St Mary's Church burial ground, Wistaston, Cheshire, England

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801PetersWalter Edward Petersfirst name on this monument1915661981id: 5751068
Phyllis Peterswife of Walter Edward Peters1911831994 w of Walter Edward

802PickJoan Pickfirst name on this monument1924601984id: 5841078w of John
John Pickhusband of Joan Pick1921882009

803PickupRaymond Allan Pickupfirst name on this monument1949632012id: 9971073

804Pinfield-WellsTrevor Pinfield-Wellsfirst name on this monument1939541993id: 8361072

805PlattHerbert Gordon Plattfirst name on this monumentid: 10701069

806PlattNeville Lional Hinde Plattfirst name on this monument1933471980id: 5501089

807PlattSarah Plattfirst name on this monument1867571924id: 16310773
Frederick John Platthusband of Sarah Platt18671001967 h of Sarah
Elizabeth Bowker1892961988 w of Henry Crawford
Henry Crawford Bowker1889781967

808PlevinDennis William Plevinfirst name on this monument1927561983id: 77210751
Jessie Catherine Plevin
Lawrence Plevin1935561991
William Henry Plevin1899741973

809PlevinDoreen Marjorie Plevinfirst name on this monument1924551979id: 54310671

810PlevinJill Yvonne Plevinfirst name on this monument1938431981id: 5541067w of Joseph Henry
Joseph Henry Plevinwife of Jill Yvonne Plevin1930671997

811PointonChristine Margaret Pointonfirst name on this monument1946652011id: 10201087

812PooleGerald Poolefirst name on this monument1932491981id: 5591092
Cyril Burton1911942005 h of Lucy
Lucy Marjorie Burton1912892001

813PottsEdith Agnes Pottsfirst name on this monument1884611945id: 3941124
Amy Thomas Pottsdaughter of Edith Agnes Potts1919852004 d of John and Edith Agnes
John Pottshusband of Edith Agnes Potts1883691952

814PottsSamuel Pottsfirst name on this monument1835691904id: 881068
Sarah Potts1842841926

815PowellC Powellfirst name on this monumentid: 199
(2 images)

816PowellElizabeth Powellfirst name on this monument1820601880id: 501067w of Thomas
Thomas Powellhusband of Elizabeth Powell1821831904

817PowellPercy Edgar Powellfirst name on this monument1915631978id: 5261066
May Powell1912791991

818PowellWilliam Powellfirst name on this monument1788861874id: 731066

819PrestonClara Prestonfirst name on this monument1905781983id: 7761086
Sybil Prestonsister of Clara Preston1984 sister of Clara

820PrestonDerek Prestonfirst name on this monument1943692012id: 9891067

821PrestonDoris Prestonfirst name on this monument1904741978id: 5281081
John Horace Preston1902841986

822PrestonEric Prestonfirst name on this monument1925501975id: 4991068
Molly Prestonwife of Eric Preston1921902011 w of Eric

823PrestonHugh Prestonfirst name on this monument1871551926id: 1461084
Beattie Grocottdaughter of Hugh Preston
John William Grocottson-in-law of Hugh Preston1899791978 sil of Hugh and Harriet and h of Beattie
Harriet Prestonwife of Hugh Preston1867671934 w of Hugh

824PrestonJohn Prestonfirst name on this monument1872791951id: 3191068h of Elizabeth
Samuel Edward Cook1890751965
Elizabeth Prestonwife of John Preston1891811972

825PrestonMichael John Prestonfirst name on this monument1944652009id: 9721065

826PrestonMiriam Elizabeth Prestonfirst name on this monument1903211924id: 1531068w of Thomas Henry
Thomas Henry Prestonhusband of Miriam Elizabeth Preston
Harold Prestonson of Miriam Elizabeth Preston46 s of Thomas and Miriam
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827PrestonRoy Reginald Prestonfirst name on this monument1923511974id: 4961067

828PrestonWilliam Prestonfirst name on this monument1922id: 1521072s of Thomas and Ada
Thomas Prestonfather of William Preston1870791949
Ada Prestonmother of William Preston

829PriceElsie D Pricefirst name on this monument1928762004id: 9251075
Harry Price1928802008

830PriceLewis Edward Pricefirst name on this monument1931792010id: 10421066

831PrideauxGeorge Edward Prideauxfirst name on this monument1856281884id: 291067

832PritchardThomas George Pritchardfirst name on this monument1895691964id: 3051067

833ProbinDennis Probinfirst name on this monument1922631985id: 74410661
Violet Probin1919852004

834ProctorEric Stuart Proctorfirst name on this monument1925581983id: 5851072

835ProudC A Proudfirst name on this monumentid: 199
(2 images)

836ProudloveHerbert Proudlovefirst name on this monument1899861985id: 437
(2 images)
June Elizabeth Proudlovedaughter of Herbert Proudlove1933 d of Herbert

837PurvesRonald Purvesfirst name on this monument1820871907id: 10501068

838PymHerbert Pymfirst name on this monument1858661924id: 1621067

839QuinbyJennie Margaret Quinbyfirst name on this monument1868721940id: 37510791w of William George
William George Quinbyhusband of Jennie Margaret Quinby1954

840QuinnJames J Quinnfirst name on this monument1918751993id: 8901066
Peter Quinn1959211980

841RatcliffeSamuel Edwin Ratcliffefirst name on this monumentid: 2811071

842ReadeAlice Readefirst name on this monument1855621917id: 1091069w of George
George Readehusband of Alice Reade
Susannah Reade1857731930

843ReadeEric S Readefirst name on this monument2011id: 9981072

844ReadeGeorge William Readefirst name on this monument1911801991id: 8091068
Maisie Violet Readewife of George William Reade1914872001 w of George Wm

845ReadeWilliam Readefirst name on this monument1902711973id: 4781066

846ReadeWilliam Readefirst name on this monument1898721970id: 4261088h of Mary
Hilda Margaret Reade1929681997
Mary Readewife of William Reade1899881987

847ReeceBryan Reecefirst name on this monument1949562005id: 10881065

848ReeceHaold Robert Reecefirst name on this monumentid: 2491068
Pearl Reece

849ReeseSarah Elizabeth Victoria Reesefirst name on this monument1896941990id: 6691069

850ReeveVera Alfreda Reevefirst name on this monument1917842001id: 8991070

851ReevesJames Reevesfirst name on this monument1809711880id: 721072
Elizabeth Reeveswife of James Reeves1815791894 w of James

852ReillyMartin James Reillyfirst name on this monument1953492002id: 9061067

853RenderJane Renderfirst name on this monument1783931876id: 621072w of Robert
Robert Renderhusband of Jane Render

854RhodenMark Rhodenfirst name on this monument1942612003id: 9001070s of Thomas Rbt and Elzbth
Thomas Robert Rhodenfather of Mark Rhoden
Elizabeth Rhodenmother of Mark Rhoden

855RhodesThomas Robert Rhodesfirst name on this monument1905741979id: 5311076
Elizabeth Rhodeswife of Thomas Robert Rhodes1903881991 w of Thomas Rbt

856RiceHelen Alice Ricefirst name on this monument1950632013id: 10031066

857RiceShirley Elizabeth Ricefirst name on this monument1947341981id: 5771084

858RichardsT C Richardsfirst name on this monumentid: 199
(2 images)

859RichardsWilliam Richardsfirst name on this monument1921571978id: 5361072h of Mary
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860RichardsonCharles Henry Richardsonfirst name on this monument1891471938id: 3991076
Elsie Lilian Richardsondaughter of Charles Henry Richardson1911751986 d of Charles H and Violet
Violet Sarah Richardsonwife of Charles Henry Richardson1894731967

861RichardsonCharles Hesketh Richardsonfirst name on this monument1977id: 5191073
Edna May Richardson1986

862RichardsonElizabeth Richardsonfirst name on this monument1868691937id: 4211071

863RichardsonHarriett Megan Richardsonfirst name on this monument1935752010id: 9791071

864RichardsonJohn William Richardsonfirst name on this monument1908781986id: 6141076
Violet Elizabeth Richardson1991

865RichardsonSheila Richardsonfirst name on this monument1910781988id: 6091108
Alys Woodruff Dukes1960221982
Christopher Richards1960241984
E L Richarsdson1913892002

866RidgwayJohn Sims Ridgwayfirst name on this monument1932712003id: 9141080
Sheila Ridgway

867RileyC Lesley Rileyfirst name on this monument1905701975id: 5041073h of May
May Rileywife of C Lesley Riley1911871998

868RimbertDominique Jolly Rimbertfirst name on this monument1959361995id: 8501066

869RobertsAnn Davison Robertsfirst name on this monument1904761980id: 5661065

870RobertsChristine Bronwen Robertsfirst name on this monument1954512005id: 10801068

871RobertsElizabeth Ann Robertsfirst name on this monument1958id: 2831072
James Roberts1973
Joan Rutter
William Frank Rutter1993 h of Joan

872RobertsGertrude Mary Robertsfirst name on this monument1907841991id: 8111067
Thomas Lloyd Wyn Robertshusband of Gertrude Mary Roberts1910841994 h of Gertrude Mary

873RobertsJoseph Robertsfirst name on this monument1902791981id: 5561071
Hilda Robertswife of Joseph Roberts1903911994 w of Joseph

874RobertsPhyllis Mary Robertsfirst name on this monument1925762001id: 8981065
David Richard Clifford Roberts1933712004

875RobertsWilym John Robertsfirst name on this monument1875871962id: 5901068

876RobinsonAlbert Robinsonfirst name on this monument1959id: 224
(2 images)
Dorothy Jane Robinson1992

877RobinsonGeorge Robinsonfirst name on this monument1865631928id: 1551148
Ada Robinsondaughter of George Robinson1890761966 d of George and Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane Robinsonwife of George Robinson1868781946 w of George

878RobinsonJohn Leonard Robinsonfirst name on this monument1930551985id: 8031080
Margaret Beryl Robinsonwife of John Leonard Robinson1929762005 w of John Leonard

879RobinsonNorman J Robinsonfirst name on this monument1928802008id: 9631068

880RouseAmelia Jane Rousefirst name on this monument1979201999id: 8741081

881RowlandDennis Rowlandfirst name on this monument1919751994id: 6511096
Phyliss Rowland1910942004

882RowlandJohn Rowlandfirst name on this monument1925441969id: 2901078s of John and Winifred
John Rowlandfather of John Rowland1893791972
Winidred Mary Crosby Rowlandmother of John Rowland1892861978 w of John

883RowlandsMaggie Rowlandsfirst name on this monument1903731976id: 4741065

884RowlandsThomas William Rowlandsfirst name on this monument1968362004id: 9211073

885RowsellFrederick Cecil Harry Rowsellfirst name on this monument1912761988id: 7081069
Edith Emily Rowsellwife of Frederick Cecil Harry Rowsell1912932005 w of Frederick Cecil Harry

886RuleDerek Reginald Rulefirst name on this monument1948552003id: 9151068

887RuleFrederick Rulefirst name on this monument1889571946id: 4011073
Frances Elizabeth Rulewife of Frederick Rule1878591937 w of Frederick
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888RuscoeJohn Ruscoefirst name on this monument1896761972id: 4811070
Lilian Ruscoewife of John Ruscoe1894841978 w of John

889SadlerElizabeth Sadlerfirst name on this monument1868611929id: 1241151

890SadlerEmma Sadlerfirst name on this monument1856711927id: 1391083

891SadlerJanet Sadlerfirst name on this monument1953562009id: 10511078

892SadlerWilliam Sadlerfirst name on this monument1837721909id: 861073
Martha Sadler1837861923

893SalisburyAda Salisburyfirst name on this monument1870691939id: 3881072
Alice Jackson
Charles Henry Jackson1875741949 h of Alice

894SalmonElizabeth Harriet Hill Salmonfirst name on this monument1842821924id: 34
(2 images)
1078w of William
William Salmonhusband of Elizabeth Harriet Hill Salmon1841241865

895SalmonEthel Salmonfirst name on this monument1906771983id: 78611051
Albert Salmonhusband of Ethel Salmon1906801986 h of Ethel

896SaltJoan Saltfirst name on this monument1922731995id: 8631073

897SalterTed Salterfirst name on this monument1925561981id: 4651076
Rene Salterwife of Ted Salter1925721997 w of Ted

898SampsonB Sampsonfirst name on this monumentid: 199
(2 images)

899SandersC Sandersfirst name on this monumentid: 199
(2 images)

900SandersG Sandersfirst name on this monument1918id: 1031065

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Mary's Church burial ground, Wistaston, Cheshire, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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