St Mary's Church burial ground, Wistaston, Cheshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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701MellorKeith George Thomas Mellorfirst name on this monument1940471987id: 7214511001067

702MellorRobert John Mellorfirst name on this monument1871681939id: 3724507511070
Annie Elizabeth Mellordaughter of Robert John Mellor1894801974 d of Rbt John and Annie
Annie Mellorwife of Robert John Mellor1871801951

703MerrillFrank Henry Merrillfirst name on this monument1914741988id: 7134510921065
Vera Annie Merrillwife of Frank Henry Merrill1913811994 w of Frank Henry

704MerrillMary Elizabeth Merrillfirst name on this monument1924711995id: 4364508151068

705MerrillWilliam Merrillfirst name on this monument1907801987id: 7254511041066
Gertrude Mary Merrill1989

706MerrittEmily Merrittfirst name on this monumentid: 994504481072w of R H
R H Merritthusband of Emily Merritt

707MetcalfeRoy Francis Metcalfefirst name on this monument1931812012id: 10054513841068

708MiddletonGeorge Middletonfirst name on this monument1927691996id: 8694512481073

709MillingtonJoan Frances Millingtonfirst name on this monument1929742003id: 11054514841069
Peter Harold Millington1927832010

710MillwardWilliam Henry Millwardfirst name on this monument1889621951id: 2114505901126
Doris Ada Spearedaughter of William Henry Millward1905761981 d of Wm Henry and Ada
Ada Jane Millwardwife of William Henry Millward1894591953 w of Wm Henry

711MinfordPatricia Minfordfirst name on this monument1925581983id: 77845115710671

712MolloyMargaret Molloyfirst name on this monument1928742002id: 9094512881076

713MontagueEdward Montaguefirst name on this monumentid: 894504381065

714MoodyGeorge W Moodyfirst name on this monument1933802013id: 10074513861069

715MooreMargaret Moorefirst name on this monument1942692011id: 10304514091074

716MooresJohn Neville Mooresfirst name on this monument1914661980id: 5454509241067
Hilda Mooressecond wife of John Neville Moores1917912008 2nd w of John Neville

717MorreyBrian Morreyfirst name on this monument1939722011id: 10004513791071

718MorrisJack Morrisfirst name on this monument1921691990id: 6034509821071
Irene Morris1925671992

719MorrisJean Morrisfirst name on this monument1930782008no image4514331069

720MorrisMary Morrisfirst name on this monument1886id: 184503661070w of W Baxter
W Baxter Morrishusband of Mary Morris

721MorrisWilliam Morrisfirst name on this monument189211893id: 134503611079age 14m - s of Raymond Armway and Emma
Raymond Armway Morrisfather of William Morris
Emma Morrismother of William Morris
Catherine Morris1821821903
Emily Morris1850761926

722MorrisonJohn Francis Morrisonfirst name on this monument1878341912id: 974504461071

723MortenMargaret Mortenfirst name on this monument1922id: 11745046710734th d of Ralph and Sarah Ann
Ralph Mortenfather of Margaret Morten
Sarah Ann Mortenmother of Margaret Morten

724MortonEdith Mortonfirst name on this monument1984id: 1344504841085w of Frank
Frank Wilfred Mortonhusband of Edith Morton1918561974 h of Edith

725MossDerek Leslie Mossfirst name on this monumentid: 9944513731067

726MottersheadLucy Mottersheadfirst name on this monument1760581818id: 564504041067

727MoulsdaleEdith May Moulsdalefirst name on this monument1888751963id: 2204505991067

728MoulsonLilian Mary Moulsonfirst name on this monument1890641954id: 2524506311070
Brenda Morgandaughter of Lilian Mary Moulson1928762004 d of Lilian
George Barratt Morgan1925671992

729MoultonSarah Jane Moultonfirst name on this monument1871581929id: 1434504931086w of Joseph
Joseph Moultonhusband of Sarah Jane Moulton1873731946
Jean Lavinia Cope192371930 gd of Joseph and Lavinia
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730MoyleVictoria Jayne Moylefirst name on this monument1973181991id: 6274510061070
Albert Moyle1928681996

731MullenWilliam Mullenfirst name on this monument1877531930id: 1284504781068
Martha Merrill Mullenwife of William Mullen1885721957 w of William

732MullinsCelia Ann Mullinsfirst name on this monument1940501990id: 6834510621065
Thomas Joseph Mullinshusband of Celia Ann Mullins1933732006 h of Celia Ann

733MullockArthur Mullockfirst name on this monument1919791998id: 8774512561069
Barbara Frances Mullock1918892007

734MurfinGraham Walter Murfinfirst name on this monument1931571988id: 7104510891075

735MurphyRuth Murphyfirst name on this monument1963452008id: 9644513431065

736MurrayFred Murrayfirst name on this monument1890661956id: 3004506791065
Emily Ellen Murraywife of Fred Murray1891811972 w of Fred

737MuskerDennis Muskerfirst name on this monument1930id: 272
(2 images)
4506511083sil of Arthur and Grace Barker
Arthur Barkerfather-in-law of Dennis Musker
Grace Katherine Barkermother-in-law of Dennis Musker1906811987 w of Arthur

738MycockThomas Mycockfirst name on this monument1914721986id: 7384511171078h of Ella
Ella Mycockwife of Thomas Mycock1913811994

739NaylorClement Naylorfirst name on this monument1925571982id: 7974511761070

740NaylorPatricia Naylorfirst name on this monument1933651998id: 8824512611072

741NaylorThomas Naylorfirst name on this monument1913681981id: 5654509441065
Irene Naylorwife of Thomas Naylor1916811997 w of Thomas

742NearyFrancis Jean-paul Nearyfirst name on this monument1966241990id: 6744510531077

743NearyMarie G Nearyfirst name on this monument1932621994id: 8464512251076
Edna Mumford1922822004 w of Ronald Thompson and sister of Eric
Ronald Thompson Mumford1913912004
Eric Neary1925741999

744NewJohn Elwyn Newfirst name on this monument1947532000id: 10714514501074

745NewmanDorothy Winfield Newmanfirst name on this monument1911841995id: 8624512411071

746NewmanRobert Newmanfirst name on this monument1874811955id: 2684506471072
Clifford Newmanson of Robert Newman1905851990 s of Rbt and Emily
Emily Maria Newmanwife of Robert Newman1904731977

747NewmanWilliam Charles Morris Newmanfirst name on this monument1907551962id: 3294507081068
Mary Newmanwife of William Charles Morris Newman1914791993 w of Wm Charles Morris

748NewtonKenneth Newtonfirst name on this monument1923802003id: 9134512921070
Sheila Newton1927852012

749NichollsJoan Nichollsfirst name on this monument1924291953id: 2414506201065

750NicholsArnold Nicholsfirst name on this monument1924721996id: 8704512491089

751NicklessAlice Nicklessfirst name on this monument1871841955id: 26945064811021
Harry Nickless1866961962

752NixonJessie Marie Nixonfirst name on this monument1904861990id: 6824510611075w of Clement Wm
Clement William Nixonhusband of Jessie Marie Nixon1898941992

753NixonRonald Nixonfirst name on this monument1908731981id: 5534509321080
Duncan B Nixonson of Ronald Nixon1943602003 s of Ronald and Dora
Dora Nixonwife of Ronald Nixon1910841994 w of Ronald

754NodenMary Alice Nodenfirst name on this monument1884881972id: 1324504821080
Joseph Nodenhusband of Mary Alice Noden1890831973 h of Mary Alice

755NolanJack Rhead Nolanfirst name on this monument1909681977id: 5084508871068h of Elsie
Elsie Nolanwife of Jack Rhead Nolan1910962006

756NorburyTom Bradford Norburyfirst name on this monument1912791991id: 8104511891066
Hilda Norburywife of Tom Bradford Norbury1912982010 w of Tom Bradford

757NormanLydia Normanfirst name on this monument1905471952id: 2384506171076w of Harry
Harry Normanhusband of Lydia Norman
Alice Normansecond wife of husband of Lydia Norman1905711976 w of Harry
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758NormanNeville Normanfirst name on this monument1932241956id: 2394506181068h of Ivy and s of Harry and Lydia
Harry Normanfather of Neville Norman
Lydia Normanmother of Neville Norman1905471952 w of Harry
Ivy Normanwife of Neville Norman

759NumayneWalter Numaynefirst name on this monument1898431941id: 4584508371071

760O'NeillHenry O'Neillfirst name on this monument1901821983id: 7804511591065
Veronica O'Neill1910861996

761OakesLeonard Oakesfirst name on this monument1973id: 7914511701070
Nora Annie Oakes1998

762OakesWilfred Leslie Oakesfirst name on this monument1914892003id: 11104514891065
Barbara Oakes1919932012

763OddieAllan Oddiefirst name on this monument1933752008id: 9564513351073

764OgbourneAlbertina Mirabella Ogbournefirst name on this monumentid: 4134507921073

765OldhamEmma Oldhamfirst name on this monument1916761992id: 2374506161075w of Alfred
Alfred Oldhamhusband of Emma Oldham1955

766OliverWilliam Noel Oliverfirst name on this monument1913801993id: 8384512171065
Thelma Margaret Oliverwife of William Noel Oliver1922802002 w of Wm Noel

767OllierArthur Ollierfirst name on this monument1881731954id: 2534506321074
Florence Ollier1886831969

768OllierDennis Arthur Ollierfirst name on this monument1931822013id: 9864513651073h of Mavis
Mavis Ollierwife of Dennis Arthur Ollier

769OwenAmy Owenfirst name on this monument1978id: 5354509141082w of Dennis G
Dennis Geoffrey Owenhusband of Amy Owen1994

770OwenEthel Owenfirst name on this monument1890721962id: 3124506911070

771OwenMadeleine Owenfirst name on this monument1913691982id: 6494510281067
John Richard Owenhusband of Madeleine Owen1913811994 h of Madeleine

772OwenRoland Owenfirst name on this monument1885641949id: 4434508221065
Florence Owen1892911983

773OwenSybil Brenda Owenfirst name on this monument1924832007id: 9654513441066

774OwenWilliam Frank Owenfirst name on this monument1912821994id: 8564512351066
Eveline Dorothy Owen1917882005

775PaceJames Pacefirst name on this monument1800711871id: 474503951068
Mary Pace1797741871

776PalinThelma Fergusen Palinfirst name on this monument1930621992id: 6364510151069

777PalmerRuby Palmerfirst name on this monument2005id: 9324513111071

778ParkerDaniel Wayne Parkerfirst name on this monument199411995id: 8484512271069age 16m

779ParkerEric Harry Parkerfirst name on this monument1921221943id: 3644507431069
Henry Parkerfather of Eric Harry Parker1874831957 f of Eric Harry
Alice Georgina Parkermother of Eric Harry Parker1881871968 m of Eric Harry

780ParkerNeville Parkerfirst name on this monument1927852012id: 10194513981068

781ParkesAdam Parkesfirst name on this monument1832521884id: 704504181066
Henry Parkesson of Adam Parkes1864221886 s of Adam and Martha
James Parkesson of Adam Parkes188001880 s of Adam and Martha
Thomas Parkesson of Adam Parkes187261878 s of Adam and Martha
Martha Parkeswife of Adam Parkes1836711907

782ParksJohn Parksfirst name on this monument1860id: 404503881065
Emma Parksdaughter of John Parks d of John and mary
Edward Parksson of John Parks182121823 age 2y 4m - s of John and Mary
Mary Parkswife of John Parks1797371834 w of John

783ParrGerard Albert Parrfirst name on this monument1924822006id: 9304513091065

784ParrJoseph Parrfirst name on this monument1924782002id: 11124514911065
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785ParryValerie Parryfirst name on this monument1948411989id: 6764510551071

786ParsonWilliam Reginald Parsonfirst name on this monumentid: 1234504731069
Elizabeth May Parson w of Geoffrey George
Geoffrey George Parson
Gordon William Parson
Eliza Eileen Parsonwife of William Reginald Parson w of William Reginald

787ParsonageT H K Parsonagefirst name on this monumentid: 199
(2 images)

788PartonCharles R Partonfirst name on this monument1905681973id: 4844508631065
Doris Parton1903761979

789PartonJohn Partonfirst name on this monument1922631985id: 7544511331067
Jose Margaret Partonwife of John Parton1929722001 w of John

790PattisonMalcolm Pattisonfirst name on this monument1960462006id: 9464513251068

791PaylingOlive Paylingfirst name on this monument1912932005id: 10814514601065

792PeakeJohn Thomas Goodwin Peakefirst name on this monument1873771950id: 2844506631078
Mary Emily Peakewife of John Thomas Goodwin Peake1880821962 w of John Thomas

793PeakeWalter Peakefirst name on this monument1892231915id: 10045044910651

794Pearson Pearsonfirst name on this monumentid: 199
(2 images)

795PedersenMargaret Rose Pedersenfirst name on this monument1934461980id: 5714509501077

796PembertonMuriel Freda Pembertonfirst name on this monument1916471963id: 3394507181067w of Norman
Norman Pembertonhusband of Muriel Freda Pemberton

797PenlingtonEric Penlingtonfirst name on this monument1927571984id: 7604511391066

798PerkinsIrene Perkinsfirst name on this monument1927671994id: 8124511911073w of Cecil
Cecil Perkinshusband of Irene Perkins1922802002

799PerrinHarriet Martha Perrinfirst name on this monument1848341882id: 1974505471068d of Wm and Elizabeth
Elizabeth Perrinfather of Harriet Martha Perrin1807811888 w of William
William Perrinmother of Harriet Martha Perrin1810821892

800PerrinRobert Done Perrinfirst name on this monument1835681903id: 1954505451069h of Ellen
Eliza Margaret Perrin1892881980
Ellen Perrinwife of Robert Done Perrin1834821916

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Mary's Church burial ground, Wistaston, Cheshire, England.

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