Arnos Vale Private Cemetery, Arnos Vale, Bristol, England

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1AddisonJames Addisonfirst name on this monument1909id: 823
(2 images)

2ArmstrongWilliam Henry Armstrongfirst name on this monument1791801871id: 651384545

3BaconFrancis Noot Baconfirst name on this monument1863551918id: 8183860872
Annie Elizabeth Baconwife of Francis Noot Bacon1884471931

4BaconJack Wallace Baconfirst name on this monument1914541968id: 819386097
Janet Bacondaughter of Jack Wallace Bacon
Nel Bacondaughter of Jack Wallace Bacon
Michael Baconson of Jack Wallace Bacon
Jess Baconwife of Jack Wallace Bacon

5BakerEllen Thomas Bakerfirst name on this monument1847611908id: 615384206
William Bakerfather of Ellen Thomas Baker

6BakerJohn Fell Bakerfirst name on this monument1857731930id: 639384435
Leopold Baker1957

7BakerThomas W Bakerfirst name on this monument1860591919no image3850871091
Lousia Gladys Cookdaughter of Thomas W Baker1893671960
Eliza Bakerwife of Thomas W Baker1857801937

8BaleThomas Richard Balefirst name on this monument1905441949id: 607384124
Hilda Frances Balewife of Thomas Richard Bale1903731976

9BanahanAlfred Charles Banahanfirst name on this monument1904581962id: 27038508410701

10BarnMary Barnfirst name on this monument1785791864id: 879386282
Ann Barndaughter of Mary Barn1814741888
Edwin Barnson of Mary Barn1816521868

11BartlettMaria Louisa Bartlettfirst name on this monument1818861904id: 852386232

12BascombeFrancis H E Bascombefirst name on this monument1880611941id: 806385971
Annie Elizabeth Bascombewife of Francis H E Bascombe1878801958

13BatchelorAda Dupre Batchelorfirst name on this monument1856361892id: 792385847
Arden Batchelorhusband of Ada Dupre Batchelor
Mary Batchelor1858581916
William Arden Batchelor1852551907
Lily Jones1821811902

14BaxtonEllen Baxtonfirst name on this monument1850321882id: 703385014
William Baxtonfather of Ellen Baxton
Sarah Baxtonmother of Ellen Baxton

15BindonJames Hill Bindonfirst name on this monument1835671902id: 739385352
Hestor Bindonwife of James Hill Bindon

16BlairJohn Blairfirst name on this monument1805901895id: 91538654126I have his death date as 1898. He was born in Liverpool and died in 1898, his son Henry George Blair was present at the death. Henry George Blair is also listed on the monument.
Henry George Blairson of John Blair1855671922
John Blairson of John Blair1838361874
Joseph William Blairson of John Blair1843221865
Eliza Blairwife of John Blair1813951908

17BoardHarriet Boardfirst name on this monument1820521872id: 655384586
Emily Boarddaughter-in-law of Harriet Board
Thomas Boardhusband of Harriet Board
James Vyvyan Board187911880
Thomas Board188021882
Arthur Vyvyan Harding1855231878
Thomas Harding
Octavius Hardingson-in-law of Harriet Board1837461883

18BondEmmanuel Bondfirst name on this monument1847651912id: 8223861262
Reginald Ernest Bond
Theodora Isabel Bond1880761956
Kathleen Constance Young1912411953
Edith Porter Bondwife of Emmanuel Bond1847691916
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19BonhonousElizabeth Bonhonousfirst name on this monument1814501864id: 882386312

20BonkhamEmily Sarah Bonkhamfirst name on this monument1937id: 897386462
Helen Mary Bonkham1938

21BonnerH C Bonnerfirst name on this monument1886321918id: 2803850941070Gloucestershire Reg.

22BooneElizabeth Boonefirst name on this monument1823821905id: 781385744
Elizabeth Boone1856771933
John Temple Boone1920

23BradfordDorothy Mary Bradfordfirst name on this monument1894581952id: 9203865961
Joseph Carterfather of Dorothy Mary Bradford
Jane Cartermother of Dorothy Mary Bradford

24BrakeViolet Grace Brakefirst name on this monument1890801970id: 618384234
Albert William Brakehusband of Violet Grace Brake1891901981
Violet Rosemary Brake1924832007

25BriceAlbert Edward Bricefirst name on this monument1903761979id: 8103860115
Edith Bricewife of Albert Edward Brice19021002002

26BroadJames Broadfirst name on this monument1802691871id: 642384452

27BroadMary Broadfirst name on this monument1811681879id: 64138444101
James Broadhusband of Mary Broad

28BrookesCharles Brookesfirst name on this monument1812781890id: 6833848517

29BrookesJane Brookesfirst name on this monument1810911901id: 6843848612
Charles Brookeshusband of Jane Brookes

30BrownJoseph Brownfirst name on this monument1928671995id: 3173851221066

31BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument1802941896id: 6143841921

32BullHenry James Bullfirst name on this monument1907621969id: 624384294
Margaret Bullwife of Henry James Bull1908751983

33BunkhornAnnie Martha Bunkhornfirst name on this monument1851641915id: 627384322
William Bunkhornfather of Annie Martha Bunkhorn
Sarah Ann Bunkhornmother of Annie Martha Bunkhorn

34BurdgeSamuel Burdgefirst name on this monument1822731895id: 7563855111

35BurrEmma Burrfirst name on this monument1867491916id: 794385869
Dorothy Isabel Vaughan Burrdaughter of Emma Burr1899571956
Muriel Winifred Burrdaughter of Emma Burr1968
Albert Edward Burrhusband of Emma Burr1869611930

36BurrowsHarriet Burrowsfirst name on this monument1802621864id: 8843863392
James Burrowshusband of Harriet Burrows
Sarah Ann Westlake1841541895

37BushAlice Eliza Ann Bushfirst name on this monument1849801929id: 631384365
Alice Beddoe Bushdaughter of Alice Eliza Ann Bush1872711943
John Bushhusband of Alice Eliza Ann Bush

38BushJohn Bushfirst name on this monument1840681908id: 630384353

39ButtMark Buttfirst name on this monument1822601882id: 779385722

40CaleTom Calefirst name on this monument1842481890id: 747385431
Charles Calefather of Tom Cale1811811892

41CampbellThomas James Campbellfirst name on this monument1851571908id: 923386628
Dorothy Campbelldaughter-in-law of Thomas James Campbell
Wallace Campbellson of Thomas James Campbell1893391932
Georgina Campbellwife of Thomas James Campbell1861661927

42CarmockEmily Carmockfirst name on this monument1764541818id: 3043851091083
Frank Carmockhusband of Emily Carmock

43CarpenterMary Ann Carpenterfirst name on this monument1846891935id: 32738513210721
William E Carpenterhusband of Mary Ann Carpenter1839621901
Fredrick Carpenter1879321911
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44CarpenterMaud Carpenterfirst name on this monument1894741968id: 32638513110901
Ernest Carpenterhusband of Maud Carpenter1887841971
Christopher Adams2003

45CarterJoseph Carterfirst name on this monument1858551913id: 921386607
Joseph Carter Arscottgrand son of Joseph Carter1918571975
Jane Mayor Carterwife of Joseph Carter1868741942

46CastleJack Castlefirst name on this monument1910231933id: 2683850821078
Peter Castlebrother of Jack Castle191721919
Charles L Castlefather of Jack Castle1955
Elizabeth E Castlemother of Jack Castle1974

47CavillCharles Cove Cavillfirst name on this monument1858621920id: 817386078
Harry Denby1868641932

48ChallengerEliza Challengerfirst name on this monument1820591879id: 616
(2 images)
Henry Challengerhusband of Eliza Challenger1891

49ChestersFredrick Charles Chestersfirst name on this monument1898211919id: 27738509110754th Glosters Regiment
Annie Elizabeth Chestersson of Fredrick Charles Chesters1884341918
Florence May Chestersson of Fredrick Charles Chesters1904151919

50CillfordThomas Cillfordfirst name on this monument1902id: 916386551
Hannah Cillfordwife of Thomas Cillford

51ClarkLouisa Clarkfirst name on this monument1805551860id: 6223842722
Henry Clarkbrother of Louisa Clark
Thomas Clarkfather of Louisa Clark
Hannah Matilda Clarksister of Louisa Clark1813661879

52CokeElizabeth Anne Cokefirst name on this monument1802801882id: 690384927
Dewes Cokefather of Elizabeth Anne Coke
Harriett Cokemother of Elizabeth Anne Coke
Harriett Frances Cokesister of Elizabeth Anne Coke1800831883

53ColledgeCaroline Colledgefirst name on this monument1865571922id: 3153851201077Nover's Hill Hospital was for infectious disease.

54CollinsHenry Collinsfirst name on this monument1805821887id: 7173851471
Henry Ellis Collinsson of Henry Collins1847771924
Mary Frances Collinswife of Henry Collins1811661877
Mary Wright Collinssecond wife of Henry Collins1828901918

55ConibereEmma J Coniberefirst name on this monument1874671941id: 27538508910852
Walter J Coniberehusband of Emma J Conibere1870711941
Arthur W Conibereson of Emma J Conibere191741921
Victor Conibereson of Emma J Conibere1897191916 Grave at Wool in Dorset
Walter H Conibereson of Emma J Conibere1895231918

56CookFlorence Emma Cookfirst name on this monument1878461924id: 27938509310661
Henry J M Cookhusband of Florence Emma Cook

57CooksleyGeorge Matthew Cooksleyfirst name on this monument1910691979id: 677384795

58CoreMadeline Louise Corefirst name on this monument1872281900id: 7873858016
Thomas Hoskins Corehusband of Madeline Louise Core

59CornishJohn William Cornishfirst name on this monument1803351838id: 6473845041
Amelia Cornishwife of John William Cornish1807741881

60CornishWilliam Cornishfirst name on this monument1835261861id: 648384511

61CottinghamAlice Cottinghamfirst name on this monument1817741891id: 749385453
George Cottinghamhusband of Alice Cottingham

62CottleCaroline E Cottlefirst name on this monument1913561969id: 3183851231083
Sam Cottle1911611972

63CousinsJohn Cousinsfirst name on this monumentid: 8813863011
Mary Cousinswife of John Cousins1792721864
Mary Ann Cousinswife of John Cousins1813741887
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64CousinsJohn Cousinsfirst name on this monument1795761871id: 8803862912
Elizabeth Cruse Cousinsdaughter of John Cousins1824871911

65CoxAgnes Winifred Coxfirst name on this monument189421896id: 80038591311Agnes was 22 when she died. Her father was Rev Stephen Cox, a Wesleyan minister and her mother was Julia Susanna Prest. Julia was one of the daughters of Charles Prest, a famous Wesleyan minister born in 1804 in Bath. He is buried in Nunhead cemetery in Southwak with other family members, including Agnes' sister, Josephine.
Stephen Coxfather of Agnes Winifred Cox
Julia S Coxmother of Agnes Winifred Cox

66CoxIsabella Coxfirst name on this monument1925id: 721385176
Charles Linesay Coxhusband of Isabella Cox

67CoxJohn Coxfirst name on this monument71id: 8543862421
Elizabeth Coxwife of John Cox1791781869

68CoxLaura Lydia Coxfirst name on this monument1950id: 609384144
Gladis Amelia Fazeldaughter of Laura Lydia Cox1892821974
James Coxhusband of Laura Lydia Cox1954

69CrockfordElizabeth Crockfordfirst name on this monument1820781898id: 9123865164
Fanny Crockford1816891905
Henry Crockford1818831901

70CulverwellJohn Culverwellfirst name on this monument1848791927id: 7613855563
Kate Culverwelldaughter of John Culverwell
Ann Blackmore1864691933
John Blackmore1857851942
Melinda Culverwellwife of John Culverwell1848971945

71CunninghamFrances Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1881id: 87738626113
Thomas Cunninghamfather of Frances Cunningham
Lydia Cunninghammother of Frances Cunningham
Anne Cunninghamsister of Frances Cunningham1803861889
Emma Alison Cunninghamsister of Frances Cunningham1820701890

72DaddsEvelyn E Daddsfirst name on this monument1905711976id: 680384829
Charles Henry Daddshusband of Evelyn E Dadds1900851985

73DaviesEliza Oke Daviesfirst name on this monument1774971871id: 887386362
William Weaver Davieshusband of Eliza Oke Davies

74DaviesElizabeth Daviesfirst name on this monument1783771860id: 9063864741
John Davieshusband of Elizabeth Davies
Frederick George Charles Weir1826721898
Frederick William Weir1860261886
Susan Jiren Weir1829611890

75DaviesElizabeth Daviesfirst name on this monument1801771878id: 7503854621
John Davieshusband of Elizabeth Davies
Frederick George Charles Weir1826721898
Frederick William Weir1860261886
Susan Jiren Weir1829611890

76DaviesEmily Jane Daviesfirst name on this monument1894id: 765385594
Cordelia Daviesdaughter of Emily Jane Davies
Felix Davieshusband of Emily Jane Davies1828561884
Cecil Davies1887631950

77DaviesWilliam Weaver Daviesfirst name on this monument75id: 888386371

78DayEliza Dayfirst name on this monument1826571883id: 693384948
George Dayhusband of Eliza Day

79DayFrederick Augustus Edwin Dayfirst name on this monument1835411876id: 628384338
Ann Day
Edwin Day1813781891

80DeaconAlbert Deaconfirst name on this monument1842471889id: 7073850471
Adelaide Selina Deacon1879
Frederick Arthur Deacon186541869
Elizabeth Emily Deaconwife of Albert Deacon1844481892
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81DenbyHarry Denbyfirst name on this monument1868641932id: 672384742
Charles Cove Gavill1858621920

82DerrickRosie Derrickfirst name on this monument1901201921id: 27138508510801The inscription does not seem to make sense.
Rose Derrickmother of Rosie Derrick1864681932
Alfred Derrick1864721936
Herbert Victor Francis1899301929 Husband of Rosie ?
Posina Derrickwife of Rosie Derrick

83DeveyHerbert Edward Deveyfirst name on this monument1899391938id: 3243851291077
Elsie Lousia Dibble1900731973 Devey ?
Ernest Richard Dibble1891641955 son in law ?

84DodgeDorothy Ann Dodgefirst name on this monument189211893id: 7933858523
Reginald George Dodgebrother of Dorothy Ann Dodge1897661963
Francis J R Dodgefather of Dorothy Ann Dodge1851801931
Rose Elizabeth Dodgemother of Dorothy Ann Dodge1864801944
Winifred Alice Dodgesister of Dorothy Ann Dodge1894571951

85DrewLeslie Drewfirst name on this monument1909611970id: 6203842531
Dorothy Margaret Drewwife of Leslie Drew1915571972

86DrewWilliam E Drewfirst name on this monument191441918id: 2993851041068part of inscription lost.

87DurbinElizabeth Harriet Durbinfirst name on this monument1859231882id: 705385026
George Durbinfather of Elizabeth Harriet Durbin

88DurbinMary Frances Durbinfirst name on this monument1854251879id: 706385031
George Durbinfather of Mary Frances Durbin

89EdwardsIsabella Edwardsfirst name on this monument1852661918id: 91938658181
Edith Nortondaughter of Isabella Edwards1891451936
John Edwardshusband of Isabella Edwards1850931943
Margaret Louise Bandinel1893891982 Margaret Louise Edwards was daughter of Isabella Edwards. She married Thomas James Bandinel in March 1967.
Thomas James Bandinel1893751968
Ernest W Nortonson-in-law of Isabella Edwards

90EstrowsJames Estrowsfirst name on this monument1842531895id: 885386341

91EvansBertha Augusta Evansfirst name on this monument1876261902id: 9173865691
Thomas Luther Evansfather of Bertha Augusta Evans76
Elizabeth Nonor Evansmother of Bertha Augusta Evans
Mary Sharpe82

92FairbrotherAlfred Robert Fairbrotherfirst name on this monument1840321872id: 59738403231
Edward Fairbrotherbrother of Alfred Robert Fairbrother1848211869
Elizabeth Fairbrothermother of Alfred Robert Fairbrother1812561868
Elizabeth Fairbrotherwife of Alfred Robert Fairbrother1914

93FayleEleanora Elizabeth Faylefirst name on this monument1795871882id: 68838490131
Catherine Saviledaughter-in-law of Eleanora Elizabeth Fayle1846
Bourchier Wreyfather of Eleanora Elizabeth Fayle
Albany Savilehusband of Eleanora Elizabeth Fayle
Richard Faylesecond husband of Eleanora Elizabeth Fayle
Henrietta Louisa Savile
B O Savileson of Eleanora Elizabeth Fayle

94FletcherOswald Charley Fletcherfirst name on this monument188971896id: 785385782
Clara Jane Marklinmother of Oswald Charley Fletcher
H J Charley
Jane Charley1872331905

95FloydHenry Floydfirst name on this monument1860541914id: 8213861131
Beatrice May Lewis1892871979
Frank Lewis1891821973
Emily E Floydwife of Henry Floyd1863641927
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96FordFrancis William Fordfirst name on this monument1864211885id: 734385304
William Gardiner Fordfather of Francis William Ford1840691909
John Evansgrand father of Francis William Ford1818831901
Ellen Fordmother of Francis William Ford1839651904

97FowlerCharles Fowlerfirst name on this monument1837501887id: 743385394
Ellen Blanche Fowlerwife of Charles Fowler1835881923

98FrancisCaroline Francisfirst name on this monument1829581887id: 736385324
George Francishusband of Caroline Francis

99FranklinFredrick Ernest Franklinfirst name on this monument1910651975id: 3163851211071
Minnie Franklin18951031998

100FripeCharles Spencer Fripefirst name on this monument1891id: 871386252

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