Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list

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101BastowBenjamin Bastowfirst name on this monument1770651835id: 6441
(3 images)
1074of Wibsey Slack
William Bastowson of Benjamin Bastow1807591866
Sarah Bastowwife of Benjamin Bastow1770721842

102BastowJenny Bastowfirst name on this monument1800121812id: 34
(2 images)
1084dau. of Joseph and Mary Bastow; of Wibsey Slack
John Bastowbrother of Jenny Bastow1795221817 son of Joseph and Mary Bastow
Joshua Bastowbrother of Jenny Bastow1797191816 son of Joseph and Mary Bastow
Joseph Bastowfather of Jenny Bastow husband of Mary Bastow
Mary Bastowmother of Jenny Bastow wife of Joseph Bastow

103BatemanAbraham Batemanfirst name on this monument1785431828id: 66411093of Newhill Hall
Martha Batemanwife of Abraham Bateman1785611846

104BatemanAnn Batemanfirst name on this monument1770741844id: 7952
(2 images)
1091wife of Daniel Bateman
Daniel Batemanhusband of Ann Bateman husband of Ann Bateman

105BatemanHarold Batemanfirst name on this monument1889261915id: 62291074Church Internal - Memorial Plaque - City of London Yeomanry Rough Riders; son of George Henry and Mary Jane Bateman; Who died of wounds received on Gallipoli
George Henry Batemanfather of Harold Bateman Church Internal - Memorial Plaque
Mary Jane Batemanmother of Harold Bateman Church Internal - Memorial Plaque

106BatemanHarold Batemanfirst name on this monument1889261915id: 62081074Church internal - wall plaque - killed in action in France; City of London Yeomanry Rough Riders son of George Henry and Mary Jane Bateman who died of wounds receoved in Gallipoli - TRANSEPT East wall of South

107BatemanIsella Batemanfirst name on this monument1824501874id: 7902
(6 images)
1088wife of Daniel Bateman of Croft House; Wibsey;
Florence Batemandaughter of Isella Bateman1864231887 dau. of Daniel and Isella Bateman and wife of William Anthony Smith; who died at Wissahickon; Philadelphia; U.S.A;
Isella Batemandaughter of Isella Bateman1857181875 dau. of Daniel and Isella Bateman
Jessie Batemandaughter of Isella Bateman185411855 dau. of Daniel and Isella Bateman; aged 15 mths.
Daniel Batemanhusband of Isella Bateman1819711890 who died at Wissahickon; Philadelphia; U.S.A;
Harold Bateman1889261915 City of London Yeomanry; son of George Henry and Mary Jane Bateman; killed in action at Gallipoli;
Charles Herbert Batemanson of Isella Bateman1851201871 son of Daniel and Isella Bateman
Daniel Conrade Batemanson of Isella Bateman1859401899 son of Daniel Bateman; who died at Sheffield;
Sam Batemanson of Isella Bateman1861551916 youngest son of Daniel Bateman
William Frederick Batemanson of Isella Bateman1849411890 eldest son of Daniel Bateman; who died at Grange-over-Sands

108BatemanJames Batemanfirst name on this monument1795691864id: 6805
(2 images)
1095of Park House; Low Moor; husband of Ann Bateman;
Emily Batemandaughter of James Bateman1850211871 dau of James Bateman;
Ann Batemanwife of James Bateman1805691874 wife of James Bateman;

109BatemanMartha Batemanfirst name on this monument1797341831id: 8419
(2 images)
1081wife of Samuel Bateman; of Park House
Samuel Batemanhusband of Martha Bateman1798621860
Edward Batemanson of Martha Bateman son of Samuel and Martha Bateman; died in his infancy

110BatemanSamuel Batemanfirst name on this monument1798621860id: 6240
(3 images)
1086of Arimple Villa; Pannal; Church internal - wall plaque; erected by his beloved wife Elizabeth who survives him - TRANSEPT - North Wall;
Elizabeth Batemanwife of Samuel Bateman of Arimple Villa; Pannal; Church internal - wall plaque; erected by his beloved wife Elizabeth who survives him - TRANSEPT - North Wall;

111BaxandallAnn Baxandallfirst name on this monument1841131854id: 70441085of Denholme
David Baxandallfather of Ann Baxandall husband of Sarah Baxandall
Sarah Baxandallmother of Ann Baxandall wife of David Baxandall
Nanney Mitchell1797581855 of Bradford

112BaxterSamuel Baxterfirst name on this monument1784451829id: 8713
(2 images)
1096of Bradford
Christopher Woodcock1779831862 of Buttershaw. Husband of Susannah Woodcock
Susannah Woodcock1782801862 wife of Christopher Woodcock
Thomas Woodcock1808801888 son of Christopher and Susannah Woodcock
Martha Baxterwife of Samuel Baxter1787721859

113BeckettFrances Ann Beckettfirst name on this monument1822201842id: 7911
(4 images)
1089dau of William and Mary Beckett; of Hull;

114BeesleyWilliam Beesleyfirst name on this monument1827601887id: 89061076

115BeldonSarah Beldonfirst name on this monument1768581826id: 8951
(3 images)
1076wife of William Beldon; of Upper Hacliff Hill; Horton;
William Beldonfather-in-law of Sarah Beldon1733741807
William Beldonhusband of Sarah Beldon husband of Sarah Beldon
Dinah Beldonmother-in-law of Sarah Beldon1735661801 wife of William Beldon Senior

116BelfieldMartha Belfieldfirst name on this monument183021832id: 8806
(5 images)
1074dau. of William and Hannah Belfield of Wike; aged 2 yrs 10mths.
William Belfieldfather of Martha Belfield1806481854
Hannah Belfieldmother of Martha Belfield1802381840
Hannah Belfieldstep mother of Martha Belfield1814641878 second wife of William Belfield
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117BellfieldBenjamin Bellfieldfirst name on this monument1804421846id: 8778
(2 images)
1075of Beck Hill; North Bierley;
Hannah Bellfieldhusband of Benjamin Bellfield1807591866 wife of Benjamin Bellfield

118BellfieldMartha Bellfieldfirst name on this monument1831391870id: 6842
(2 images)
1087of Buttershaw;
Emma Bellfield1837421879
Hannah Bellfield1841621903 gravestone broken; and year of death lost

119BentleyRichard Bentleyfirst name on this monument1842761918id: 8235
(5 images)
1097of Low Moor
Blank Blank
Maurice Bentley Pinder1913471960
Sargent Bentleyson of Richard Bentley1881371918 of 16th West Yorks. Who died from wounds received. Interred at St.Severe Cemetery; Rouen; France.
Martha Bentleywife of Richard Bentley1839641903

120BentleySarah Bentleyfirst name on this monument1754381792id: 8905
(2 images)
1075wife of George Bentley; of Storhill
Hannah Bentleydaughter of Sarah Bentley1781141795
George Bentleyhusband of Sarah Bentley1755781833
George Bentleyson of Sarah Bentley died in their infancy
John Bentleyson of Sarah Bentley died in their infancy

121BestDan Bestfirst name on this monument1866481914id: 6957
(2 images)
1138of Low Moor;
Lilly Bestwife of Dan Best1864871951

122BestFrank Bestfirst name on this monument1889211910id: 6864
(2 images)
1147of Low Moor; born 06.09.1888
Fred Bestfather of Frank Best1861561917
Annie Bestmother of Frank Best1863751938
Fred Midgley1884581942

123BestMartha Bestfirst name on this monument182131824id: 8480
(3 images)
1078dau. of Joseph and Sarah Best; of Low Moor
Thomas Bestbrother of Martha Best1822121834 son of Joseph and Sarah Best; of Low Moor
Joseph Bestfather of Martha Best
Sarah Bestmother of Martha Best
Elizabeth Bestsister of Martha Best182511826 dau. of Joseph and Sarah Best; of Low Moor; aged 1 year 3 mths

124BestSarah Jane Bestfirst name on this monument1848621910id: 7312
(3 images)
1077of Low Moor
Minnie Bestdaughter of Sarah Jane Best187341877
Stephen Besthusband of Sarah Jane Best1847671914

125BestStephen Bestfirst name on this monument1805671872id: 8477
(3 images)
1085of Low Moor
Thomas Bestson of Stephen Best1849251874
Mary Ann Bestwife of Stephen Best1810691879

126BestStephen Bestfirst name on this monument1846501896id: 7518
(2 images)
1075Monument; of Lowmoor;
Joseph Bestfather of Stephen Best Monument; father of Stephen Best
S Bestmother of Stephen Best Monument; mother of Stephen Best

127BestWilliam Bestfirst name on this monument1842571899id: 6885
(3 images)
1110of Low Moor
Betty Bestdaughter of William Best187321875
Mary Bestdaughter of William Best1870261896
Arthur Bestson of William Best1876261902
Margaret Ann Bestwife of William Best1838821920

128BirkbeckAnn Birkbeckfirst name on this monument1780661846id: 8600
(2 images)
1081wife of John Birkbeck
John Birkbeckfather of Ann Birkbeck1779731852 husband of Ann Birkbeck

129Birkby Birkbyfirst name on this monumentid: 842110952Only part of gravestone left

130BirkbyBetty Birkbyfirst name on this monument1754321786id: 8423
(6 images)
1115wife of Richard Birkby; of Wike
Richard Birkbyhusband of Betty Birkby
Ann Firth
Elizabeth Firth180931812 dau. of Joshua and Ann Firth; of Wibsey Low Moor
Joshua Firth
Martha Garside Firth1816 dau. of Joshua and Ann Firth; aged 7 mths
Nancy Birkbysister of Betty Birkby1782371819 dau. of Richard and Betty Birkby
Hannah Holdsworthsister of Betty Birkby1746651811
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131BirkbyRichard Birkbyfirst name on this monument1810761886id: 84211084Only part of gravestone left - Born 24.05.1810

132BlackburnMargaret Blackburnfirst name on this monument1846541900id: 6895
(4 images)
1085Monument - wife of Squire Blackburn; of Low Moor; born 01.03.1845
Squire Blackburnhusband of Margaret Blackburn1838721910 husband of Margaret Blackburn;
Emily Blackburnsecond wife of husband of Margaret Blackburn1860801940 wife of Squire Blackburn

133BlamiresLydia Blamiresfirst name on this monument177611777id: 8264
(6 images)
1074dau. of Samuel Blamires; of Great Horton; Mostly hidden gravestone.
Martha Blamires1782 (according to SBLHA - dau. of Samuel Bleamires - no age shown)
Samuel Blamires (must be Samuel Blamires but almost all hidden - no further clear info. on SBLHA)

134BlaymiresJoseph Blaymiresfirst name on this monument1751371788id: 6544
(8 images)
10801of North field
Ezra Crtree1748501798 father of John Crtree; husband of Hannah Crtree
Hannah Crtree1744701814 wife of Ezra Crtree
John Crtree1776121788 son of Ezra and Hannah Crtree
Mary Blaymiressister of Joseph Blaymires1747651812

135BollandDaniel Bollandfirst name on this monument1793481841id: 8333
(4 images)
1085of Low Wood-Lands; Wike;
John Bollandson of Daniel Bolland1823681891 of Sunny Side; Lightcliffe; son of Daniel and Alice Bolland;
Alice Bollandwife of Daniel Bolland1795651860 wife of Daniel Bollands;

136BollandElizabeth Bollandfirst name on this monument1813371850id: 585
(4 images)
1083wife of David Bolland; of North Bierley;
Sarah Elizabeth Bollanddaughter of Elizabeth Bolland184461850 dau of David and Elizabeth Bolland;
David Bollandhusband of Elizabeth Bolland1813701883
John Bollandson of Elizabeth Bolland185121853 son of David and Elizabeth Bolland; aged 2 yrs 3 mths.;
Elizabeth Bollandsecond wife of husband of Elizabeth Bolland1819511870 second wife of David Bolland;

137BollandHannah Bollandfirst name on this monument1721661787id: 61771079of Row Nook
Benjamin Bollandbrother of Hannah Bolland1725691794

138BollandJohn Bollandfirst name on this monument1712711783id: 6401
(5 images)
1080Row Nook
Charles Woodgrand son of John Bolland1831551886 son of Timothy Wood; husband of Ann Wood
Ann Wood1830651895 wife of Charles Wood
John Wood1758851843 of West-Gate Hill; near Tong
Timothy Wood father of Charles Wood
Martha Bollandwife of John Bolland1730571787

139BollandJohn Bollandfirst name on this monument181911820id: 8828
(2 images)
1079son of John and Sarah Bolland; late of Wike; aged 18 mths;
John Bollandfather of John Bolland
Sarah Bollandmother of John Bolland
Hannah Bollandsister of John Bolland1816221838 dau. of John and Sarah Bolland;
Harriet Bollandsister of John Bolland1825161841 dau. of John and Sarah Bolland;

140BollandJohn Bollandfirst name on this monument1764701834id: 8323
(3 images)
1113of Low-Wood Lands; Wike
Harriet Bolland1810481858 wife of William Bolland
John Bolland1835101845 son of William and Harriet Bolland; of Okenshaw
John Bolland184551850 son of William and Harriet Bolland
William Bolland1847 son of William and Harriet Bolland; aged 5 mths
William Bolland husband of Harriet Bolland
Mary Bollandwife of John Bolland1764821846

141BollandRuth Bollandfirst name on this monument1680771757id: 6176
(2 images)
1109wife of William Bolland of Row Nook and dau to John Pilling of Kirklees Mill
John Pillingfather of Ruth Bolland
William Bollandhusband of Ruth Bolland1684871771
William Bolland1714761790 son of William Bolland of Row nook

142BollandTimothy Bollandfirst name on this monument1803491852id: 8877
(3 images)
10911of Low-Wood-Lands; Wike
Martha Bollanddaughter-in-law of Timothy Bolland1832901922
Benjamin Bollandson of Timothy Bolland1831661897
Mary Bollandwife of Timothy Bolland1800551855

143BoltonHarry Boltonfirst name on this monument1856591915id: 68501114of Odsal;
Charles Boltonson of Harry Bolton1879151894
Frank Boltonson of Harry Bolton1876 aged 9 mths;
Willie Boltonson of Harry Bolton1889 aged 8 mths;
Hannah Boltonwife of Harry Bolton1853651918
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144BoltonJoseph Boltonfirst name on this monument1819401859id: 9572
(2 images)
1078of The Prince of Wales Inn; Bradford
Susannah Shoresister of Joseph Bolton1839831922 sister of Joseph Bolton;

145BoltonRichard Boltonfirst name on this monument185971866id: 677311141son of Thurston and Mary Bolton; of Odsal Moor;
Thurston Boltonfather of Richard Bolton1817631880 husband of Mary Bolton;
Mary Boltonmother of Richard Bolton1821821903 wife of Thurston Bolton;
Orlinda Boltonsister of Richard Bolton1851451896 dau. of Thurston and Mary Bolton;

146BoltonS Boltonfirst name on this monumentid: 86181078S Bolton - Owner

147BoltonTabitha Boltonfirst name on this monument1830881918id: 7361
(4 images)
Mary Jane Boltondaughter of Tabitha Bolton1854841938 Monument;
Martha Shore1878851963 Monument; dau. of William and Susanna Shore
Susanna Shore Monument;
William Shore Monument;
William Boltonson of Tabitha Bolton1858201878 Monument;

148BoltonThomas Boltonfirst name on this monument1838611899id: 69861079Monument - of Odsal
Hannah Boltonwife of Thomas Bolton1841711912 Monument

149BoocockCharles Boocockfirst name on this monument1796531849id: 6555
(2 images)
1079of Wibsey

150BoothJohn Boothfirst name on this monument1849id: 7797
(3 images)
1097of Bradford; aged 16 mths;
Jonas Boothfather of John Booth1818501868 died at Manchester
Jane Boothmother of John Booth1823571880

151BoothJoseph Boothfirst name on this monument1786681854id: 71021076of Brick Lane; Bradford
Sarah Boothwife of Joseph Booth1782851867

152BoothJoseph Boothfirst name on this monument1782141796id: 60721082of Revey
Thomas Boothfather of Joseph Booth1744671811
Salley Boothmother of Joseph Booth1751551806

153BoothSarah Boothfirst name on this monument1823591882no image1086of Bradford
Benjamin Boothhusband of Sarah Booth1823651888
Elizabeth Ann Booth1853451898 wife of James Booth
James Booth1847611908 husband of Elizabeth Ann Booth

154BoothTommis Boothfirst name on this monument1714501764id: 6100
(2 images)
1080of Wibsa
Sarah Boothdaughter of Tommis Booth died in infancy and no year of death
Mary Booth1804721876 wife of the ove Thomas Booth and dau. of the above Martha Midgley
Mary Hannah Booth183931842 dau. of Thomas and Mary Booth of Northowram
Thomas Booth1798721870 husband of Mary Booth
Martha Midgley1775711846
John Boothson of Tommis Booth died in infancy and no year of death
Tomme Boothson of Tommis Booth died in infancy and no year of death

155BottomleyMoses Bottomleyfirst name on this monument1884181902id: 69871078of Low Moor; born 14.06.1883
Zena Bottomleyfather of Moses Bottomley1858701928
Martha Bottomleymother of Moses Bottomley1853931946
Mary Greenoughsister of Moses Bottomley1880371917 born 18.02.1880

156BottomleyRichard Alfred Bottomleyfirst name on this monument1850411891id: 7646
(2 images)
Eleanor Marianne Bottomleydaughter of Richard Alfred Bottomley died in infancy - no date of death or age shown
Eleanor Wilson1846931939
Elizabeth Wilson1847831930
Margaret Bottomleywife of Richard Alfred Bottomley1850631913

157BowerIsaac Bowerfirst name on this monument1789641853id: 83741082Sexton of Wibsey Chapel for 30 years; erected by friends

158BowerJoseph Bowerfirst name on this monument182311824id: 8345
(3 images)
11131son of William and Martha Bower; of Beck Hill
William Bowerfather of Joseph Bower1800491849
Martha Bowermother of Joseph Bower1799261825
Hannah Bowermonument owner of Joseph Bower Hannah Bower Owner
Hannah Bower1800861886 wife of William Bower
William Bower died in their infancy
William Bower husband of Hannah Bower
William Henry Bower died in their infancy
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159BowiePallie Bowiefirst name on this monument1860411901id: 8878
(2 images)
1095wife of Frederick Douglas Bowie
Frederick Douglas Bowiehusband of Pallie Bowie1855661921 husband of Pallie Bowie

160BowlerAnn Bowlerfirst name on this monument1768771845id: 7837
(6 images)
10861of Low Moor;
Sarah Bowlerdaughter-in-law of Ann Bowler1797771874 of Low Moor;
Joel Bowlerhusband of Ann Bowler1764931857 owner of monument
Samuel Bowlerson of Ann Bowler1795631858

161BoyesJoseph Boyesfirst name on this monument1848561904id: 7020
(2 images)
Joseph Hubert Boyesson of Joseph Boyes1890551945 Monument
Elizabeth Boyeswife of Joseph Boyes1847771924 Monument

162BransbyJoseph Bransbyfirst name on this monument1850611911id: 7715
(2 images)
Randolph Bransbyson of Joseph Bransby1886201906
Margaret Bransbywife of Joseph Bransby1855801935

163BrashawJonathan Brashawfirst name on this monument1808221830id: 9612
(3 images)
1081son of Joseph and Elizabeth Brashaw; of Low Moor;
James Brashawbrother of Jonathan Brashaw1792421834 son of Joseph and Elizabeth Brashaw;
Joseph Brashawfather of Jonathan Brashaw1770711841
Elizabeth Brashawmother of Jonathan Brashaw1775791854

164BrayshawAda Brayshawfirst name on this monument185661862id: 6211
(2 images)
11161dau of Abrahm and Sarah Brayshaw; of Bradford;
Albert Brayshawbrother of Ada Brayshaw1853641917 son of Abraham and Sarah Brayshaw;
Abraham Brayshawfather of Ada Brayshaw1831521883 husband of Sarah Brayshaw;
Sarah Brayshawmother of Ada Brayshaw1829681897 wife of Abraham Brayshaw;
Elizabeth Brayshaw185951864

165BrayshawAlfred Brayshawfirst name on this monument1833521885id: 7577
(4 images)
11012Monument; of Low Moor;
Sophia Brayshawdaughter of Alfred Brayshaw1856751931 Monument;
Annie Brayshaw1861731934 Monument;
Edwin Brayshawson of Alfred Brayshaw1872191891 Monument;
Fred Brayshawson of Alfred Brayshaw1859381897 Monument;
Hannah Brayshawwife of Alfred Brayshaw1832621894 Monument;

166BrayshawEdwin Brayshawfirst name on this monument182691835id: 7901
(7 images)
10862of Low Moor;
Jared Brayshawbrother of Edwin Brayshaw1828201848
Daniel Brayshawfather of Edwin Brayshaw1805501855
Mary Brayshawmother of Edwin Brayshaw1805711876
Harriot Brayshawsister of Edwin Brayshaw1831111842

167BrayshawElizabeth Brayshawfirst name on this monument1842531895id: 7929
(2 images)
10882of Low Moor;
Florence Alberta Brayshawdaughter of Elizabeth Brayshaw186551870
Edwin Brayshawhusband of Elizabeth Brayshaw1844801924
Benjamin Brayshawson of Elizabeth Brayshaw no date or age shown - died in their infancy;
Jared Brayshawson of Elizabeth Brayshaw no date or age shown - died in their infancy;

168BrayshawElizabeth Brayshawfirst name on this monument1822301852id: 8179
(2 images)
10991wife of George Brayshaw; of Low Moor;
George Brayshawhusband of Elizabeth Brayshaw1818621880
Martha Brayshawsecond wife of husband of Elizabeth Brayshaw1826511877 second wife of George Brayshaw

169BrayshawHorace Evans Brayshawfirst name on this monument1872271899id: 7668
(5 images)
10782Monument; eldest son of Sam and Mary Brayshaw;
Edward O Brayshawbrother of Horace Evans Brayshaw1881351916 Monument; husband of Hannah Brayshaw; of the West Yorkshire Regmt. killed in action in France;
Sam Brayshawfather of Horace Evans Brayshaw1851561907 Monument;
Mary Brayshawmother of Horace Evans Brayshaw1851521903 Monument;
Ida Swires Monument;
Maurice Alfred Swires1880721952 Monument; husband of Ida Swires;
Sam Brayshawson of Horace Evans Brayshaw Monument; youngest son; died in his infancy - no date of death or age shown;
Hannah Brayshawson-in-law of Horace Evans Brayshaw Monument; wife of Edward O. Brayshaw;

170BrayshawJohn Brayshawfirst name on this monument1835501885id: 69391086
Fanny Wood1873651938 wife of Irvine Wood
Irvine Wood1873631936 husband of Fanny Wood
Elizabeth Brayshawwife of John Brayshaw1838781916
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171BrayshawMark Brayshawfirst name on this monument1827881915id: 6783
(4 images)
11002of Hazel-Dene; Buttershaw; husband of Mary Brayshaw;
Ruth Ellen Brayshawdaughter of Mark Brayshaw186131864 dau of Mark and Mary Brayshaw;
Mary Alice Waddingtondaughter of Mark Brayshaw1866741940 dau of Mark and Mary Brayshaw;
Mary Brayshawwife of Mark Brayshaw1829881917 wife of Mark Brayshaw;

172BrayshawMary Brayshawfirst name on this monument1775621837id: 8573
(3 images)
1077wife of James Brayshaw of Salnook
James Brayshawhusband of Mary Brayshaw1777671844 husband of Mary Brayshaw
John Brayshawmonument owner of Mary Brayshaw

173BrayshawSarah Brayshawfirst name on this monument1795331828id: 7992
(9 images)
10922wife of Joseph Brayshaw; of Low Moor
Joseph Brayshawfather of Sarah Brayshaw1800711871
Charlotee Gertrude Brayshaw187631879 dau. of the Tom and Charlotte Brayshaw
Charlotte Brayshaw1838681906 wife of Tom Brayshaw
Harriet Brayshaw1825801905 widow of William Brayshaw
Tom Brayshaw1844691913 entries very; very difficult to read on a very worn gravestone
William Brayshaw1823471870
Martha Brayshawsecond wife of husband of Sarah Brayshaw1811591870 second wife of Joseph Brayshaw

174BrayshayMary Brayshayfirst name on this monument1729351764id: 605610801st wife of James Brayshay - of Little Horton
James Brayshayhusband of Mary Brayshay1736801816
Susanna Brayshaystep daughter of Mary Brayshay179221794 daughter of James Brayshay
George Brayshaystep son of Mary Brayshay179111792 son of James Brayshay
Sam Brayshaystep son of Mary Brayshay1787171804 son of James Brayshay
William Brayshaystep son of Mary Brayshay178401784 age 24 weeks - son of James Brayshay
Martha Brayshaysecond wife of husband of Mary Brayshay1748711819 2nd wife of James Brayshay

175BreaksAnn Breaksfirst name on this monument1820191839id: 8328
(6 images)
1141dau. of James and Sarah Breaks; of Low Moor
Allan Breaksbrother of Ann Breaks1831111842 son of James and Sarah Breaks
James Breaksbrother of Ann Breaks died in their infancy
James Breaksfather of Ann Breaks1789681857
Sarah Breaksmother of Ann Breaks1785741859
Hannah Breakssister of Ann Breaks died in their infancy

176BreaksHannah Breaksfirst name on this monument1780491829id: 8027
(4 images)
1092of White Lane Top; Wibsey;
Richard Breakshusband of Hannah Breaks1776581834
Seth Breaksmonument owner of Hannah Breaks this Stone Given by Richard Breaks to his Brother; Seth; Sepr. 25th 1833

177BreaksJane Mary Breaksfirst name on this monument1821371858id: 623
(2 images)
1077wife of Gent Breaks; of Low Moor;
Clara Jane Breaksdaughter of Jane Mary Breaks who died in her infancy
Gent Breakshusband of Jane Mary Breaks1813501863

178BreaksJohn Breaksfirst name on this monument1711751786id: 85211077of Wibsey
Mary Breaksdaughter-in-law of John Breaks1742831825 wife of Richard Breaks
John Breaksmonument owner of John Breaks owner
Richard Breaksson of John Breaks1743591802 son of John and Sarah Breaks
Sarah Breakswife of John Breaks1713731786 wife of John Breaks

179BreaksJohn Breaksfirst name on this monument1768781846id: 70901076of Wibsey
Hannah Breakswife of John Breaks1770781848

180BreaksRichard Breaksfirst name on this monument1804211825id: 8578
(3 images)
1120son of Seth and Mary Breaks; of Wibsey
Seth Breaksfather of Richard Breaks1781711852
Mary Breaksmother of Richard Breaks1779851864
Richard Breaksson of Richard Breaks1827 Aged 10 mths.

181BreaksThomas Breaksfirst name on this monument1782191801id: 8868
(3 images)
10831son of Thomas and Grace Breaks; of Wibsey Bank
Isaac Breaksbrother of Thomas Breaks1794 son of Thomas and Grace Breaks; aged 5 mths.
Jacob Breaksbrother of Thomas Breaks1798161814 son of Thomas and Grace Breaks;
Thomas Breaksfather of Thomas Breaks1760811841 son of Thomas and Grace Breaks;
Grace Breaksmother of Thomas Breaks1760741834 dau. of Thomas and Grace Breaks;
Grace Breakssister of Thomas Breaks1801241825 dau. of Thomas and Grace Breaks;
Martha Breakssister of Thomas Breaks1802161818 dau. of Thomas and Grace Breaks;
Naomi Breakssister of Thomas Breaks1790241814 dau. of Thomas and Grace Breaks;
Sarah Breakssister of Thomas Breaks1792221814 dau. of Thomas and Grace Breaks;
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182BrettGladys Meritia Brettfirst name on this monument1895591954id: 6936
(6 images)
1084wife of Rev. James Arthur Brett; Vicar of this parish;
James Arthur Bretthusband of Gladys Meritia Brett1900721972

183BriggsAnn Briggsfirst name on this monument1804721876id: 68201102wife of Joseph Briggs; of Storr Hill; Wyke; Farmer;
Joseph Briggshusband of Ann Briggs1803741877 husband of Ann Briggs;

184BriggsBetty Briggsfirst name on this monument1800611861id: 6667
(3 images)
1103wife of Thomas Briggs; of Low Moor;
Thomas Briggshusband of Betty Briggs1796721868 husband of Betty Briggs;
David Briggsson of Betty Briggs1841201861 son of Thomas and Betty Briggs;

185BriggsCharles Briggsfirst name on this monument1827511878id: 7364
(2 images)
Anne Briggsdaughter of Charles Briggs185131854
Hannah Briggswife of Charles Briggs1823711894

186BriggsElizabeth Briggsfirst name on this monument1834501884id: 7628
(7 images)
1106Monument; of Storr Hill; Wyke;
Annie Briggsdaughter of Elizabeth Briggs1936 Monument; no age shown
Lucy Ellen Briggsdaughter of Elizabeth Briggs1864631927 Monument;
Peter Briggshusband of Elizabeth Briggs1833781911 Monument;
Daniel Priestley1959 Monument; husband of Hilda Priestley;
Hilda Priestley1954 Monument; wife of Daniel Priestley; no age shown
Melanie Diane Sarter1947 Monument; dau. of George and Elizeth Sarter; of Leyburn Avenue; Lightcliffe; only 10 days old

187BriggsFrancis Briggsfirst name on this monument1830191849id: 60361117of Low Moor
George Briggsbrother of Francis Briggs1813581871
Joseph Briggsfather of Francis Briggs1788651853
Ann Briggsmother of Francis Briggs1787781865

188BriggsJohn Briggsfirst name on this monument1810591869id: 6826
(4 images)
1093of Low Moor; husband of Mary Briggs;
Mabel Williamsongrand daughter of John Briggs1891291920 grandaughter of John and Mary Briggs; wife of John Williamson;
John Williamsongrand son of John Briggs husband of Mel Williamson;
Mary Briggswife of John Briggs1811761887 wife of John Briggs;

189BriggsJoseph Briggsfirst name on this monument1857411898id: 70121076Monument - of Low Moor

190BriggsMartha Briggsfirst name on this monument1820271847id: 4818
(6 images)
1074wife of Thomas Briggs; of Low Moor;
Hannah Briggsdaughter of Martha Briggs184611847 dau of Thomas and Martha Briggs;
Ruth Briggsdaughter of Martha Briggs184451849 dau of Thomas and Martha Briggs;
Thomas Briggshusband of Martha Briggs1816501866 husband of Martha Briggs;
Thomas Briggsmonument owner of Martha Briggs owner of this stone
Mary Briggssecond wife of husband of Martha Briggs1819571876 (second wife of Thomas Briggs??)

191BriggsPeter Briggsfirst name on this monument1821781899id: 7008
(3 images)
1086Monument - of Low Moor
Ann Briggsdaughter of Peter Briggs1845561901 Monument
Mary Jane Briggsdaughter of Peter Briggs1845831928 Monument
Mary Briggswife of Peter Briggs1822801902 Monument

192BriggsSidney Briggsfirst name on this monument1830611891id: 8769
(3 images)
1080of Low Moor
Mary Briggswife of Sidney Briggs1844751919

193BriggsSolomon Briggsfirst name on this monument185411855id: 582
(3 images)
1082son of John and Mary Briggs; of Low Moor; aged 1 yr. 5 mths.;
Elizabeth Ellen Briggsdaughter of Solomon Briggs185611857 dau of John and Mary Briggs; aged 14 mths.;
John Briggsfather of Solomon Briggs husband of Mary Briggs;
Mary Briggsmother of Solomon Briggs wife of John Briggs;

194BroadbentRoasamund Broadbentfirst name on this monument1666id: 6168
(8 images)
1082wife of Richard Broadbent; of Woodlandes; age NOT shown; other entries NOT readle
Richard Broadbenthusband of Roasamund Broadbent husband of Roasamund Broadbent

195BrogdenJohn Brogdenfirst name on this monument1639741713id: 6110
(2 images)
1081of North Byerley
John Brogdenson of John Brogden1683751758 of Northbierley - husband of Susannah Brogden
Susannah Brogdenwife of John Brogden1694851779 wife of John Brogden

196BrookAnn Woodhead Brookfirst name on this monument183951844id: 6706
(2 images)
10971dau of Samuel and Martha Brook; of Wibsey;
Hannah Woodhead Brookdaughter of Ann Woodhead Brook184411845 dau of Samuel and Martha Brook; aged 1 yr. 10 mths.;
Sarah Brookdaughter of Ann Woodhead Brook184231845 dau of Samuel and Martha Brook; aged 3 yrs 6 mths.;
Samuel Brookfather of Ann Woodhead Brook husband of Martha Brook;
Martha Brookmother of Ann Woodhead Brook1819401859 wife of Samuel Brook;
John Woodhead Brookson of Ann Woodhead Brook184051845 son of Samuel and Martha Brook; aged 5 yrs 3 mths.;
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197BrookChristopher Brookfirst name on this monument1663541717id: 8381
(6 images)
Joseph Brook1766 husband of Ruth Brook
Ruth Brook1758 wife of Joseph Brook

198BrookLuke Brookfirst name on this monument1791581849id: 7803
(3 images)
1075Agent to the Low Moor Compy.
Susannah Brook1826661892
Jonathan Brookson of Luke Brook1830211851 son of Luke Brook

199BrookMartha Brookfirst name on this monument1757421799id: 37
(4 images)
1097wife of Jonathan Brook; of Low Moor;
Jonathan Brookhusband of Martha Brook
George Brookson of Martha Brook1783181801 son of Jonathan Brook

200BrookRebekah Brookfirst name on this monument1806221828id: 9075
(2 images)
1076dau. of John and Martha Brook; of Chapel Fold; Wibsey
John Brookfather of Rebekah Brook1771581829 husband of Martha Brook;
Martha Brookmother of Rebekah Brook1768681836 wife of John Brook;
Mary Brooksister of Rebekah Brook1809281837 dau. of John and Martha Brook;

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Low Moor, Yorkshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is BD12 0HR - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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