St John's Church burial ground, Hoveton, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1Dorothy first name on this monumentid: 1224991101066

2ArnoldZechariah Arnoldfirst name on this monument1796771873id: 1134991011084
Elizabeth Arnolddaughter of Zechariah Arnold1828211849
William Arnoldson of Zechariah Arnold1824231847
Ann Arnoldwife of Zechariah Arnold1797501847

3BacktonLucy Backtonfirst name on this monument1777id: 1184991061067

4BacktonThomas Backtonfirst name on this monument1704561760id: 1174991051067Loving husband of Lucy Backton
Lucy Backtonwife of Thomas Backton

5BatemanThomas Batemanfirst name on this monument1707701777id: 1164991041067
Martha Batemanwife of Thomas Bateman1714801794

6BesforJulia Besforfirst name on this monument1802851887id: 1194991071068Wife of Leonard Besfor
Leonard Besforhusband of Julia Besfor

7BesforLeonard Besforfirst name on this monument1858id: 1204991081067Husband of Julia Besfor
Julia Besforwife of Leonard Besfor

8BigginElizabeth Bigginfirst name on this monument1802id: 2174992161066Wife of John Biggin
John Bigginhusband of Elizabeth Biggin

9BigginJohn Bigginfirst name on this monument1734841818id: 1254991131068

10BlofeldJohn Blofeldfirst name on this monument1726791805id: 17249917110751Married his cousin Sarah by whom he had one son Thomas
Thomas Blofeldson of John Blofeld
Sarah Blofeldwife of John Blofeld1734851819 Only daughter of Thomas Blofeld

11BlofeldJohn Spencer Blofeldfirst name on this monument1775281803id: 1744991731070Eldest son of Thomas and Mary Blofeld
Thomas Blofeldfather of John Spencer Blofeld
Mary Blofeldmother of John Spencer Blofeld

12BlofeldMaria Blofeldfirst name on this monument1779251804id: 1734991721078Only daughter of Thomas and Mary Blofeld
Thomas Blofeldfather of Maria Blofeld
Mary Blofeldmother of Maria Blofeld

13BlofeldThomas Blofeldfirst name on this monument1754631817id: 17549917410931Barrister at law and Chairman of quarter sessions
Henry Spencerfather-in-law of Thomas Blofeld
Mary Blofeldwife of Thomas Blofeld1756681824 Eldest daughter of Henry Spencer of Dulwich

14BroomGeorge Broomfirst name on this monument1684731757id: 1114990991069a useful honest and faithful servant to Thomas Blofeld for 37 years
Thomas Blofieldemployer of George Broom

15BrownJohn Brownfirst name on this monumentid: 2194992181069

16BuckAlbert George Buckfirst name on this monumentid: 1714991651072Norfolk Regt

17BuckRobert Buckfirst name on this monument1820731893id: 2024992011076
Hannah Bell Buckwife of Robert Buck1823701893

18BuckWilliam Robert Buckfirst name on this monumentid: 1994991981066Eldest son of J and M A Buck
J Buckfather or mother of William Robert Buck
M A Buckfather or mother of William Robert Buck

19CadgeJ Cadgefirst name on this monument1815id: 2184992171072

20CadgeMarianne Cadgefirst name on this monument1822701892id: 1284991161068Daughter of Michael and Elizabeth Cadge
Michael Cadgefather of Marianne Cadge
Elizabeth Cadgemother of Marianne Cadge

21ChamberlainCharlotte Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1828601888id: 1764991751082Wife of John Chamberlain
John Chamberlainhusband of Charlotte Chamberlain

22ChamberlainJudith Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1787731860id: 1784991771067Widow of the late Matthew Chamberlain
Matthew Chamberlainhusband of Judith Chamberlain

23ChamberlainMatthew Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1852id: 2074992061067

24ChamberlainMatthew Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1810671877id: 1814991801067

25ChambersHarry Jacob Chambersfirst name on this monumentid: 1714991601076Norfolk Regt

26ChambersThomas Chambersfirst name on this monument1858711929id: 1604991481105
Harry Jacob Chambersson of Thomas Chambers1893231916 Killed in action in France
Anna Elizabeth Chamberswife of Thomas Chambers1862681930
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27ChurchAnne Churchfirst name on this monument1848731921id: 1364991241074Second daughter of the late William and Susanna Mitchell
William Mitchellfather of Anne Church
Susanna Mitchellmother of Anne Church

28CooperE Saffery Cooperfirst name on this monument1862581920id: 1674991551068Eygpt 1885-86 , Hazura 1887 , Nataland 1897 , Great War 1914-15

29CorbynBertie Charles Corbynfirst name on this monumentid: 1714991691085Royal Garrison Artillery

30CorbynJonah Corbynfirst name on this monumentid: 1714991641068Yorks Regt

31CraneJohn Cranefirst name on this monument1824681892id: 1294991171078Beloved husband of Sarah Crane
Sarah Cranewife of John Crane

32CraneJohn William Cranefirst name on this monument1861441905id: 1314991191076Beloved husband of Annie Crane
Annie Cranewife of John William Crane

33CraneRosetta Cranefirst name on this monument1864371901id: 1304991181066Beloved daughter of John and Sarah Crane
John Cranefather of Rosetta Crane
Sarah Cranemother of Rosetta Crane

34Cubitt Cubittfirst name on this monument1846no image4992201074
Horace William Cubittrelationship not known of Cubitt

35CurtisBenjamin Curtisfirst name on this monument1827871914id: 1794991781066
Mary Curtiswife of Benjamin Curtis1832841916

36CurtisHenry Curtisfirst name on this monument1831291860id: 1904991891073Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Curtis
Thomas Curtisfather of Henry Curtis
Elizabeth Curtismother of Henry Curtis

37CurtisMary Ann Curtisfirst name on this monument1834721906id: 1894991881069

38CurtisThomas Curtisfirst name on this monument1823801903id: 1884991871066

39CurtisThomas Curtisfirst name on this monument1799711870id: 1874991861065
Elizabeth Curtiswife of Thomas Curtis1797781875

40DanielsChristopher Hyam Danielsfirst name on this monument1866id: 1544991421080
Sarah Danielswife of Christopher Hyam Daniels1798841882

41DanielsHarriett Danielsfirst name on this monument1845id: 1434991311076age 10 months - Daughter of Hyam and Sarah Daniels
Hyam Danielsfather of Harriett Daniels
Sarah Danielsmother of Harriett Daniels
Abigail Danielssister of Harriett Daniels1825201845
Elizabeth Danielssister of Harriett Daniels1830131843

42DanielsJames Danielsfirst name on this monument1848761924id: 1824991811066

43DanielsMary Danielsfirst name on this monument1846701916id: 1834991821065Wife of James Daniels
James Danielshusband of Mary Daniels

44DanielsRosa Danielsfirst name on this monument1873211894id: 1844991831069Eldest daughter of James and Mary Daniels
James Danielsfather of Rosa Daniels
Mary Danielsmother of Rosa Daniels

45DanielsWilliam Danielsfirst name on this monument1739601799id: 1444991321078
James Danielsson of William Daniels
Abigail Danielswife of William Daniels1723881811

46DayAlfred John Dayfirst name on this monumentid: 1714991611087Norfolk Regt

47DunningHannah Dunningfirst name on this monument1816651881id: 1014990891073
John Dunninghusband of Hannah Dunning1813701883

48DunningJohn Dunningfirst name on this monument1856231879id: 1024990901069Son of John and Hannah Dunning
John Dunningfather of John Dunning
Hannah Dunningmother of John Dunning
Jasper Dunningrelationship not known of John Dunning1851301881 Who was lost at sea during the Great storm

49EnglishEdwin Englishfirst name on this monumentid: 1664991541069

50FelsteadJohn Robert Felsteadfirst name on this monumentid: 17149917010861Norfolk Regt

51FidlerSarah Ann Fidlerfirst name on this monument1825681893id: 1534991411078Daughter of Christopher Hyam and Sarah Daniels
Christopher Hyam Danielsfather of Sarah Ann Fidler
Sarah Danielsmother of Sarah Ann Fidler
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52FilbyEdward Filbyfirst name on this monument1841701911id: 1634991511084
Ann Filbywife of Edward Filby1844771921

53FisherEmma Fisherfirst name on this monument1837231860id: 1564991441065Wife of Thomas Fisher
Thomas Fisherhusband of Emma Fisher

54FisherJames Fisherfirst name on this monument1805561861id: 1574991451066
Susan Fisherwife of James Fisher1803791882

55FisherJohn Fisherfirst name on this monument1847231870id: 1584991461074Youngest son of the late James Fisher
James Fisherfather of John Fisher

56FittEllen Fittfirst name on this monumentid: 1234991111069

57FittMary Ann Fittfirst name on this monument1769771846id: 1244991121071

58FoxElizabeth Foxfirst name on this monument1821591880id: 1494991371066Wife of Robert Fox
Robert Foxhusband of Elizabeth Fox

59FoxFrancis Foxfirst name on this monument1791651856id: 1504991381066
Elizabeth Foxwife of Francis Fox1791681859

60FoxJohn Foxfirst name on this monument1846631909id: 1464991341066
Harriet Foxwife of John Fox1843831926

61FoxJohn William Foxfirst name on this monument1882id: 1454991331067Infant son of John and Harriett Fox
John Foxfather of John William Fox
Harriet Foxmother of John William Fox

62FoxRobert Foxfirst name on this monument1821601881id: 1484991361066

63FoxRobert Henry Foxfirst name on this monument1859251884id: 1474991351067Youngest son of Robert and Elizabeth Fox
Robert Foxfather of Robert Henry Fox
Elizabeth Foxmother of Robert Henry Fox

64GirlingWilliam Girlingfirst name on this monument1862id: 2084992071066

65GirlingWilliam Hudson Girlingfirst name on this monumentid: 1854991841065

66GreenSusannah Greenfirst name on this monument1756781834id: 1864991851065Wife of Daniel green of Caister
Daniel Greenhusband of Susannah Green

67HallJohn Hallfirst name on this monument1822id: 1264991141067Son of John and Sarah Hall
John Hallfather of John Hall
Sarah Hallmother of John Hall

68HallMartin Hallfirst name on this monumentid: 1274991151065
Rebecca Hallwife of Martin Hall

69HarveyWilliam Harveyfirst name on this monument1860651925id: 1034990911098Beloved husband of Adaline Harvey
Adaline Harveyhusband of William Harvey

70HerringFrank Robert Herringfirst name on this monument1896261922id: 2014992001067
Charlotte Esther Herringwife of Frank Robert Herring1897831980

71HiltonAnnie Maria Hiltonfirst name on this monument1864461910id: 1984991971067Beloved wife of George Hilton
George Hiltonhusband of Annie Maria Hilton

72HiltonErnest John Hiltonfirst name on this monumentid: 1714991671076Derbyshire Yeomanry

73HowardJames Howardfirst name on this monumentid: 1714991631070Norfolk Regt

74HudsonAnn Hudsonfirst name on this monument1816id: 2124992111102Wife of John Hudson
John Hudsonhusband of Ann Hudson

75HudsonElizabeth Hudsonfirst name on this monument1837id: 2094992081065Wife of Henry Hudson
Henry Hudsonhusband of Elizabeth Hudson

76HudsonJohn Hudsonfirst name on this monumentid: 2144992131065
Mary Hudsonwife of John Hudson

77HudsonJohn Hudsonfirst name on this monument1832id: 2154992141065Husband of Sarah
Sarah Hudsonwife of John Hudson

78HudsonJohn Hudsonfirst name on this monumentid: 2134992121065

79HudsonJohn Norris Hudsonfirst name on this monument1826691895id: 1924991911067
Rosa Hudsonwife of John Norris Hudson1828811909
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80HudsonJudith Hudsonfirst name on this monument1843id: 1944991931066Daughter of William and Judith Hudson
William Hudsonfather of Judith Hudson
Judith Hudsonmother of Judith Hudson

81HudsonSarah Hudsonfirst name on this monument1796801876id: 1934991921065

82HudsonWilliam Hudsonfirst name on this monument1758741832id: 1964991951065
Judith Hudsonwife of William Hudson1754751829

83HudsonWilliam Hudsonfirst name on this monument1786371823id: 1974991961067

84HunterAlfred Hunterfirst name on this monument1849491898id: 1614991491086Husband of Lydia Mann Hunter
Lydia Hunterwife of Alfred Hunter

85HunterErnest Hunterfirst name on this monumentid: 1714991591067Royal Garrison Artillery

86HunterLydia Hunterfirst name on this monumentid: 2204992191068

87HunterWilliam Hunterfirst name on this monument1847681915id: 1624991501066
Ernest Hunterson of William Hunter1886291915 Third son of William Hunter killed in action in France

88IvesAnn Ivesfirst name on this monument1839281867id: 1554991431075

89IvesWalter G Ivesfirst name on this monument1942id: 1094990971073
Harriet Iveswife of Walter G Ives1951

90JohnsonCharlotte Alice Johnsonfirst name on this monument1876441920id: 1104990981066
Arthur William Johnsonhusband of Charlotte Alice Johnson1874541928

91KaacksteenMary Elizabeth Kaacksteenfirst name on this monument1850451895id: 1704991581073
James Jimbsonfather of Mary Elizabeth Kaacksteen
Phoebe Jimbsonmother of Mary Elizabeth Kaacksteen

92LeanLouise Leanfirst name on this monument1835811916id: 1594991471069

93LittlewoodMary Littlewoodfirst name on this monument1787451832id: 1124991001066

94LockwoodEdward William Lockwoodfirst name on this monument1814691883id: 204
(2 images)
Rachel Elizabeth Lockwooddaughter of Edward William Lockwood1853721925
Frances Mary Lockwoodwife of Edward William Lockwood1829861915

95LockwoodEliza Lockwoodfirst name on this monument1801801881id: 1414991291068

96LockwoodEliza Lockwoodfirst name on this monument1832241856id: 1404991281082Daughter of Edward and Eliza Lockwood
Edward Lockwoodfather of Eliza Lockwood
Eliza Lockwoodmother of Eliza Lockwood

97LoynesMary Ann Loynesfirst name on this monument1857721929id: 1694991571070
John Loyneshusband of Mary Ann Loynes1843961939

98MilesHarriet Milesfirst name on this monumentid: 2164992151065Wife of James Miles
James Mileshusband of Harriet Miles

99MilesJames Milesfirst name on this monument1790851875id: 1954991941065
Maria Mileswife of James Miles1799

100MitchellEmma Sophia Mitchellfirst name on this monument1859391898id: 1344991221067Beloved wife of Walter James Mitchell
Walter James Mitchellhusband of Emma Sophia Mitchell

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