St James' Church burial ground, Burton Lazars, Leicestershire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AdcockEliza Adcockfirst name on this monument7id: 60
(2 images)
4196001075of Melton Mowbray
William Adcockhusband of Eliza Adcock1809701879

2ArmstrongWilliam Armstrongfirst name on this monument1751821833id: 2934198101071

3ArmstrongWilliam Armstrongfirst name on this monument1788751863id: 2944198111069
Catherine Armstrongwife of William Armstrong1789391828

4AshAllen Ashfirst name on this monument1858561914id: 1274196611071

5AshtonHugh D S Ashtonfirst name on this monument1879571936id: 157
(2 images)
Sam Ashtonhusband of Hugh D S Ashton
Elaine Mary Ashton1877681945
Harriet Ashton1855371892
Sam Tomor Ashton1841591900

6AustenJohn Austenfirst name on this monument1794771871id: 894196241075
Ann Austendaughter of John Austen
John Austenson of John Austen
Ann Austenwife of John Austen1787691856

7BagshawRichard Bagshawfirst name on this monument1934722006id: 3344198511085
Margaret Lilian Bagshawwife of Richard Bagshaw1934762010

8BarnardAnn Barnardfirst name on this monument1814651879id: 924196271075
Thomas Barnardhusband of Ann Barnard

9BarnardElizabeth Barnardfirst name on this monument1850651915id: 944196291068
Tom Barnardhusband of Elizabeth Barnard1851821933

10BarnardErnest Barnardfirst name on this monument1890781968id: 2304197521091
Mabel Fletcherdaughter of Ernest Barnard1898871985 Formerly Barnard
Reginald Fletcherson-in-law of Ernest Barnard

11BarnardLucy Barnardfirst name on this monument1837531890id: 934196281070
Joseph Barnardhusband of Lucy Barnard1839671906

12BarnardThomas Barnardfirst name on this monument1804471851id: 914196261067

13BarnardTom William Barnardfirst name on this monument1903151918id: 1264196601070
James Lambert Barnard1876621938

14BarrattMyra May Barrattfirst name on this monument1933742007id: 3354198521075
Anthony John Barratt1934772011

15BarrettGraham Michael Barrettfirst name on this monument1984id: 3034198201067Died aged 12 days

16BellRichard Bellfirst name on this monument1749441793id: 2774197971076Also six children who died in infancy

17BellWilliam Bellfirst name on this monument1698621760id: 2744197941069Mourn not my wife and child for me; For it is now in vain. I hope through Christian heaven we shall some time meet again.

18BellamyMary Bellamyfirst name on this monument1841481889id: 774196121077
Elizabeth Bellamydaughter of Mary Bellamy
William Bellamyhusband of Mary Bellamy1909

19BennetRobert Bennetfirst name on this monumentid: 1484196791070

20BenskinAlice Benskinfirst name on this monument1837421879id: 1134196471075
John Benskinhusband of Alice Benskin

21BenskinElizabeth Benskinfirst name on this monument1846671913id: 1114196451075
John Benskinhusband of Elizabeth Benskin

22BenskinHenry Benskinfirst name on this monument1788541842id: 1144196481072
Elizabeth Benskin1787561843
Maria Benskin1810551865
William Benskin1780681848

23BenskinJohn Benskinfirst name on this monument1748801828id: 1554196831089
Ann Benskinwife of John Benskin1757771834

24BenskinJohn Benskinfirst name on this monument1836721908id: 1124196461071

25BenskinThomas Benskinfirst name on this monument1784481832id: 1594196861087
Robert Benskinson of Thomas Benskin
Mary Benskinwife of Thomas Benskin1787751862
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26BlonerThomas Blonerfirst name on this monument1776id: 334195761069

27BlowerMary Blowerfirst name on this monument1752291781id: 16041968710761
Joseph Williamsonfather of Mary Blower of Gdsby in this county
William Blowerhusband of Mary Blower
Mary Williamsonmother of Mary Blower

28BomfordGerald Gordon Bomfordfirst name on this monument1933722005id: 33041984710741

29BondEdward Walter Bondfirst name on this monument1912731985id: 3314198481065

30BondWalter Bondfirst name on this monument1879741953id: 3104198271109

31BorroughsWilliam Borroughsfirst name on this monument1738471785id: 1614196881068
Frances Borroughswife of William Borroughs

32Boswell Boswellfirst name on this monument1856231879id: 13241966610771
Toby Boswellhusband of Boswell

33BoswellJohn Boswellfirst name on this monument1819651884id: 1334196671070Burton Lodge

34BoxDiana Boxfirst name on this monument1934611995id: 34441986110761

35BozzettSarah Ann Bozzettfirst name on this monument1874941968id: 954196301067

36BrewinC Brewinfirst name on this monumentid: 3124198291091
Winifred Adus Brewinfirst wife of C Brewin1908321940
Nellie Brewinsecond wife of C Brewin1911321943

37BrownCharlotte Brownfirst name on this monument1845881933id: 3094198261067

38BrownThomas Brownfirst name on this monument1810731883id: 494195901067
Sarah Brownwife of Thomas Brown1812831895

39BurroughsMargaret Burroughsfirst name on this monument1696331729id: 16641969310661Farewell Dear Husband and Petiours children dear send we the Lord he will of you take care Farewell my dear relations do not cry . . .
Everard Burroughshusband of Margaret Burroughs

40BurroughsWilliam Burroughsfirst name on this monument1809761885id: 1634196901071

41BurrowsEverard Burrowsfirst name on this monument1696641760id: 1654196921066Do here I lie till trumpets sound and Vhrist for me doth call and then I hope for life again . .

42BurrowsRachel Burrowsfirst name on this monument1700621762id: 16441969110701
Everard Burrowshusband of Rachel Burrows

43BuswellRichard Buswellfirst name on this monument1771731844id: 26041978110702

44CampionAlice Campionfirst name on this monument1795721867id: 2694197891074Be ye also ready for in such an hour the Son of man cometh
Thomas Campionhusband of Alice Campion

45CampionElizabeth Campionfirst name on this monument1801311832id: 2764197961074
John Campionhusband of Elizabeth Campion

46CampionIohn Campionfirst name on this monument1721831804id: 2804198001066

47CampionJohn Campionfirst name on this monument1759711830id: 2814198011066

48CampionJohn Campionfirst name on this monument1801671868id: 26741978710931
Dennis Campionwife of John Campion1811771888 Yes; 'wife'

49CampionThomas Campionfirst name on this monument1812461858id: 2734197931067

50CampionWilliam Campionfirst name on this monument1761831844id: 27241979210711
Ann Campionwife of William Campion1778671845

51ChildKathleen Childfirst name on this monument1915741989id: 3204198371069
Josephine Childdaughter of Kathleen Child Died at 3 months
Joe Childhusband of Kathleen Child1912781990

52ChildRichard Lovett Childfirst name on this monument1914912005id: 3294198461072
Lilian Emma Childwife of Richard Lovett Child1915952010

53ClarkeMary Clarkefirst name on this monument1772701842id: 2294197511072

54ClayRichard Clayfirst name on this monument1924862010id: 2994198161069
Frieda Mary Claywife of Richard Clay1926752001

55CluerJoseph Cluerfirst name on this monumentid: 10141963610721
Ann Cluerwife of Joseph Cluer

56CluerSarah Cluerfirst name on this monument1893id: 1004196351068
Joseph Cluerhusband of Sarah Cluer
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57CollinAdam Collinfirst name on this monument1789491838id: 54195491079

58CollinWilliam Collinfirst name on this monument53id: 441954810651
Adam Collinfather of William Collin
Sarah Collinmother of William Collin

59CooperJohn Geoffrey Cooperfirst name on this monument1929501979id: 3194198361071
Catherine Cooperdaughter-in-law of John Geoffrey Cooper
Vincent Alexander Coopergrand son of John Geoffrey Cooper1980171997
Rex Cooperson of John Geoffrey Cooper
Esther Mary Cooperwife of John Geoffrey Cooper1928711999

60CooperRuth Cooperfirst name on this monument1818351853id: 144419677106916 years of long and severe affliction
Thomas Cooperfather of Ruth Cooper
Mary Coopermother of Ruth Cooper

61CooperThomas Cooperfirst name on this monument1762861848id: 14541967810661

62CresswellElizabeth Cresswellfirst name on this monument1888791967id: 2714197911101
Charles Joseph Cresswellhusband of Elizabeth Cresswell1931401971

63DesboroughGeorge Joseph Desboroughfirst name on this monument188941893id: 974196321076
John Tebbs Desboroughfather of George Joseph Desborough
Mary Ann Desboroughmother of George Joseph Desborough

64DesboroughJohn Tebbs Desboroughfirst name on this monument1850671917id: 9641963110782
Mary Ann Desboroughwife of John Tebbs Desborough1852791931

65DickensElizabeth Dickensfirst name on this monument1706671773id: 2584197801069
John Dickenshusband of Elizabeth Dickens

66DickensElizabeth Dickensfirst name on this monument1733181751id: 2564197781082
John Dickensfather of Elizabeth Dickens
Elizabeth Dickensmother of Elizabeth Dickens

67DickensJohn Dickensfirst name on this monument1707601767id: 2574197791069

68DickensMary Dickensfirst name on this monument1673581731id: 2544197761073
Richard Dickenshusband of Mary Dickens

69DickensRichard Dickensfirst name on this monument1671681739id: 2554197771075

70DickensThomas Dickensfirst name on this monument1773id: 2524197741073

71Dickens?Illegible Dickens?first name on this monumentid: 2534197751074

72DickinsonGeorge Dickinsonfirst name on this monument1895661961id: 3474198641065

73DickinsonHerbert Dickinsonfirst name on this monument1907671974id: 444195871068
Marjorie Dickinsonwife of Herbert Dickinson1907911998

74DickinsonMabel Dickinsonfirst name on this monument1897721969id: 3144198311068

75DickinsonThomas Edwin Dickinsonfirst name on this monument1912912003id: 32441984110681

76DickmanThomas Philip Dickmanfirst name on this monument1830341864id: 2684197881068

77DigbyElizabeth Digbyfirst name on this monument1759631822id: 24741976910712
Gervas Digbyhusband of Elizabeth Digby

78DigbyGervas Digbyfirst name on this monument1815501865id: 2484197701072
Frances Digbydaughter of Gervas Digby179331796

79DigbyJames Digbyfirst name on this monument1740341774id: 2494197711073
James Digbyfather of James Digby
Sarah Digbymother of James Digby

80DigbyJames Digbyfirst name on this monument1709801789id: 25141977310701
James Digby1710841794

81DigbyJames Digbyfirst name on this monument1729id: 25041977210691
William Digbyson of James Digby1715151730

82DigbySarah Digbyfirst name on this monument1743id: 2464197681074
James Digbyfather of Sarah Digby
Sarah Digbymother of Sarah Digby
Ann Digbysister of Sarah Digby1743
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83DobneyElizabeth Dobneyfirst name on this monumentid: 744196091069
Robert Dobneyhusband of Elizabeth Dobney

84DobneyRobert Dobneyfirst name on this monument1833781911id: 764196111071
Ruth Dobneywife of Robert Dobney1834741908

85DobneyRobert Dobneyfirst name on this monument1798781876id: 754196101069

86DurhamElizabeth Durhamfirst name on this monument1901781979id: 33341985010891
Harry Durhamhusband of Elizabeth Durham1900921992

87DyeFrancis Dyefirst name on this monument1899571956id: 524195931071
Ivy Joy Dye18991001999

88EcobJohn Thomas Ecobfirst name on this monument1869281897id: 1024196371079
Thomas Ecobfather of John Thomas Ecob
Mary Ann Ecobmother of John Thomas Ecob

89EcobMary Ecobfirst name on this monument185851863id: 11041964410691
Rickard Ecobfather of Mary Ecob
Rebecca Ecobmother of Mary Ecob

90EcobMary Ann Ecobfirst name on this monument1851791930id: 1034196381078
Thomas Ecobhusband of Mary Ann Ecob

91EcobRebecca Ecobfirst name on this monument1832591891id: 10941964310711
Rickard Ecobhusband of Rebecca Ecob1822911913

92EcobThomas Ecobfirst name on this monument1830571887id: 1044196391071

93FelsteadAnn Felsteadfirst name on this monument1828491877id: 834196181077
Robert Largefather of Ann Felstead
Samuel Felsteadhusband of Ann Felstead
Sarah Largemother of Ann Felstead

94FelsteadElizabeth Felsteadfirst name on this monument1780801860id: 1424196751070
Samuel Felsteadhusband of Elizabeth Felstead

95FelsteadElizabeth Felsteadfirst name on this monument1819451864id: 1404196741081
Samuel Felsteadhusband of Elizabeth Felstead

96FelsteadSamuel Felsteadfirst name on this monument1815611876id: 1394196731079

97FelsteadSamuel Felsteadfirst name on this monument1770751845id: 1434196761068

98FelsteadWilliam Felsteadfirst name on this monument1790661856id: 13541966910701
Sarah Felsteadwife of William Felstead1769581827

99FlintJames Flintfirst name on this monument1790691859id: 1314196651078
Sarah Flintwife of James Flint1787691856

100FreemanRachel Freemanfirst name on this monument1685341719id: 1564196841069
Philip Freemanhusband of Rachel Freeman

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