Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list

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901TownendSarah Townendfirst name on this monument1800id: 8727
(5 images)
43299510921dau. of Richard and Marcy Townend; of Wibsey - died in infancy
Benjamin Townendbrother of Sarah Townend1794121806
Mary Townenddaughter of Sarah Townend180821810
Richard Townendfather of Sarah Townend1764701834
Marcy Townendmother of Sarah Townend1768861854

902TurnerAnn Turnerfirst name on this monument1798181816id: 8940
(4 images)
4330541087dau. of William and Elizabeth Turner; of Low Moor; Wibsey;
William Turnerfather of Ann Turner1794601854
Elizabeth Turnermother of Ann Turner1769521821 wife of William Turner
William Turnermonument owner of Ann Turner Owner of this stone
Edwin Turnernephew of Ann Turner1840111851 Grandson of William and Janni Turner
Ann Jane Turnersister of Ann Turner1830 dau. of William and Janni Turner; aged 9 mths

903TurnerEmma Turnerfirst name on this monument1833661899id: 6999
(3 images)
4325891073of Low Moor; born 15.01.1833
James Turnerhusband of Emma Turner1827731900 born 17.12.1826
Annabella Stork1859701929

904TurnerWilliam Turnerfirst name on this monument1803611864id: 6655
(2 images)
4332341069of Low Moor; husband of Grace Turner;
Elizabeth Ann Turnerdaughter of William Turner1830791909 dau of William and Grae Turner;
Grace Turnerwife of William Turner1807721879 wiffe of William Turner;

905TurnerWilliam Turnerfirst name on this monument1834521886id: 8908
(2 images)
4326221070of West Bowling;
Sam Turnerson of William Turner186141865 son of William Turner; aged 4 yrs. 5mths

906VarleyChristopher Varleyfirst name on this monument1768561824id: 6076
(6 images)
4323551089of Raw Nook
Alice Jowett1829191848 dau. of Jonathan and Martha Jowett
Jonathan Jowett husband of Martha Jowett
Martha Jowett wife of Jonathan Joweet

907W H W first name on this monumentid: 70294326051071no dates of death or ages; or full names

908WaddingtonJohn Waddingtonfirst name on this monument1720201740id: 6104
(2 images)
Edward Waddingtonfather of John Waddington1694781772 of Lower Parkhouse
Mary Waddingtonmother of John Waddington1689851774 of Lower Parkhouse

909WaddingtonJoseph Waddingtonfirst name on this monument178641790id: 6332
(7 images)
43244111161son of Edward and Sarah Waddington of Wibsey
Ann Waddingtondaughter of Joseph Waddington179331796
Hannah Waddingtondaughter of Joseph Waddington180221804
Mary Waddingtondaughter of Joseph Waddington179811799
Edward Waddingtonfather of Joseph Waddington1762681830
Sarah Waddingtonmother of Joseph Waddington1759661825
Alexander Waddington1821171838 of Wibsey

910WaddingtonNancy Waddingtonfirst name on this monument1799551854id: 55643311810701wife of Joseph Waddington; of Low Moor;
Joseph Waddingtonhusband of Nancy Waddington1797581855 husband of Nancy Waddington;

911WaddingtonTom Waddingtonfirst name on this monument186211863id: 6372
(2 images)
43324110721son of Marmaduke and Sarah Waddington; of Low Moor; aged 1 yr. 8 mths.;
Marmaduke Waddingtonfather of Tom Waddington1817501867 husband of Sarah Waddington;
Sarah Waddingtonmother of Tom Waddington1819611880 wife of Marmaduke Waddington;

912WadeSusannah Wadefirst name on this monument1681341715id: 6156
(3 images)
4323971070wife of Joshua Wade
Sarah Wadedaughter of Susannah Wade1710201730
Joshua Wadehusband of Susannah Wade husband of Susannah Wade

913WadingtonRubin Wadingtonfirst name on this monument1684771761id: 6185
(3 images)
Reuben Waddington1761781839 son of Joshua Waddington
Joshua Wadington1724911815 husband of Mary Wadington
Mary Wadington1722681790 wife of Joshua Wadington

914WadsworthChristopher Wadsworthfirst name on this monument1763561819id: 8974
(5 images)
4330621079of Wibsey
Hannah Wadsworthmonument owner of Christopher Wadsworth Hannah Wadsworth Owner
Ann Wadsworth1814731887 wife of the above John Wadsworth
Hannah Wadsworth1782841866
Jane Wadsworth183631839 grandaughter of Christopher and Hannah Wadsworth;
John Wadsworth1817691886 son of Christopher and Hannah Wadsworth
Squire Wadsworth1807261833 son of Christopher and Hannah Wadsworth
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915WadsworthJane Wadsworthfirst name on this monument1845501895id: 66104324981073dau of John and Ann Wadsworth
John Wadsworthfather of Jane Wadsworth husband of Ann Wadsworth
Ann Wadsworthmother of Jane Wadsworth wife of John Wadsworth

916WainrightJoshua Wainrightfirst name on this monument1706531759id: 61034323671084of Lower Parkhouse
Samuel Jagger1722781800
John Pyrah1782591841 of Low Moor
Mary Wainrightwife of Joshua Wainright1699901789

917WalkerEdmund Walkerfirst name on this monument1856571913id: 69184332931078of Raw Nook; husband of Elizabeth Walker;
Mary Evelyn Breaksdaughter of Edmund Walker1896371933 dau of Edmund and Elizabeth Walker;
Elizabeth Walkerwife of Edmund Walker1859661925 wife of Edmund Walker;

918WalkerElizabeth Walkerfirst name on this monument1792611853id: 354333781073of Buttershaw; wife of Joseph Walker
Joseph Walkerhusband of Elizabeth Walker1788791867 husband of Elizabeth Walker
Alice Walker wife of William Walker
Sarah Alice Walker188521887 dau. of William and Alice Walker; of Waterhouse Farm; Shelf; aged 2 yrs 10 mths
William Walker husband of Alice Walker

919WalkerGinny Walkerfirst name on this monument1821571878id: 796743285810711of Low Moor; wife of Robert Walker;
Jennie Shootergrand daughter of Ginny Walker188131884
Walter Shootergrand son of Ginny Walker188441888
Robert Walkerhusband of Ginny Walker1815851900 husband of Ginny Walker

920WalkerHannah Walkerfirst name on this monument1828311859id: 7890
(3 images)
4333191094wife of Abraham Walker of Buttershaw;
Sophia Walkerdaughter of Hannah Walker1847261873 dau. of Abraham and Hannah Walker;
Abraham Walkerhusband of Hannah Walker1819581877

921WalkerHorace Walkerfirst name on this monument1891461937id: 7520
(2 images)
Annie Walkerwife of Horace Walker

922WalkerJames Walkerfirst name on this monument1862501912id: 68994325541070
Sarah Walkerdaughter of James Walker189231895 aged 3.5 years
Ann Walkerwife of James Walker1864641928

923WalkerJoseph Walkerfirst name on this monument184891857id: 6444
(2 images)
4324661070of Hill Top; Low Moor
James Walkerfather of Joseph Walker1820581878
Sally Walkermother of Joseph Walker1822651887

924WalkerThomas Walkerfirst name on this monument1810731883id: 74104326881077of Low Moor; husband of Ann Walker;
Ann Walkerwife of Thomas Walker1822671889 wife of Thomas Walker;

925WalkerThomas Walkerfirst name on this monument1843121855id: 41
(2 images)
43286010721son of Robert and Ginny Walker; of Low Moor;
Robert Walkerfather of Thomas Walker husband of Ginny Walker
Ginny Walkermother of Thomas Walker wife of Robert Walker
Hannah Walkersister of Thomas Walker1841401881 dau. of Robert and Ginny Walker
Martha Walkersister of Thomas Walker1838321870 dau. of Robert and Ginny Walker
Sarah Walkersister of Thomas Walker1850201870 dau. of Robert and Ginny Walker

926WaltonSutcliffe Waltonfirst name on this monument1837411878id: 68464325351093of Low Moor
John Womersleyfather-in-law of Sutcliffe Walton1820661886 father of Jane Walton
Harriet Womersley1822851907 wife of John Womersley
Jane Waltonwife of Sutcliffe Walton1845341879 dau of John Womersley

927WaneGeorge Wanefirst name on this monument181911820id: 6312
(2 images)
4332121072son of James and Grace Wane; of Woodhouse-hill; aged 1 yr. 11 mths.;
James Wanefather of George Wane husband of Grace Wane;
Grace Wanemother of George Wane wife of James Wane;
Maria Wanesister of George Wane184951854 dau. of James and Grace Wane; aged 5 yrs. 10 mths.;

928WarburtonHannah Jawett Warburtonfirst name on this monument1788271815id: 8186
(4 images)
4333341082dau. of Edward and Susannah Warburton of Wibsey;
Peggy Wigglesworthaunt of Hannah Jawett Warburton
Sarah Wigglesworthcousin of Hannah Jawett Warburton1810641874 dau. of Abram and Peggy Wigglesworth of Bradford;
Susey Wigglesworthcousin of Hannah Jawett Warburton1808201828 dau. of Abram and Peggy Wigglesworth and niece of Edward and Susannah Warburton;
Edward Warburtonfather of Hannah Jawett Warburton
Susannah Warburtonmother of Hannah Jawett Warburton
Abram Wigglesworthuncle of Hannah Jawett Warburton
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929WarburtonJoseph Warburtonfirst name on this monument1726771803id: 8305
(4 images)
Sarah Warburton1815 most of gravestone hidden under other ones.

930WarburtonMartha Warburtonfirst name on this monument181021812id: 8170
(5 images)
43333210791dau. of Edward and Hannah Warburton of Bradford;
Arthur Warburtonbrother of Martha Warburton1826471873
Hiram Warburtonbrother of Martha Warburton1817151832 son of Edward and Hanah Warburton;
Edward Warburtonfather of Martha Warburton1783701853
Jane Warburtonsister of Martha Warburton181431817 dau. of Edward and Hanah Warburton;

931WarburtonMary Warburtonfirst name on this monument1807451852id: 7
(9 images)
4333681080wife of Joseph Warburton
Susannah Warburtondaughter of Mary Warburton1834211855
Joseph Warburtonhusband of Mary Warburton80 year hidden by tree root
Alice Warburtonsecond wife of husband of Mary Warburton1811471858 2nd wife of Joseph Warburton; year hidden by tree root
Nancy Warburtonthird wife of husband of Mary Warburton1819571876 3rd wife of Joseph Warburton;

932WarburtonSarah Warburtonfirst name on this monument1761511812id: 8691
(5 images)
4329881087of Wibsey
James Threapland Warburton1756641820 of Wibsey; Surgeon
Mary Warburton1756811837 wife of James Threapland Warburton
Margaret Warburtonsister of Sarah Warburton1746741820

933WardmanAlfred Wardmanfirst name on this monument185021852id: 7718
(3 images)
4327901075Monument; of Birkenshaw; aged 2 years 6 mths;
John Wardmanfather of Alfred Wardman1822331855 Monument;
Elizabeth Wardmanmother of Alfred Wardman1823591882 Monument;

934WardmanAmos Wardmanfirst name on this monument1848231871id: 8984
(2 images)
4330631071son of Joseph and Sarah Wardman; of Odall;
Ephraim Wardmanbrother of Amos Wardman1843431886 son of Joseph and Sarah Wardman;
Joseph Wardmanfather of Amos Wardman
Sarah Wardmanmother of Amos Wardman1814641878

935WardmanWillie Wardmanfirst name on this monument1883161899id: 7462
(5 images)
4327061087of Odsal Top;
James Wardmanbrother of Willie Wardman187231875
Pearson Wardmanbrother of Willie Wardman188811889 aged 15 mths;
Anthony Wardmanfather of Willie Wardman1846581904
Hannah Wardmanmother of Willie Wardman1845681913
John A Wilkinson1871711942
Louisa Wilkinson1877721949
Ada Boococksister of Willie Wardman1873371910
Mary Elizabeth Wardmansister of Willie Wardman1870 aged 4 mths;

936WatsonMary Ann Watsonfirst name on this monument1812161828id: 6165
(2 images)
4331841070of Cawthorne; departed this life at Low Moor;

937WattersonGeorge Jepson Wattersonfirst name on this monument1845471892id: 6901
(4 images)
Amy Forddaughter of George Jepson Watterson1900381938 wife of Edgar Ford;
Edgar Fordson-in-law of George Jepson Watterson husband of Amy Ford
Emma Wattersonwife of George Jepson Watterson1840691909

938WellsMary Wellsfirst name on this monument1814451859id: 6584331421079wife of Abraham Wells; of Low Moor;
Abraham Wellshusband of Mary Wells1797651862 husband of Mary Wells;
Charles Wellsson of Mary Wells1841241865 son of Abraham and Mary Wells;

939WentworthWilliam Wentworthfirst name on this monument1827251852id: 7745
(5 images)
4327981110Monument; of Low Moor;
S C Wentworthmonument owner of William Wentworth Monument; owner;
Sussannah Clayton Wentworth1851791930 Monument;
Sarah Wentworthwife of William Wentworth1828261854 Monument;

940WhetnellThomas Whetnellfirst name on this monument1781551836id: 65844324931070of Low Moor

941WhiteJames Whitefirst name on this monument1826411867id: 6459
(5 images)
4332781069of Hill Top; Low Moor; husband of Sarah White;
Sarah Ann Forddaughter of James White1856691925 dau of James and Sarah White;
Edwin Whitemonument owner of James White owner
Edwin Whiteson of James White1863771940 son of James and Sarah White;
Sarah Whitewife of James White1830741904 husband of James White;

942WhiteheadJoseph Whiteheadfirst name on this monument172331726id: 6084
(3 images)
4323581075of North Bierley
Joseph Whiteheadfather of Joseph Whitehead1690481738
Betty Whiteheadson of Joseph Whitehead1721181739
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943WiddopAlfred Widdopfirst name on this monument1843261869id: 68374332831141of Goodman Street; Hunslet Lane; Leeds;
Thomas Barraclough1814801894 of Low Moor;

944WiddopJohn Widdopfirst name on this monument1862251887id: 7475
(3 images)
Harriet Widdopdaughter of John Widdop188221884
Clara Slater1861701931 wife of Thomas Slater;
Thomas Slater1854601914 of Low Moor; husband of Clara Slater;
Clara Widdopwife of John Widdop

945WiddopSussey Widdopfirst name on this monument1842141856id: 9624
(6 images)
4331101083dau of Jonathan and Sussy Widdop; of Storr Hill; aged 14 yrs. 5 mths.;
Jonathan Widdopbrother of Sussey Widdop1837401877 son of Jonathan and Sussy Widdop;
Jonathan Widdopfather of Sussey Widdop husband of Sussy Widdop;
Susey Widdopmother of Sussey Widdop1801691870 wife of Jonathan Widdop;

946WigglesworthJames Wigglesworthfirst name on this monument1791221813id: 8619
(4 images)
4329871088of Wibsey

947WigglesworthJonathan Wigglesworthfirst name on this monument1746771823id: 8208
(5 images)
4333381076of Wibsey
Sarah Wigglesworthdaughter of Jonathan Wigglesworth1769661835 wife of William Elam and dau. of Jonathan Wigglesworth;
Betty Wigglesworth1794691863 wife of Eli Wigglesworth;
Eli Wigglesworth1794711865
Mary Wigglesworth1834301864 dau. of Betty Wigglesworth;
William Elamson-in-law of Jonathan Wigglesworth

948WigglesworthMary Wigglesworthfirst name on this monument1775181793id: 8205
(5 images)
4333371075dau. of Jonathan and Sarah Wigglesworth of Wibsey;
Jonathan Wigglesworthbrother of Mary Wigglesworth1772231795 son of Jonathan and Sarah Wiggleswroth;
Mary Wigglesworthdaughter-in-law of Mary Wigglesworth1775751850 wife of John Wigglesworth
Jonathan Wigglesworthfather of Mary Wigglesworth1773691842
Sarah Wigglesworthmother of Mary Wigglesworth1746471793 wife of Jonathan Wigglesworth;

949WigglesworthPeggy Wigglesworthfirst name on this monument1792821874id: 8616
(2 images)
4329851079of Bradford
Abram Wigglesworthhusband of Peggy Wigglesworth

950WilbyJohn Wilbyfirst name on this monument1833311864id: 6733
(2 images)
4332551104son of Richard and Maria Wilby; of Low Moor;
George Wilbybrother of John Wilby1842721914
Richard Wilbyfather of John Wilby1811651876 husband of Maria Wilby;
Maria Wilbymother of John Wilby1810761886 wife of Richard Wilby;

951WildonMary Wildonfirst name on this monument1802691871id: 6700
(2 images)
4332501083wife of Richard Wildon; of Bradford;
Richard Wildonhusband of Mary Wildon1817621879 husband of Mary Wildon;

952WilkinsonBetty Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1766661832id: 4847
(2 images)
43316210972wife of Abram Wilkinson; of Wibsey Bank Foot;
Abram Wilkinsonhusband of Betty Wilkinson1764791843 husband of Betty Wilkinson;

953WilkinsonCaleb Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1820id: 6648
(2 images)
4325121070age 10 mths; son of John and Isela Wilkinson of Wibsey
John Wilkinsonfather of Caleb Wilkinson1770631833
Isela Wilkinsonmother of Caleb Wilkinson
J Rileymonument owner of Caleb Wilkinson owner of the stone
Elizabeth Rileyniece of Caleb Wilkinson1826501876 dau of Sarah Riley
Sarah Rileysister of Caleb Wilkinson1799641863

954WilkinsonElizabeth Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1757701827id: 6605
(2 images)
43249610721st wife of John Wilkinson of Ovenden; near Halifax
John Wilkinsonhusband of Elizabeth Wilkinson1759771836
Hannah Wilkinsonsecond wife of husband of Elizabeth Wilkinson1771771848 2nd wife of John Wilkinson

955WilkinsonJames Whaley Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument176251767id: 6151
(3 images)
4323941069Monument - son of Samuel Wilkinson; of Upper Park House
Samuel Wilkinsonbrother of James Whaley Wilkinson1759221781 Monument - son of Samuel Wilkinson - of Park-house
Samuel Wilkinsonfather of James Whaley Wilkinson husband of Martha Wilkinson
Ma Wilkinson37 Monument - defaced - metal stolen; ů..of Rev. James W.
Martha Wilkinson1733421775 Monument - wife of Samuel Wilkinson - of Upper Park-house
Sarah Wilkinsonsister of James Whaley Wilkinson1773191792 Monument - dau of Samuel Wilkinson

956WilkinsonJonas Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1801id: 8670
(5 images)
4333601069son of John and Ann Wilkinson; of Wibsey; aged 4 mths
William Wilkinsonbrother of Jonas Wilkinson1806 son of John and Ann Wilkinson
William Wilkinsonbrother of Jonas Wilkinson182111822 son of John and Ann Wilkinson
John Wilkinsonfather of Jonas Wilkinson1778511829 husband of Ann Wilkinson
Ann Wilkinsonmother of Jonas Wilkinson1781481829 wife of John Wilkinson
Joseph Wilkinsonmonument owner of Jonas Wilkinson
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957WilkinsonJoseph Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument177821780id: 8466
(2 images)
4329521069son of Joshua Wilkinson; of Wibsey
Joshua Wilkinsonfather of Joseph Wilkinson father of Joseph Wilkinson

958WilkinsonMartha Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1765171782id: 8429
(2 images)
4329441080dau. of Samuel Wilkinson; of Upper Park house
Samuel Wilkinsonfather of Martha Wilkinson
Daniel Batemanson-in-law of Martha Wilkinson1766831849 of Park House
William Kingson-in-law of Martha Wilkinson
Patience Batemansister of Martha Wilkinson1774331807 wife of Daniel Bateman; dau. of Samuel Wilkinson
Hannah Kingsister of Martha Wilkinson1768251793 wife of William King; of Bowling; dau. of Samuel Wilkinson

959WilkinsonMary Ann Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1842id: 7931
(2 images)
4328481070dau. of Richard and Hannah Wilkinson; of Bowling Hall Lane; aged 6 weeks;
Richard Wilkinsonfather of Mary Ann Wilkinson
Hannah Wilkinsonmother of Mary Ann Wilkinson
Mary Ann Wilkinsonsister of Mary Ann Wilkinson184811849
Sophia Wilkinsonsister of Mary Ann Wilkinson1829201849

960WilkinsonMary Ann Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1843id: 6052
(2 images)
4323441072aged 10 mths
George Eastwoodfather of Mary Ann Wilkinson husband of Hannah Eastwood
Hannah Eastwoodmother of Mary Ann Wilkinson1823201843 wife of George Eastwood

961WilkinsonNansey Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument181111812id: 8118
(3 images)
4328761078dau of John and Nancy Wilkinson; of Odsal Moor Top;
John Wilkinsonfather of Nansey Wilkinson1766761842
Richard Wilkinsongrand son of Nansey Wilkinson1827181845 son of William and Mary Hanson; aged 18yrs 11mths;
Nancy Wilkinsonmother of Nansey Wilkinson1769731842

962WilkinsonSarah Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1798681866id: 81064328731077of Odsal;
John Wilkinson1803791882
Maria Wilkinsonsister of Sarah Wilkinson1814531867

963WilkinsonSarah Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1742771819id: 6310
(3 images)
4324371075of Holly Hall; wife of Samuel Wilkinson;
Samuel Wilkinsonhusband of Sarah Wilkinson1746861832 husband of Sarah Wilkinson;

964WilkinsonThomas Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1715661781id: 8437
(6 images)
Nathan Wilkinsongrand son of Thomas Wilkinson1778461824 son of James Wilkinson
James Wilkinsonson of Thomas Wilkinson1741511792
Samuel Wilkinsonson of Thomas Wilkinson1736711807
Mary Wilkinsonwife of Thomas Wilkinson1712851797 wife of Thomas Wilkinson

965WilkinsonWilliam Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1822id: 8895
(2 images)
4330431070son of Samuel and Ann Wilkinson; of Northowram; aged 9 mths.
Caleb Wilkinsonbrother of William Wilkinson184111842 son of Samuel and Ann Wilkinson; aged 16 mths.
Samuel Wilkinsonfather of William Wilkinson1797561853
Ann Wilkinsonmother of William Wilkinson
Esther Wilkinsonsister of William Wilkinson1833211854
Susanna Wilkinsonsister of William Wilkinson1830201850 son of Samuel and Ann Wilkinson;

966WilksGeorge Wilksfirst name on this monument1818761894id: 7563
(5 images)
Eliza Wilksdaughter of George Wilks1850701920 Monument;
Sarah Mary Wilksdaughter of George Wilks1854851939 Monument;
Alice Brittaingrand daughter of George Wilks1877141891 Monument;
Mary Wilkshusband of George Wilks1820721892 Monument;
Frederick Wilksson of George Wilks1852671919 Monument;

967WilksRebecca Wilksfirst name on this monument1865441909id: 7467
(2 images)
Thomas Wilkshusband of Rebecca Wilks1863821945
Sophia Wilkssecond wife of husband of Rebecca Wilks1865801945

968WilmanSam Wilmanfirst name on this monument1812811893id: 7610
(2 images)
Betty Wilman1847641911
Francis Wilman1852521904
Mary Wilman1814811895
Sarah Wilman1845681913

969WilsonAlfred Wilsonfirst name on this monumentid: 70234326021072no dates of death or ages; son of James H. & Emily Wilson
George Wilsonbrother of Alfred Wilson no dates of death or ages; son of James H. & Emily Wilson
James Henry Wilsonbrother of Alfred Wilson no dates of death or ages; son of James H. & Emily Wilson
James H Wilsonfather of Alfred Wilson check script on grave
Emily Wilsonmother of Alfred Wilson check script on grave
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970WilsonBenjamin Liversedge Wilsonfirst name on this monument188631889id: 7550
(3 images)
4327341074Monument: of Low Moor; aged 3 years 3 mths; son of James Liversedge and Sarah Elizeth Wilson;
Ann Ellen Cronshawdaughter of Benjamin Liversedge Wilson1890461936 Monument: wife of Jackson Cronshaw
James Liversedge Wilsonfather of Benjamin Liversedge Wilson1852681920 Monument:
Sarah Elizabeth Wilsonmother of Benjamin Liversedge Wilson1857401897 Monument:
Jackson Cronshawson-in-law of Benjamin Liversedge Wilson Monument: husband of Ann Ellen Cronshaw

971WilsonEdwin Wilsonfirst name on this monument1838661904id: 70194325991076Monument - of Low Moor
Martha Wilsonwife of Edwin Wilson1841771918 Monument

972WilsonElizabeth Wilsonfirst name on this monument1805611866id: 9668
(3 images)
4331161069dau of Robert and Alice Wilson; of Low Moor;
Robert Wilsonhusband of Elizabeth Wilson
Robert Wilsonson of Elizabeth Wilson1814611875 son of Robert and Alice Wilson;

973WilsonEmily Wilsonfirst name on this monument1874151889id: 6906
(5 images)
4325581075of Low Moor; born 22.05.1873;
Robert Wilsonfather of Emily Wilson1833711904 of Low Moor
Sarah Booth Wilsonmother of Emily Wilson1833871920
Joseph William Wilson1875411916
Sophia Wilson1862571919

974WilsonHannah Wilsonfirst name on this monument1835421877id: 7321
(4 images)
Annie Wilsondaughter of Hannah Wilson1870771947
Clara Wilsondaughter of Hannah Wilson1860701930
Christopher Wilsonhusband of Hannah Wilson1832801912

975WilsonIsaac Wilsonfirst name on this monument1812571869id: 6790
(3 images)
4332651069of Low Moor; husband of Harriet Wilson;
Robert Wilsonson of Isaac Wilson1853281881 son of Isaac and Harriet Wilson;
Harriet Wilsonwife of Isaac Wilson1815761891 wife of Isaac Wilson;

976WilsonJoseph Wilsonfirst name on this monument1800661866id: 6679
(2 images)
4332431113of Park Bottom; Low Moor;
Frances Bryden1861511912

977WilsonLiversedge Wilsonfirst name on this monument1875311906id: 7504
(3 images)
4327171069Monument; of Low Moor;
James Reginald Baxter Wilsonson of Liversedge Wilson1903141917 Monument;
Rebecca Wilsonwife of Liversedge Wilson1875611936 Monument;

978WilsonLiversidge Wilsonfirst name on this monument1822411863id: 6681
(2 images)
4332441075of Low Moor; husband of Alice Wilson;
Betty Wilsondaughter of Liversidge Wilson1861431904 dau of Liversidge and Alice Wilson;
Ellen Wilsondaughter of Liversidge Wilson1856771933 dau of Liversidge and Alice Wilson;
Alice Wilsonwife of Liversidge Wilson1823601883 wife of Liversidge Wilson;

979WilsonMargaret Wilsonfirst name on this monument183321835id: 7951
(7 images)
4333241077dau. of James and Mary Wilson of Low Moor;
Thomas Wilsonbrother of Margaret Wilson183711838 son of James and Mary Wilson; aged 17 mths.
William Wilson1846 presumed son of James and Mary Wilson; aged 10 mths.
Emma Wilsonsister of Margaret Wilson184811849 dau. of James and Mary Wilson; aged 13 mths.
Sophia Wilsonsister of Margaret Wilson1844 son of James and Mary Wilson; aged 3 days

980WilsonMargaret Wilsonfirst name on this monument1835id: 468
(7 images)
4331141074daughter of James and Mary Wilson of Low Moor; aged 2 days - damaged grave; top missing
Thomas Wilsonbrother of Margaret Wilson183711838 son of James and Mary Wilson; aged 17 mths
James Wilsonfather of Margaret Wilson
Mary Wilsonmother of Margaret Wilson
William Wilson1846 aged 10 mths; (presumed son of James and Mary Wilson)
Emma Wilsonsister of Margaret Wilson184811849 dau. of James and Mary Wilson; aged 13 mths; - damaged grave; part missing
Sophia Wilsonsister of Margaret Wilson1844 dau. of James and Mary Wilson; aged 3 days

981WilsonMartha Ellen Wilsonfirst name on this monument1852231875id: 6811
(3 images)
4332741071dau of Charles and Caroline Wilson; of Buttershaw;
Charles Wilsonfather of Martha Ellen Wilson1828731901 husband of Caroline Wilson and Elizabeth Wilson;
Caroline Wilsonmother of Martha Ellen Wilson wife of Charles Wilson;
Elizabeth Wilsonstep mother of Martha Ellen Wilson1822751897 wife of Charles Wilson;

982WilsonMary Wilsonfirst name on this monument1797571854id: 6553
(2 images)
4324861075wife of David Wilson of Low Moor
Joshua Wilsongrand son of Mary Wilson185141855 age 4 years 4 mths; grandson of David and Mary Wilson
David Wilsonhusband of Mary Wilson

983WilsonMary Alice Wilsonfirst name on this monument187331876id: 68444325331076aged 3 years 4 mths; dau of Joseph and Susanna Wilson; of Low Moor Top
Charles Stobart Wilsonbrother of Mary Alice Wilson1881 aged 2 mths; son of Joseph andb Susanna Wilson
Joseph Wilsonfather of Mary Alice Wilson1849571906 born 19.07.1848;
Susanna Wilsonmother of Mary Alice Wilson1846541900 born 12.07.1846;
Susan Emma Wilsonsister of Mary Alice Wilson1876391915 born 24.10.1875
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984WilsonMary Hannah Wilsonfirst name on this monument185581863id: 9565
(2 images)
4330931070dau of Joseph and Harriet Wilson; of Leeds;
Joseph Wilsonfather of Mary Hannah Wilson1826391865 husband of Harriet Wilson;
Harriet Wilsonmother of Mary Hannah Wilson wife of Joseph Wilson;

985WilsonRebekah Wilsonfirst name on this monument1773241797id: 6370
(5 images)
4324481089dau of David and Hannah Wilson of Bowling
David Wilsonfather of Rebekah Wilson1741621803
Hannah Wilsonmother of Rebekah Wilson1739771816

986WilsonRichard Wilsonfirst name on this monument1796721868id: 6774
(6 images)
4332621072of Low Moor; husband of Demarious Wilson;
Mary Loydedaughter of Richard Wilson1822841906 dau of Richard and Demarious Wilson;
Ann Wilsongrand daughter of Richard Wilson1850561906 dau of Mary Loyde
Demarious Wilsonwife of Richard Wilson1799701869 wife of Richard Wilson;

987WilsonRobert Wilsonfirst name on this monument1770571827id: 455
(9 images)
4331151076of Low Moor; husband of Alice Wilson;
Christiana Kneeshaw1794551849 dau. of Alice Wilson
Ann Taylor
John Taylor
Robert Wilson Taylor1842121854 son of John and Ann Taylor
William Wilsonson of Robert Wilson1810471857 son of Robert and Alice Wilson;
Alice Wilsonwife of Robert Wilson1775681843 wife of Robert Wilson;

988WilsonRobert Butterworth Wilsonfirst name on this monument1841id: 8037
(7 images)
4333281073son of Christoper and Eleanor Wilson of Low Moor; aged 8 weeks
Christopher Wilsonfather of Robert Butterworth Wilson1807711878
Eleanor Wilsonmother of Robert Butterworth Wilson1814671881 wife of Christopher Wilson
Alice Hannah Wilsonsister of Robert Butterworth Wilson184411845 dau.of Christoper and Eleanor Wilson of Low Moor; aged 13 mths.
Martha Wilsonsister of Robert Butterworth Wilson185311854 dau.of Christoper and Eleanor Wilson of Low Moor; aged 14 mths.

989WilsonSarah Wilsonfirst name on this monument1845381883id: 6857
(5 images)
43253910771wife of Richard Edmondson Wilson; Butcher of Low Moor
Harriett Taylordaughter of Sarah Wilson1867431910 wife of Harry Taylor of Bankfoot
Richard Edmondson Wilsonhusband of Sarah Wilson1842441886
Harry Taylorson-in-law of Sarah Wilson husband of Harriett Taylor

990WilsonWilliam Wilsonfirst name on this monument1842651907id: 7494
(2 images)
Catherine Sugdendaughter of William Wilson1878691947 wife of Isaac Sugden
Isaac Sugdenson-in-law of William Wilson1876631939 husband of Catherine Sugden
Catherine Wilsonwife of William Wilson1838771915

991WinderJohn Winderfirst name on this monument1921461967id: 6702
(3 images)
Samuel Blakeysecond husband of wife of John Winder
Sarah Ann Blakeywife of John Winder1924621986 wife of Samuel Blakey´┐Ż..who was also the wife of´┐Ż..John Winder;

992WoodCharles Woodfirst name on this monument1820581878id: 6616
(2 images)
4325021073of Odsall
Orlinda Thornton1831631894 of Odsall
Hannah Woodwife of Charles Wood1812721884

993WoodEdward Woodfirst name on this monument1870121882id: 6196
(2 images)
4331871073son of John and Martha Wood; of Batley;
Richard Edmondson Woodbrother of Edward Wood1872281900 son of John and Martha Wood;
John Woodfather of Edward Wood1839511890 husband of Martha Wood;
Martha Woodmother of Edward Wood1837651902 wife of John Wood; interred in the adjoing vault
Joseph Drake Wood1849841933

994WoodEmma Woodfirst name on this monument1843501893id: 6967
(4 images)
4325751071Monument - of Bradford; born 10.06.1843
Richard Woodhusband of Emma Wood1844561900 Monument - born 15.01.1900
John Oliver Woodson of Emma Wood1877181895 Monument - born 17.01.1877
Timothy Woodson of Emma Wood1871231894 Monument - born 09.11.1871

995WoodHumphrey Woodfirst name on this monument1831561887id: 6961
(6 images)
4325741093Monument -
Ada Wooddaughter of Humphrey Wood Monument - died in infancy; no date of death
Bertha Wooddaughter of Humphrey Wood1874211895 Monument -
Eva Wooddaughter of Humphrey Wood1858781936 Monument -
Rachel Wooddaughter of Humphrey Wood1862711933 Monument -
Rebecca Wooddaughter of Humphrey Wood1851191870 Monument - born 02.03.1851
Sarah Elizabeth Wooddaughter of Humphrey Wood186461870 Monument - born 22.10.1863
Elizabeth Woodwife of Humphrey Wood1829711900 Monument -
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GPR ref.view

996WoodJohn Woodfirst name on this monument1789501839id: 7816
(2 images)
4333131086of Wibsey; husband of Sarah Wood; was interred at Coly
Martha Wood1821751896 year not visible
John Woodson of John Wood1823261849 son of John and Sarah Wood;
Samuel Woodson of John Wood1817 son of John and Sarah Wood; aged 10 mths.; year not visible;
Sarah Woodwife of John Wood1784651849 wife of John Wood;

997WoodJohn Woodfirst name on this monument1712671779id: 8375
(5 images)
4329321080senior; of Wibsey
Isaac Bower1789641853 husband of Sarah Bower
Sarah Bower1790611851 wife of Isaac Bower
Betty Wood1754491803 2nd wife of Isaac Wood
Isaac Wood
Mary Wood1745531798 wife of Isaac Wood; of Wibsey
Sarah Woodwife of John Wood1714751789 wife of John Wood

998WoodJohn Woodfirst name on this monument1790491839id: 17
(3 images)
4333731069of East Bierley
Faith Wooddaughter of John Wood182021822 dau. of John and Fanny Wood; aged 2 yrs 5 mths;
Timothy Woodson of John Wood1819 son of John and Fanny Wood; aged 18 weeks
Fanny Woodwife of John Wood wife of John Wood

999WoodJoseph Woodfirst name on this monument179011791id: 8354
(4 images)
4329271075son of John and Mary Wood; of Wibsey low moor
William Woodbrother of Joseph Wood1792391831 son of John and Mary Wood
John Woodfather of Joseph Wood
Mary Woodmother of Joseph Wood1760661826 wife of John Wood; of Tong
Ruth Woodsister of Joseph Wood179251797 dau. of John and Mary Wood

1000WoodJoshua Woodfirst name on this monument171261718id: 6161
(5 images)
4324011077of Wibsey - son of John Wood
John Woodfather of Joshua Wood1681421723 of Wibsey
Alexander Wood husband of Susan Wood
Susannah Wood1654901744 wife of Alexander Wood

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Low Moor, Yorkshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is BD12 0HR - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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