Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list

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601MounseyMary Ann Mounseyfirst name on this monument183121833id: 7801
(4 images)
4328131077of Low Moor; dau of William and Hannah Mounsey;
Edward Mounseybrother of Mary Ann Mounsey1833161849
William Mounseyfather of Mary Ann Mounsey
Hannah Mounseymother of Mary Ann Mounsey1807511858 first wife of William Mounsey
Anne Mounseystep mother of Mary Ann Mounsey1820541874 second wife of William Mounsey

602MounseySusey Mounseyfirst name on this monument184411845id: 7826
(4 images)
4328191071of Storr Hill; aged 15 mths;
Frederick Mounseybrother of Susey Mounsey184821850 aged 2 years 8 mths;
Samuel Mounseyfather of Susey Mounsey1817711888
Susey Mounseymother of Susey Mounsey1816521868 of Cleckheaton;

603MuffBentley Mufffirst name on this monument1804631867id: 7933
(2 images)
4328491074Cattle Dealer of Hunsworth Lane;
Frederick Bentley Muffson of Bentley Muff1829521881
Ann Muffwife of Bentley Muff1803811884

604MuffChristopher Mufffirst name on this monument1811281839id: 4877
(2 images)
John Muff1847271874 of Odsal Moor;
Henry Muffson of Christopher Muff1839131852 son of Christopher and Margaret Muff;
Margaret Muffwife of Christopher Muff1811681879 wife of Christopher Muff;

605MuffJ Mufffirst name on this monumentid: 78984333271072owner

606MuffJacob Mufffirst name on this monument1823401863id: 6688
(2 images)
4332461070of Castle Street; Little Horton;
Hannah Muffdaughter of Jacob Muff1864111875
Francis Muffson of Jacob Muff1851151866

607MuffMary Mufffirst name on this monument1779671846id: 7963
(4 images)
4328571071of Lower-Park House; Hunsworth;
William Muffhusband of Mary Muff1775901865 he died being old and full having seen his Children's Children even four generations

608MyersElizabeth Myersfirst name on this monument1814id: 6037
(3 images)
4323331083age at death blank - of Low Moor
John Myersgrand son of Elizabeth Myers1828391867 son of Thomas and Susannah Myers and grandson of William and Elizabeth Myers
William Myershusband of Elizabeth Myers1774761850
Mary Tordoff1803621865 wife of William Tordoff - of Wibsey
William Tordoff husband of Mary Tordoff
Mary Myerssecond wife of husband of Elizabeth Myers1770841854 2nd wife of William

609MyersHannah Myersfirst name on this monument1823231846id: 7810
(2 images)
43281510831of Low Moor;
William Myersbrother of Hannah Myers1826401866
John Myersfather of Hannah Myers1783731856
Elizabeth Myersmother of Hannah Myers1785621847

610MyersHarry Myersfirst name on this monument187111872id: 8260
(3 images)
4329071070son of George and Hannah Myers; of Low Moor. Aged 1yr 8mths
George Myersfather of Harry Myers1835621897
Hannah Myersmother of Harry Myers1839861925
Sarah Ann Myersson of Harry Myers1860201880 also three children of George and Hannah Myers who died in their infancy

611MyersJohn Myersfirst name on this monument1819581877id: 563
(2 images)
4331201069of Low Moor;
William Myersson of John Myers1843381881 son of John Myers;
Maria Myerswife of John Myers1819661885 wife of John Myers

612MyersMary Myersfirst name on this monument1809561865id: 8263
(4 images)
4329081073wife of Thomas Myers; of Low Moor
Thomas Myershusband of Mary Myers1807611868

613MyersSusannah Myersfirst name on this monument1807421849id: 46
(6 images)
4326491071wife of Thomas Myers; of Low Moor
Emma Elizabeth Myersdaughter of Susannah Myers1838221860 dau. of Thomas and Susannah Myers
Sarah Ann Myersdaughter of Susannah Myers1849171866 dau. of Thomas and Susannah Myers
Thomas Myershusband of Susannah Myers1804811885 husband of Susannah Myers
Harriet Elizabeth Myerssecond wife of husband of Susannah Myers1835531888

614NaylorBetty Naylorfirst name on this monument1747581805id: 6071
(3 images)
4323501071wife of John Naylor; of Slack End; Wibsey
John Naylorhusband of Betty Naylor1744851829 husband of Betty Naylor
William Naylorson of Betty Naylor1793721865 son of John and Betty Naylor

615NaylorJacob Naylorfirst name on this monument1782611843id: 800043286410741of Bowling Lane;
Hannah Naylorwife of Jacob Naylor1783621845
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616NaylorJohn Naylorfirst name on this monument1829id: 8290
(4 images)
4329151080son of Thomas and Mary Naylor; of Odsall Moor; aged 1mth
Seth Naylorbrother of John Naylor184911850 son of Thomas and Mary Naylor; aged 1yr 9mths
Thomas Naylorfather of John Naylor
Mary Naylormother of John Naylor
Ellen Naylorsister of John Naylor1840111851 son of Thomas and Mary Naylor; aged 11yrs 6mths
Martha Naylorsister of John Naylor185251857 dau. of Thomas and Mary Naylor; aged 5yrs 6mths

617NaylorJoshua Naylorfirst name on this monument1824id: 60784323561077aged 6 mths - of Bowling
James Naylorbrother of Joshua Naylor1819151834
John Naylorbrother of Joshua Naylor1836161852
William Naylorfather of Joshua Naylor husband of Betty Naylor
Betty Naylormother of Joshua Naylor1791451836 wife of William Naylor
Sarah Sugdenson of Joshua Naylor1815211836

618NewbyHannah Newbyfirst name on this monument1699631762id: 8512
(10 images)
4329601072wife of Samuel Newby; of Wibsey
Samuel Newbyhusband of Hannah Newby1700631763 ….clark of this place; upwards of 41 years……….

619NewbySamuel Newbyfirst name on this monument173641740id: 6093
(4 images)
4323611069son of Samuel Newby
Samuel Newbyfather of Samuel Newby
Grace Newbyson of Samuel Newby173331736 of Wibsey

620NobleMartha Noblefirst name on this monument1791551846id: 7968
(5 images)
43285910741of Low Moor; wife of John Noble
Jenny Walkerdaughter of Martha Noble wife of Robert Walker; dau of Martha and John Noble;
Elizabeth Walkergrand daughter of Martha Noble1846 dau of Robert and Jenny Walker; of Low Moor; aged 7 mths;
John Noblehusband of Martha Noble1786721858 husband of Martha Noble
Eliza Ann Hudson1851761927 wife of Jez Hudson
Jez Hudson1843671910 husband of Elizabeth Hudson
Robert Walkerson-in-law of Martha Noble husband of Jenny Walker;

621NormingtonMartha Normingtonfirst name on this monument1833601893id: 6956
(5 images)
4325731078Monument - of Raw Nook; Low Moor
Simeon Normingtonhusband of Martha Normington1827801907 Monument -
Louisa Normington1862531915 Monument - wife of William Normington
William Normington1865511916 Monument - husband of Louisa Normington

622NorthFaith Northfirst name on this monument1773381811id: 8858
(3 images)
4330311070wife of James North; of Bowling
Grace Northdaughter of Faith North1815241839 dau of James and Martha North
Leah Northdaughter of Faith North died in their infancy - child of James and Faith North
Martha Northdaughter of Faith North died in their infancy - child of James and Faith North
James Northhusband of Faith North1771761847
Martha North1777721849 wife of James North (2nd wife?)
Isaac Northson of Faith North died in their infancy - child of James and Faith North
Jimmey Northson of Faith North died in their infancy - child of James and Faith North
Willey Northson of Faith North died in their infancy - child of James and Faith North

623NorthIsaac Northfirst name on this monument1721651786id: 9010
(6 images)
43306910761of Buttersha;
Sarah Northdaughter-in-law of Isaac North1764691833 wife of Benjamin North
Frances North1787491836 wife of Isaac North; of Bowling
Isaac North
Benjamin Northson of Isaac North1760611821 son of Isaac and Grace North;
Grace Northwife of Isaac North1726731799 wife of Isaac North

624NorthJacob Northfirst name on this monument1814221836id: 8854
(2 images)
4330301069son of Joseph and Elizabeth North; of Horse Close Bridge; North Birley
Joseph Northfather of Jacob North husband of Elizabeth North
Elizabeth Northmother of Jacob North1788581846 wife of Joseph North

625NorthJoseph Northfirst name on this monument1772641836id: 9036
(2 images)
4330711070of Wibsey;
Martha Northwife of Joseph North1774631837 wife of Joseph North;

626NorthLeah Northfirst name on this monument178631789id: 9017
(7 images)
4330701070dau of Joseph and Salley North; of Tordoff Green; near Wibsey;
John Northbrother of Leah North178451789 son of Joseph and Salley North;
Joseph Northfather of Leah North1759731832 husband of Salley North
Salley Northmother of Leah North1758431801 wife of Joseph North
W Northmonument owner of Leah North
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627NorthWilliam Northfirst name on this monument1775661841id: 6638
(4 images)
4325071071of Jake Royd; Shelf
Sarah Northwife of William North1780651845

628NorthinJoseph Northinfirst name on this monument1826id: 4913
(4 images)
4331781074son of David and Mary Northern; of Bradford; aged 8 mths.;
Henry Northinbrother of Joseph Northin184011841 son of David and Mary Northin;
Jonathan Northinbrother of Joseph Northin1834 son of David and Mary Northen; aged 10 mths.;
David Northinfather of Joseph Northin1799871886 husband of Mary Northin;
Mary Northinmother of Joseph Northin wife of David Northin;
Elizabeth Northinsister of Joseph Northin1826141840 dau. of David and Mary Northin;
Harriet Northinsister of Joseph Northin1829 dau. of David and Mary Northern; aged 17 weeks;
Mary Ann Northinsister of Joseph Northin1822131835 dau. of David and Mary Northern;

629NortonDavid Nortonfirst name on this monument182521827id: 66504325131100of Bowling
Abram Nortonbrother of David Norton1829 age 10 mths;
Amos Nortonbrother of David Norton183511836
Joseph Nortonfather of David Norton1786551841 husband of Martha Norton
Martha Nortonmother of David Norton wife of Joseph Norton
Rachel Nortonsister of David Norton183311834 age 1 year 10 mths;

630NortonWilliam Nortonfirst name on this monument1806151821id: 66824325281081of Low Moor
Elizabeth Nortonwife of William Norton1744851829

631OddyMaria Oddyfirst name on this monument1853581911id: 7369
(5 images)
4326701077wife of John Oddy; of Moortop; Farnley
John Oddyhusband of Maria Oddy of Moortop; Farnley; husband of Maria Oddy
Bryan Hill1818711889
Jane Hill1824571881
Samuel Hill1850281878

632OrrellMenia Orrellfirst name on this monument1823321855id: 7075
(4 images)
4326281076Monument - wife of Richard Orrell; of Low Moor
Ralph Orrellbrother-in-law of Menia Orrell1826741900 Monument - brother of the above
Richard Orrellhusband of Menia Orrell1816571873 Monument - husband and father of the above
Charles Henry Orrellson of Menia Orrell186011861 Monument - aged 17 mths

633PadgetElizabeth Padgetfirst name on this monument1832121844id: 8143
(4 images)
4328841083niece of William and Patience Clarke; died at Leeds;
Patience Clarkeaunt of Elizabeth Padget1809601869

634ParkerAlfred Parkerfirst name on this monument1818391857id: 618
(5 images)
43313310881of Low Moor;
Alfred Ellis1853731926 of Low Moor; husband of Frances Mary Ellis;
Ezra Ellis owner of this stone
Frances Mary Ellis1854771931 wife of Alfred Ellis;

635ParkerHannah Parkerfirst name on this monument1826301856id: 71164326411071of Horton
Charles Parkerfather of Hannah Parker husband of Pally Parker
Pally Parkermother of Hannah Parker1797601857 wife of Charles Parker

636ParkerSamuel Parkerfirst name on this monument1761611822id: 345
(5 images)
4330771076of Wibsey Slack;
Alcy Parker
James Parker
Margaret Parker1814191833 dau. of James and Alcy Parker; of Horton;
Mally Parkerwife of Samuel Parker1764661830 wife of Samuel Parker

637ParkinsonJoseph Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1755651820id: 8958
(4 images)
4330581075of Carr Lane;
Annis Parkinson1844181862 youngest daughter of Joseph and Harriet Parkinson; of Low Moor; aged 18 yrs 11 mths.
Harriet Parkinson1805651870 wife of Joseph Parkinson
Joseph Parkinson1800691869 father of Annis Parkinson
Joseph Parkinson1829401869 son of Joseph and Harriet Parkinson; who died at Chelsea
Mary Parkinsonwife of Joseph Parkinson1763601823 wife of Joseph Parkinson

638ParkinsonJoseph Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1815781893id: 7921
(2 images)
4328441073of Dean House; North Bierley;
Charlotte Parkinsonwife of Joseph Parkinson1819781897

639ParkinsonMary Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1827id: 6630
(5 images)
4325061075age 10 mths; dau of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Parkinson of StorHill; near Wibse
Charles Parkinsonbrother of Mary Parkinson1820531873
Jeremiah Parkinsonbrother of Mary Parkinson1834 age 7 mths
Jeremiah Parkinsonfather of Mary Parkinson1783911874
Elizabeth Parkinsonmother of Mary Parkinson1791641855
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640ParkinsonMary Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1781701851id: 7795
(2 images)
4328111089of North Bierley;
Hannah Muffdaughter of Mary Parkinson1807651872 of Tong;
James Parkinsonhusband of Mary Parkinson
Squire Muffson-in-law of Mary Parkinson1805741879 of Westgate Hill; Tong;

641ParkinsonWilliam Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1746711817id: 8944
(5 images)
4330551075of Low Moor; Wibsey;
Susanna Parkinsondaughter of William Parkinson1801211822 dau. of William Parkinson;
Ann Parkinson1798361834 wife of John Parkinson
Asher Parkinson183181839 son of John and Ann Parkinson
John Parkinson1795441839
Nancy Parkinson1834 dau. of John Parkinson; aged 13 weeks
James Parkinsonson of William Parkinson1779391818 son of William Parkinson;
Nancy Parkinsonwife of William Parkinson1757751832

642ParrishJames Parrishfirst name on this monument1801681869id: 7945
(4 images)
4333261082of Low Moor.
Sarah Parrishwife of James Parrish1803501853 wife of James Parrish

643PatchettAlfred Patchettfirst name on this monument185221854id: 7701
(2 images)
4327801098Monument; of Low Moor; son of John and Mary Ann Patchett; aged 2 years 10 mths;
Elizabeth Patchettdaughter of Alfred Patchett1863301893 Monument;
John Patchettfather of Alfred Patchett1823671890 Monument;
Mary Ann Patchettmother of Alfred Patchett Monument;

644PatchettMary Ann Patchettfirst name on this monumentid: 77004327791088Owners - no date of death or age shown
Charlotte Patchett Owners - no date of death or age shown

645PatchettWilliam Patchettfirst name on this monument1787671854id: 81414328831069of Low Moor;

646PearcyRobert Pearcyfirst name on this monument1723771800id: 8298
(4 images)
Frances Taylor1787821869 dau. of John and (blank) Taylor

647PearsonA Pearsonfirst name on this monument1883331916id: 7673
(2 images)
4327691076Private 7670 - Duke of Wellington's Regmt.

648PearsonAbram Pearsonfirst name on this monument1756651821id: 9044
(5 images)
4330751091of Wibsey Slack;
Betha Jowettdaughter of Abram Pearson1814671881 (must be daughter of Isaac and Betty Pearson)
Abram Pearsongrand son of Abram Pearson1830501880 son of Isaac and Betha Jowett; of Slack Side; Wibsey
Isaac Pearsonson of Abram Pearson1797441841
Isaac Jowettson-in-law of Abram Pearson
Betty Pearsonwife of Abram Pearson1766791845 wife of Abram Pearson;

649PearsonAngelina Pearsonfirst name on this monument1846531899id: 6925
(5 images)
4332981081wife of Marsden Pearson; of Armley; late of Bradford;
Mary Pearsondaughter of Angelina Pearson188511886 aged 13 mths.; dau of Marsden and Angelina Pearson;
Marsden Pearsonhusband of Angelina Pearson1847701917 husband of Angelina Pearson; was interred at Wallasey Cemetery;

650PearsonChristopher Pearsonfirst name on this monument1829201849id: 6618
(3 images)
4325031075son of William and Bethia Pearson; of Wibsey Bank Foot
William Pearsonfather of Christopher Pearson1803701873
Bethia Pearsonmother of Christopher Pearson1802821884

651PearsonEdith Pearsonfirst name on this monument1870id: 67934332661070grandaughter of Joseph and Betty Pearson; of Odsal Moor; aged 9 mths.;
Joseph Pearsongrand father of Edith Pearson1818571875 husband of Betty Pearson;
Betty Pearsongrand mother of Edith Pearson1824741898 wife of Joseph Pearson;
Sushannah Pearson1852191871 dau of Joseph and Betty Pearson;

652PearsonEdwin Pearsonfirst name on this monument1825701895id: 7419
(2 images)
4326931071Monument; of Odsal
Hannah Pearsonwife of Edwin Pearson1835641899 Monument;

653PearsonElizabeth Pearsonfirst name on this monument1842191861id: 66584332351070dau of John and Harriet Pearson; of Old Bowling Lane;
Joseph Pearsonbrother of Elizabeth Pearson1838291867 son of John and Harriet Pearson;
John Pearsonfather of Elizabeth Pearson
Harriet Pearsonmother of Elizabeth Pearson
Lilly Pearsonsister of Elizabeth Pearson1829341863 dau of John and Harriet Pearson;
Maria Pearsonsister of Elizabeth Pearson1844181862 dau of John and Harriet Pearson;
Martha Pearsonsister of Elizabeth Pearson1845241869 dau of John and Harriet Pearson;

654PearsonGent Pearsonfirst name on this monument1814611875id: 69324333001085of Odsal;
Henry Nichollnephew of Gent Pearson1831471878 son of Hannah Nicholl;
Hannah Nichollsister of Gent Pearson1809671876
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655PearsonJames Pearsonfirst name on this monument1841121853id: 71354326481071of Low Moor
Joseph Pearsonfather of James Pearson1797581855
Sally Pearsonmother of James Pearson1804541858
Mary Pearsonsister of James Pearson1832241856

656PearsonJohn Pearsonfirst name on this monument1804421846id: 40
(2 images)
4326471074of Low Moor
Robert Pearsonfather of John Pearson1770761846
Hannah Pearsonmother of John Pearson1772781850
Hannah Pearson1824671891 of Low Moor

657PearsonJohn Pearsonfirst name on this monument1807651872id: 666
(2 images)
4331451092of Parkside; Bowling;
Harriet Pearsonwife of John Pearson1807771884 widow of John Pearson;

658PearsonJohn Pearsonfirst name on this monument1792601852id: 6284
(4 images)
4332041070of Odsal Moor; husband of Martha Pearson;
Robert Pearsonmonument owner of John Pearson owner of this stone
Peter Bastowstep son of John Pearson1822461868 son of Martha Pearson;
Martha Pearsonwife of John Pearson1788691857 wife of John Pearson;

659PearsonMary Pearsonfirst name on this monument1828341862id: 8342
(2 images)
4329231071wife of James Pearson; of Great-Horton
James Pearsonhusband of Mary Pearson1827711898 Born 18.02.1827
James Pearsonson of Mary Pearson1862 aged 3 weeks 6 days

660PearsonMary Ann Pearsonfirst name on this monument1823621885id: 6862
(2 images)
4325401070of Odsall Moor
William Pearsonhusband of Mary Ann Pearson1821661887

661PearsonMary Hannah Pearsonfirst name on this monument1853371890id: 7392
(6 images)
4326761094Monument; of Bowling; wife of Thomas Hanson Pearson
Ethel Pearsondaughter of Mary Hannah Pearson1877211898 Monument;
Thomas Hanson Pearsonhusband of Mary Hannah Pearson1849721921 Monument;
Edwin Pearson185621858 Monument; son of William and Judith Pearson; aged 2 years 3 mths;
Judith Pearson1827621889 Monument; wife of William Pearson
Martha Pearson185151856 Monument; daughter of William and Judith Pearson
William Pearson1828521880 Monument; of Bradford; husband of Judith Pearson
Edwin Hanson Pearsonson of Mary Hannah Pearson187511876 Monument; aged 1 year 5 mths;
John Henry Fidler Pearsonson of Mary Hannah Pearson1878271905 Monument; died in Cairns; Queensland; Australia; son of Mary Hannah and Thomas Hanson Pearson;
Sarah Ann Pearsonsecond wife of husband of Mary Hannah Pearson1871781949 Monument;

662PearsonRichard Pearsonfirst name on this monumentid: 61384323871069of Wike Lane - badly damaged gravestone

663PearsonRobert Pearsonfirst name on this monument1759561815id: 6662
(2 images)
4325221074Senior; of Carr Lane
Eliza Pearson1816 age 3 weeks; dau of Robert and Mary Pearson
Hannah Pearson182311824 age 1 year 9 mths; dau of Robert and Mary Pearson
Mary Pearson1791401831 wife of Robert Pearson
Hannah Pearsonwife of Robert Pearson1755741829

664PearsonSamuel Pearsonfirst name on this monument1846171863id: 6735
(2 images)
4332561071of Low Moor;
Elizabeth Pearson1839331872 wife of James Pearson;
James Pearson1837761913 husband of Elizabeth Pearson;
Ruth Pearson died in her infancy no surname shown (presume it is Pearson) no date or age either;

665PearsonSarah Pearsonfirst name on this monument1833561889id: 69244325641071wife of John Pearson; of Bank-Foot
Rosina Pearsondaughter of Sarah Pearson1854621916
John Pearsonhusband of Sarah Pearson1830731903

666PearsonWilliam Pearsonfirst name on this monument182071827id: 9071
(2 images)
43308210741son of Joseph and Mary Pearson; of Odsol Moor; aged 7 yrs. 6 mths.
John Pearsonbrother of William Pearson son of Joseph and Mary Pearson; who died in their infancy
Joseph Pearsonfather of William Pearson1784561840 husband of Mary Pearson;
Mary Pearsonmother of William Pearson1780561836 wife of Joseph Pearson;
Hannah Pearsonsister of William Pearson son of Joseph and Mary Pearson; who died in their infancy
Salley Pearsonsister of William Pearson dau. of Joseph and Mary Pearson; who died in their infancy

667PearsonWilliam Pearsonfirst name on this monument1793631856id: 4900
(13 images)
43317710781of Odall Moor;
Amy Steadgrand daughter of William Pearson186921871 dau of Jonathan and Matilda Stead; aged 2 yrs 7 mths.; grandaughter of William and Ester Pearson;
Marsden Pearsongreat grand son of William Pearson1847701917 interred at Wallasey cemetery; great grandson of William and Ester Pearson;
W & J Pearsonmonument owner of William Pearson owners
Willie Pearson1871 son of Marsden and Angelina Pearson; aged 4 mths.;
Esther Pearsonwife of William Pearson1792741866 wife of William Pearson;
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668PeelBetty Peelfirst name on this monument1753401793id: 8568
(5 images)
4333501078wife of Nathaniel Peel of Bowling
Nathaniel Peelhusband of Betty Peel1752771829 husband of Betty Peel
Esther Peel1783371820 wife of Samuel Peel
Esther Peel182011821 dau. of Samuel and Esther Peel; aged 1 yr.4mths;
Samuel Peel

669PeelJoshua Peelfirst name on this monument1802791881id: 7437
(2 images)
4326981078of Low Moor;
William Peelson of Joshua Peel1833671900
Jane Peelwife of Joshua Peel1802791881

670PeelRichard Peelfirst name on this monument1703631766id: 8550
(9 images)
4329671073of Low Park House
Betty Peel1759611820
Hannah Peel1736621798 wife of Samuel Peel of Wibsey
John Peel1760671827 husband of Martha Peel
Martha Peel1763271790 wife of John Peel
Nelley Peel178551790 dau. of John Peel
Sam Peel1736681804
Samuel Peel178111782 son of John Peel of Wibsey
Samuel Peel
Sarah Peelwife of Richard Peel1692891781 wife of Richard Peel

671PettyAnnie Pettyfirst name on this monument1900id: 7596
(2 images)
4327471075Monument; no age shown;
Joshua Pettyhusband of Annie Petty1864631927 Monument;

672PettyEdward Pettyfirst name on this monument1843531896id: 7528
(2 images)
4327261074Monument: of Bradford late of Low Moor;
Jane Thompsondaughter of Edward Petty1871671938 Monument: wife of William Thompson;
William Thompsonson-in-law of Edward Petty Monument: husband of Jane Thompson;
Harriet Pettywife of Edward Petty1843861929 Monument:

673PettyJane Pettyfirst name on this monument1824731897id: 7524
(3 images)
4327241070Monument; of Wesley Place; Low Moor;
John Pettyhusband of Jane Petty1822751897 Monument;

674PickardThomas Pickardfirst name on this monument1842501892id: 697443257710751a bellringer at Holy Trinity Church; Low Moor - bell symbol carved into headstone
John Unwin husband of Sarah Unwin
Sarah Unwin1856691925 wife of John Unwin

675PickelsEli Pickelsfirst name on this monument1821121833id: 9104
(2 images)
4330891069son of James and Elizabeth Pickels; of Stainbro;
James Pickelsfather of Eli Pickels husband of Elizabeth Pickels;
Elizabeth Pickelsmother of Eli Pickels wife of James Pickels;

676PicklesAbraham Picklesfirst name on this monument1690471737id: 6115
(3 images)
43237511271of Wibsey;
Susannah Pickles172621728
William Pickles173111732
Mary Pickleswife of Abraham Pickles1690621752

677PicklesBetty Picklesfirst name on this monument1823231846id: 6376
(5 images)
4324491096of North Bierley
John Kellettfather of Betty Pickles owner of this stone; husband of Mary Kellett of Calverley Moor
Mary Kellettmother of Betty Pickles wife of John Kellett of Calverley Moor
Hannah Kellett185921861 aged 2 years 11 mths

678PicklesEsther Picklesfirst name on this monument1642621704id: 61184323761132
Abraham Pickleshusband of Esther Pickles1638821720

679PicklesMary Ann Picklesfirst name on this monument1869241893id: 70344326091088
Tom Picklesbrother of Mary Ann Pickles1876251901
Squire Picklesfather of Mary Ann Pickles1848711919
Harriet Picklesmother of Mary Ann Pickles1852751927

680PillingElizabeth Pillingfirst name on this monument1806181824id: 1
(4 images)
4333661069dau. of Joseph and Sarah Pilling; of Sams Mill; Horton

681PillingJohn Pillingfirst name on this monument1814id: 8175
(5 images)
4329761079son of Joseph and Sarah Pilling; aged 30 weeks;
Joseph Pillingfather of John Pilling
Sarah Pillingmother of John Pilling
Ann Pillingsister of John Pilling1819 dau. of Joseph and Sarah Pilling; aged 6 mths.
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682PillingJoseph Pillingfirst name on this monument1767841851id: 54333671071late of Sams Mill; Horton; Corn Miller
Sarah Pillingwife of Joseph Pilling1773791852 wife of Joseph Pilling

683PollardHannah Pollardfirst name on this monument1686751761id: 8360
(6 images)
4333471079wife of Richard Pollard;
Richard Pollardhusband of Hannah Pollard husband of Hannah Pollard;
Richard Pollard1755771832 of Low Moor;
Jermiah Smithson-in-law of Hannah Pollard1719641783 late of Great Horton; son-in-law of Hannah Pollard;

684PollardJames Pollardfirst name on this monument1794751869id: 70874326301082of Low Moor
Sarah Alice Pearson1877791956 wife of William Pearson
William Pearson1873751948 husband of Sarah Alice Pearson

685PollardNicholas Pollardfirst name on this monument1664id: 61364323851093son of William Pollard; of North Bireley; no age shown
Susanna Pollarddaughter of Nicholas Pollard1672 no age shown
William Pollardfather of Nicholas Pollard no age shown; or date of death
Nicholas Pollardson of Nicholas Pollard1672 no age shown
Richard Pollardson of Nicholas Pollard1672 no age shown

686PollardRichard Pollardfirst name on this monument1643751718id: 61214323791069of Clayton Height

687PollardSamuel Pollardfirst name on this monument1785571842id: 712743264510761of Lower Wike
Elizabeth Pollarddaughter of Samuel Pollard1828291857 of Wike
Hannah Pollardwife of Samuel Pollard1788761864 of Wike

688PollardWilliam Pollardfirst name on this monumentid: 6122
(7 images)
4323801077of Wibsey - badly eroded; details lost
William Pollardgrand son of William Pollard badly eroded - details lost
Overend Jowett1829681897
Martha Pollardwife of William Pollard1610751685

689PooleMary Jane Poolefirst name on this monument1845181863id: 6649
(2 images)
Elizabeth Poole1810681878 wife of Samuel Poole;
Samuel Poole1800741874 husband of Elizabeth Poole;

690PowelRoger Powelfirst name on this monument1763701833id: 6585
(2 images)
4324941071VAULT - A.M. late fellow of Worchester College; Oxford and for nearly 29 years the incumbent of this Chapel.

691PrattAlbert Prattfirst name on this monument1880no image4326941081of Low Moor; aged 8 mths;
James Prattbrother of Albert Pratt1861651926
Amos Prattfather of Albert Pratt1833661899
Sarah Elizabeth Prattmother of Albert Pratt1843621905

692PrattEllen Prattfirst name on this monument1838421880id: 7315
(2 images)
4326571084of Low Moor
Emma Prattdaughter of Ellen Pratt1862171879
John Pratthusband of Ellen Pratt1834701904
Margaret Prattsecond wife of husband of Ellen Pratt1840701910

693PreistleyNaomi Elizabeth Preistleyfirst name on this monument180611807id: 6462
(5 images)
4324721070dau of Samuel and Ellinora Preistley of Bowling
Mary Susannah Ellinora Preistleydaughter of Naomi Elizabeth Preistley1804131817
Samuel Priestleyfather of Naomi Elizabeth Preistley1770511821
Ellinora Priestleymother of Naomi Elizabeth Preistley1768721840 wife of Samuel Priestley
Samuel Lushnephew of Naomi Elizabeth Preistley1823 son of Israel and Rebecca Lush; grandson to the above Samuel Priestley; died in his infancy
Rebekah Priestleysister of Naomi Elizabeth Preistley1802281830 dau of Samuel and Ellinora Priestley

694PriestleyAnn Priestleyfirst name on this monument1825id: 60514323431071aged 5 mths
Mark Priestleyfather of Ann Priestley1799261825
Alice Priestleymother of Ann Priestley

695PriestleyAsa Priestleyfirst name on this monument187321875id: 7330
(3 images)
4326611086of Woodlands; aged 2 years 11 mths
Thomas Priestleyfather of Asa Priestley1817611878
Mary Priestleymother of Asa Priestley1829481877
Hannah Priestleysister of Asa Priestley1863141877

696PriestleyGeorge Priestleyfirst name on this monument179221794id: 6367
(3 images)
4324471104of Clayton Heights
Joseph Priestleyfather of George Priestley husband of Ann Priestley
Ann Priestleymother of George Priestley wife if Joseph Priestley

697PriestleyHannah Priestleyfirst name on this monument1738371775id: 6388
(4 images)
4324521074wife of Elijah of Revey Hall
Elijah Priestleyhusband of Hannah Priestley1727771804
Ann Priestley1782151797 no date of death or age shown; dau of Elijah
Benjamin Priestley no date of death or age shown; son of Elijah
George Priestley no date of death or age shown; son of Elijah
Samuel Priestley no date of death or age shown; son of Elijah
Sarah Priestley no date of death or age shown; dau of Elijah
Thomas Priestley no date of death or age shown; son of Elijah
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GPR ref.view

698PriestleyHarry Priestleyfirst name on this monument187621878id: 7386
(3 images)
4326741071of Odsall Moor
Walter Priestleybrother of Harry Priestley1883351918 died in France from wounds; buried at Etaples; France Nov.20th 1918
Levi Priestleyfather of Harry Priestley1852571909
Annis Priestleymother of Harry Priestley1851341885

699PriestleyJoseph Priestleyfirst name on this monument1824341858id: 5544331371070
Mary Ann Birchdaughter of Joseph Priestley1850231873 wife of Henry Birch and dau. of Joseph Priestley
Maria Crtreemother-in-law of Joseph Priestley1801621863 mother-in-law of Joseph Priestley
Henry Birchson-in-law of Joseph Priestley husband of Mary Ann Birch

700PriestleyJoseph Priestleyfirst name on this monument1782711853id: 7860
(2 images)
4328261069of Carr Lane;
Mary Priestleywife of Joseph Priestley1784711855

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Low Moor, Yorkshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is BD12 0HR - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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