Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list

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501JacksonMary Ellen Jacksonfirst name on this monument186311864id: 7899
(2 images)
4328361072dau of James and Hannah Jackson; of Odsall; aged 1 year 11 mths;
John Brooksbankbrother of Mary Ellen Jackson186821870 son of James and Hannah Jackson; aged 2 years 9 mths;
James Jacksonfather of Mary Ellen Jackson1823561879
Hannah Jacksonmother of Mary Ellen Jackson1827591886

502JacksonSquier Jacksonfirst name on this monument182611827id: 8822
(2 images)
4330221075son of John and Sarah Jackson of Wibsey
Hodgson Jacksonbrother of Squier Jackson184111842 son of John and Sarah Jackson of Wibsey
John Jackson Jacksonfather of Squier Jackson1802551857
Sarah Jacksonmother of Squier Jackson1808671875
General Jackson1853 son of William and Hannah Jackson; 10 mths
Hannah Jackson mother of General and Martha Ann Jackson
Martha Ann Jackson1855 dau. of William and Hannah Jackson; 7 mths
William Jackson father of General and Martha Ann Jackson

503JenkinsonMary Jenkinsonfirst name on this monument1700511751id: 61194323771073wife of Richard Jenkinson
Richard Jenkinsonhusband of Mary Jenkinson husband of Mary Jenkinson

504JonesAlice Jonesfirst name on this monument184221844id: 8241
(2 images)
4329041072dau. of Thomas and Mary Jones of Low Moor.
Thomas Jonesfather of Alice Jones
Mary Jonesmother of Alice Jones
Eliza Jonesson of Alice Jones1850 dau. of Thomas and Mary Jones of Low Moor. Aged 10 mths.

505JonesHannah Jonesfirst name on this monument1789751864id: 6767
(2 images)
43325910701wife of Joseph Jones; of Low Moor;
Rebecca Cloughdaughter of Hannah Jones1829751904 dau. of Joseph and Hannah Jones;
Joseph Joneshusband of Hannah Jones1787791866 husband of Hannah Jones;

506JonesJoseph Jonesfirst name on this monument184061846id: 7774
(5 images)
4328061085son of Abraham and Sarah Jones; of Low Moor;
Abraham Jonesbrother of Joseph Jones1848631911
John Jonesbrother of Joseph Jones1840151855 son of Abraham and Sarah Jones
Abraham Jonesfather of Joseph Jones father of the above; husband of Sarah Jones
Sarah Jonesmother of Joseph Jones mother of the above; wife of Abraham Jones
John Daviesmonument owner of Joseph Jones
Elizabeth Jonessister of Joseph Jones1847 dau. of Abraham and Sarah Jones; aged 11 mths;
Emma Jonessister of Joseph Jones184531848 dau. of Abraham and Sarah Jones
Sophia Jonessister of Joseph Jones186031863 dau. of Abraham and Sarah Jones; aged 3 years 6 weeks;

507JonesSarah Jonesfirst name on this monument1844221866id: 6831
(2 images)
4332801090wife of William Jones; of Low Moor;
William Joneshusband of Sarah Jones1843251868 husband of Sarah Jones;
Abraham Jonesmonument owner of Sarah Jones owner
Harry Bailey1875361911 grandson of Abraham Jones; died in Toronto; Canada;
Abraham Jones1816631879 husband of Sarah Jones;
Sarah Jones1818601878 wife of Abraham Jones; of Hill Top; Low Moor;
Amos Jonesson of Sarah Jones1865 son of William and Sarah Jones; aged 11 weeks;

508JonsonThomas Kay Jonsonfirst name on this monument1766711837id: 8321
(2 images)

509JowetRebecca Jowetfirst name on this monument172331726id: 61434323901080of Wibsey
Joshua Jowetfather of Rebecca Jowet father of Rebecca Jowet

510JowettHannah Jowettfirst name on this monument178341787id: 8890
(5 images)
43304210831dau. of Jonas and Dinah Jowett; of Wibsey
Jonas Jowettfather of Hannah Jowett1761721833 husband of Dinah Jowett
Dinah Jowettmother of Hannah Jowett1759801839 wife of Jonas Jowett
Benjamin Jowett Wilkinsonnephew of Hannah Jowett1828281856 son of Samuel and Ann Wilkinson; of Northowram; grandson of Jonas and Dinah Jowett
Benjamin Jowettson of Hannah Jowett1793201813 son of Jonas and Dinah Jowett;

511JowettJames Jowettfirst name on this monument1775541829id: 6394
(5 images)
4324541097of Great Horton
Charles Fletchergrand son of James Jowett1824471871
Mary Fletcher1852 aged 12 days
Mary Elizabeth Fletcher185411855 aged 1 year 7 mths;
John Jowettson of James Jowett1810241834 died at Jamaica
Matty Jowettwife of James Jowett1779631842
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512JowettJonas Jowettfirst name on this monument1726811807id: 8882
(2 images)
4333651094of Great Horton
Elizabeth Jowettgrand daughter-in-law of Jonas Jowett
Naomi Jowettgreat grand daughter of Jonas Jowett182931832 dau. of Jonas and Elizabeth Jowett; of Northowram; great grand-daughter of Jonas Jowett; daughter of Jonas Jowett
Jonas Jowettgrand son of Jonas Jowett

513KaySusey Kayfirst name on this monument1812461858id: 38
(3 images)
4328381074wife of William Kay; of Low Moor;
William Kayhusband of Susey Kay1812651877 husband of Susey Kay

514KayeHannah Kayefirst name on this monument1839331872id: 68404332851075wife of Thomas Kaye; of Odsall;
Hannah Lightowlerdaughter of Hannah Kaye1873771950 husband of Robert F. Lightowler;
Thomas Kayehusband of Hannah Kaye1834401874 husband of Hannah Kaye;
William Norman Lightowler1900651965
Robert F Lightowlerson-in-law of Hannah Kaye1943 son-in-law of Thomas and Hannah Kaye; no age shown;

515KellettDeborah Kellettfirst name on this monument1752731825id: 8972
(2 images)
4330611079wife of James Kellett; of Wibsey Slack;
James Kelletthusband of Deborah Kellett1756721828 husband of Deborah Kellett

516KellettElizabeth Kellettfirst name on this monument1799661865id: 6743
(2 images)
4332581078of Low Moor;
Elizabeth Kellett1819781897
Charles Kellettson of Elizabeth Kellett1825581883 son of Elizabeth Kellett;

517KellettGeorge Kellettfirst name on this monument1837631900id: 70744326271091
Jacob Laycock1941 husband of Martha R. Laycock; no age shown
Martha R Laycock1866671933 wife of Jacob Laycock
Rebecca Laycock189931902 dau of Jacob and Martha R. Laycock;
Alice Kellettwife of George Kellett1838661904

518KellettHarriot Kellettfirst name on this monument181371820id: 6643
(2 images)
4325081083of Wibsey
Rhoda Patchett Hardwickdaughter of Harriot Kellett1827151842
Abraham Kellettfather of Harriot Kellett1782511833
Elizabeth Kellettmother of Harriot Kellett wife of Abraham Kellett
John Daviesmonument owner of Harriot Kellett owner of this stone

519KellettJoab Kellettfirst name on this monument1819481867id: 681943328110862of Fiddler Hill;
Eliza Kellettdaughter of Joab Kellett186461870 dau of Jo Kellett;
Mary Kellettmonument owner of Joab Kellett owner

520KellettJonathan Kellettfirst name on this monument1746681814id: 6472
(9 images)
4324741092of Slack-End; Wibsey
Betty Haighgrand daughter of Jonathan Kellett1828151843
Daniel Kellettson of Jonathan Kellett1788731861 of Beck Hill
Elizabeth Kellettwife of Jonathan Kellett1750771827

521KellettMartha Kellettfirst name on this monument1738731811id: 8226
(6 images)
4329001076wife of John Kellet; School master of Bradford
John Kelletthusband of Martha Kellett1744721816

522KellettSarah Hannah Kellettfirst name on this monument186611867id: 6814
(2 images)
4332751088dau of Samuel and Martha Kellett; of Low Moor; aged 1 yr. 9 mths.;
Samuel Kellettfather of Sarah Hannah Kellett1841621903 husband of Martha Kellett;
Martha Kellettmother of Sarah Hannah Kellett1843261869 wife of Samuel Kellett;
Martha Kellett1890 dau of Fred and Francis Kellett; aged 1 mth.;

523KellitMary Kellitfirst name on this monument1678831761id: 60734323521080of Revey
Hannah Firthdaughter of Mary Kellit1715741789 wife of John Firth and dau. George and Mary Kellit
Martha Sharpgrand daughter of Mary Kellit1745631808 wife of Nathan Sharp and dau. of John and Hannah Firth of Wike
Nathan Sharpgrand son-in-law of Mary Kellit
George Kellithusband of Mary Kellit1691771768 of Revey
John Firthson-in-law of Mary Kellit1714801794

524KershawJohn Kershawfirst name on this monument1762281790id: 8511
(9 images)
43295910721of Wibsey
William Kershawfather of John Kershaw1733571790
Hannah Kershawmother of John Kershaw1738751813 widdow of the above William

525KneeshawJohn Kneeshawfirst name on this monument1793421835id: 6678
(2 images)
4325291075of Wibsey
Hannah Kneeshaymonument owner of John Kneeshaw Hannah Kneeshay owner

526KnightSarah Alice Knightfirst name on this monument1855251880id: 7422
(4 images)
4326951082of Low Moor; wife of John William Knight; dau. of David & Hannah B. Yates
David Yatesfather of Sarah Alice Knight1820711891
John William Knighthusband of Sarah Alice Knight
Hannah B Yatesmother of Sarah Alice Knight1823881911
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527LaconJohn Laconfirst name on this monument1843621905id: 5334325961075
Mary Lacon1866761942 wife of Thomas Lacon;
Thomas Laconson of John Lacon1865621927 son of John and Betty Lacon; husband of Mary Lacon;
Betty Laconwife of John Lacon1840721912

528LawChristopher Lawfirst name on this monument1822501872id: 68544332891071of Low Moor; husband of Betty Law;
Betty Lawwife of Christopher Law1821721893 wife of Christopher Law;

529LaycockJonathan Webster Laycockfirst name on this monument1822251847id: 7814
(6 images)
4328171094son of Samuel Laycock; of Low Moor;
Samuel Laycockfather of Jonathan Webster Laycock1795821877
Thomas Evansmonument owner of Jonathan Webster Laycock owner; husband of Phoebe Evans;
Thomas Evansmonument owner of Jonathan Webster Laycock monument owner
Florence Evans187531878 dau of Thomas and Phoebe Evans; aged 3 years 6 mths;
Mary Jane Evans1877 dau of Thomas and Phoebe Evans; aged 11 mths;
Phoebe Evans wife of Thomas Evans;
Mary Laycock1792831875 wife of Samuel Laycock;

530LaycockLeah Laycockfirst name on this monument1832231855id: 70724326251074dau of David and Susannah Laycock; of Little Horton
David Laycockfather of Leah Laycock1796731869
Susannah Laycockmother of Leah Laycock

531LaycockMary Laycockfirst name on this monument1850id: 558
(4 images)
4331191097dau of John and Hannah Laycock; aged 10 mths.;
John Laycockfather of Mary Laycock1824661890 husband of Hannah Laycock;
Hannah Laycockmother of Mary Laycock1825681893 wife of John Laycock;
Gaythorne Slicernephew of Mary Laycock1881 grandson of John and Hannah Laycock; aged 3 mths.;
Joseph Harrison Laycock died in infancy; no year or age shown
Sidney Laycock1855 aged 6 weeks;

532LaycockSusannah Laycockfirst name on this monument1797431840id: 6494
(2 images)
4324761071wife of David Laycock of Little Horton
Charlot Laycockdaughter of Susannah Laycock1830191849
David Laycockhusband of Susannah Laycock

533LeaJohn Leafirst name on this monument1763721835id: 9620
(4 images)
4331091070Rodder and Slitter
Hannah Leawife of John Lea1770681838

534LeathleyRichard Leathleyfirst name on this monument1665691734id: 8485
(6 images)
4329551075of North bierle
Mary Moorhousedaughter of Richard Leathley1695851780 dau. of Richard Leathley; and widow of John Moorhouse; of Beamsley Hall; in Craven; aged 85 years 9 mths

535LeeAbagel Leefirst name on this monument1800321832id: 8539
(4 images)
4329641084wife of James Lee; of Wood Side
Elizabeth Leedaughter of Abagel Lee1832 aged 10 weeks
Mary Leedaughter of Abagel Lee1821151836
James Leefather of Abagel Lee1773731846
Edwin Leeson of Abagel Lee1823191842
James Leeson of Abagel Lee1819251844

536LeeJoseph Leefirst name on this monument1753191772id: 8543
(4 images)
4329651073son of John Lee of Woodside
John Leefather of Joseph Lee father of Joseph Lee and husband of Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Lee1711821793 wife of John Lee
James Lee1743771820 of Woodside

537LeeSarah Leefirst name on this monument177731780id: 8547
(3 images)
4329661074dau. of James and Hannah Lee of Woodside
James Leefather of Sarah Lee
Hannah Leemother of Sarah Lee1740851825 wife of James Lee
Martha Leesister of Sarah Lee1780151795 dau. of James and Hannah Lee of Woodside

538LeeaElizabeth Leeafirst name on this monument180951814id: 6313
(2 images)
4324381091aged 5 years 11 mths; of Low Moor
Henry Leeafather of Elizabeth Leea husband of Hannah Leea;
Hannah Leeamother of Elizabeth Leea wife of Henry Leea;

539LeggettHarold Leggettfirst name on this monument1886171903id: 7691
(3 images)
George Leggettfather of Harold Leggett1864701934 Monument;
Emma Jane Leggettmother of Harold Leggett1866711937 Monument;

540LeighCaroline Fillingham Leighfirst name on this monument181911820id: 8781
(2 images)
4330121072dau. of James and Sarah Leigh; of Low Moor; aged 1 yr. 7 mths.
James Leighfather of Caroline Fillingham Leigh
Sarah Leighmother of Caroline Fillingham Leigh
Hannah Mary Leighsister of Caroline Fillingham Leigh181731820 dau. of James and Sarah Leigh; of Low Moor; aged 3 yr. 7 mths.
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541LightowlarsHannah Lightowlarsfirst name on this monument173511736id: 6350
(2 images)
4324431093dau of Robord Lightowlars
Robord Lightowlarsfather of Hannah Lightowlars father of Robord Lightowlars
Jonathan Lightowlersmonument owner of Hannah Lightowlars of Shelf; owner of gravestone

542LightowlerElizabeth Lightowlerfirst name on this monument1807671874id: 89114326171073wife of John Lightowler; of Bowling
John Lightowlerhusband of Elizabeth Lightowler husband of Elizabeth Lightowler

543LightowlerJames Lightowlerfirst name on this monument1784481832id: 8795
(3 images)
4330161071of Shelf
J Lightowlermonument owner of James Lightowler
Sarah Lightowlerwife of James Lightowler1784901874

544LightowlersDan Lightowlersfirst name on this monument1802191821id: 6675
(2 images)
43252710812son of John and Hannah Lightowlers of Bowling
Hannah Lightowlersbrother of Dan Lightowlers182421826
John Lightowlersfather of Dan Lightowlers1780751855
Hannah Lightowlersmother of Dan Lightowlers1781571838
George Lightowlersmonument owner of Dan Lightowlers George Lightowlers owner of this stone
Emma Lightowlers wife of John Lightowlers
Harry Lightowlers188241886 age 4 years 8 mths; son of John and Emma Lightowlers of Oakenshaw
John Lightowlers husband of Emma Lightowlers
Leonard Lightowlers188911890 age 1 year 10 mths;
Uria Lightowlers1849581907

545LightowlersDavid Lightowlersfirst name on this monument1797591856id: 583
(3 images)
4331271074of Wibsey Slack Top; husband of Sarah Lightowlers;
Peter Lightowlersson of David Lightowlers1824751899 son of David and Sarah Lightowlers;
Sarah Lightowlerswife of David Lightowlers1801771878 wife of David Lightowlers;

546LightowlersDavid Lightowlersfirst name on this monument1764701834id: 8362
(7 images)
4329291072of Slack end
Jane Lightowlersdaughter-in-law of David Lightowlers1804781882 wife of Thomas Lightowlers
Thomas Lightowlersmonument owner of David Lightowlers owner of this stone
Thomas Lightowlersson of David Lightowlers1803751878 son of David and Hannah Lightowlers;
Hannah Lightowlerswife of David Lightowlers1760881848

547LightowlersEsther Ann Lightowlersfirst name on this monument1848251873id: 828243291211211of Low Moor. Sister of Mary and Mary Ann Lightowlers according to the 1871 census, but this stone confirms that she was the daughter of Mary Lightowlers rather than her sister.
Florrie Benn1902 aged 10 mths
Charlotte Birkbeck1828611889 Nee Lightholders/Lightowlers, daughter of James and Esther Lightholders, born 1819, not 1828. Mother of Mary Ann/Marianne Lightowlers born 1840/1841, she then married Joshua Birkbeck in 1850, when she was 30, separated from him several years before his death (alone) in 1876. Sister of Mary Lightowlers, born 1822, also on this stone. Mother or possibly aunt of Esther Ann Lightowlers, also on this stone., born c1848.
Leonard Gadsby1913 aged 5 weeks
Mary Lightowlers1822721894 Sister of Charlotte Birkbeck, daughter of James and Esther Lightholders, born 1822
Mary Ann Lightowlers1847671914 Daughter of Charlotte Birkbeck nee Lightholders, born c1840/1841. Sister of Esther Ann and Mary Lightowlers in 1871 census. The relationship between Esther, Mary, Mary Ann and Charlotte varies from census to census, as does their age.

548LightowlersHannah Lightowlersfirst name on this monument1755691824id: 6362
(5 images)
Robert Lightowlershusband of Hannah Lightowlers1750771827

549LightowlersJane Lightowlersfirst name on this monument1773581831id: 6433
(2 images)
4324621072wife of Jonas Lightowlers of Wibsey
Jonas Lightowlershusband of Jane Lightowlers husband of Jane Lightowlers

550LightowlersJohn Lightowlersfirst name on this monument1814201834id: 9610
(2 images)
4331061073of Bowling;
Thomas Thorntonmonument owner of John Lightowlers
Ann Lightowlers1812241836

551LightowlersJonathan Lightowlersfirst name on this monument1775361811id: 6384
(4 images)
4324511093of Wibsey bankfoot
Ann Lightowlersdaughter of Jonathan Lightowlers1807121819
Jonathan Lightowlersson of Jonathan Lightowlers1811101821
Joseph Lightowlersson of Jonathan Lightowlers1803251828
Robert Lightowlersson of Jonathan Lightowlers1801101811
Mary Lightowlerswife of Jonathan Lightowlers1774521826

552LightowlersJoseph Lightowlersfirst name on this monument1739571796id: 6349
(3 images)
43243910811of Moor side
Hannah Hirstdaughter of Joseph Lightowlers wife of John Hirst
John Hirstgrand son of Joseph Lightowlers1826301856 son of John and Hannah Hirst and grandson of Joseph Lightowlers
Joseph Lightowlersson of Joseph Lightowlers1762631825
John Hirstson-in-law of Joseph Lightowlers husband of Hannah Hirst
Hannah Lightowlerswife of Joseph Lightowlers1739741813
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553LightowlersJoseph Lightowlersfirst name on this monument1800731873id: 77944328101074
Hannah Lightowlerswife of Joseph Lightowlers1801901891

554LightowlersJoseph Lightowlersfirst name on this monument1765611826id: 6435
(2 images)
4324631086of Low Moor

555LightowlersPeter Lightowlersfirst name on this monument1788651853id: 565
(3 images)
4331211073of Tong Street;
William Lightowlersson of Peter Lightowlers1825291854 son of Peter Lightowlers;
Sarah Lightowlerswife of Peter Lightowlers1788681856 wife of Peter Lightowlers;

556LightowlersRebecca Lightowlersfirst name on this monument1816411857id: 614
(2 images)
4331311072wife of William Lightowlers; of Low Moor;
Martha Lightowlersdaughter of Rebecca Lightowlers1849601909 dau. of William and Rebecca Lightowlers;
William Lightowlershusband of Rebecca Lightowlers1812571869 husband of Rebecca Lightowlers;
George Lightowlersson of Rebecca Lightowlers1853211874 son of William and Rebecca Lightowlers;

557LightowlersRobert Lightowlersfirst name on this monument1797651862id: 6697
(2 images)
4332491070of Low Moor;
Hannah Lightowlersdaughter of Robert Lightowlers1876 dau. of Robert Lightowlers; aged 10 mths.;
William Lightowlersson of Robert Lightowlers1834541888 son of Robert Lightowlers;

558LightowlersRobert Lightowlersfirst name on this monument178731790id: 6664
(2 images)
4325231077son of Matthew and Sally Lightowlers of Wibsey bank
Matthew Lightowlersfather of Robert Lightowlers1755671822
P Lightowlersmonument owner of Robert Lightowlers P. Lightowlers owner
George Lightowlers1821651886 of Oakenshaw
Peace Lightowlers1822841906 relict of the above - widow of George Lightowlers?

559LightowlersThomas Lightowlersfirst name on this monument1807241831id: 6152
(2 images)
4331821072son of William and Mary Lightolders; of Beck Hill; North Bierley;
William Lightowlersfather of Thomas Lightowlers
Mary Lightowlersmother of Thomas Lightowlers

560LinforthThomas Linforthfirst name on this monument1793551848id: 7115
(2 images)

561ListerAnn Listerfirst name on this monument1830691899id: 6874
(5 images)
Miriam Burnett1890721962
John Heron Graham1846701916 husband of Mary Graham
Mary Graham1844671911 wife of John Heron Graham; born 09.08.1844

562ListerAnnie Listerfirst name on this monument1907id: 7758
(2 images)
4328011078no age shown; dau of Moses and Betty Lister; of Halifax;
Arnold B Listerbrother of Annie Lister1882601942 son of Moses and Betty Lister;
Moses Listerfather of Annie Lister
Betty Listermother of Annie Lister1917 no age shown;
Marshall F W Lister1867541921

563ListerReuben Listerfirst name on this monumentid: 88894330411080monument owner
Ann Listermonument owner of Reuben Lister monument owner
Rebecca Listermonument owner of Reuben Lister monument owner

564LiversedgAgnis Liversedgfirst name on this monument1673id: 6142
(4 images)
4323891077at Oakenshaw; born at Wibsey; no age shown
Richard Liversedg son of Robart Liversedg
Robart Liversedg son of Robart Liversedg
Robart Liversedg father of Richard; William and Robart Liversedg
William Liversedg son of Robart Liversedg

565LiversedgeRobert Liversedgefirst name on this monument1633681701id: 61144323741081of Oakenshaw …at Birkehouse was I borne; at Okenshaw did die…
Martha Liversedgewife of Robert Liversedge1630721702

566LloydHarriet Lloydfirst name on this monument1811491860id: 6660
(2 images)
4332361078wife of Edward Lloyd; of Low Moor;
Edward Lloydhusband of Harriet Lloyd1818581876 husband of Harriet Lloyd;

567LockwoodCarolinda Lockwoodfirst name on this monument187571882id: 7442
(2 images)
4327001121of Low Moor;
William Lockwoodfather of Carolinda Lockwood1833591892
Rebecca Lockwoodmother of Carolinda Lockwood1835771912

568LodgeJames Henry Lodgefirst name on this monument1844571901id: 69484325691076Monument
Evelyn Lodgedaughter of James Henry Lodge1890621952 Monument
Alice Lodgedaughter-in-law of James Henry Lodge1877251902 Monument
Emily Amelia Lodge1881841965 Monument
Sarah Martha Lodgewife of James Henry Lodge1848751923 Monument
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569LongbottomJohn Longbottomfirst name on this monument1688id: 8499
(9 images)
43295710731of Wibsey - no age shown
Hannah Longbottom1697781775 wife of William Longbottom
William Longbottom1773 of Moreside
George Longbottomson of John Longbottom1727 no age shown
John Longbottomson of John Longbottom1727 no age shown
William Longbottomson of John Longbottom1760 no age shown
Clare Longbottomwife of John Longbottom1764 wife of John Longbottom - no age shown

570LoxleyAlice Loxleyfirst name on this monument1832301862id: 633443322411243dau of Joseph and Mary Loxley; of Bowling;
Joseph Loxleyfather of Alice Loxley1806581864 husband of Mary Loxley;
Mary Loxleymother of Alice Loxley1806851891 wife of Joseph Loxley;
Eliza Loxleysister of Alice Loxley1837391876 dau of Joseph and May Loxley;

571LoydeSamuel Loydefirst name on this monument1789431832id: 66614325211071of Low Moor
Harriet Loydedaughter of Samuel Loyde no date of death; died in their infancy
Mary Loydedaughter-in-law of Samuel Loyde
Hannah Loydegrand daughter of Samuel Loyde1848101858 age 10 years 6 mths; dau to William and Mary Loyde; grandau of the above
John Loydeson of Samuel Loyde1824271851
Samuel Loydeson of Samuel Loyde no date of death; died in their infancy
William Loydeson of Samuel Loyde
Mary Loydewife of Samuel Loyde1788671855

572LucasHerbert Lucasfirst name on this monument1862491911id: 70354326101075
Tom Lucasson of Herbert Lucas1904361940
Sarah Lucaswife of Herbert Lucas1863781941

573LundHenry Lundfirst name on this monument1652471699id: 8556
(5 images)

574MallinsonGent Mallinsonfirst name on this monument1836541890id: 7481
(2 images)

575MallinsonJohn Mallinsonfirst name on this monument1778501828id: 6626
(4 images)
4325051082of Bowling
Martin Mallinsonmonument owner of John Mallinson owner of this stone
Betty Mallinsonwife of John Mallinson1780851865

576MallinsonMartin Mallinsonfirst name on this monument1814541868id: 67954332681074of Odsall Moor; husband of Maria Mallinson;
Joanna Mallinsondaughter of Martin Mallinson1850191869 dau of Martin Mallinson;
Charles Mallinsonson of Martin Mallinson1844321876 son of Martin Mallinson;
Maria Mallinsonwife of Martin Mallinson1816611877 wife of Martin Mallinson;

577MarsdenGeorge Marsdenfirst name on this monument1822651887id: 7446
(2 images)
John Marsden1852621914 husband of Mary Ann Marsden
Mary Ann Marsden1850791929 wife of John Marsden
Sarah Marsden81 no date of death shown

578MarsdenJames Woodhead Marsdenfirst name on this monument1825id: 8811
(3 images)
4330201085George and Hannah Marsden of Wisbey; aged 50 weeks
George Marsdenfather of James Woodhead Marsden1796521848
Judith Woodheadgrand mother of James Woodhead Marsden1772851857 of Wibsey; mother of above George Marsden
Hannah Marsdenmother of James Woodhead Marsden1799341833 wife of George Marsden

579MarsdenSamuel Marsdenfirst name on this monument1698771775id: 6057
(6 images)
John Taylor1793501843 of Horton
John Taylor1820241844 son of John Taylor
Mary Marsdenwife of Samuel Marsden1699781777

580MarshallWilliam Marshallfirst name on this monument1837691906id: 7416
(2 images)
4326901072of Low Moor;
Bani Marshallson of William Marshall died in infancy; no date or age shown
John Marshallson of William Marshall died in infancy; no date or age shown
Sarah Ann Marshallwife of William Marshall1839721911

581MarshelHannah Marshelfirst name on this monument176721769id: 61584323981083of Street; Tong - dau of Abraham Marshel
John Marshelbrother of Hannah Marshel177571782
Abraham Marshelfather of Hannah Marshel father of Hannah and John Marshel

582MathersAnn Mathersfirst name on this monument1819381857id: 6315
(2 images)
43321310791wife of James Mathers; of Low Moor;
Sarah Ann Mathersdaughter-in-law of Ann Mathers wife of Frederick Mathers;
Bertha Jane Mathersgrand daughter of Ann Mathers1882 grandaughter of James and Ann Mathers; dau of Frederick and Sarah Ann Mathers; aged 11 mths.;
James Mathershusband of Ann Mathers husband of Ann Mathers;
Frederick Mathersson of Ann Mathers husband of Sarah Ann Mathers;
Emmalin Mathersstep daughter of Ann Mathers1873331906 dau of James Mathers;
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583MathersBetty Mathersfirst name on this monument1817161833id: 8358
(4 images)
4329281080of Low Moor
Thomas Mathersfather of Betty Mathers1789471836
George Mathers husband of Martha Mathers
Martha Mathers wife of George Mathers
Robert Mathers183921841 son of George and Martha Mathers

584MathersEzarias Mathersfirst name on this monument182451829id: 9097
(4 images)
4330871077son of James and Elizabeth Mathers; of Low Moor;
Joseph Mathersbrother of Ezarias Mathers1817141831 son of James and Elizabeth Mathers;
Matthew Mathersbrother of Ezarias Mathers1837171854 son of James and Elizabeth Mathers;
Thomas Mathersbrother of Ezarias Mathers182811829 son of James and Elizabeth Mathers;
James Mathersfather of Ezarias Mathers husband of Elizabeth Mathers;
Elizabeth Mathersmother of Ezarias Mathers wife of James Mathers;
Martha Matherssister of Ezarias Mathers1821331854 dau. of James and Elizabeth Mathers;

585MathersJames Mathersfirst name on this monument1792671859id: 6301
(3 images)
4332101071of Low Moor;
Elizabeth Mathersdaughter of James Mathers1825391864 dau of James and Betty Mathers;
Sarah Mathersdaughter of James Mathers1836411877 dau of James and Betty Mathers;
Betty Mathersmother of James Mathers1796721868 wife of James Mathers and mother of the above;
Ezra Mathersson of James Mathers1830561886 son of James and Betty Mathers;

586MathersWilliam Mathersfirst name on this monument1824471871id: 6210
(2 images)
4331901105of Low Moor; husband of Elizabeth Mathers;
Elizabeth Matherswife of William Mathers1828741902 wife of William Mathers;

587MathersWilliam Mathersfirst name on this monument181591824id: 9101
(3 images)
4330881074son of William and Elizabeth Mathers;
William Mathersfather of William Mathers1782601842
Elizabeth Mathersmother of William Mathers1788501838 wife of William Mathers;

588MatthewsThomas Matthewsfirst name on this monument1773321805id: 6049
(2 images)
4323421070of Lowmoor
Thomas Matthewsfather of Thomas Matthews1744641808 of the Parish of Wrexham; Wales

589MeldingJohn Meldingfirst name on this monument1797id: 6557
(4 images)
4324881080very difficult to read and age too eroded

590MitchellHannah Mitchellfirst name on this monument1790351825id: 8824
(2 images)
4330231074wife of Joshua Mitchell of Wibsey
Mary Hannah Mitchelldaughter of Hannah Mitchell1826 dau. of Joshua and Hannah Mitchell; aged 11 mths.
Joshua Mitchellhusband of Hannah Mitchell1785681853 husband of Hannah Mitchell;

591MitchellMary Ann Mitchellfirst name on this monument1820781898id: 6975
(5 images)
4325781087Monument - wife of Henry Mitchell; of Thornbury; born 18.02.1820
Henry Mitchellhusband of Mary Ann Mitchell1821841905 Monument - born 08.10.1820
John Mitchell1855501905 Monument - born 11.02.1855
Thomas Mitchell1845601905 Monument - born 14.09.1844

592MortElizabeth Mortfirst name on this monument1849441893id: 7556
(3 images)
Alexander Morthusband of Elizabeth Mort1848661914

593MortimerRichard Mortimerfirst name on this monument1837351872id: 7698
(2 images)
4327781078of Low Moor;
Ann Ellen Mortimerdaughter of Richard Mortimer1867611928
William Mortimer1831801911

594MortmierJoseph Mortmierfirst name on this monument1782521834id: 8288
(2 images)
4329141075of Wibsey

595MouncyJonathan Mouncyfirst name on this monument1813341847id: 7805
(5 images)
4328141083of Low Moor;
John Mouncyfather of Jonathan Mouncy1785641849
Elizabeth Mouncymother of Jonathan Mouncy1788661854
Susey Mouncysister of Jonathan Mouncy1820341854

596MounseyBetty Mounseyfirst name on this monument1854671921id: 7325
(5 images)
Fanny Mawsondaughter of Betty Mounsey1882561938 wife of Ernest Mawson
Edward Mounseyhusband of Betty Mounsey1852731925
Ernest Mawsonson-in-law of Betty Mounsey1880641944 husband of Fanny Mawson

597MounseyHenry Mounseyfirst name on this monument1842581900id: 6931
(2 images)
4325631075of Low Moor;
Alice Mounseydaughter of Henry Mounsey1868451913
Martha Ann Mounseydaughter of Henry Mounsey1875571932
Mary Mounseywife of Henry Mounsey1841911932

598MounseyJonas Mounseyfirst name on this monument1839221861id: 6665
(6 images)
Mena Mounsey1839801919
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599MounseyMary Mounseyfirst name on this monument1810601870id: 69214332961077wife of Samuel Mounsey; of Low Moor;
Samuel Mounseyhusband of Mary Mounsey1808691877 husband of Mary Mounsey;
James Claytonson of Mary Mounsey1831621893 son of Samuel and Mary Mounsey;

600MounseyMary Mounseyfirst name on this monument1821411862id: 6695
(2 images)
4332481085wife of Peter Mounsey; of Low Moor;
Elizabeth Bailey1855761931 dau of Peter Mounsey;
Elizabeth Mounsey
Lucy Mounsey1865 dau of Peter and Eliza Mounsey; aged 15 weeks;
Peter Mounsey1817561873

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Low Moor, Yorkshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is BD12 0HR - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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