St Nicholas' Church burial ground, Wickham, Hampshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101ClarkFrederick William Clarkfirst name on this monument1867591926id: 1434870651065
Annie Clarkwife of Frederick William Clark1867761943

102ClarkJacqueline Clarkfirst name on this monument1951502001id: 3254873861065

103ClarkeJohn Edward Clarkefirst name on this monument1936361972id: 464869741067

104ClarkeNancy Clarkefirst name on this monument1910902000id: 1764871071067Garden of Remembrance Stone

105ClarkeSheila M Clarkefirst name on this monument1928732001id: 1764871231076Garden of Remembrance Stone

106CleeveNellie Cleevefirst name on this monument1916842000id: 1764871101080Garden of Remembrance Stone

107CleeveRichard Cleevefirst name on this monument1918872005id: 1794872011067Garden of Remembrance Stone

108ClewerElizabeth Martha Clewerfirst name on this monument1896811977id: 3324873931067
James Richard Clewerrelationship not known of Elizabeth Martha Clewer1894831977

109CokerCharles Robert Cokerfirst name on this monument1881571938id: 1904872521070
Evelyn Margaret Cokerwife of Charles Robert Coker1886931979

110CokerGeorge William Cokerfirst name on this monument1878251903id: 1304870521072

111CokerGeorge William Cokerfirst name on this monument1914851999id: 3094873701071

112CokerJohn Cokerfirst name on this monument1864541918id: 1314870531080
Ellen Cokerwife of John Coker1868801948

113CokerLeonard Charles Cokerfirst name on this monument1917832000id: 3294873901071

114CokerLeslie Roy Cokerfirst name on this monument1919932012id: 1744870951075
Donald John Cokerrelationship not known of Leslie Roy Coker1922902012

115ColeJane Colefirst name on this monument1853721925id: 3974874541066
William Colerelationship not known of Jane Cole1850751925

116ColesMartin Colesfirst name on this monument1957542011id: 1714870921073

117CookDoreen Iris Cookfirst name on this monument1928711999id: 3124873731068

118CookSydney G W Cookfirst name on this monument1914621976id: 1174870391065
Hilda A Cookwife of Sydney G W Cook1916862002

119CooperEdward Cooperfirst name on this monument1865721937id: 3344873951065
Phoebe Cooperwife of Edward Cooper1862681930

120CooperMargaret Ann Cooperfirst name on this monument1946552001id: 3184873791065

121CooperPearl May Cooperfirst name on this monument1925862011id: 3174873781073

122CowdreyLydia Cowdreyfirst name on this monument1905641969id: 644869901071
Frank Cowdreyhusband of Lydia Cowdrey1902701972

123CowinBeryl Cowinfirst name on this monument1925842009id: 1794872171068Garden of Remembrance Stone

124CreedonNorman Creedonfirst name on this monument1931692000id: 1764871121072Garden of Remembrance Stone

125CresseyGiles Cresseyfirst name on this monumentid: 1234870451074

126CrickGladys M Crickfirst name on this monument1903851988id: 1774871541084Garden of Remembrance Stone

127CrickJames Crickfirst name on this monument1931822013id: 1794872381068Garden of Remembrance Stone

128CrickJette Moller Crickfirst name on this monument1938732011id: 1794872221082Garden of Remembrance Stone

129CrookLeslie George Crookfirst name on this monument1929712000id: 1764871131066Garden of Remembrance Stone

130CrowlTrudy Emily Crowlfirst name on this monument1915902005id: 2664873271084

131CrumpFrank Trinder Crumpfirst name on this monument1880661946id: 1894872511078
Florence Helen Milfordsister of Frank Trinder Crump1889881977

132Curn???Eliza Curn???first name on this monumentid: 994870211067d 18?? - unclear

133CurtisFrederick William Curtisfirst name on this monument1888641952id: 2064872681065
Ethel Mary Curtiswife of Frederick William Curtis1885901975

134Dalrympole-SmithHugh Dalrympole-Smithfirst name on this monument1901861987id: 264869541068
Eleanor Mary Dalrympole-Smithwife of Hugh Dalrympole-Smith1910912001

135DavisFrank Davisfirst name on this monument1924471971id: 514869791066

136DavisJ H Davisfirst name on this monument1916281944id: 1554870761072Military headstone
Robert Davisbrother of J H Davis1920191939

137DavisRosa Davisfirst name on this monument18881001988id: 17648713210721Garden of Remembrance Stone
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138DayshAmelia Dayshfirst name on this monument1819751894id: 1214870431068
Mary Ann Whitlocksister of Amelia Daysh1895

139DenhamOlwen Denhamfirst name on this monument1924882012id: 1794872281065Garden of Remembrance Stone

140DerrickCissie Emily Derrickfirst name on this monument1901992000id: 1764871081073Garden of Remembrance Stone

141DixonDenzil Patrick Dixonfirst name on this monument1922721994id: 2814873431067

142DommettDaniel J Dommettfirst name on this monument1861891950id: 2074872691085
Kate Dommettwife of Daniel J Dommett1866881954

143DommettReginald V J Dommettfirst name on this monument1898561954id: 2194872811065
Hilda Grace Dommettwife of Reginald V J Dommett1900731973

144DoreFrank Dorefirst name on this monument1898701968id: 2154872771065Year unclear
Maud Dorewife of Frank Dore1893791972

145DraperAnnie Draperfirst name on this monument1866681934id: 1514870721078
Daisy Edith Draperdaughter of Annie Draper1887901977
Charles Draperhusband of Annie Draper1862871949

146DraperJohn Montague Draperfirst name on this monument1930611991id: 2424873041068

147du BoulayPhilip Mark Houssemayne du Boulayfirst name on this monument1951572008id: 2584873191066

148DuffinRichard Duffinfirst name on this monument1840671907id: 1404870621069
Louisa Duffinrelationship not known of Richard Duffin1846611907

149DuffinRosetta Duffinfirst name on this monument1888801968id: 2274872891067
Edward John Duffinhusband of Rosetta Duffin1880921972

150EarwakerMaurice Earwakerfirst name on this monument1917821999id: 1774871821070Garden of Remembrance Stone

151EdmundsFlorence G Edmundsfirst name on this monument1922771999id: 1774871811070Garden of Remembrance Stone

152EdwardLavinia Edwardfirst name on this monument1915862001id: 1764871221070Garden of Remembrance Stone

153EdwardsPaddy J Edwardsfirst name on this monument1924792003id: 1764871271066Garden of Remembrance Stone

154EffordJulia Margaret Elizabeth Effordfirst name on this monument1908911999id: 3114873721066

155ElksJonathan Adrian Elksfirst name on this monument1963171980id: 3684874251071

156EllerkerJoseph Ellerkerfirst name on this monument1920922012id: 1724870931078

157EllrichPeter Ellrichfirst name on this monument1929742003id: 2734873341074

158EmerySidney Emeryfirst name on this monument1908771985id: 3894874461067
Gladys May Emeryrelationship not known of Sidney Emery1907781985

159EppsLeonard Frank Eppsfirst name on this monument1933661999id: 1804872431067

160EstelleSelina Rose Estellefirst name on this monument1903651968id: 2174872791073

161EvansJames Evansfirst name on this monument1790id: 64869341066unclear

162EverettMargaret Lilian Everettfirst name on this monument1933692002id: 27548733610661

163FarquharHarry Rich Farquharfirst name on this monument1842871929id: 3984874551070
Mary Drummond Farquharwife of Harry Rich Farquhar1854811935
Unknown Farquharrelationship not known of Harry Rich Farquhar1874511925 child of Mary and Harry

164FarrArthur Henry Farrfirst name on this monument1915902005id: 1794872021070Garden of Remembrance Stone

165FarrBetty Farrfirst name on this monument1909861995id: 1774871561072Garden of Remembrance Stone

166FerrettEmily Constance Ferrettfirst name on this monument1865271892id: 1154870371067
William E Ferretthusband of Emily Constance Ferrett
William Henry Ferrettson of Emily Constance Ferrett189201892 age 8 months

167FlackIris D Flackfirst name on this monument1932651997id: 1774871731070Garden of Remembrance Stone

168FlintDaisy Edith Flintfirst name on this monument1899981997id: 1774871671085Garden of Remembrance Stone

169FooteTimothy Footefirst name on this monument1948632011id: 1794872231077Garden of Remembrance Stone

170FordDoreen Isobel Fordfirst name on this monument1928762004id: 2544873151072

171FordJames Fordfirst name on this monument1785701855id: 1004870221067numerals unclear
Elizabeth Fordwife of James Ford1780801860 year unclear

172FordRichard Fordfirst name on this monument1857681925id: 3964874531075
Unknown Unknownrelationship not known of Richard Ford details obscured-probably wife

173FrankpittAlbert Edward Frankpittfirst name on this monument1885831968id: 684869951075
James Frankpittson of Albert Edward Frankpitt1920221942 Killed in action
Ivy Doris Frankpittwife of Albert Edward Frankpitt1895951990
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174FrankpittPeter Frankpittfirst name on this monument1921872008id: 1784871921067Garden of Remembrance Stone

175FroudU Froudfirst name on this monument1901801981id: 17748717710821Garden of Remembrance Stone

176FroudWinifred Froudfirst name on this monument1900911991id: 1944872561067

177GaleRex Alfred Galefirst name on this monument1901861987id: 4084874611080

178GaleRonald E Galefirst name on this monument1911942005id: 2674873281071

179GaleWilliam Arthur Galefirst name on this monument1907811988id: 4144874671073

180GanterHarriett Ganterfirst name on this monument1817id: 88
(4 images)
Francis Northbrother of Harriett Ganter Earl of Guildford
William Ganterhusband of Harriett Ganter
Margaret Ganterrelationship not known of Harriett Ganter1742651807 wife of George
John Millerrelationship not known of Harriett Ganter father of Margaret

181GanterMary Louisa Ganterfirst name on this monument1836671903id: 924870161082
Edmund Grindallfather of Mary Louisa Ganter several other names on stone but not clear
John Carpenter Ganterhusband of Mary Louisa Ganter

182GardinerDaphne Ann Gardinerfirst name on this monument1939612000id: 3264873871075
Roger Terence Gardinerrelationship not known of Daphne Ann Gardiner1936722008

183GardnerPeter Gardnerfirst name on this monument1927701997id: 3014873621067

184GatesJames Gatesfirst name on this monument1785221807id: 1034870251076
Robert Gatesfather of James Gates
Ann Gatesmother of James Gates
Isabella Gatessister of James Gates1808

185GatesMary Gatesfirst name on this monumentid: 1044870261081
James Gateshusband of Mary Gates1748601808 age unclear

186GeorgeEric Lloyd Georgefirst name on this monument1915852000id: 1764871021068Garden of Remembrance Stone

187GewellEvelyn Mary Gewellfirst name on this monument1967id: 774870041066

188GilderdaleThomas Barlow Gilderdalefirst name on this monument1932id: 1424870641076
Ethel Mary Gilderdalerelationship not known of Thomas Barlow Gilderdale1962

189GloverEdna May Gloverfirst name on this monument1926742000id: 1764871031065Garden of Remembrance Stone

190GloverVictor Gloverfirst name on this monument1920741994id: 1774871551068Garden of Remembrance Stone

191GoddonPamela Edna Goddonfirst name on this monument1929782007id: 1794872091067Garden of Remembrance Stone

192GoddonWilliam James Goddonfirst name on this monument1917902007id: 1794872101068Garden of Remembrance Stone

193GoldingPeter Derek Goldingfirst name on this monument1928641992id: 224869501072

194GormanDaniel Gormanfirst name on this monument1905871992id: 2474873081072
Catherine Gormanwife of Daniel Gorman1909942003

195GormanMadeline Ann Gormanfirst name on this monument1944652009id: 2824873441073

196GudgeonBryan Gudgeonfirst name on this monument1937742011id: 1794872251068Garden of Remembrance Stone

197GullifordDouglas J Gullifordfirst name on this monument1918902008id: 2594873201075

198Ha?Ann Ha?first name on this monumentid: 54869331068d 17??
Thomas Ha?husband of Ann Ha?

199HallAlison Hallfirst name on this monument1929842013id: 1794872321068Garden of Remembrance Stone

200HallBrian Hallfirst name on this monument1929792008id: 1794872141067Garden of Remembrance Stone

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Nicholas' Church burial ground, Wickham, Hampshire, England.

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