Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Low Moor, Yorkshire, England

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Monument list

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1AckroydH E P Ackroydfirst name on this monumentid: 6261
(6 images)
4332021079Church Internal - Dedicated stained glass windows - solicitor of Dean House; North Bierley Vicars Warden of this church from 1908 to 1912 This window was erected by his parents - July 1912

2AckroydHenry Edgar Parkinson Ackroydfirst name on this monument1860511911id: 7402
(5 images)
43268011241solicitor; of Dean House; North Bierley;
James Ackroyd1836761912 of Dean House; North Bierley; church-warden of this church for 34 years;
Jane Ackroyd1841831924 late of Dean House; who died at Morecambe

3AckroydJames Ackroydfirst name on this monument1836761912id: 62144324191092Church internal - wall plaque - TRANSEPT - South Wall
Jane Ackroydwife of James Ackroyd1841831924 Church internal - wall plaque - died at Morecambe - TRANSEPT - South Wall

4AckroydJames Ackroydfirst name on this monument1836761912id: 6233
(2 images)
4331971097Church Internal - Memorial Plaque - of Dean House; husband of Jane Ackroyd; A token of affection from their daughter and grandaughter
Jane Ackroydwife of James Ackroyd1841831924 Church Internal - Memorial Plaque - wife of James Ackroyd; A token of affection from their daughter and grandaughter

5AkeroydAbrham Akeroydfirst name on this monument182741831id: 8933
(5 images)
4330531087son of Edward and Matilda Akeroyd; Bowling;
Edward Akeroydfather of Abrham Akeroyd1809301839
Edward Akeroydgrand father of Abrham Akeroyd1770851855 father of Edward Akeroyd; of Bowling Ould Lane;
Matilda Akeroydmother of Abrham Akeroyd1810251835 wife of Edward Akeroyd
Elizabeth Akeroydsister of Abrham Akeroyd183081838 dau. of Edward and Matilda Akeroyd;
Abraham Akeroyduncle of Abrham Akeroyd1814451859 3rd son of Edward Akeroyd Snr.
Zaccheus Akeroyduncle of Abrham Akeroyd1813471860 son of above (presumed in view of age - Edward Akeroyd Snr.)

6AkeroydEdward Akeroydfirst name on this monument184081848id: 8921
(3 images)
4330511085son of Joseph and Hannah Akeroyd; of Bowling Old Lane;
William Akeroydbrother of Edward Akeroyd184351848 son of Joseph and Hannah Akeroyd;
Joseph Akeroydfather of Edward Akeroyd1816691885
Hannah Farrar Akeroydmother of Edward Akeroyd1817841901 wife of Joseph Akeroyd

7AkeroydOrlinda Akeroydfirst name on this monument184311844id: 20
(8 images)
43337010841dau. of David and Mary Akeroyd; of Odsal Moor; aged 1 yr 3 mths
Amos Akeroydbrother of Orlinda Akeroyd184511846 son of David and Mary Akeroyd
Benjamin Akeroydbrother of Orlinda Akeroyd1817591876 son of David and Mary Akeroyd
Isaac Akeroydbrother of Orlinda Akeroyd1840331873 son of David and Mary Akeroyd
Seth Akeroydbrother of Orlinda Akeroyd1850 son of David and Mary Akeroyd; aged 10 mths
David Akeroydfather of Orlinda Akeroyd
Mary Akeroydmother of Orlinda Akeroyd
David Ackroyd husband of Mary Ackroyd; inscription is on support stone; not on main gravestone
Mary Ackroyd1812811893 wife of David Ackroyd; inscription is on support stone; not on main gravestone
Annis Akeroydsister of Orlinda Akeroyd184821850 dau. of David and Mary Akeroyd; aged 2 yrs 1 mth

8AkeroydWilliam Akeroydfirst name on this monument1794321826id: 8166
(3 images)
4328901083of Bowling Lane;
Zaccheus Akeroydfather of William Akeroyd1771631834

9AnglessMartha Anglessfirst name on this monument181921821id: 9059
(3 images)
4330781091dau. of Timothy and Hannah Angless; of Low Moor; aged 2 yrs. 6 mths.
George Bagshaw Anglessbrother of Martha Angless182911830 son of Timothy and Martha Angless; age 16 mths
Timothy Anglessfather of Martha Angless
Hannah Anglessmother of Martha Angless1793341827 wife of Timothy Angless
T Lightowlersmonument owner of Martha Angless owner
James Angless husband of Sarah Angless;
Sarah Angless1825571882 wife of James Angless
William Sucksmith Angless1859201879 son of James and Sarah Angless;
James Lingley1849321881
Martha Anglessstep mother of Martha Angless1788421830 2nd wife of Timothy Angless

10AnglessWilliam Hirst Anglessfirst name on this monument183421836id: 9062
(3 images)
4330791079son of Timothy and Mary Angless; of Low Moor; aged 2 yrs. 9 mths.
James Anglessbrother of William Hirst Angless1820581878 son of Timothy and Mary Angless;
Timothy Anglessfather of William Hirst Angless1790691859 husband of Mary Angless;
Mary Anglessmother of William Hirst Angless1795611856 wife of Timothy Angless;

11AppleyardGeorge Appleyardfirst name on this monument1837521889id: 69404325671100of Low Moor
Maud Appleyarddaughter-in-law of George Appleyard wife of Willie Appleyard
Willie Appleyardson of George Appleyard1884451929 husband of Maud Appleyard
Sarah Appleyardwife of George Appleyard1841721913

12ArmitageMary Armitagefirst name on this monument1763561819id: 8165
(4 images)
43288911111of Shelf;
George Barraclough1799511850 son of Sarah Barraclough
Sarah Barraclough1767551822 of Shelf; mother of George Barraclough
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13AshleyFanny Ashleyfirst name on this monument1798661864id: 71034326371084of Bradford
John Ashleyhusband of Fanny Ashley1796691865
Harriet Shuttleworthniece of Fanny Ashley1834841918

14AsquithAnnie Asquithfirst name on this monument1866471913id: 6950
(3 images)
4333061104wife of Bentley Asquith; of Tring and Low Moor; no age shown
Bentley Asquithhusband of Annie Asquith1868521920 Civil Engineer and Architect; husband of Annie Asquith;
Gordon William Asquithson of Annie Asquith1898191917 2nd Lt. 2nd Batt K.O.Y.L.I.; elder son of Bentley and Annie Asquith; who fell in action in Passchendaele

15AsquithJohn Asquithfirst name on this monument1782521834id: 8887
(2 images)
4330401102of Holly Hall
Patricia Asquithwife of John Asquith1771731844

16AsquithMartha Asquithfirst name on this monument1828231851id: 568
(6 images)
43312211041wife of Joseph Asquith; of Farnley; and dau of John and Matty Mitchell of Odsal Moor;
Sarah Ann Asquithdaughter of Martha Asquith who died in their infancy
Joseph Asquithhusband of Martha Asquith husband of Martha Asquith;
Alfred Mitchell Asquith1848811929 husband of Maria Mitchell;
Edmund Asquith187321875
John Asquith188321885
Maria Asquith1848771925 wife of Alfred M. Asquith; of Little Horton;
John Asquithson of Martha Asquith who died in their infancy

17AsquithMary Asquithfirst name on this monument1771601831id: 4854
(2 images)
43316510981wife of John Asquith; North Bierley; Innkeeper;
John Asquithhusband of Mary Asquith1778831861
Hannah Asquithsecond wife of husband of Mary Asquith1774791853 second wife of John Asquith; of Horton;

18AsquithSamuel Asquithfirst name on this monument179831801id: 8203
(3 images)
4328951076son of Samuel and Sarah Asquith; of Frizinghall;

19AsquithSamuel Asquithfirst name on this monument184951854id: 7051
(3 images)
4326161077Monument - of Low Moor; aged 5 years 2 mths;
John Asquithfather of Samuel Asquith1809601869 Monument - of Holly Hall; Low Moor
Elizabeth Asquithmother of Samuel Asquith1816421858 Monument
Sarah Asquithsister of Samuel Asquith1843151858 Monument

20AsquithSarah Asquithfirst name on this monument1825531878id: 7374
(3 images)
Harriet Holmes1827581885 wife of Jonathan Holmes
Jonathan Holmes1826591885 husband of Harriet Holmes

21AsquithThomas Downs Asquithfirst name on this monument1834521886id: 679643326910841husband of Charlotte Asquith;
Emma Asquithdaughter of Thomas Downs Asquith186251867 dau of Thomas Downs Asquith;
Harriet Emily Asquithdaughter of Thomas Downs Asquith1869791948 dau of Thomas Downs and Charlotte Asquith;
Sarah Jane Asquithdaughter of Thomas Downs Asquith1873781951 dau of Thomas Downs and Charlotte Asquith;
Charlotte Asquithwife of Thomas Downs Asquith1833591892 wife of Thomas Downs Asquith;

22AsquithWilliam Asquithfirst name on this monument185531858id: 6734331471077son of John Asquith; of Little Horton; aged 3 yrs 3 mths.;
John Asquithfather of William Asquith1830291859
Edwin Asquith1853391892 son of John and Sarah Asquith;
Sarah Asquith husband of John Asquith;

23AtackBenjamin Atackfirst name on this monument1807631870id: 6853
(4 images)
4332921088of Low Moor; husband of Elizabeth Atack;
Annie Maria Atackdaughter of Benjamin Atack1859221881 dau of
Elizabeth Atackwife of Benjamin Atack1814751889 wife of Benjamin Atack;

24AtackHannah Atackfirst name on this monument1806531859id: 6676
(2 images)
4332391078wife of Joseph Atack; of Low Moor;
Joseph Atackhusband of Hannah Atack1806631869 husband of Hannah Atack;

25AtkinsonEliza Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1852id: 7927
(2 images)
4328461078dau of John and Ritty Atkinson; of Low Moor; aged 5 mths 18 days;
Robert Lightowlers Atkinsonbrother of Eliza Atkinson1863 aged 2 mths 18 days;
John Atkinsonfather of Eliza Atkinson
Ritty Atkinsonmother of Eliza Atkinson

26AtkinsonOliver Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1848551903id: 70154325971075Monument - of Low Moor; born 21.10.1848
Joseph Robinsonsecond husband of wife of Oliver Atkinson Monument
Mary Holdenmother of Oliver Atkinson1827811908 Monument
Elizabeth Ann Robinsonwife of Oliver Atkinson1848731921 Monument

27B A B first name on this monumentid: 77144327871081owner - no more information

28B H B first name on this monumentid: 69514333071072Only initials shown
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29BT Bfirst name on this monumentid: 364333791077only initials T.B. - very small headstone

30BaileyAbraham Baileyfirst name on this monument1826351861id: 6215
(2 images)
4331921080of Low Moor;

31BaileyEliza Baileyfirst name on this monument1851491900id: 6934
(5 images)
4325651075of Low Moor
Sarah Ann Baileydaughter of Eliza Bailey1872161888
Edwin Baileyhusband of Eliza Bailey1847751922
Arthur Baileyson of Eliza Bailey1876831959
Irvine Baileyson of Eliza Bailey188481892

32BaileyJoshua Baileyfirst name on this monument1790461836id: 66544325161075of Low Moor
Mary Ann Robinson1831641895 wife of Wade Robinson
Wade Robinson1831631894 husband of Mary Ann Robinson
Mary Baileywife of Joshua Bailey1794761870

33BaileyJoshua Baileyfirst name on this monument1832241856id: 6601
(4 images)
4324951073son of Benjamin and Hannah Bailey; of Low Moor
Benjamin Baileyfather of Joshua Bailey1796691865
Hannah Baileymother of Joshua Bailey

34BaileyMartha Baileyfirst name on this monument1831id: 482
(5 images)
4328071079dau. of George and Harriet Bailey; of Low Moor; aged 2 mths;
Charles Baileybrother of Martha Bailey183631839 son of George and Harriet Bailey
Ephraim Baileybrother of Martha Bailey184421846 son of George and Harriet Bailey
James Baileybrother of Martha Bailey183411835 son of George and Harriet Bailey
John Baileybrother of Martha Bailey184011841 son of George and Harriet Bailey
Richard Baileybrother of Martha Bailey183441838 son of George and Harriet Bailey
Samuel Baileybrother of Martha Bailey1846 son of George and Harriet Bailey; aged 7 mths
Thomas Baileybrother of Martha Bailey184021842 son of George and Harriet Bailey
George Baileyfather of Martha Bailey1812351847 husband of Harriet Bailey
Harriet Baileymother of Martha Bailey1809421851 wife of George Bailey

35BairstowJohn Bairstowfirst name on this monument1725861811id: 60294323291103of Bankfoot
Caroline Wigglesworth1822191841 son of George Wigglesworth of Bradford
Eli Wigglesworth of Bradford; mother of Hannah Wigglesworth
George Wigglesworth of Bradford; father of Caroline Wigglesworth
Hannah Wigglesworth1838201858 dau of Eli and ..Wigglesworth of Bradford; interred at the Parish Church; Bradford
Thomas Wigglesworth185911860 aged 1 years 11 mths; son of George Wigglesworth
Ann Bairstowwife of John Bairstow1766801846

36BairstowJohn Bairstowfirst name on this monument1810181828id: 4844
(5 images)
4331611076son of Paul and Mary Bairstow; of Horton;
Amos Bairstowmonument owner of John Bairstow owner
Amos Bairstow1818521870

37BairstowPaul Bairstowfirst name on this monument1783601843id: 4842
(4 images)
4331601086of Little Horton; Agent to the Low Moor Company; husband of Mary Bairstow;
Leah Oddydaughter of Paul Bairstow1811571868 second dau of Paul and Mary Bairstow;
Mary Bairstowwife of Paul Bairstow1785611846 wife of Paul Bairstow;

38BakerAnn Bakerfirst name on this monumentid: 7097
(2 images)
4326341075Staplegrove, Somerset

39BakerAnn Bakerfirst name on this monument1777351812id: 8719
(2 images)
4329931072wife of Richard Baker; of Low Moor; Forge man
Richard Bakerhusband of Ann Baker husband of Ann Baker

40BarkerGeorge Henry Barkerfirst name on this monument1853751928no image4332451076
Laura Barkerdaughter of George Henry Barker1892 aged 6 mths.;
Nanny Barker1858741932
Herbert Barkerson of George Henry Barker1890281918 RFn 17th Batt.Kings Royal Rifle Corps reported missing March 22nd 1918 aged 28 years

41BarkerJabez Barkerfirst name on this monument1849661915id: 70074325931081
Percy Barkerson of Jabez Barker died in infancy; no date of death shown
Emma Barkerwife of Jabez Barker1865591924

42BarkerMary Barkerfirst name on this monument1831231854id: 9049
(4 images)
4330761072dau. of Joseph and Susannah Barker; of Low Moor;
Tom Barkerbrother of Mary Barker1826331859 son of Joseph and Susannah Barker;
Joseph Barkerfather of Mary Barker1798751873
Susannah Barkermother of Mary Barker1797771874
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43BarkerWilliam Barkerfirst name on this monument1829131842id: 79204328431075son of James and Margaret Barker; of Bowling;
James Barkerfather of William Barker
Margaret Barkermother of William Barker

44BarlowNancy Barlowfirst name on this monument183251837id: 6428
(2 images)
4324601078dau of John and Nancy Barlow
John Barlowfather of Nancy Barlow husband of Nancy Barlow
Nancy Barlowmother of Nancy Barlow wife of John Barlow
Mary Bearlowson of Nancy Barlow1835211856

45BarracloughAbraham Barracloughfirst name on this monument1811571868id: 8852
(2 images)
4330291078of Buttershaw

46BarracloughAnn Barracloughfirst name on this monument1825771902id: 7598
(2 images)
43274810741of Little Horton;
Bathsheba Barraclough1838711909
Thomas William Barraclough1856491905

47BarracloughBetty Barracloughfirst name on this monument1784741858id: 544
(7 images)
4333831086wife of John Barraclough of Low Moor Top
John Barracloughhusband of Betty Barraclough1781771858 husband of Betty Barraclough
Ben Coats father of William and James Coats
James Coats186721869 son of Ben and Susannah Coats; of Chapel Fold; Wibsey;
Susannah Coats mother of William and James Coats
William Coats186361869 son of Ben and Susannah Coats; of Chapel Fold; Wibsey;

48BarracloughBreaks Barracloughfirst name on this monument1832id: 9106
(2 images)
4330901073son of James and Betty Barraclough; of Horton; aged 10 weeks;
James Barracloughbrother of Breaks Barraclough1834 son of James and Betty Barraclough; of Horton; aged 3 mths.;
James Barracloughfather of Breaks Barraclough husband of Betty Barraclough;
Betty Barracloughmother of Breaks Barraclough wife of James Barraclough;

49BarracloughElizabeth Barracloughfirst name on this monument180331806id: 8157
(4 images)
43288710851dau of Samuel and Hannah Barraclough; of Wibsey Slack;
Samuel Barracloughbrother of Elizabeth Barraclough1810811891
Samuel Barracloughfather of Elizabeth Barraclough1774501824
Hannah Barracloughmother of Elizabeth Barraclough1772521824

50BarracloughElizabeth Barracloughfirst name on this monument1731821813id: 328
(5 images)
4333621072wife of Abraham Barraclough; of Hedge end; North Birely;
Abraham Barracloughhusband of Elizabeth Barraclough1740751815 husband of Elizabeth Barraclough
John Barracloughson of Elizabeth Barraclough1771801851 son of Abraham and Elizabeth Barraclough

51BarracloughEllen Barracloughfirst name on this monument1825721897id: 6852
(2 images)
4332911078eldest dau of John and Elizabeth Barraclough; of Penny Close Farm; Wibsey;
John Barracloughfather of Ellen Barraclough husband of Elizabeth Barraclough;
Elizabeth Barracloughmother of Ellen Barraclough wife of John Barraclough;
Jane Mitchellsister of Ellen Barraclough1836801916 sister of Ellen Barraclough;

52BarracloughEmily Barracloughfirst name on this monument1868591927id: 70274326031097Monument - of Moor Top;
Henry Barracloughhusband of Emily Barraclough1867671934 Monument

53BarracloughFrancis Barracloughfirst name on this monument1822441866id: 865743335810721of Bowling Old Lane
John Barracloughsister-in-law of Francis Barraclough1860751935
Nancy Barracloughwife of Francis Barraclough1832961928

54BarracloughFrancis Ewart Barracloughfirst name on this monument186911870id: 6847
(4 images)
4332901086son of William and Eliza Barraclough; of Low Town End; Wibsey;
William Barracloughfather of Francis Ewart Barraclough1827661893 husband of Eliza Barraclough;
Eliza Barracloughmother of Francis Ewart Barraclough1839371876 wife of William Barraclough;

55BarracloughFrank Barracloughfirst name on this monument1759411800id: 86484333561071of Wibsey
Martha Barracloughwife of Frank Barraclough1770791849 relict of Frank Barraclough

56BarracloughFred Barracloughfirst name on this monument1880401920id: 6996
(5 images)
Joyce Edith Butterfieldgrand daughter of Fred Barraclough192931932 aged three and a half years;
Marie Dianne Butterfield193621938 possibly a grand-daughter of Fred Barraclough BUT not stated
Jane Clayton1854461900 wife of Jonathan Clayton
Jonathan Clayton1849581907 husband of Jane Clayton
Edith Barracloughwife of Fred Barraclough1873501923

57BarracloughHannah Barracloughfirst name on this monument1803271830id: 8815
(9 images)
4330211079wife of Francis Barraclough; of Wibsey
Elizabeth Seed1782651847 wife of Jonas Seed
Jonas Seed183471841 son of Harriet Seed; grandson of Jonas and Elizabeth Seed; Buttershaw
Jonas Seed1782611843
Joseph Seed1811651876 son of Jonas and Elizabeth Seed
Mary Seed1808671875 dau. of Jonas and Elizabeth Seed
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58BarracloughHannah Barracloughfirst name on this monument1749271776id: 8665
(2 images)
4333591085wife of Jonas Barraclough; of Wibsey
Jonas Barracloughhusband of Hannah Barraclough
Betty Barraclough179181799 dau. of Jonas and Sarah Barraclough
Jonas Barraclough1752511803 father of above children; husband of Sarah Barraclough;
Jonas Barraclough1786141800 son of Jonas and Sarah Barraclough
Malley Barraclough1784161800 dau. of Jonas and Sarah Barraclough
Mary Barraclough178121783 dau. of Jonas and Sarah Barraclough
Ruth Barraclough179721799 dau. of Jonas and Sarah Barraclough
Sarah Barraclough1758481806 wife of Jonas and mother of above children
William Barraclough1799191818 son of Jonas and Sarah Barraclough

59BarracloughHannah Barracloughfirst name on this monument1850id: 62964332071073dau of Joseph Brook and Elizabeth Barraclough; of Storr Hill Side; Wyke; aged 5 mths.;
Holdsworth Barracloughbrother of Hannah Barraclough185211853 aged 1 yr. 8 mths.;
John Barracloughbrother of Hannah Barraclough1858401898
Richard Barracloughbrother of Hannah Barraclough185611857 twin brother of Elizabeth Barraclough; aged 1 yr. 11 mths.;
Thomas Barracloughbrother of Hannah Barraclough186211863 son of Joseph Brook and Elizabeth Barraclough; aged 1 yr. 8 mths.;
Joseph Brook Barracloughfather of Hannah Barraclough1804651869 not very easy to read - not le to verify with SBLHA
Elizabeth Barracloughmother of Hannah Barraclough1822411863 wife of Joseph Brook Barraclough;
Elizabeth Barracloughsister of Hannah Barraclough1856 aged 10 mths.;

60BarracloughHannah Barracloughfirst name on this monument1701261727id: 6130
(3 images)
4323821078wife of Joshua Barraclough
Joshua Barracloughhusband of Hannah Barraclough1685591744
Hannah Hodgson1747 age 5 weeks; dau. of William Hodgson
Joshua Hodgson176231765
William Hodgson father of Hannah Hodgson

61BarracloughHannah Mary Barracloughfirst name on this monument1832241856id: 7129
(4 images)
43264610891dau. of Hannah Barraclough; Monument; of Low Moor Top;
Hannah Barracloughmother of Hannah Mary Barraclough1808701878 gt gt gnd parents
Benjamin Coates1827601887 husband of Susannah Coates
Susannah Coates1826631889 wife of Benjamin Coates

62BarracloughHarriet Ann Barracloughfirst name on this monument1872811953id: 703043260610801
Susan Barracloughniece of Harriet Ann Barraclough1895691964

63BarracloughHenry Barracloughfirst name on this monument184041844id: 7847
(7 images)
4328241075son of William and Mary Barraclough; of Low Moor;
James Barracloughbrother of Henry Barraclough1853421895
William Barracloughfather of Henry Barraclough1811661877
Mary Barracloughmother of Henry Barraclough1813751888
Ann Barracloughsister of Henry Barraclough184321845
Elizabeth Barracloughsister of Henry Barraclough1849551904

64BarracloughJames Barracloughfirst name on this monument185971866id: 9108
(5 images)
4330911082son of Abraham and Ann Barraclough;
Abraham Barracloughfather of James Barraclough1833701903 husband of Ann Barraclough;
Ann Barracloughmother of James Barraclough1836321868 wife of Abraham Barraclough; of Moor Top;

65BarracloughJohn Barracloughfirst name on this monument1771591830id: 8576
(2 images)
4329721095of Low Moor
Ann Barracloughwife of John Barraclough1781631844 relict of John Barraclough

66BarracloughJohn Barracloughfirst name on this monument183611837id: 8110
(4 images)
4328751070son of Joseph and Nancy Barraclough; of Low Moor; aged 1 yr 3mths;
William Barracloughbrother of John Barraclough1852 aged 11 mths;
Joseph Barracloughfather of John Barraclough1811671878 husband of Nancy Barraclough;
Nancy Barracloughmonument owner of John Barraclough
Nancy Barraclough1813701883 wife of Joseph Barraclough;
Mary Ann Ellis186031863 grandau of Joseph and Nancy Barraclough; aged 3 yrs 3mths;

67BarracloughJohn Barracloughfirst name on this monument1801191820id: 8849
(3 images)
4330281080son of Joshua and Sally Barraclough; of Buttershaw in North Birley
Joshua Barracloughfather of John Barraclough1770771847 husband of Sally Barraclough
Sally Barracloughmother of John Barraclough1771681839 wife of Joshua Barraclough

68BarracloughJohn Barracloughfirst name on this monument1756811837id: 83964329351069of Wibsey Town-End
Hannah Fletcherniece of John Barraclough1787681855 niece of John Barraclough
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69BarracloughJonas Barracloughfirst name on this monument1804541858id: 659
(3 images)
4331431069of Wyke;
Hannah Barracloughwife of Jonas Barraclough1809861895 wife of Jonas Barraclough;

70BarracloughJonas Barracloughfirst name on this monument1801311832id: 8152
(4 images)
4328861100of Wibsey;
Betty Barracloughmonument owner of Jonas Barraclough
William Barracloughson of Jonas Barraclough1827741901
Betty Barracloughwife of Jonas Barraclough1805591864

71BarracloughJoseph Barracloughfirst name on this monument1748661814id: 6579
(4 images)
4324921072of Acliff Hill; Horton
John Priestleymonument owner of Joseph Barraclough father of Nancy Priestley
Nancy Priestley1826151841 dau of John Priestley

72BarracloughJoseph Barracloughfirst name on this monument1807201827id: 8218
(5 images)
43289810811son of John and Betty Barraclough of Revy. Aged 20 yrs 9 mths.
John Barracloughfather of Joseph Barraclough husband of Betty Barraclough
Betty Barracloughmother of Joseph Barraclough1778651843 wife of John Barraclough

73BarracloughJoseph Barracloughfirst name on this monument1758281786id: 8180
(6 images)
4333331072of Wibsey
Jane McKensterdaughter of Joseph Barraclough1785871872 dau. of Joseph and Sarah Barraclough
Thomas Hunter McKensterson-in-law of Joseph Barraclough1785611846 son in law of Joseph and Sarah Barraclough
Sarah Barracloughwife of Joseph Barraclough1758761834 wife of Joseph Barraclough

74BarracloughJoseph Barracloughfirst name on this monument1767381805id: 8191
(6 images)
43289310721of Hedge end;
Mary Barracloughdaughter-in-law of Joseph Barraclough1792401832 wife of Joseph son of Joseph Barraclough;
John Barracloughmonument owner of Joseph Barraclough Wibsey;
Abraham Barracloughson of Joseph Barraclough1788171805
John Barracloughson of Joseph Barraclough1793231816
Joseph Barracloughson of Joseph Barraclough1791461837 husband of Mary Barraclough

75BarracloughJoseph Barracloughfirst name on this monument1798751873id: 7707
(4 images)
4327851071Monument; of Little Horton;
Thomas Barracloughson of Joseph Barraclough1823651888 Monument;
Elizabeth Barracloughwife of Joseph Barraclough1800811881 Monument;

76BarracloughLydia Barracloughfirst name on this monument1798531851id: 86754333611097wife of Francis Barraclough; of Townend; Wibsey
Francis Barracloughhusband of Lydia Barraclough1796661862 husband of Lydia Barraclough
John Barracloughson of Lydia Barraclough1828241852 son of Francis and Lydia Barraclough
Joshua Barracloughson of Lydia Barraclough1836591895 son of Francis and Lydia Barraclough

77BarracloughMargaret Barracloughfirst name on this monument1776351811id: 6446
(2 images)
4324671074of Carr Lane
Joseph Barracloughhusband of Margaret Barraclough husband of Margaret Barraclough

78BarracloughMartha Barracloughfirst name on this monument1782631845id: 6155
(7 images)
4323961070of Carr Lane

79BarracloughMartha Barracloughfirst name on this monument175721759id: 6326
(5 images)
4324401075dau of John Barraclough of Top of Wibsey Slack
John Barraclough1750121762
John Barraclough1746831829 the above John Barraclough? Which one?
Ruth Barraclough1754641818 wife of John Barraclough of upper Hacliff Hill; Horton

80BarracloughMary Barracloughfirst name on this monument1747251772id: 6107
(3 images)
4323711085wife of Thomas Barraclough Jnr. And dau. of William Hodgson of Crossley Hall; Allerton
William Hodgsonfather of Mary Barraclough of Crossley Hall; Allerton - father of Mary Barraclough
Thomas Barracloughhusband of Mary Barraclough1738871825

81BarracloughMary Barracloughfirst name on this monument176191770id: 6569
(7 images)
43249010961dau of Jonas Barraclough of Revey
Jonas Barracloughfather of Mary Barraclough1738641802
Martha Barraclough1717721789 wife of Jonas Barraclough
John Collins1764711835 husband of Mary Collins
Joseph Collins1802311833 son of John and Mary Collins of Wibsey
Mary Collins1773641837 wife of John Collins

82BarracloughMary Barracloughfirst name on this monument173951744id: 64874324751077dau of Jonas Barraclough
Abram Barracloughbrother of Mary Barraclough175541759 son of Jonas Barraclough
Jonas Barraclough1714511765 probly father but relationship not stated
Joshua Barraclough1761 no details of age given
Mary Barracloughsister of Mary Barraclough174531748 dau of Jonas Barraclough

83BarracloughMary Ann Barracloughfirst name on this monument1877id: 6821
(4 images)
4325311074no age shown
John Barraclough1927 no age shown
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84BarracloughPatience Barracloughfirst name on this monument1796631859id: 29
(2 images)
4333741072wife of Benjamin Barraclough;
Benjamin Barracloughhusband of Patience Barraclough husband of Patience Barraclough

85BarracloughSarah Barracloughfirst name on this monument1791471838id: 8897
(2 images)
4330441076wife of Benjamin Barraclough; of Wibsey
Benjamin Barracloughhusband of Sarah Barraclough1798651863 husband of Sarah Barraclough

86BarracloughSarah Ann Barracloughfirst name on this monument1827671894id: 75894327441072Memoral; of Low Moor;
William Barracloughhusband of Sarah Ann Barraclough Memoral;

87BarracloughStephen Barracloughfirst name on this monument1730491779id: 8582
(5 images)
43297410771of Moor side; Yeoman
Stephen Barracloughson of Stephen Barraclough1773471820

88BarracloughSusannah Barracloughfirst name on this monument185991868id: 6728
(3 images)
4332541072dau of Amos and Mary Barraclough; of Low Moor; aged 9 1/2 yrs;
Amos Barracloughfather of Susannah Barraclough1821581879 husband of Mary Barraclough;
Mary Barracloughmother of Susannah Barraclough1832811913 wife of Amos Barraclough;

89BarracloughThomas Barracloughfirst name on this monument182411825id: 527
(4 images)
4333841076son of John and Elizeth Barraclough of Wibsey; aged 1 yr 9 mths
John Barracloughfather of Thomas Barraclough1799671866
Elizeth Barracloughmother of Thomas Barraclough1799581857
Ruth Barracloughsister of Thomas Barraclough1832201852 dau. of John and Elizeth Barraclough

90BarracloughThomas Barracloughfirst name on this monument1827421869id: 8147
(5 images)
4328851079of Bradford;
Fred Barracloughgreat grand son of Thomas Barraclough189511896 aged 1 yr 9 mths;
Mary Barracloughmother of Thomas Barraclough1790811871
Henry Bateman1850611911
Lily Bateman1883311914 died at Port Elizabeth; S.Africa; dau. of ove Henry Bateman?;

91BarracloughThomas Barracloughfirst name on this monument182411825id: 865243335710761son of John and Elizabeth Barraclough; of Wibsey; aged 1yr 9mths
John Barracloughfather of Thomas Barraclough1799671866 husband of Elizabeth Barraclough
Elizabeth Barracloughmother of Thomas Barraclough1799581857 wife of John Barraclough
Ruth Barracloughsister-in-law of Thomas Barraclough1832201852 dau. of John and Elizabeth Barraclough;

92BarracloughThomas Barracloughfirst name on this monument1757771834id: 6456
(2 images)
4324701075of Low Moor
Betty Barracloughdaughter-in-law of Thomas Barraclough
James Barracloughgrand son of Thomas Barraclough1823201843 son of John and Betty Barraclough of Low Moor; and grandson Thomas Barraclough
John Barracloughson of Thomas Barraclough

93BarracloughTimothy Barracloughfirst name on this monument1753721825id: 643298910741of Buttershaw House; This stone never to be disturbed
Sarah Barracloughwife of Timothy Barraclough1755791834 wife of Timothy Barraclough

94BarracloughTitha Barracloughfirst name on this monument181711818id: 8197
(6 images)
4328941077dau of John and Betty Barraclough; of Edgend; Revey; aged 1yr 9mths;
Abraham Barracloughbrother of Titha Barraclough
Elijah Barracloughbrother of Titha Barraclough infants
John Barracloughfather of Titha Barraclough
Betty Barracloughmother of Titha Barraclough
Ann Barraclough183941843 dau of Abraham and Sarah Barraclough and grandaughter of above John and Betty Barraclough;
Mary Barraclough184711848 dau of Abraham and Sarah Barraclough;
Elisha Barracloughsister of Titha Barraclough infants
Elizabeth Barracloughsister of Titha Barraclough1829271856 wife of John Barraclough and dau. of the above John and Betty Barraclough; aged 27yrs 11mths;
Sarah Barracloughsister of Titha Barraclough1803271830 aged 27yrs 8mths;
Sarah Barracloughsister-in-law of Titha Barraclough
John Barracloughson-in-law of Titha Barraclough

95BarracloughWilliam Barracloughfirst name on this monument1718701788id: 6523
(7 images)
43248111122of Wibsey
Abraham Barracloughgrand son of William Barraclough died in their infancy and date of death not shown
John Barracloughgrand son of William Barraclough died in their infancy and date of death not shown
William Barracloughgrand son of William Barraclough died in their infancy and date of death not shown
Mally Barraclough1764481812 mother of Abraham; John; and William Barraclough
Samuel Barraclough1790381828
William Barraclough1764831847 of Wibsey
Mary Boocock1805311836 wife of Charles Boocock of Wibsey; dau of the above Mally Barraclough
Betty Barracloughwife of William Barraclough1731821813
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96BarracloughWilliam Barracloughfirst name on this monument1815771892id: 7541
(3 images)
4327311088Monument; of Moor Top; Low Moor
Ellen Barracloughdaughter of William Barraclough1845691914 Monument;
Ellen Child1876551931 Monument; wife of Thomas W. Child;

97BarracloughWilliam Barracloughfirst name on this monument1747141761id: 8397
(6 images)
Joseph Barracloughbrother of William Barraclough1748181766
Francis Barracloughfather of William Barraclough1725731798
Hannah Barracloughmother of William Barraclough1727481775
Hannah Barracloughsister of William Barraclough1752431795
Mary Barracloughsister of William Barraclough176641770

98BartleAlice Bartlefirst name on this monument182221824id: 8954
(4 images)
4330571079dau. of Jonas and Mary Bartle; of Heaton Hill; North Bierley;
Frederick Bartlebrother of Alice Bartle182531828
Thomas Bartlebrother of Alice Bartle182141825 son of Jonas and Mary Bartle; aged 4 yrs 2 mths.
Jonas Bartlefather of Alice Bartle1795831878
Mary Bartlemother of Alice Bartle1798821880

99BartleJames Bartlefirst name on this monument1808741882id: 8912
(2 images)
4326241091of Low Moor;
Harriet Bartlegrand daughter of James Bartle1886 aged 10 mths; no surname shown
Harry Bartlegrand son of James Bartle188351888 aged 5 years 7 mths; no surname shown
James Willie Bartlegrand son of James Bartle1879 aged 4 mths;
Betty Bartle1847611908 wife of John Bartle - engraved on back of gravestone upright
John Bartle1840681908 husband of Betty Bartle - engraved on back of gravestone upright
Harriet Bartlewife of James Bartle1808631871

100BastowAbrm Bastowfirst name on this monument1793241817id: 6392
(2 images)
43245310771of Wibsey Bank Foot
William Bastowfather of Abrm Bastow1756741830
Rebecca Bastowmother of Abrm Bastow

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Holy Trinity's Church burial ground, Low Moor, Yorkshire, England.

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