNamara.
Eliza McNamaramother of Michael McNamara

221MeadeB M C Meadefirst name on this monument1873id: Glas1991075
Kate McCarthydaughter of B M C Meade1873
Thomas Meadehusband of B M C Meade1844

222MeehanThomas Meehanfirst name on this monument1793551848id: Glas2501067
Rose Meehanwife of Thomas Meehan1807711878

223MooreAmbrose Moorefirst name on this monument1838id: Glas21081
Marcella MacDonochdaughter of Ambrose Moore1860
Marcella MacEnarygrand daughter of Ambrose Moore1894 Wife of Major Robert MacEnary.
Mathew MacDonochgrand son of Ambrose Moore1866
Robert MacEnarygrand son-in-law of Ambrose Moore
Edward MacDonochson-in-law of Ambrose Moore1848

224MooreMaria Moorefirst name on this monument1872id: Glas211
(2 images)
1068Died in October. Wife of Andrew Moore.
Frances Mooredaughter of Maria Moore1864231887
Andrew Moorehusband of Maria Moore
Andrew Mooreson of Maria Moore1865221887
George Mooreson of Maria Moore10 Died in November.

225MoranPatrick Moranfirst name on this monument1836421878id: Glas1871071
Michael Moranson of Patrick Moran1 And 2 months.
William Moranson of Patrick Moran1874281902

226MountjoyWilliam Mountjoyfirst name on this monument183311834id: Glas1341065and nine months. Surname may be Mount Joy. Father's name may be William.
Margaret Mountjoyrelationship not known of William Mountjoy183511836 and three months.

227MullenJohn Mullenfirst name on this monument1770761846id: Glas2101097
Andrew Nortongrand son of John Mullen1832201852
John Nortongrand son of John Mullen1833221855
Eugene Nortonson-in-law of John Mullen1811461857
Bridget Mullenwife of John Mullen1786601846

228MullenPatrick Mullenfirst name on this monument183141835id: Glas1921066Sons of Patrick Mullen.
James Mullenbrother of Patrick Mullen1828221850
Thomas Mullenbrother of Patrick Mullen183541839
Patrick Mullenfather of Patrick Mullen

229MundowBridget Mundowfirst name on this monument1811241835id: Glas2881069Wife of William Mundow.
William Mundowhusband of Bridget Mundow

230MurphyMargaret Murphyfirst name on this monument1775611836id: Glas2951066Mother of Michael Murphy.
Thomas Murphyhusband of Margaret Murphy1774681842
Michael Murphyson of Margaret Murphy

231MurphyMichael Murphyfirst name on this monument193051935id: Glas1321067

232MurphyPatrick Murphyfirst name on this monument1771861857id: Glas1691065Husband of Julia Murphy.
Julia Murphywife of Patrick Murphy

233MurphyRichard Murphyfirst name on this monument1793601853id: Glas2651065Husband of Mary Murphy.
Mary Murphywife of Richard Murphy

234MurphyWilliam Murphyfirst name on this monument1806291835id: Glas2071067Step son of Thomas Maher.
John Maherstep brother of William Murphy1818241842
Thomas Maherstep father of William Murphy
Mary T Maherstep sister of William Murphy1819201839
William Maherrelationship not known of William Murphy6 Surname may not be Maher. Grand son of Thomas Maher. Step nephew of William Murphy.
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235MurrayJames Murrayfirst name on this monument1780681848id: Glas551067Husband of Margaret Murray.

236MurrayJohn Murrayfirst name on this monument1800551855id: Glas2871069Husband of Julia Murray.
Maria Murraydaughter of John Murray1834191853
Julia Murraywife of John Murray

237MurrayP Murrayfirst name on this monument1918id: Glas681068WW1 Number 100590. Royal Field Artillery.

238MurtachWilliam Murtachfirst name on this monument1831591890id: Glas9
(2 images)
James Murtachson of William Murtach1858331891
William Murtachson of William Murtach1867341901 Interred in another part of this cemetery.
Esther Murtachwife of William Murtach1836631899

239NewellMargaret Newellfirst name on this monument1814511865id: Glas151073Mother of Elizabeth C Hamilton. Died in London.
Elizabeth C Hamiltondaughter of Margaret Newell

240NicholsonAndrew Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1764801844id: Glas931102
Jane Donnellydaughter of Andrew Nicholson76
Mary Donnellygrand daughter of Andrew Nicholson1872151887
Rosanna Donnellygrand daughter of Andrew Nicholson1855111866
John Donnellygrand son of Andrew Nicholson184961855 Died in March.
Thomas Donnellygrand son of Andrew Nicholson187011871 And 11 months. Died in July.
Thomas Donnellyson-in-law of Andrew Nicholson1838551893
Margaret Nicholsonwife of Andrew Nicholson1815581873

241NowlanPeter Nowlanfirst name on this monument1782761858id: Glas241068
Thomas Nowlanbrother of Peter Nowlan1777851862

242NugentMary Nugentfirst name on this monument17341001834id: Glas2311074Mother of Richard Nugent.
Mary Nugentgrand daughter of Mary Nugent1847
Teresa Nugentgrand daughter of Mary Nugent184031843
James Nugentgrand son of Mary Nugent Died young.
Matthew Nugentgrand son of Mary Nugent Died young.
Richard Nugentgrand son of Mary Nugent1825141839
Richard Nugentson of Mary Nugent

243NugentThomas Nugentfirst name on this monument1858id: Glas205
(2 images)
1077Son of George Nugent. Stone erected by Thomas Nugent son of Thomas and Eliza Nugent.
George Nugentfather of Thomas Nugent
John David Nugentson of Thomas Nugent1866
Joseph Nugentson of Thomas Nugent1883 Interred in London.
Thomas Nugentson of Thomas Nugent
Eliza Nugentwife of Thomas Nugent1836

244O'BrienCatherine O'Brienfirst name on this monument1836id: Glas223
(4 images)
Nannie O'Briendaughter of Catherine O'Brien1843
Timothy O'Brienhusband of Catherine O'Brien1790721862
John O'Brienson of Catherine O'Brien1833361869 Was at the battle of Alma and the siege of Sebastopol in the Crimean War.

245O'BrienMary Ann O'Brienfirst name on this monument1871631934id: Glas2561067Died on the 5th of the month. Mother of Patrick O'Brien.
Timothy O'Brienbrother of Mary Ann O'Brien1858221880
Mary O'Briendaughter of Mary Ann O'Brien188681894 And 4 months.
Richard O'Brienfather of Mary Ann O'Brien1831591890
John O'Brienhusband of Mary Ann O'Brien1868531921
Catherine O'Brienmother of Mary Ann O'Brien1836551891
Patrick O'Brienson of Mary Ann O'Brien

246O'BrienRose O'Brienfirst name on this monument1794391833id: Glas1751066Wife of Marten O'Brien.
Marten O'Brienhusband of Rose O'Brien

247O'BrienT O'Brienfirst name on this monument1920id: Glas731074WW1 Number 9175. Connaught Rangers.

248O'GalliganAnne O'Galliganfirst name on this monument1794501844id: Glas11072Daughter of the late George Lamprey.
George Lampreyfather of Anne O'Galligan
John O'Galliganhusband of Anne O'Galligan1786811867
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249O'HigginsJ O'Higginsfirst name on this monument1915id: Glas1221069WW1 Number 15172. Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

250O'KeeffeLuke O'Keeffefirst name on this monument1834id: Glas2381079Aged 10 months. Son of Nicholas O'Keeffe.
Nicholas O'Keeffefather of Luke O'Keeffe
Maryann O'Keeffesister of Luke O'Keeffe183221834

251O'LearyJohn O'Learyfirst name on this monument183331836id: Glas2641067Son of Patrick O'Leary.
Maryann O'Learyaunt of John O'Leary1827161843
Richard O'Learybrother of John O'Leary183481842
Patrick O'Learyfather of John O'Leary

252O'MahonyW F O'Mahonyfirst name on this monument1885331918id: Glas691070WW1 Number 26642. Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

253O'NeillJohn O'Neillfirst name on this monument1783691852id: Glas2031070
John O'Neillson of John O'Neill1811601871
Mary O'Neillwife of John O'Neill1773841857

254O'NeillMary O'Neillfirst name on this monument1795401835id: Glas1801066

255O'ReillyEdward O'Reillyfirst name on this monument1779551834id: Glas228
(2 images)
1066Died in February. Husband of Teresa O'Reilly.
Teresa O'Reillywife of Edward O'Reilly

256O'TooleRosanna O'Toolefirst name on this monument1823521875id: Glas421067Wife of John O'Toole.
Catherine O'Tooledaughter of Rosanna O'Toole1850 Aged 2 months.
John O'Toolehusband of Rosanna O'Toole
Charles O'Tooleson of Rosanna O'Toole1857111868

257OmarMargaret Omarfirst name on this monument186071867id: Glas521070Erected by her father Joseph Omar.
Joseph Omarbrother of Margaret Omar185821860
Joseph Omarfather of Margaret Omar

258ParkerWilliam Parkerfirst name on this monument1811551866id: Glas1521068Numerals may be incorrect.
Samuel Parkerfather of William Parker1783641847
Catherine Parkerwife of William Parker1800801880

259PhibbsM Phibbsfirst name on this monument1919id: Glas1231068WW1 Number 2876. Leinster Regiment.

260QuillHenry Quillfirst name on this monument1849id: Glas26
(3 images)
1094Died of wounds sustained at the Battle of Waterloo.
Margaret Quillwife of Henry Quill1873
Henry Quillrelationship not known of Henry Quill1862

261RaffertyMargaret Raffertyfirst name on this monument1792631855id: Glas275
(2 images)
John Raffertyhusband of Margaret Rafferty1790791869

262RafterMargaret Rafterfirst name on this monument1810561866id: Glas1961069Wife of Patrick Rafter. Month of death may be incorrect.
Bridget Rafterdaughter of Margaret Rafter185021852 And 8 months.
Marianne Rafterdaughter of Margaret Rafter1847211868
Patrick Rafterhusband of Margaret Rafter
Bridget Mooneymother of Margaret Rafter1771761847

263RaithEleanor Raithfirst name on this monument1783641847id: Glas1791067Also “Several” grand children who died young.
Margaret Raithdaughter of Eleanor Raith1804281832
Richard Raithhusband of Eleanor Raith1780751855

264RalphMargaret Ralphfirst name on this monument1843171860id: Glas2851070Daughter of Margaret Ralph.
Margaret Ralphmother of Margaret Ralph

265RappleT Rapplefirst name on this monument1887311918id: Glas761065WW1 Number 1167. 13th Hussars.

266ReadBernard Readfirst name on this monument1792581850id: Glas1731067Husband of Mary Anne Read.
Mary Anne Readwife of Bernard Read

267RedmondM J Redmondfirst name on this monument1919id: Glas641082WW1 Number T4/083645. Royal Army Service Corps.

268RedmondMary Redmondfirst name on this monument1792781870id: Glas881083Wife of James Redmond.
James Redmondhusband of Mary Redmond

269ReidMary Reidfirst name on this monument1829531882id: Glas153
(3 images)
Anne Jane Reiddaughter of Mary Reid1861181879

270ReillyJ Reillyfirst name on this monument1872481920id: Glas591068WW1 Number 19773. Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

271RoneyEdward H M Roneyfirst name on this monument1812331845id: Glas91
(2 images)
Anne Roneywife of Edward H M Roney1813781891
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272RooneyEdward Rooneyfirst name on this monumentid: Glas1741071Died young. Son of James Rooney. Numerals may be incorrect.
Catherine Rooneyaunt of Edward Rooney183361839
James Rooneyfather of Edward Rooney
Edward Rooneygrand father of Edward Rooney1785551840
Edward Rooneyuncle of Edward Rooney1831121843
Samuel Rooneyuncle of Edward Rooney1810301840

273RooneyJohn Rooneyfirst name on this monument1773801853id: Glas273
(3 images)
Thomas Rooneygrand son of John Rooney1808461854
Henry Rooneyson of John Rooney1816401856
Matthew Rooneyson of John Rooney1814581872
Catherine Rooneywife of John Rooney1779841863

274RosseterJames Rosseterfirst name on this monument1798561854id: Glas2671082
Henry Rosseterson of James Rosseter1846
James Rosseterson of James Rosseter1820121832
Anna Sextonrelationship not known of James Rosseter1817151832

275RoughamMary Roughamfirst name on this monument1810561866id: Glas471097Stone erected by Luke Rougham husband of Mary Rougham.
Luke Roughamhusband of Mary Rougham
Anne Burkerelationship not known of Mary Rougham1894

276RuthvenEdward Southwell Ruthvenfirst name on this monument1794621856id: Glas39
(2 images)
11201Dublin MP. Children and , possibly , his wife are on another panel but it is illegible.

277RyanMary Ryanfirst name on this monument1824261850id: Glas13
(2 images)
1069a son. Charles Ryan and a Joseph are also mentioned but details are unclear.
Charles Ryanson of Mary Ryan
Joseph Ryanrelationship not known of Mary Ryan

278RyanMary Anne Ryanfirst name on this monument1808481856id: Glas1331074Sister of Mary Dwyer.
Mary Dwyersister of Mary Anne Ryan

279SmithE Smithfirst name on this monument1918id: Glas611065WW1 Number 20091. Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

280SmithMargaret Smithfirst name on this monument1845id: Glas2891140Wife of Captain Smith of the Chance R.C.
Archibald Maulyfather of Margaret Smith1847
Smithhusband of Margaret Smith

281SmithThomas Smithfirst name on this monument1775551830id: Glas221074Dates may be incorrect. Erected by his brother Michael Smith.
Michael Smithbrother of Thomas Smith
Esther Smithrelationship not known of Thomas Smith1849

282SmullenHenry J Joseph Smullenfirst name on this monument1830311861id: Glas291071
Maria Benettrelationship not known of Henry J Joseph Smullen1799751874

283SmythPatrick Smythfirst name on this monument1810251835id: Glas1611078Nephew of John Fagan.
John Faganuncle of Patrick Smyth

284StowellRichard Joseph Stowellfirst name on this monument1846211867id: Glas110
(3 images)
Robert Francis Stowellbrother of Richard Joseph Stowell1848251873 Died on Eden Quay , Dublin.
Sarah Stowellmother of Richard Joseph Stowell1885
Anne B T Stowellsister of Richard Joseph Stowell1873
Patrick O'Byrneuncle of Richard Joseph Stowell1818771895
John Patrick Stowellrelationship not known of Richard Joseph Stowell1844251869 Eldest son of Richard Stowell.
Richard Stowellrelationship not known of Richard Joseph Stowell1811441855

285SullivanEleanor Sullivanfirst name on this monument1785491834id: Glas2321070Wife of Michael Sullivan.
Michael Sullivanhusband of Eleanor Sullivan

286SweeneyMargaret Sweeneyfirst name on this monument1833401873id: Glas1401084Wife of George Sweeney.
Eliza Sweeneydaughter of Margaret Sweeney
George Sweeneyhusband of Margaret Sweeney

287TalbotWilliam Talbotfirst name on this monument1791701861id: Glas92
(2 images)
1068Husband of Charlotte Talbot.
Charlotte Talbotwife of William Talbot

288TaylorJane Taylorfirst name on this monument1816251841id: Glas2081070Wife of George Taylor.
George Taylorhusband of Jane Taylor
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289TobinJames Tobinfirst name on this monument1809271836id: Glas1311074
John Tobinbrother of James Tobin1798811879
Anne Brennanniece of James Tobin1856 Died young.
Teresa Brennanniece of James Tobin1856 Died young.
Alice M Donnellrelationship not known of James Tobin1813701883
Martin Finneyrelationship not known of James Tobin1814551869 Son of Thomas Finney.
Thomas Finneyrelationship not known of James Tobin1812271839
Joseph Dominick Murphyrelationship not known of James Tobin184461850

290TracyAnne Tracyfirst name on this monument1858id: Glas461072
Mary Tracydaughter of Anne Tracy1836
John Tracyhusband of Anne Tracy1837

291TullyMary Anne Tullyfirst name on this monument1821171838id: Glas1851079
Thomas Tullyfather of Mary Anne Tully63
Anne Sullivangrand mother of Mary Anne Tully70 Mother in Law of Thomas Tully.
Mary Tullymother of Mary Anne Tully50
Thomas Flynnnephew of Mary Anne Tully1858

292WalshJames Walshfirst name on this monument1825341859id: Glas81072Erected by his aunt Jane Moore.
Jane Mooreaunt of James Walsh

293WhelanPatrick Whelanfirst name on this monument1916id: Glas3710663rd Battalion Dublin Brigade. Killed during the Easter Rising.

294WhelanPatrick Whelanfirst name on this monument1882id: Glas1561066
Mary Whelanwife of Patrick Whelan1902

295WoodsBridget Woodsfirst name on this monument1801371838id: Glas2261065Wife of James Woods.
James Woodshusband of Bridget Woods

296WrightT P Wrightfirst name on this monument1893241917id: Glas791068WW1 Number 6251. Royal Army Medical Corps.

297WrightW Wrightfirst name on this monument1878401918id: Glas601066WW1 Number 5/7896. Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

298YeatesJohn Dudley Yeatesfirst name on this monument1853id: Glas481094Stone erected by son John Yeates.
Mary Askendaughter of John Dudley Yeates1883 In this cemetery in grave Vb.38 and 39 and a half South.
Jane Feenydaughter of John Dudley Yeates1867 Buried Salford , Manchester grave number 538.AA.10
John Yeatesson of John Dudley Yeates
Margaret Yeateswife of John Dudley Yeates1870

299ZimmermanMary Helen Zimmermanfirst name on this monument1806421848id: Glas90
(2 images)

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