St Mary's Church burial ground, Wistaston, Cheshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AdamsA Adamsfirst name on this monument1915id: 1744505241131

2AdamsFrancis Edmund Adamsfirst name on this monument1909491958id: 3254507041072
Mary Adams1910851995

3AkersDoreen Akersfirst name on this monument1926521978id: 5374509161079w of James Albert
James Albert Akershusband of Doreen Akers1927611988

4AlcockFlorence Alcockfirst name on this monument1897631960id: 2054505841075w of John William
John William Alcockhusband of Florence Alcock65

5AlexanderBertha May Alexanderfirst name on this monument1903751978id: 5394509181096
Francis Henry Alexanderhusband of Bertha May Alexander1903791982 h of Bertha May

6AllbuttDavid Allbuttfirst name on this monument1949622011id: 10184513971076

7AllenGordon Kenneth Allenfirst name on this monument1926782004id: 9204512991090
Lilian Maude Allen1924842008

8AllenJohn Allenfirst name on this monument1834141848id: 324503801068d of Wm and Mary

9AllmanFlorence Allmanfirst name on this monument192381931id: 45345083210751
George Allman1889581947
Lily Allman1889871976
Thomas Allman1933101943
Lily Harding1912952007

10AllmondEthel Allmondfirst name on this monument1894781972id: 4824508611069w of Reginald
William Reginald Allmondhusband of Ethel Allmond1890871977

11AmeyDouglas Buxton Ameyfirst name on this monument1922481970id: 3984507771080

12AndrewsGeorge Edwin Moyle Andrewsfirst name on this monument1916701986id: 4714508501088
Marjorie Andrews1915711986

13AndrewsJosephine Maevis Andrewsfirst name on this monument1926571983id: 7794511581072
Peter Andrews1922751997

14AnkersMildred Ankersfirst name on this monument1912561968id: 2914506701074
Kenneth Ankershusband of Mildred Ankers1921892010 h of Mildred

15AshEdith Ashfirst name on this monument1898751973id: 4774508561076
John Ash1919671986

16AshcroftLeslie Ashcroftfirst name on this monument1934752009id: 9684513471081

17AshleyRobert Ashleyfirst name on this monument1891id: 164503641106
Eliza Ashleydaughter-in-law of Robert Ashley1843851928 w of Robert
Robert Ashleyson of Robert Ashley1834811915 s of Robt and Ann
Ann Ashleywife of Robert Ashley1808541862

18AstburyAlbert Astburyfirst name on this monument1918721990id: 6244510031077
Doris May Astburywife of Albert Astbury1918902008 w of Albert

19AstburyCharles Astburyfirst name on this monument1897741971id: 3094506881085
Annie Astbury

20AstburyMarshall Astburyfirst name on this monumentid: 2974506761088
Margaret Beilec

21AstburySamuel Astburyfirst name on this monument1885811966id: 2304506091076h of Lilian
Lilian Astburywife of Samuel Astbury

22AstburyWilliam Astburyfirst name on this monument1898731971id: 1304504801093h of Constance Annie
Constance Annie Astburywife of William Astbury1901791980

23AstonArthur Reginald Astonfirst name on this monument1907741981id: 5744509531079
Mabel Florence Aston1917731990

24AtkinsClifford Atkinsfirst name on this monument1920872007id: 10734514521074

25AtkinsMary Louise Atkinsfirst name on this monument1913741987id: 6134509921093
Richard Andrew Atkins1915791994

26AustinWilliam Hale Austinfirst name on this monument1932571989id: 6684510471092
Margaret Bronwell Austinwife of William Hale Austin1994 w of Wm Hale
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27BadcockThomas Badcockfirst name on this monument1940id: 3614507401069

28BaddeleyJames Henry Baddeleyfirst name on this monument1867741941id: 4194507981073h of Susan Ellen
Susan Ellen Baddeleywife of James Henry Baddeley1870761946

29BaggaleyJames Kenneth Baggaleyfirst name on this monument1912771989id: 6234510021076
Marjorie Baggaleywife of James Kenneth Baggaley1992 w of James Kenneth

30BagnallT Ernest Bagnallfirst name on this monument1913561969id: 3894507681083
Mary A Bagnallwife of T Ernest Bagnall1903861989 w of T Ernest

31BaguetteRoy Baguettefirst name on this monument1945592004id: 9364513151073

32BaileyAda Baileyfirst name on this monument1885611946id: 4054507841081w of John Wm
John William Baileyhusband of Ada Bailey1884701954

33BaileyCharles A Baileyfirst name on this monument1925832008id: 10444514231069

34BaileyElsie Baileyfirst name on this monument1885id: 6145040910791d of Thomas and Caroline
Thomas Castley Baileyfather of Elsie Bailey1847611908
Caroline Baileymother of Elsie Bailey1842721914 w of Thomas

35BaileyFrank Lees Baileyfirst name on this monument1924641988id: 6984510771072

36BaileyHarold Colin Baileyfirst name on this monument1901601961id: 2864506651071
Dorothy Edith Baileywife of Harold Colin Bailey1910741984 w of Harold Colin

37BaileyHorace Baileyfirst name on this monument1958id: 3224507011071
Lily Baileywife of Horace Bailey

38BaileyHoratio Baileyfirst name on this monument44id: 1674505171089
Emily Baileydaughter of Horatio Bailey d of Horatio and Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann Baileywife of Horatio Bailey

39BaileyLeslie Baileyfirst name on this monument1913701983id: 2704506491071
Rose Emily Maud Bailey1919791998

40BaileyMargaret Baileyfirst name on this monument1922651987id: 6004509791077
Horace Edward Bailey1920711991

41BaileyMay Baileyfirst name on this monument1883731956id: 3214507001068

42BaileyThomas Hill Baileyfirst name on this monument1871491920id: 6045040810801
Ernest Castley Bailey1872731945

43BakerHarold Bakerfirst name on this monument1924882012id: 10234514021072

44BakerJohn Bakerfirst name on this monumentid: 4294508081070
Edward Baker
Elsie Baker
Mary Baker
May Baker
Sarah Eliza Baker
William Baker

45BakerJohn Bakerfirst name on this monument193911940id: 3504507291069age 15m

46BakerWalter Howell Bakerfirst name on this monument1987id: 6354510141072

47BalshawAlwyn Balshawfirst name on this monument1939732012id: 9854513641076

48BamfordHarry Bamfordfirst name on this monument1924792003id: 10964514751093
Helen Bamford1926842010

49BanksHilda Banksfirst name on this monument1916621978id: 5254509041075
Robert Banks1907801987

50BannisterLorna Bannisterfirst name on this monument1915791994id: 8424512211073
Roy Windsor Bannister1918761994

51BarberJw Barberfirst name on this monumentid: 199
(2 images)

52BarberRichard Barberfirst name on this monument1857631920id: 1024504511071
Alice Barber1890701960
Eliza Barberwife of Richard Barber1850661916 w of Richard

53BarkerEdward Thomas Barkerfirst name on this monument1881561937id: 4124507911068
Cecil Barkerdaughter of Edward Thomas Barker1942 d of Edw Thomas and Clara
Clara Barkerwife of Edward Thomas Barker1882871969 w of Edw Thomas
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54BarkerReginald Barkerfirst name on this monument1891851976id: 5114508901079
Jean Ann Princedaughter of Reginald Barker1943501993 d of Reginald and Winifred
Winifred Barkerwife of Reginald Barker1907831990 w of Reginald

55BarlowJoseph M Barlowfirst name on this monument1988id: 7174510961068
Elizabeth Barlow1914781992

56BarnardDawn Barnardfirst name on this monument1968352003id: 9034512821083

57BarnardIda Marjorie Barnardfirst name on this monument1903611964id: 2034505821065
Frank Barnardhusband of Ida Marjorie Barnard1904771981 h of Ida

58BarnardStuart Barnardfirst name on this monument1935732008id: 9614513401068

59BarnesFrances Barnesfirst name on this monument1931792010id: 97745135610791
Peter Barnes1930812011

60BarnesWilliam Lewis Barnesfirst name on this monument1875801955id: 20745058610781h of Mau Lilian
Mau Lilian Barneswife of William Lewis Barnes

61BarrattJames Barrattfirst name on this monument1780601840id: 554504031075
Alice Barratt1781801861

62BarrattMichael Edwin Barrattfirst name on this monument1941712012id: 10134513921072

63BarrowBetty Barrowfirst name on this monument1925561981id: 4684508471070
Wilfred Barrowhusband of Betty Barrow1923751998 h of Betty

64BartleyCyril James Bartleyfirst name on this monument1909781987id: 6074509861084
Joan Bartleywife of Cyril James Bartley2010 w of Cyril

65BasfordGeorge Basfordfirst name on this monument1899641963id: 3264507051119
Nellie Basford1897921989

66BasfordHarry Basfordfirst name on this monument1870481918id: 284503761066
Mary Jane Basfordwife of Harry Basford1862731935 w of Harry

67BasfordHarry Basfordfirst name on this monument1908841992id: 8264512051072
Blanche Basford1904901994

68BasfordRobert Oulton Basfordfirst name on this monument187641880id: 594504071079s of Wm and Elizabeth
Samuel Basfordbrother of Robert Oulton Basford187571882 s of Wm and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Basforddaughter of Robert Oulton Basford188171888 d of Wm and Elizabeth
William Basfordfather of Robert Oulton Basford1843521895
Elizabeth Basfordmother of Robert Oulton Basford1844671911 w of Wm

69BatesFrederick Batesfirst name on this monument1926671993id: 6414510201066

70BatesKathleen Winifred Batesfirst name on this monument1933732006id: 9264513051076
Ernest Harold Robert Bates85

71BatesMildred Batesfirst name on this monument1923471970id: 3304507091071w of Alfred
Alfred Bateshusband of Mildred Bates

72BeamanDoris Beamanfirst name on this monument1906691975id: 5134508921067w of Nathaniel
Nathaniel Eric Beamanhusband of Doris Beaman1902811983

73BeareGeorge Harry Bearefirst name on this monument1911801991id: 8154511941069
Sylvia Rosina Bearewife of George Harry Beare1914781992 w of George Harry

74BebbingtonBertha Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument1918id: 10845045710672nd w of Clarence
Clarence Bebbingtonhusband of Bertha Bebbington

75BebbingtonBurrell Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument1908922000id: 8934512721074

76BebbingtonDavid Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument1945672012id: 9844513631079

77BebbingtonHarriet Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument1874701944id: 3774507561072
Frank Bebbington1871801951

78BebbingtonJohn Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument1834851919id: 1734505231068
Florence Dorothy Bebbingtondaughter of John Bebbington1905101915 d of John and Mary
Mary Bebbingtonwife of John Bebbington1866671933 w of John

79BebbingtonJoseph Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument1782881870id: 334503811079
Sarah Bebbingtondaughter-in-law of Joseph Bebbington1865811946 w of Joseph
Joseph Bebbingtonson of Joseph Bebbington1852651917 s of Joseph and mary
Mary Bebbingtonwife of Joseph Bebbington1805851890
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80BebbingtonMary Bebbingtonfirst name on this monumentid: 4104507891096w of Arthur
Arthur Bebbingtonwife of Mary Bebbington1869871956

81BebbingtonMatilda Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument1865491914id: 74
(3 images)
4504231068d of Wm and Elizabeth

82BebbingtonMay Bebbingtonfirst name on this monument1878id: 75
(3 images)
4504241091age 6w
Alfred Albert Bebbington1864611925
Catherine Bebbington1836781914 w of John
John Bebbington1836711907
John Henry Bebbington187541879
Mary Ravenscroft1796901886

83BedfordBruce Bedfordfirst name on this monument1900601960id: 2504506291111h of Hilda mary
Hilda Mary Bedfordwife of Bruce Bedford1906871993

84BedsonCatherine Elizabeth Bedsonfirst name on this monument1913511964id: 2924506711073

85BedsonJames B Bedsonfirst name on this monument1972id: 1294504791066
M E Bedson1973

86BedsonMary Bedsonfirst name on this monument1831691900id: 1844505341067w of Edward
Edward Bedsonhusband of Mary Bedson1822841906
Madeleine V E Bedson190341907

87BeechWilliam Beechfirst name on this monument1831681899id: 924504411070
Hannah Beechwife of William Beech1836771913 w of William

88BellDaniel Bellfirst name on this monument1978232001id: 8974512761099

89BellHannah S Bellfirst name on this monument1901791980id: 5604509391066
Harry Bell1895851980

90BellThomas Edward Bellfirst name on this monument1897811978id: 7924511711068
Lily Bellwife of Thomas Edward Bell1902831985 w of Thomas Edw

91BennettStella Bennettfirst name on this monument1904431947id: 4324508111069

92BennionLouisa Bennionfirst name on this monument1902751977id: 3444507231066
Harold Bennion1899731972

93BennionMargaret Sylvia Bennionfirst name on this monument65id: 10784514571068

94BennionOwen Bennionfirst name on this monument1889741963id: 2454506241098
Florence Mary Bennionwife of Owen Bennion1893881981 w of Owen

95BentleyArnold Bentleyfirst name on this monument1892681960id: 4574508361081
Annie Bentley1883831966

96BentleyElizabeth Bentleyfirst name on this monument36id: 144503621102w of James
James Bentleyhusband of Elizabeth Bentley

97BeresfordDerek Beresfordfirst name on this monument1929631992id: 8294512081078

98BerryAmy Hetty Berryfirst name on this monument1863871950id: 2084505871085w of George
George Berryhusband of Amy Hetty Berry1884791963

99BettaneyThomas Bettaneyfirst name on this monument1848id: 4424508211090

100BettaneyThomas Bettaneyfirst name on this monument1879691948id: 43045080910942
Ada Bettaneywife of Thomas Bettaney1877761953 w of Thomas

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Grave Monument Photographs

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Mary's Church burial ground, Wistaston, Cheshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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