Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list

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301FawcettJoshua Fawcettfirst name on this monument1807571864id: 6235
(2 images)
43242610871Church internal - wall plaque - M.A. Incumbent of this Church Honorary Canon of Ripon Cathedral Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Ripon Official to the Archdeaconry of Craven and Domestic Chaplain to the Right Honourle Lord Radstock

302FawsettMarey Fawsettfirst name on this monument1720151735id: 6181
(3 images)
4324111073dau of Stephen Fawsett near Wibsey Chappell
Richard Fawsetbrother of Marey Fawsett1723301753
John Fawset
Peggy Fawset176161767 dau of John Fawset

303FawsitMary Fawsitfirst name on this monument1714271741id: 61804324101084wife of Stephen Fawsit of the Lower parkhouse
Stephen Fawsithusband of Mary Fawsit1707371744
John Fawsett husband of Sarah Fawsett
Sarah Fawsett1719531772 wife of John Fawsett of North bierley

304Fawsit SeniorStephen Fawsit Seniorfirst name on this monument1674741748id: 61844324121077
Robert Fawsit1705501755

305FearnleyEllen Fearnleyfirst name on this monument1841571898id: 74094326871078wife of James Fearnley; of Wyke;
James Fearnleyhusband of Ellen Fearnley1840641904 husband of Ellen Fearnley;
John Edgar Fearnleyson of Ellen Fearnley1881 son of James and Ellen Fearnley;

306FearnlyJoseph Fearnlyfirst name on this monument1690id: 6096
(6 images)
4323621080of Folly Hall; very poor condition in middle of gravestone; date and age not readle

307FentonThomas Fentonfirst name on this monument1807581865id: 8340
(2 images)
4329221079Butcher of Wyke Lane
Thomas Fentonson of Thomas Fenton1845261871 of Bowling
Betty Fentonwife of Thomas Fenton1807871894

308FieldMary Fieldfirst name on this monument1761571818id: 6249
(2 images)
4332001069Church Internal - Memorial Plaque - In Memory of Mary the relict of the late John Field Esqre.; of Barnsley; in the County of York; who died Febry. 23rd 1818 aged 57 years. This tlet was erected by her surviving children in grateful remembrance of her worth.
John Field Church Internal - Memorial Plaque - In Memory of Mary the relict of the late John Field Esqre.; of Barnsley; in the County of York; who died Febry. 23rd 1818 aged 57 years. This tlet was erected by her surviving children in grateful remembrance of her worth.

309FieldMary Fieldfirst name on this monument1761571818id: 62444324291073Church internal - wall plaque - the Relict of the late John Field Esq. of Barnsley - TRANSEPT - South Wall
John Fieldhusband of Mary Field Church internal - wall plaque - the Relict of the late John Field Esq. of Barnsley - TRANSEPT - South Wall

310FirthArthur Firthfirst name on this monumentid: 62434332011070Church Internal - Memorial Plaque - the reredos and all the furniture in this chancel were given by Arthur Firth of Leeds 1883

311FirthArthur Firthfirst name on this monument1821671888id: 7617
(2 images)
James Frederick Firthbrother of Arthur Firth1828701898 Monument;
Anne Firth1855471902 Monument; wife of Arthur Firth;
Arthur Firth1846741920 Monument; husband of Anne Firth
John Edwin Firthson of Arthur Firth Monument; no date of death or age;

312FirthArthur Firthfirst name on this monumentid: 61984324151070Church internal - wall plaque for donation of furniture by Arthur Firth - of Leeds; 1883

313FirthCaroline Firthfirst name on this monument1826621888id: 7619
(3 images)
4327551079Monument; of Low Moor;
Charlotte Barracloughdaughter of Caroline Firth1857761933 Monument; wife of Caythorne Barraclough;
Lucy Barracloughgrand daughter-in-law of Caroline Firth1876731949 Monument;
Walter Barracloughgrand son of Caroline Firth1875521927 Monument; husband of Lucy Barraclough; of Low Moor; eldest son of Caythorne and Charlotte Barraclough of Wyke;
Caythorne Barracloughson-in-law of Caroline Firth1854651919 Monument; husband of Charlotte Barraclough; of Carlton House; Wyke;

314FirthCharlotte Firthfirst name on this monument1792631855id: 7884
(2 images)
4328311083wife of Joseph Firth; of Low Moor;
Mary Halldaughter of Charlotte Firth1823361859 wife of Hugh Hall; of Leeds;
Joseph Firthhusband of Charlotte Firth1793781871
Hugh Hallson-in-law of Charlotte Firth

315FirthJames Firthfirst name on this monument178821790id: 6137
(5 images)
4323861072son of Arthur Firth - of Halifax
Job Firthbrother of James Firth179811799
Arthur Firthfather of James Firth1759781837
Martha Firthmother of James Firth1761511812
Charlotte Firthsister of James Firth1800 aged 16 days
Harriot Firthsister of James Firth179321795 dau. of Arthur Firth
Martha Mortimer Firthsister of James Firth179411795

316FirthJoshua Rhodes Firthfirst name on this monument1868291897id: 7636
(2 images)
4327601069Monument; of Low Moor;

317FirthMartha Firthfirst name on this monument1751821833id: 8356
(4 images)
4333461069relict of the late Joseph Firth of Wike Lane; a consistent and devoted Member of the Wesleyan Society 57 years; her first husband was James Wilkinson late of Wood House Hill; by whom she had nine children who with their Father; are all interrd under or near this Stone
James Wilkinsonfirst husband of Martha Firth first husband of Martha Firth
Joseph Firthsecond husband of Martha Firth second husband of Martha Firth

318FirthMary Firthfirst name on this monument1715651780id: 6178
(2 images)
4324091082wife of Arthur Firth of Bowling
Joseph Firthgrand son of Mary Firth178561791 grandson of Arthur Firth
Arthur Firthhusband of Mary Firth1725671792
Ann Firth1755671822 wife of John Firth
Arthur Firth1791181809 no relationship shown
John Firth1751721823 husband of Ann Firth
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319FirthMordecai Firthfirst name on this monument1774641838id: 6458
(2 images)
4324711071of Wike
Lydia Firthwife of Mordecai Firth1775801855

320FirthSamuel Firthfirst name on this monument1788401828id: 9583
(2 images)
4330991070of Bowling;
Ann Firthdaughter of Samuel Firth182221824 dau. of Samuel Firth;
Ann Firthdaughter of Samuel Firth1828 younger daughter of Samuel Firth; aged 11 mths;
Samuel Firthson of Samuel Firth1821 son of Samuel Firth; aged 4 mths;

321FirthSarah Firthfirst name on this monument181111812id: 4831
(3 images)
4331571069dau of John and Elizabeth Firth; of Dudley Hill; aged 1 yr. 6 mths.;
Joshua Firthbrother of Sarah Firth182071827 son of John and Elizabeth Firth;
Robert Firthbrother of Sarah Firth182211823 son of John and Elizabeth Firth; aged 1 yr. 10 weeks;
John Firthfather of Sarah Firth1778461824 husband of Elizabeth Firth;
Elizabeth Firthmother of Sarah Firth1785821867 wife of John Firth;

322FletcherBateson Fletcherfirst name on this monument1889101899id: 7675
(5 images)
43277010901Monument; of Low Moor; son of Benjamin and Sarah Fletcher
Benjamin Fletcherfather of Bateson Fletcher1859561915 Monument;
Sarah Fletchermother of Bateson Fletcher1861811942 Monument;
Frances Lydia Fletchersister of Bateson Fletcher1894251919 Monument;

323FletcherEmily Fletcherfirst name on this monument1860601920id: 6944
(5 images)
4333051070wife of Fred Fletcher; of Low Moor;
Fred Fletcherhusband of Emily Fletcher1860701930
Elizabeth Fletchermother-in-law of Emily Fletcher1835781913 mother of Fred Fletcher;

324FletcherJames Fletcherfirst name on this monument1776501826id: 6614
(2 images)
4325011074of Bank foot; Bowling
Judy Fletcherwife of James Fletcher1783621845

325FletcherJohn Fletcherfirst name on this monument1826621888id: 8284
(4 images)
4329131071of Horton; aged 62 years 11mths
John James Fletcherson of John Fletcher1838301868 son of the above John Fletcher
Mally Fletcherwife of John Fletcher1799851884 of great Horton

326FletcherJohn Fletcherfirst name on this monument1826281854id: 7047
(4 images)
43261510732Monument - of Low Moor
Joseph Fletcherfather of John Fletcher1801721873 Monument
Martha Fletchermother of John Fletcher1801791880 Monument - born 10.03.1801
Nancy Fletchersister of John Fletcher1828421870 Monument

327FletcherJohn Fletcherfirst name on this monument1759341793id: 8190
(7 images)
4333351074of Bowling; Cordwainer;
Martha Fletcherdaughter-in-law of John Fletcher wife of Edward Fletcher;
Hannah Fletchergrand daughter of John Fletcher181951824 dau. of Edward and Martha Fletcher;
Mary Fletchergrand daughter of John Fletcher1815 dau. of Edward and Martha Fletcher and grandaughter; aged 9 mths?
Edward Fletchergrand son of John Fletcher son of Edward and Martha Fletcher; died in his infancy;
James Fletcher died in their infancy - parents not shown but very likely Edward and Martha Fletcher;
Joseph Fletcher died in their infancy - parents not shown but very likely Edward and Martha Fletcher;
William Fletcher died in their infancy - parents not shown but very likely Edward and Martha Fletcher;
Edward Fletcherson of John Fletcher1792511843 husband of Martha Fletcher of Wibsey
Martha Fletcherwife of John Fletcher1764391803 wife of John Fletcher;

328FletcherLydia Fletcherfirst name on this monument1838221860id: 622343319510721wife of Martin Fletcher; of Low Moor;
Martin Fletcherhusband of Lydia Fletcher husband of Lydia Fletcher;

329FletcherMark Fletcherfirst name on this monument1764711835id: 9589
(4 images)
4331011105of Low Moor;
Maria Fletchergrand daughter-in-law of Mark Fletcher wife of Thomas Fletcher;
Ann Fletchergreat grand daughter of Mark Fletcher183231835 dau of Thomas and Maria Fletcher;
Thomas Fletchergrand son of Mark Fletcher husband of Maria Fletcher;

330FletcherMartin Fletcherfirst name on this monument1835581893id: 7611
(3 images)
43275210811Monument; of Manchester House; Low Moor
Sarah Elizabeth Turnerniece of Martin Fletcher1852781930 Monument;
Hannah Elizabeth Fletcherwife of Martin Fletcher1837741911 Monument;

331FletcherMary Fletcherfirst name on this monument1757181775id: 8192
(11 images)
4333361118dau. of Edward Fletcher of Bowling; Cordwainer;
Mary Fletcheraunt of Mary Fletcher wife of James Fletcher;
Abraham Fletcherbrother of Mary Fletcher1754241778 son of Edward Fletcher;
Edward Fletcherfather of Mary Fletcher1731541785 of Bowling; Cordwainer;
Abram Fletchernephew of Mary Fletcher182271829 son of James and Mary Fletcher and grandson of Edward Fletcher;
Cathrine Fletcher1731761807 wife of Edward Fletcher;
Edward Fletcher1764651829 of Bowling;
Sarah Fletcher1764661830 wife of Edward Fletcher;
James Fletcheruncle of Mary Fletcher husband of Mary Fletcher;
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332FletcherSamuel Fletcherfirst name on this monument1813121825id: 49
(2 images)
4333811084son of Andrew and Nancy Fletcher;
Andrew Fletcher1789481837
John Fletcher182441828 son of Andrew and Rhoda Fletcher; aged 4 yrs 6 mths
Rhoda Fletcher1786721858 wife of Andrew Fletcher
Sarah Ann Fletcher182741831 dau. of Andrew and Rhoda Fletcher; aged 4 yrs 7 mths

333FletcherSamuel Fletcherfirst name on this monument1813121825id: 9040
(3 images)
4330731085son of Andrew and Nancy Fletcher;
Nancy Fletchermother of Samuel Fletcher
Andrew Fletcher1789481837
John Fletcher182441828 son of Andrew and Rhoda Fletcher; aged 4 yrs. 6 mths.
Rhoda Fletcher1786721858 wife of Andrew Fletcher;
Sarah Ann Fletcher183011831 dau. of Andrew and Rhoda Fletcher; aged 1 yrs. 7 mths.

334FletcherSarah Fletcherfirst name on this monument182821830id: 7944
(2 images)
4333231076dau. of Mark and Sarah Fletcher of Wibsey;
Mark Fletcherfather of Sarah Fletcher
Sarah Fletchermother of Sarah Fletcher
Charity Fletchersister of Sarah Fletcher1822151837 dau. of Mark and Sarah Fletcher

335FletcherThomas Fletcherfirst name on this monument1812511863id: 9593
(5 images)
4331021096the beloved husband of Maria Fletcher; of Low Moor;
Mariah Fletcherwife of Thomas Fletcher1815551870 the dearly beloved wife of Thomas Fletcher;

336FletcherWilliam Fletcherfirst name on this monument1831781909id: 704643261411051Monument - of Low Moor;
Lucy Hannah Ainleydaughter of William Fletcher1856601916 Monument
John Allan Ormerodgrand son of William Fletcher1894241918 Monument - son of Lucy Hannah Ainley; died at Cairo
Joseph Fletcherson of William Fletcher1860721932 Monument
Ann Fletcherwife of William Fletcher1830781908 Monument

337FlynnCharlotte Maria Flynnfirst name on this monument1828581886id: 6911
(7 images)
43255910841Monument - wife of Rev T H Flynn; Vicar of this Parish
Ethel Charlotte Flynndaughter of Charlotte Maria Flynn1866391905 Monument - born 08.12.1865
Thomas Henry Flynnhusband of Charlotte Maria Flynn1831931924 Monument - Vicar of this Parish from 1875 to 1912; born 23.10.1830
George Blakeney Flynn1917 Vicar of Heaton; no age shown;
George Herbert Dudley Flynnson of Charlotte Maria Flynn1886 Monument - aged 10 mths;

338FlynnSarah Emily Flynnfirst name on this monument1911id: 6917
(4 images)
4325601081Monument - wife of Rev G B Flynn; Vicar of Heaton; no age shown
G B Flynnhusband of Sarah Emily Flynn husband of Sarah Emily Flynn
Muriel Constance Chute1885191904 Monument
Marian Fair1811801891 Monument

339FordMartha Fordfirst name on this monument1777311808id: 8873
(5 images)
4330361077wife of John Ford; of Low Moor
John Fordhusband of Martha Ford1778421820 husband of Martha Ford
John Fordmonument owner of Martha Ford John Ford owner of this stone
Emma Ford1845451890 wife of Richard Food
Richard Ford1846531899 husband of Emma Ford

340FordThomas Fordfirst name on this monument184321845id: 6047
(7 images)
4323411076aged 2 yrs 6 mths - of Low Moor
Robert Fordbrother of Thomas Ford died in infancy; no date or age
William Fordbrother of Thomas Ford1831381869
John Fordfather of Thomas Ford1803661869
Hannah Fordmother of Thomas Ford1810371847
Martha Fordsister of Thomas Ford1828191847

341ForrestSwales Forrestfirst name on this monument1804641868id: 635143321810701of Little Horton; husband of Jane Forrest;
Richard Forrestson of Swales Forrest1839361875 son of Swales and Jane Forrest;
Jane Forrestwife of Swales Forrest1808711879 wife of Swales Forrest;

342FoxJonas Foxfirst name on this monument1657491706id: 6127
(3 images)
43238110702of Wibsey Chapel
George Foxson of Jonas Fox bottom of gravestone missing

343FoxSusey Foxfirst name on this monument1763691832id: 6170
(6 images)
43240510701wife of James Fox - of Wibsey Bank Foot
James Foxhusband of Susey Fox1762771839
Hannah Fox1800731873 wife of Squire Fox - of Wibsey Bank Foot
Squire Fox1805741879 husband of Hannah Fox; owner of gravestone;
Samuel Smith1719771796 hard to read only last entry visible
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344GallowayIsaac Gallowayfirst name on this monument1827131840id: 4851
(2 images)
4331641080son of John and Titha Galloway; of Bowling Old Lane;
Abraham Gallowaybrother of Isaac Galloway25 son of John and Titha Galloway; died at Pittsburg; North America; no year shown;
John Gallowayfather of Isaac Galloway1796851881 husband of Titha Galloway;
Titha Gallowaymother of Isaac Galloway1800651865 wife of John Galloway;
Ellen Gallowaysister of Isaac Galloway1836271863 dau. of John and Titha Galloway;

345GarsideDaniel Garsidefirst name on this monument1938id: 7689
(2 images)
4327751079no age shown;
Clara Dawson1901 no age shown;
Lucy Garside1923 no age shown;
Margaret Garside1885 no age shown;
Raymond Vickers1926 no age shown;

346GarsideEsther Garsidefirst name on this monument1741591800id: 8252
(3 images)
4329051075wife of Joseph Garside; Carr Lane
Joseph Garsidehusband of Esther Garside1740821822

347GarsideHenry Garsidefirst name on this monument1838251863id: 66774332421098of Wibsey;
Hannah Feather1835481883 wife of Joseph Feather;
Joseph Feather1842451887 husband of Hannah Feather;
Edward Yewdall1838711909 husband of Ellen Yewdall;
Ellen Yewdall1841731914 wife of Edward Yewdall;
Herbert Garsideson of Henry Garside186211863 son of Henry and Hannah Garside; aged 13 mths.;
Hannah Garsidewife of Henry Garside wife of Henry Garside;

348GarsideJohn Garsidefirst name on this monument182711828id: 4856
(3 images)
4331661093son of Joseph and Mary Garside; of Low Moor; aged 15 mths.;
Joseph Garsidefather of John Garside1798641862
Mary Garsidemother of John Garside1802311833 wife of Joseph Garside;
Richard Edmondson Garside1833531886
James Garsideson of John Garside1831 son of Joseph and Mary Garside; aged 2 weeks;
Joseph Garsidestep brother of John Garside1839 dau of the above Joseph; and Hannah Garside; aged 8 mths.;
Hannah Garsidestep mother of John Garside1811441855 second wife of Joseph Garside;
Alice Garsidestep sister of John Garside183711838 dau of the above Joseph; and Hannah Garside; aged 13 mths.;

349GarsideMary Garsidefirst name on this monument1848551903id: 7004
(2 images)
4325911079Monument - of Sheffield
William Henry Garsidehusband of Mary Garside1850551905 Monument

350GarsideMary Garsidefirst name on this monument1802311833id: 8801
(2 images)
4330181070of Low Moor
Hannah Garsidewife of Mary Garside1800621862
Benjamin Garsidesecond wife of Mary Garside1803741877

351GarsideNathan Garsidefirst name on this monument1827731900id: 7515
(3 images)
4327201077of Low Moor;
Ann Garside1865561921
Arthur Garside1869771946
Ethel May Garside1896691965
John Garsideson of Nathan Garside died in his infancy no date of death or age;
Josiah Garsideson of Nathan Garside1859421901
Eliza Garsidewife of Nathan Garside1826751901

352GarsideRichard Garsidefirst name on this monument1812271839id: 60304323301087son of Joseph and Mary Garside
Joseph Garsidefather of Richard Garside1771691840
Mary Garsidemother of Richard Garside1773801853

353GarsideSarah Ann Garsidefirst name on this monument1846461892id: 7537
(4 images)
4327301095Monument; of Hunslet;
Christopher Garsidehusband of Sarah Ann Garside1843641907 Monument;

354GarsideTatha Garsidefirst name on this monument1808631871id: 7900
(2 images)
4333211078wife of Joseph Garside of Low Moor;
Joseph Garsidehusband of Tatha Garside1808631871

355GarthwaiteJohn Henry Garthwaitefirst name on this monument1878id: 7344
(4 images)
4326651070aged 9 mths; of Low Moor
Charles Garthwaitefather of John Henry Garthwaite1843591902
Lydia Garthwaitemother of John Henry Garthwaite1844821926

356Gathorne-HardyHarold Gathorne-Hardyfirst name on this monument1850311881id: 6236
(2 images)
4324271073Church internal - wall plaque - Fellow of All Souls College; Oxford; son of Viscount Cranbrook; Died at Low Moor House; buried in the churchyard of the Parish of Benenden; Kent - TRANSEPT - East Side

357GaukrogerGeorge Gaukrogerfirst name on this monument1854551909id: 7469
(2 images)
Emma Clarkson-in-law of George Gaukroger1848741922
Harriet Gaukrogerwife of George Gaukroger1858771935
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358GillKimberly Elizabeth Gillfirst name on this monument197131974id: 69424333031070dau of Maureen Gill; year not shown;

359GornallThomas Gornallfirst name on this monument1828531881id: 7426
(2 images)
Elizabeth Gornallwife of Thomas Gornall1824651889

360GrayCharles Grayfirst name on this monument1824621886id: 6896
(2 images)
4325521071of Low Moor; 1871 adopted Lydia Barraclough nee Emsley, daughter of Thomas & Martha Emsley of New Road Side, Bradford, Yorkshire
Lydia Barraclough1868441912 wife of Squire Barraclough
Squire Barraclough1865701935 husband of Lydia Barraclough
Sarah Graywife of Charles Gray1824751899

361GrayMary Ann Grayfirst name on this monument185651861id: 647
(5 images)
4331411083dau of William and Martha Gray; of Odsall;
William Grayfather of Mary Ann Gray1835871922 of Bankfoot; died at Morecambe; husband of Martha Gray;
Martha Graymother of Mary Ann Gray1835581893 wife of William Gray; of Bankfoot;
Anne Teresa Graysister of Mary Ann Gray186811869 dau of William and Martha Gray; aged 1 yr. 9 mths.;
Lucy Graysister of Mary Ann Gray187231875 dau. of William and Martha Gray; aged 3 yrs. 10 mths.;

362GreenJ Greenfirst name on this monumentid: 77064327841069owner - no more information

363GreenJohn Greenfirst name on this monument179121793id: 9003
(7 images)
4330681070son of William and Hannah Green; of Wibsey Low Moor;
David Greenbrother of John Green178971796 son of William and Hannah Green;
William Greenfather of John Green1755791834
Hannah Greenmother of John Green1753821835
Sarah Green180741811 dau. of John and Elizabeth Green;

364GreenhoughWilliam Greenhoughfirst name on this monument1760721832id: 4880
(5 images)
4331731070of Wibsey;
Joseph Greenhoughson of William Greenhough1799601859 son of William and Hannah Greenhough;
Hannah Greenhoughwife of William Greenhough1762821844 wife of William Greenhough;

365GreenoffCharles Greenofffirst name on this monument1809521861id: 6219
(2 images)
4331931071of Hollen Hall; husband of Sarah Greenoff;
Sarah Greenoffwife of Charles Greenoff1811631874 wife of Charles Greenoff;

366GreenoughGeorge Greenoughfirst name on this monument1825id: 6141
(3 images)
4331801076son of Samuel and Rachel Greenough; age 3 days;
Charles Greenoughbrother of George Greenough1828 son of Samuel and Rachel Greenough; of Woodhouse Hill; age 5 days;
John Greenoughbrother of George Greenough1815161831 son of Samuel and Rachel Greenough;
Samuel Greenoughfather of George Greenough1793701863 husband of Rachael Greenough;
Rachael Greenoughmother of George Greenough1789531842 wife of Samuel Greenough;

367GreenoughMartha Greenoughfirst name on this monument1830731903id: 69804325791076Monument - of Low Moor
Harry Downes1869661935 Monument -

368GreenwoodSam Greenwoodfirst name on this monument190911910id: 7032
(2 images)
4326081073son of Joe and Elizabeth Ann Greenwood; of Low Moor; born 30.03.1909
Joe Greenwoodfather of Sam Greenwood
Elizabeth Ann Greenwoodmother of Sam Greenwood1864661930
Emily Greenwoodsister of Sam Greenwood190691915 born 27.02.1906

369GreenwoodWilliam Gaskarth Greenwoodfirst name on this monument1846451891id: 7863
(6 images)
4328271120Monument; only son of Robinson and Sarah Greenwood of Rochdale; who died at Dubbo; New South Wales;
Mary Louisa Greenwooddaughter of William Gaskarth Greenwood1877151892 Monument; only dau of William Gaskarth and Maria Louisa Greenwood;
Florence Greenhough1859281887 Monument; dau of the late William Greenhough; of Halifax;
William Greenhough Monument;
William Edmund Greenhough1861471908
Robinson Greenwood Monument; husband of Sarah Greenwood;
Sarah Greenwood Monument; wife of Robinson Greenwood;
Edmund Hill Monument;
Emily Mallinson1849411890 Monument; wife of the late George Edward Mallinson; and second dau of the late Edmund Hill of Horton;
George Edward Mallinson Monument; husband of Emily Mallinson;

370GulielmusIrham Giblin Gulielmusfirst name on this monument1784271811id: 71564326541071son of Jonothan and Martha Gulielmus; of Low Moor; damaged gravestone

371H M H first name on this monumentid: 77174327891091owner - no more information

372HaighAnn Ellen Haighfirst name on this monument1882401922id: 7730
(2 images)
4327941093wife of Joe Sowood Haigh
Joe Sowood Haighhusband of Ann Ellen Haigh1882701952
Trivena Haighsecond wife of husband of Ann Ellen Haigh1891511942 wife of Joe Sowood Haigh

373HaighBenjamin Haighfirst name on this monument1848541902id: 7766
(2 images)
Mary Hannah Haighdaughter of Benjamin Haigh no details of year of death or age shown;
Sarah Elizabeth Haighdaughter of Benjamin Haigh no details of year of death or age shown;
Hiram Haigh husband of Martha Haigh
Martha Haigh1869621931 wife of Hiram Haigh
Naomi Haighwife of Benjamin Haigh1848781926
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374HaighGeorge Haighfirst name on this monument1767551822id: 8257
(3 images)
4329061095of Bowling. Also of six (un-named) children who died in their infancy
Nanny Haighwife of George Haigh1771611832

375HaighGeorge Haighfirst name on this monument1851541905id: 7601
(9 images)
Marion Lingarddaughter of George Haigh1874371911 wife of J.E.Lingard
George Foster Haighson of George Haigh1897 aged 19 mths;
Harry Walker Haighson of George Haigh1876191895
William Alfred Haighson of George Haigh1887241911
Harriet Haighwife of George Haigh1851611912

376HaighMary Haighfirst name on this monument1741371778id: 6160
(2 images)
43240010791of Horton - wife of Wm Haigh and dau of Stephen Fawcett
John Briggbrother-in-law of Mary Haigh husband of Peggy Brigg
Sarah Haighdaughter of Mary Haigh1773611834 of Horton
Stephen Fawcettfather of Mary Haigh father of Mary Haigh and Peggy Brigg
William Haighhusband of Mary Haigh husband of Mary Haigh
Samuel Haigh1776611837 of Little Horton
Peggy Briggsister of Mary Haigh1737601797 of Wilsden; wife of John Brigg and dau of Stephen Fawcett

377HaighMary Jane Haighfirst name on this monument1808631871id: 8834
(3 images)
4330271098wife of James Haigh; of Low Moor
James Haighhusband of Mary Jane Haigh1809731882
John Haighson of Mary Jane Haigh1845671912 son of James and Mary Haigh

378HaighRichard Haighfirst name on this monument1793711864id: 70734326261121Cordwainer; of Bradford
Joseph Haighson of Richard Haigh1818231841
Hannah Haighwife of Richard Haigh1792611853

379HaighSusannah Haighfirst name on this monument1803761879id: 7399
(3 images)
4326781105Monument; of Low Moor
George Burks Haighhusband of Susannah Haigh1804761880 Monument;

380HaleyMatthew Haleyfirst name on this monument1848661914id: 69524333081073of Low Moor;
Lucy Haleydaughter of Matthew Haley1881481929 dau of Matthew and Sarah Ann Haley;
John Henry Haleyson of Matthew Haley1870551925 son of Matthew and Sarah Ann Haley;
Sarah Ann Haleywife of Matthew Haley1848761924

381HaleySolomon Haleyfirst name on this monument1826571883id: 7450
(13 images)
Alice Cooper1872601932 wife of Edward Cooper;
Edward Cooper husband of Alice Cooper;
Jack Cooper1944 died of Typhus Fever in Burma; no age shown
Kathleen Cooper
Clara Porter wife of Clifford Henry Porter;
Clifford Henry Porter1895571952 husband of Clara Porter;
Sarah Haleywife of Solomon Haley1830671897

382HallEsther Hallfirst name on this monument181971826id: 6666
(2 images)
43252410721dau of John Hall of Fiddler Hill
Israel Burnettbrother-in-law of Esther Hall husband of Mary Burnett
John Hallfather of Esther Hall1795441839 husband of Elizabeth Hall
Nancy Hallmonument owner of Esther Hall Nancy Hall owner
Elizabeth Hall1799281827 wife of John Hall
Mary Burnettsister of Esther Hall1823301853 wife of Israel Burnett
Hannah Hallsister of Esther Hall182521827

383HansonAlfred Hansonfirst name on this monument1841451886id: 7573
(4 images)
4327401073Monument; of Wesley Place;
Sarah Jane Hansonwife of Alfred Hanson1843681911 Monument;

384HansonAnn Hansonfirst name on this monument1789521841id: 8207
(5 images)
4328961074wife of Joshua Hanson; of Low Moor;
Martha Hansondaughter of Ann Hanson1833711904
Mary Ann Hansondaughter-in-law of Ann Hanson1813451858
Joshua Hansonhusband of Ann Hanson1789771866
Edwin Hansonson of Ann Hanson1825221847
John Hansonson of Ann Hanson1821701891

385HansonAnn Hansonfirst name on this monument1824341858id: 679
(2 images)
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386HansonEdward Hansonfirst name on this monument1734261760id: 8443
(4 images)
43294710721of Wibsey
Thomas Hansonson of Edward Hanson1758241782 son of Edward Hanson; of Wike

387HansonElenor Hansonfirst name on this monument183871845id: 7982
(9 images)
4328631085of Low Moor;
Joseph Hansonbrother of Elenor Hanson1840321872
Joshua Butterworth Hansonbrother of Elenor Hanson1842321874 husband of Alice Hanson;
William Hansonbrother of Elenor Hanson1835281863 of Norwood Green;
George Hansonfather of Elenor Hanson1798761874
Martha Hansonmother of Elenor Hanson1811451856
Hannah Hansonsister of Elenor Hanson184511846
Alice Hansonsister-in-law of Elenor Hanson1843741917 widow of Joshua Butterworth Hanson;

388HansonJames Hansonfirst name on this monument184061846id: 7787
(4 images)
4328081075son of Ruben and Sarah Hanson; of Low Moor; aged 6 years 5 mths;
John Hinchliff Hansonbrother of James Hanson184631849
Reuben Hansonfather of James Hanson1812541866
Sarah Ann Hansonmother of James Hanson1816621878

389HansonJohn Hansonfirst name on this monument1776541830id: 66464325101070of Low Moor
Joseph Hansonfather of John Hanson1749941843
Susy Hansonwife of John Hanson1782761858

390HansonJohn Hansonfirst name on this monument183721839id: 9065
(2 images)
4330801077son of Martha Hanson; of Low Moor;
Ada Barraclough185041854 dau of John and Martha Barraclough; of Low Moor; aged 4 yrs. 9 mths.
Emily Barraclough185211853 dau of John and Martha Barraclough; of Low Moor; aged 1 yr. 8 mths.
John Barraclough1819571876 husband of Martha Barraclough
Martha Barraclough1817401857 wife of John Barraclough;

391HansonJoseph Hansonfirst name on this monument1806751881id: 8681
(3 images)
4333631069of Low Moor; Born 13.02.1805

392HansonJoseph Hansonfirst name on this monument1851211872id: 6672
(2 images)
4332401079son of Martin and Maria Hanson; of Upper Park House; Low Moor;
Ellen Hansondaughter of Joseph Hanson1859161875 dau of Martin and Maria Hanson;
Martin Hansonfather of Joseph Hanson1817841901 husband of Maria Hanson;
Maria Hansonmother of Joseph Hanson1815701885 wife of Martin Hanson;

393HansonMartha Hansonfirst name on this monument1697831780id: 8240
(7 images)
43334010702wife of Joshua Hanson of Robert Town;
Joshua Hansonhusband of Martha Hanson1719611780 husband of Martha Hanson;
Mary Pyrah178781795 dau. of John Pyrah of Row nook;

394HansonMary Hansonfirst name on this monument1817681885id: 7457
(5 images)
4327051071of Low Moor;
Thomas Hansonhusband of Mary Hanson1818741892

395HansonMary Hansonfirst name on this monument1762221784id: 8586
(2 images)
4329751072of Low Park House
Martha Wilkinsondaughter of Mary Hanson
Titha Wilkinsongrand daughter of Mary Hanson1824271851 dau. of John and Martha Wilkinson; of Odsol
Thomas Hansonhusband of Mary Hanson1758651823
Thomas Hansonson of Mary Hanson178921791
John Wilkinsonson-in-law of Mary Hanson
Titha Hansonsecond wife of husband of Mary Hanson1765521817 2nd wife of Thomas Hanson

396HansonSarah Hansonfirst name on this monument1882861968id: 7650
(9 images)
Emily Butterworth1883101893 Monument; dau of Annie and George Hanson;
Annie Hanson1857461903 Monument; wife of George Hanson;
George Hanson1853321885 Monument; husband of Annie Hanson

397HansonSarah Hansonfirst name on this monument1800271827id: 8125
(2 images)
4328791069dau. of William and Judith Hanson; of Low Moor;
John Hansonbrother of Sarah Hanson1814291843
William Hansonfather of Sarah Hanson
Judith Hansonmother of Sarah Hanson

398HansonSophia Hansonfirst name on this monument1849681917id: 7660
(8 images)
Adah Hanson1847611908
Ellen Hanson1851781929
Sarah Hanson1837731910
Sarah Hanson1882861968
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399HansonWilley Hansonfirst name on this monument181431817id: 8131
(3 images)
4328811075son of Dan and Sarah Hanson; of Low Moor;
William Hansonbrother of Willey Hanson182111822
Dan Hansonfather of Willey Hanson1791571848
Sarah Hansonmother of Willey Hanson1794751869
D Hansonmonument owner of Willey Hanson of Bradford;
Ellen Eshelbyniece of Willey Hanson1844201864 grandau of Dan and Sarah Hanson;
Helen Hansonsister of Willey Hanson181931822
Sally Hansonsister of Willey Hanson1828191847

400HansonWilliam Hansonfirst name on this monument1765501815id: 8127
(2 images)
4328801069of Low Moor
Judith Hansonwife of William Hanson1768681836

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Low Moor, Yorkshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is BD12 0HR - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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