London Road (section D) Cemetery, Thetford, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AleyF Aleyfirst name on this monument1916id: TLRD533977371070Hertfordshire Yeomanry.

2AllenJames Frederick Allenfirst name on this monument1850681918id: TLRD613977451072
Mary Ann Allenwife of James Frederick Allen1852651917

3ArmstrongHenry Armstrongfirst name on this monument73id: TLRD53976901070Stone very eroded; death may have been in September 1923.
Martha Ann Armstrong1855701925

4AubreyArchibald Aubreyfirst name on this monument1900181918id: TLRD7439775810761London Irish Rifles.

5BacklogE J Backlogfirst name on this monument1879361915id: TLRD4739773110711Norfolk Regiment.

6BainbridgeElizabeth Bainbridgefirst name on this monument1860561916id: TLRD573977411081
Daisy Annie Bond Evansdaughter of Elizabeth Bainbridge1892561948 Surname may be Bond-Evans.

7BakerAnn Bakerfirst name on this monument1831781909id: TLRD253977101075

8BakerGeorge Bakerfirst name on this monument1862541916id: TLRD653977491069
Charlotte Bakerwife of George Baker1867661933

9BambridgeWilliam Bambridgefirst name on this monument1888301918id: TLRD703977541082Husband of Jessie Bambridge. Died of wounds.
Jessie Bambridgewife of William Bambridge

10BellGeorge Bellfirst name on this monument1875581933id: TLRD13639782110661
Mary Annie Bellwife of George Bell1875781953

11BellWilliam Bellfirst name on this monument1870681938id: TLRD7239775610711
Edric Bellson of William Bell1918

12BibbyCharles Frederick Bibbyfirst name on this monument1925id: TLRD1073977911092
Ellen Bibby1940

13BidwellEmma Bidwellfirst name on this monument1837921929id: TLRD1133977971085

14BirdRobert Birdfirst name on this monument1874711945id: TLRD1303978141073
Elizabeth Birdwife of Robert Bird1876761952

15BlowSarah Blowfirst name on this monument1856791935id: TLRD1123977961070
John Frederick Blowhusband of Sarah Blow1858841942

16BoughtonElizabeth Boughtonfirst name on this monument1830731903id: TLRD73976921073Wife of Charles Boughton.
Charles Boughtonhusband of Elizabeth Boughton

17BrewerWilliam Arthur Clarence Brewerfirst name on this monument189951904id: TLRD143976991068Son of William and Grace Brewer
William Brewerfather of William Arthur Clarence Brewer
Grace Brewermother of William Arthur Clarence Brewer

18BrightAnn Amelia Brightfirst name on this monument1844721916id: TLRD643977481073

19BroomfieldA J Broomfieldfirst name on this monument1917id: TLRD583977421066Kings Royal Rifle Corps.

20BurrellIda M Burrellfirst name on this monument1901181919id: TLRD853977691065

21BurtHarry Burtfirst name on this monument1861511912id: TLRD363977211075Husband of Alice Burt.
Alice Burthusband of Harry Burt

22CarterAgnes Ellen Carterfirst name on this monument1871621933id: TLRD8639777010921
George Cartergrand son of Agnes Ellen Carter191451919

23CarterMary Carterfirst name on this monument1863611924id: TLRD1283978121078Wife of John Carter.
John Carterhusband of Mary Carter1863671930
Eliza Dunnettsister of Mary Carter1847771924

24CatchpoleOwen Albert Catchpolefirst name on this monument1858731931id: TLRD873977711076

25CathercoleGeorge Cathercolefirst name on this monument1849621911id: TLRD393977241075George's wife Emily is named on the back of this gravestone.
Emily Cathercolewife of George Cathercole1854711925 This is the back of George Cathercole's gravestone.

26ChallisWilliam Challisfirst name on this monument1828831911id: TLRD373977221071
Sarah Ann Challiswife of William Challis1831851916

27ChapmanMary Ann Chapmanfirst name on this monument1862501912id: TLRD343977191071

28ChilversWalter Chilversfirst name on this monument1923id: TLRD973977811068

29ChurchyardCatherine Emily Churchyardfirst name on this monument1843721915id: TLRD4839773210701
James Churchyardhusband of Catherine Emily Churchyard1842841926

30ClarkeEliza Clarkefirst name on this monument1878401918id: TLRD693977531070
Ernest Edward Clarkehusband of Eliza Clarke1877501927
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31ClarkeHenry Clarkefirst name on this monument1840671907id: TLRD213977061067
Mary Ann Clarkewife of Henry Clarke1829831912

32ClarkeWilliam Clarkefirst name on this monument1865621927id: TLRD1223978061068Husband of Alice Clarke.
Alice Clarkewife of William Clarke

33ClarkeWilliam Clarkefirst name on this monument1837771914id: TLRD423977261065
Isabella Clarkewife of William Clarke1838751913

34CooperArthur Cooperfirst name on this monument1872461918id: TLRD753977591065
Eleanor Elizabeth Cooperwife of Arthur Cooper1873761949

35CooperMary Ellen Cooperfirst name on this monument1872341906id: TLRD193977041071Daughter of John and Ellen Green.
Sidney John Cooperbrother of Mary Ellen Cooper1875341909 Only son (presumably of John and Ellen Green).
John Cooperfather of Mary Ellen Cooper
Ellen Coopermother of Mary Ellen Cooper

36CooteAlfred Cootefirst name on this monument1887241911id: TLRD3139771610722Son of Henry and Emma Coote
Henry Cootefather of Alfred Coote Born in1848
Emma Cootemother of Alfred Coote Born in 1848

37CotterJames Cotterfirst name on this monument1838661904id: TLRD133976981066

38CrickClara Rose Crickfirst name on this monument1905311936id: TLRD1143977981079
Percy Horace Crick1913892002

39CrickRobert Victor Crickfirst name on this monument1891421933id: TLRD1473978321082

40CronsheyFrederick Hugh Cronsheyfirst name on this monument1883501933id: TLRD1463978311071
Charlotte Adela Cronsheywife of Frederick Hugh Cronshey1878841962

41CursonAlice Gertrude Cursonfirst name on this monument1857671924id: TLRD1043977881065

42CutterJames Cutterfirst name on this monument1874451919id: TLRD823977661071
Robert J Cutter1872471919

43DebenhamMartha Debenhamfirst name on this monument1847631910id: TLRD283977131068
Henry Debenhamhusband of Martha Debenham1851841935

44DickersonJames Dickersonfirst name on this monument1842711913id: TLRD453977291070
Harriet Dickersonwife of James Dickerson1852851937

45DixonWilliam Thomas Dixonfirst name on this monument1865711936id: TLRD1413978261067
Jane Dixonwife of William Thomas Dixon1864711935

46DormerMargaret Dormerfirst name on this monument1919131932id: TLRD1153977991068Daughter of Charles Udney Wingfield and Margaret Perkins.
Jessie F McQuateraunt of Margaret Dormer1873701943 Died at Girvan; Ayrshire.
Margaret Perkinsmother of Margaret Dormer1887671954

47DornellBenjamin Dornellfirst name on this monument1855551910id: TLRD303977151077
Ellen Dornellwife of Benjamin Dornell1854641918

48DowsonJimmy Dowsonfirst name on this monument1904221926id: TLRD1113977951075
Eddie Dowsonbrother of Jimmy Dowson1910201930
William Dowsonfather of Jimmy Dowson1876881964
Rose Dowsonmother of Jimmy Dowson1879831962

49EarlAnn M Earlfirst name on this monument1860951955id: TLRD1423978271073

50EarlMethuslah J Earlfirst name on this monument1856791935id: TLRD1443978291080
Arthur Earlson of Methuslah J Earl1879561935

51EdwardsRobert Edwardsfirst name on this monument1851801931id: TLRD1063977901066
Susan Edwardswife of Robert Edwards1859821941

52EtheridgeJohn Etheridgefirst name on this monument1866661932id: TLRD1163978001072
Mary Ann Etheridgewife of John Etheridge1862811943

53FawcettH Fawcettfirst name on this monument1918id: TLRD733977571065Border Regiment.

54GallBenjamin Chapman Gallfirst name on this monument1826861912id: TLRD353977201069
Mary Ann Gallwife of Benjamin Chapman Gall1826861912

55GibbsWilliam Gibbsfirst name on this monument1883381921id: TLRD9139777510731
Rose Gibbswife of William Gibbs1888751963
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56GoddardElizabeth Goddardfirst name on this monument1834661900id: TLRD139768610651
George Goddardhusband of Elizabeth Goddard1836671903

57GoodmanG Goodmanfirst name on this monument1918id: TLRD783977621073Hampshire Regiment.

58GoodmanSarah Goodmanfirst name on this monument1868601928id: TLRD1203978041065Wife of Webster G Goodman.
Webster G Goodmanhusband of Sarah Goodman

59GowingRose Gowingfirst name on this monument1879491928id: TLRD1183978021076Wife of Alfred James Gowing.
Alfred James Gowinghusband of Rose Gowing

60GreenEllen Greenfirst name on this monument1841721913id: TLRD203977051065
John Greenhusband of Ellen Green1848661914

61HallingJohn Hallingfirst name on this monument1874431917id: TLRD6739775110821Royal Engineers.

62HallsHenry Hallsfirst name on this monument1846681914id: TLRD463977301075
Hannah Hallswife of Henry Halls1845811926

63HammondElijah Hammondfirst name on this monument1870481918id: TLRD963977801070
Annie Maria Baker1873811954

64HammondThomas Hammondfirst name on this monument1867591926id: TLRD1243978081081
Esther Elizabeth Hammondwife of Thomas Hammond1862831945

65HaywoodAlwyn James Haywoodfirst name on this monument1923171940id: TLRD13339781810811
Maud Haywood1886941980
Walter James Haywood1871881959

66HensbyElizabeth Hensbyfirst name on this monument1854761930no image3978161067

67HensbyFrederick Hensbyfirst name on this monument1847761923id: TLRD1313978151068

68HornFrederick Hornfirst name on this monument1872541926id: TLRD1103977941077
Ann Hornwife of Frederick Horn1877631940

69HowardCharlotte Howardfirst name on this monument190971916id: TLRD543977381069

70HowlettWilliam Henry Howlettfirst name on this monument1847781925id: TLRD1003977841075Brother of Emily Lister.
Emily Listersister of William Henry Howlett

71HubbardRobert Hubbardfirst name on this monument1821831904id: TLRD153977001069

72HutchinsonE J Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1917id: TLRD593977431065Royal Engineers.

73JacobsSidney Thomas Jacobsfirst name on this monument189451899id: TLRD23976871065

74JarvisGeorge Jarvisfirst name on this monument1858601918id: TLRD793977631069
Sarah Ann Elizabeth Jarviswife of George Jarvis1860801940

75JohnsonCharlotte Johnsonfirst name on this monument1841721913id: TLRD443977281065
Henry John Johnsonhusband of Charlotte Johnson1840771917

76JolleyViolet May Jolleyfirst name on this monument1902141916id: TLRD563977401082

77KirkFred Kirkfirst name on this monument189091899id: TLRD339768810651Son of John and Elizabeth Kirk.
John Kirkfather of Fred Kirk
Elizabeth Kirkmother of Fred Kirk

78KnightsWalter Robert Charles Knightsfirst name on this monument1894461940id: TLRD1233978071078
Alice Edith Knights1895861981

79KybirdEliza Kybirdfirst name on this monument1860791939id: TLRD1343978191067
James Kybirdhusband of Eliza Kybird1859881947

80LawFanny Mary Lawfirst name on this monument1932id: TLRD1493978341070
Arthur Somerset Lawhusband of Fanny Mary Law1876751951

81LevickClara Levickfirst name on this monument1850741924id: TLRD1033977871076

82ListerEmily Listerfirst name on this monument1845801925id: TLRD993977831065Wife of William Joseph Lister.
William Joseph Listerhusband of Emily Lister

83ListerWilliam Joseph Listerfirst name on this monument1848761924id: TLRD983977821069Husband of Emily Lister.
Emily Listerwife of William Joseph Lister

84LongArchibald P Longfirst name on this monument1890691959id: TLRD12539780910761

85LongGeofrey Reuben Longfirst name on this monument1921221943id: TLRD12539780910761Killed in action in Italy.
Annie Emily Long1891901981
Beryl Long1926611987
John R Long1918892007
Phyllis Ellen Mary Long191971926
Rita Elizabeth Long1919791998
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86LongArchibald P Longfirst name on this monument1890691959id: TLRD12539780910761

87LongGeofrey Reuben Longfirst name on this monument1921221943id: TLRD12539780910761Killed in action in Italy.
Annie Emily Long1891901981
Beryl Long1926611987
John R Long1918892007
Phyllis Ellen Mary Long191971926
Rita Elizabeth Long1919791998

88LusherAnnie Martha Lusherfirst name on this monument1950id: TLRD1093977931067

89LusherFrederick Charles Lusherfirst name on this monument1855711926id: TLRD1083977921076
Tom Robert Lusher1864421906 Interred in Canada.

90MacraeCatherine Macraefirst name on this monument1942id: TLRD1383978231071

91MacroElizabeth Augusta Macrofirst name on this monument1905id: TLRD63976911065age 10 months - Daughter of George and Theresa Macro.
George Macrofather of Elizabeth Augusta Macro
Theresa Macromother of Elizabeth Augusta Macro

92MerrisonEliza Merrisonfirst name on this monument1836691905id: TLRD173977021068

93MockArthur Cecil Mockfirst name on this monument1888551943id: TLRD1323978171082

94MontagueGeorge Montaguefirst name on this monument1853501903id: TLRD163977011074

95MutehamJ Mutehamfirst name on this monument1919id: TLRD843977681067Royal Fusiliers.

96MutehamWilliam Mutehamfirst name on this monument1826881914id: TLRD3339771810681
Mary Mutehamwife of William Muteham1832781910

97NashA Nashfirst name on this monument1900181918id: TLRD763977601074London Irish Rifles.

98NewellThomas William Newellfirst name on this monument1915id: TLRD503977341074
Arthur Newellson of Thomas William Newell1963
Edith Newellwife of Thomas William Newell1937

99NewtonEmily Fanny Newtonfirst name on this monument1859521911id: TLRD413977251065
Thomas Newtonhusband of Emily Fanny Newton1857741931

100NunnGeorge Nunnfirst name on this monument1850581908id: TLRD263977111066
Emma Nunnwife of George Nunn1850761926

101NunnHarriet Louisa Nunnfirst name on this monument1860641924id: TLRD1053977891066

102OrbellEdward William Orbellfirst name on this monument1931id: TLRD1023977861083
Emma Orbellwife of Edward William Orbell1968

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