Oxbridge D's Church burial ground, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England

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Monument list

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1AinsworthMartha Jane Ainsworthfirst name on this monument1868791947id: 10201723101411151
Alfred Borthwick Ellis1864841948
Frederick Borthwick Ellis1862831945

2AlcockJohn Alcockfirst name on this monument1864281892id: 1020190310291084
Martha Alcockwife of John Alcock1868451913

3AllisonMargaret Allisonfirst name on this monument1825751900id: 1020031308991077
John Allisonhusband of Margaret Allison1825831908

4AndersonEdward Andersonfirst name on this monument1915id: 1020016308881074
Ron Andersongrand son of Edward Anderson1930712001
Alice Andersonwife of Edward Anderson1949

5ArrowsmithMary Arrowsmithfirst name on this monument1842551897id: 10109703085111281
James Bertram Arrowsmithgrand son of Mary Arrowsmith191021912
James Arrowsmithhusband of Mary Arrowsmith1838721910
James Arrowsmithson of Mary Arrowsmith1876381914
Joseph Barton Arrowsmithson of Mary Arrowsmith1879211900

6AtkinsonRobert Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1852591911id: 10109503083410821
William Swasbrookfather-in-law of Robert Atkinson1828781906
Ellen Atkinsonwife of Robert Atkinson1859561915

7AutonAda Autonfirst name on this monument1878171895id: 1020200310371075
Bertha Autonsister of Ada Auton189051895

8BainbridgeIsabel Bainbridgefirst name on this monument1824571881id: 1010938308221069
John Bainbridgehusband of Isabel Bainbridge1819701889

9BancroftAlfred Edward Bancroftfirst name on this monument1863381901id: 1020079309341079

10BarrattThomas Barrattfirst name on this monument1808621870id: 1010926308121089
Catherine Barrattdaughter of Thomas Barratt1829601889
Jane Barratt1850821932
John Barratt1833391872
William Barratt1838391877
Robert Barrattson of Thomas Barratt1892341926
Jane Barrattwife of Thomas Barratt1810841894

11BarughJasper Barughfirst name on this monument1829771906id: 10109143080210722

12BellJane Bellfirst name on this monument1821681889id: 1020128309751071
William Bellhusband of Jane Bell

13BellWilliam Dixon Bellfirst name on this monument1891841975id: 10200743092911291
Robert Bellfather of William Dixon Bell
Marie Bellmother of William Dixon Bell

14BenningtonJohnina Brougham Benningtonfirst name on this monument1838331871id: 10201853102511042
William Henry Benningtonhusband of Johnina Brougham Bennington1833581891
John Henry Bennington1865391904
Charles Edward Benningtonson of Johnina Brougham Bennington1871431914
William Brougham Benningtonson of Johnina Brougham Bennington1864241888

15BerryJohn Thomas Berryfirst name on this monument1869301899id: 1010924308101069
Sarah Berrysister of John Thomas Berry1866231889

16BinnsEarl Binnsfirst name on this monument1916id: 1020166310081092
Ethel Binnsdaughter of Earl Binns1936
Sarah Ann Binnswife of Earl Binns1904

17BlackburnAlfred Blackburnfirst name on this monument1859441903id: 10200263089410811
Alice Blackburnwife of Alfred Blackburn

18BonniwellFrederick William Bonniwellfirst name on this monument1832551887id: 10201343098110723
Christina Reid Bonniwellwife of Frederick William Bonniwell1843441887
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19BortonAmy Elizabeth Bortonfirst name on this monument1855381893id: 1010939308231074
Frederick Augustus Bortonhusband of Amy Elizabeth Borton1850641914

20BowmanEdna Bowmanfirst name on this monument191611917id: 10109973087410852
Joseph H. Bowmanfather of Edna Bowman1874461920
Harriet Elizabeth Bowman1878701948
Charles W. Buchanan1877261903

21BowronJohn Bowronfirst name on this monument1844651909id: 1020196310351076
Florence Charlotta Bowrondaughter of John Bowron188241886
John H. Bowron1877671944
Lavinia Bowron1896701966
Charles William Bowronson of John Bowron187121873
Mary Bowronwife of John Bowron1848741922

22BrackRobert Brackfirst name on this monument1846501896id: 10109033079310772
Robert Wilson Forest Brack1962
Laurence Brackson of Robert Brack1889251914

23BramleyJohn Bramleyfirst name on this monument1824761900id: 1020100309521083

24BrittonMargaret Brittonfirst name on this monument1844571901id: 10200193088910851
John Britton1840681908
Elizabeth Easton1846791925

25BrownMartha Brownfirst name on this monument1812781890id: 1010954308381069
Joseph Brownhusband of Martha Brown

26BrownThomas Brownfirst name on this monument1836481884no image3094410711
Joseph Hardy Brownson of Thomas Brown1863331896
William Brownson of Thomas Brown1864521916
Mary Jane Brownwife of Thomas Brown1836691905

27BrownVaro Brownfirst name on this monument1855401895no image3090510791
Alice Brown1875871962
Eleanor Jane Brown188061886
Ellen Ewbank Brown1857
Frank Brown1844871931
George Brown1849491898
James Brown1814871901
James (the younger) Brown1850451895
Mary Brown1823831906
Mary Ann Brown1847991946
Matthew Brown1865711936
Robert Dennison Brown1862781940
Robinson Brown1861751936
Emmerson Dennison1848691917
Eleanor Ewbank1788891877
Eliza Foster1865861951
Dorothy Hampton1864791943

28BuffhamWallis Buffhamfirst name on this monument1857471904id: 1010984308651074
Jane Buffhamwife of Wallis Buffham1862681930

29BulmerWilliam Bulmerfirst name on this monument1826671893id: 10201153096611004
Alice Bulmerwife of William Bulmer1828671895

30BurdonJohn D.B. Burdonfirst name on this monument1889891978id: 10109913087210741
Robert Burdonbrother of John D.B. Burdon1867731940
Dan Thomasbrother-in-law of John D.B. Burdon
Thomas Himswoth Burdonson of John D.B. Burdon189621898
Ann Turner Burdonsister-in-law of John D.B. Burdon1870841954
May Burdonsister-in-law of John D.B. Burdon1894731967
Doris Thomassister-in-law of John D.B. Burdon1900941994
Bessie Burdonwife of John D.B. Burdon1891651956
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31BurnGladys Bowron Burnfirst name on this monument191181919id: 1020141309871083
Ada Margaret Burn1881611942

32BurnhamAnn Burnhamfirst name on this monument1820741894id: 1010973308551071
Mary Burnham1824781902

33BurnhamHarrison Burnhamfirst name on this monument185931862id: 1010973308541081
William Burnhamfather of Harrison Burnham1830571887
Jane Burnhammother of Harrison Burnham1838791917

34CarrRebecca Carrfirst name on this monument1857181875id: 10109153080310821
Edward Carrhusband of Rebecca Carr

35CarterGrace Carterfirst name on this monument1843501893id: 1010931308171070
Easby Carter1850441894

36CawthorneArthur Cawthornefirst name on this monument188621888id: 1010925308111072
Robert Cawthorneson of Arthur Cawthorne1852591911
Elizabeth Cawthornewife of Arthur Cawthorne1850781928

37ChapmanRobinson Chapmanfirst name on this monument1857481905id: 10109513083510711
Mary Chapmanwife of Robinson Chapman

38CharltonRichard Luke Charltonfirst name on this monument187961885id: 10201273097411391
Robert Charltonson of Richard Luke Charlton1837641901
Margaret Ann Charltonwife of Richard Luke Charlton1844751919

39ChismanRebecca Chismanfirst name on this monument1831601891id: 10109333081910802
Eleanor Jane Chismandaughter of Rebecca Chisman1867241891
William Chismanhusband of Rebecca Chisman1834591893

40ClaphamJohn Claphamfirst name on this monument1822491871id: 10201593100110933
Jane Elizabeth Falconerdaughter of John Clapham1855281883
Joseph Claphamson of John Clapham186421866
Robert Claphamson of John Clapham1861101871
Elizabeth Claphamwife of John Clapham1827421869
Mary Claphamwife of John Clapham1830531883

41ClaphamJoseph Claphamfirst name on this monument1919id: 1020116309671089
Frederick Thomas Claphamson of Joseph Clapham1918

42ClaphamThomas Claphamfirst name on this monument1825841909id: 1020044309071094
Ada Jane Thompsondaughter of Thomas Clapham1872591931
Thomas Claphamson of Thomas Clapham1876211897
Margaret Claphamwife of Thomas Clapham1835691904

43ClarkWilliam Fox Clarkfirst name on this monument1866311897no image3082510741

44ClarksonElizabeth Clarksonfirst name on this monument1846551901id: 1020030308981106
Alfred Clarksonhusband of Elizabeth Clarkson1846641910

45ClayElizabeth Mary Clayfirst name on this monument1825621887id: 10109203080610791
John Clayhusband of Elizabeth Mary Clay1829611890
Edwin Clay1849681917
Sarah Clay1859381897
Tommy Murata1886401926

46ClennettAlice Ann Clennettfirst name on this monument1849411890id: 10109323081810775
Henry T. Clennetthusband of Alice Ann Clennett1846671913 The T stood for Tesseyman
Edward H. Sandell1947 Edward HERBERT Sandell was the wife of Florence (and therfore son-in-Law of Alice Ann. He was born c1880 and therefore about 67 at the time of his death.
Florence Annie Sandell1879491928 Florence (nee Clennett) was the daughter of Annie and Henry.
Alfred Clennettson of Alice Ann Clennett1887211908 Alfred Clennett's birth was recorded in the 3rd quarter of 1886 (rather than 1887)

47ColeEdward W. Colefirst name on this monument1845821927id: 10201223097210875
Jane Cole1823591882
Lionel Cole1821661887
Mary Colewife of Edward W. Cole1844851929
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48ColemanMary Ann Colemanfirst name on this monument1869371906id: 10200153088710733
Mary Wilson Colemandaughter of Mary Ann Coleman1894251919
John Colemanfather-in-law of Mary Ann Coleman1835771912

49CowleyAlfred Cowleyfirst name on this monument1853621915id: 10201383098510931
John Cowleyson of Alfred Cowley1880361916
Robert Cowleyson of Alfred Cowley1880281908
Elizabeth Cowleywife of Alfred Cowley1856431899

50CraddockMary Alice Craddockfirst name on this monument1861791940id: 1020131309781092

51CreekElizabeth Creekfirst name on this monument1850551905id: 1020139309861082
William Creekhusband of Elizabeth Creek1847691916
Frederick B. Creek1872651937
Tom Creekson of Elizabeth Creek1878571935

52CrierieArnold Dick Crieriefirst name on this monument1897581955id: 1020179310201070

53CruseFelix Crusefirst name on this monument1863id: 10109603084210731
Catherine Crusewife of Felix Cruse

54CunliffeEdward K. Cunliffefirst name on this monument1848681916id: 10200863094110813
Margaret Cunliffewife of Edward K. Cunliffe1875781953

55DavisDavis Davisfirst name on this monument1837631900id: 1010981308621081
Sarah Daviswife of Davis Davis1839791918

56DawsonRobert Roy Dawsonfirst name on this monument1885id: 10201173096810821
Robert Roy Dawsonfather of Robert Roy Dawson1848641912
Catherine Dawsonmother of Robert Roy Dawson1850831933
Florence Ruth Dawsonsister of Robert Roy Dawson1879181897
Hilda Dawsonsister of Robert Roy Dawson1889641953

57DawsonThomas Dawsonfirst name on this monument1873271900id: 1020085309401070

58DickensonPage Dickensonfirst name on this monument1837631900id: 1020081309361075
M. Dickensonwife of Page Dickenson1837641901

59DickinsonMary Ann Dickinsonfirst name on this monument1840391879no image3079010781
Elizabeth Dickinsondaughter of Mary Ann Dickinson1872601932
Hannah Dickinsondaughter of Mary Ann Dickinson186821870
John Dickinsonhusband of Mary Ann Dickinson1837681905
Robert Dickinsonson of Mary Ann Dickinson1768731841
William Dickinsonson of Mary Ann Dickinson1862361898

60DixonGeorge Dixonfirst name on this monument1834571891no image3083210692
Emily Dixondaughter of George Dixon1868
John William Dixonson of George Dixon1869431912
Hannah Dixonwife of George Dixon1831841915

61DixonThomas Dixonfirst name on this monument1838631901id: 1010983308641102
John Ruddickson-in-law of Thomas Dixon1868371905
Isabella Dixonwife of Thomas Dixon1839681907

62DobsonJohn Dobsonfirst name on this monument1836411877id: 1020164310061069
Jane Dobsondaughter of John Dobson1866501916
Elizabeth Dobsonwife of John Dobson1834761910

63DownieMargaret Downiefirst name on this monument1831581889id: 10109343082010972
Margaret Ann Edwardsgrand daughter of Margaret Downie1876381914
William Downiehusband of Margaret Downie1826801906 William Downie was baptized on 3 April 1826 at Killearn, Stirlingshire, son of Archibald Downie and Janet Ure. He married Margaret Todd on 1 December 1849 at Bonhill, Dunbartonshire. Memorial inscription: IN LOVING MEMORY OF MARGARET DOWNIE, DIED JULY 13TH 1889. AGED 58 YEARS. ALSO WILLIAM, BELOVED HUSBAND OF ABOVE DIED MARCH 27TH 1906 AGED 80 YEARS. ALSO ARCHIBALD, SON OF THE ABOVE DIED JUNE 29TH 1890, AGED 36 YEARS INTERRED AT ST. PANCRAS CEMETERY, LONDON. ALSO OF MARGARET ANN, GRAND-DAUGHTER OF ABOVE & BELOVED WIFE OF JOHN HENRY EDWARDS, DIED NOV. 3RD 1914, AGED 38 YEARS.
Archibald Downieson of Margaret Downie1854361890

64DresserElizabeth Dresserfirst name on this monument1834601894id: 10109653084610763
Jonathan Dresserbrother-in-law of Elizabeth Dresser1837741911
Christopher Dresserhusband of Elizabeth Dresser1832721904
Joseph James Dresserson of Elizabeth Dresser1864161880
Annie Dressersister of Elizabeth Dresser1838711909
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65DrydenWilliam Drydenfirst name on this monument1850511901id: 1010969308501068
Sarah Jane Drydenwife of William Dryden1853421895

66DuckMargaret Duckfirst name on this monument1826731899id: 1020099309511079

67DunnCharles Dunnfirst name on this monument1856251881id: 1020153309961066
Edith Dunndaughter of Charles Dunn1922
Georgina Dunndaughter of Charles Dunn1927
William Dunnfather of Charles Dunn1823741897
Margaret Ann Dunnmother of Charles Dunn1829591888
Frederick William Dunnson of Charles Dunn1863271890

68ElcoatWilliam Mohum Elcoatfirst name on this monument1829801909id: 1020137309841081
Dorothy Elcoat1870811951
William Henry Elcoat1862801942
Edward Thomas Elcoatson of William Mohum Elcoat1868661934

69ElcumHugh William Elcumfirst name on this monument1809901899id: 10201083095910921Hugh William Elcum was the son of John Elcum d.1814 and Maria Bowditch 1775-1849. He was married to Hannah Maria Bowen who died in the Isle of Wight in January 1899. He was a solicitor.
Ralph John Ralph Bakergrand son of Hugh William Elcum1900
John Robert Bakerson of Hugh William Elcum190641910

70ElliottBrignall Elliottfirst name on this monument1818761894id: 10109183080410773
Sarah Eleanor Swalesdaughter of Brignall Elliott1858291887
Margaret Elliott1826691895
Sarah Elliottwife of Brignall Elliott1807801887

71EllisGeorge Ellisfirst name on this monument1826491875id: 10201733101510871
William Borthwickbrother-in-law of George Ellis1850701920
Louisa Frances Ellisdaughter of George Ellis1874321906
Harriet Borthwickdaughter-in-law of George Ellis1840551895
Jane Borthwickmother-in-law of George Ellis1813641877
Diana Elliswife of George Ellis1836721908

72EmmersonWilhelmina Edith Emmersonfirst name on this monument188321885id: 1020132309791071

73FarrellWilliam Farrellfirst name on this monument1873261899id: 10200573092010741
Elizabeth Ibbetson1869411910

74FarthingWilliam Farthingfirst name on this monument1836611897id: 10200343090210771
Joseph Farthingson of William Farthing1863441907
Ann Farthingwife of William Farthing1833681901

75FawdonJames Fawdonfirst name on this monument1836571893id: 1010985308661073
Jane Elizabeth Fawdondaughter of James Fawdon1870491919
Sarah Jane Fawdonwife of James Fawdon1835551890

76FawdonJohn Fawdonfirst name on this monument1849521901id: 1020006308801075
Elizabeth Fawdonwife of John Fawdon1844651909

77FawdonJohn Fawdonfirst name on this monument1815731888id: 10109283081410712
George Fawdonson of John Fawdon1852351887
Jane Fawdonwife of John Fawdon1812761888

78FeatherstonePhoebe Featherstonefirst name on this monument1861581919id: 1020022308911086
William Natrass1867741941

79FennyJoseph Fennyfirst name on this monument1864681932id: 10200763093110831
George Richardson Fenny1841611902
Sarah Eleanor Fenny1867591926

80FilsherHenry Filsherfirst name on this monument1849511900id: 1020101309531073
Charlotte Nicholas Filsherwife of Henry Filsher1841681909

81FisherIsabella Fisherfirst name on this monument1859291888no image309731072
John Fisherwife of Isabella Fisher

82FosterFrancis Fosterfirst name on this monument1816601876id: 1010911307991085
Rebecca Fosterwife of Francis Foster1813771890
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83FowlerElizabeth Fowlerfirst name on this monument1829591888id: 1010975308561072
Laura Annie Fowlerdaughter of Elizabeth Fowler1859861945
Jonathan Fowlerhusband of Elizabeth Fowler1814821896

84FranceJoah Francefirst name on this monument1828521880id: 1020065309241086
Mary Ann Francewife of Joah France1828561884

85FrankJane Ann Frankfirst name on this monument1828541882id: 10201523099510871
Annie Darnton Frankdaughter of Jane Ann Frank1859471906
James Frankhusband of Jane Ann Frank1832621894

86FraserFlorence Fraserfirst name on this monument1877id: 1020161310031078
Gertrude Hornesister of Florence Fraser1877301907

87FraserJohn Fraserfirst name on this monument1847381885id: 10201603100210782
Sarah Nightingale1835821917
John Edmund Fraserson of John Fraser1871321903
Charlotte Fraserwife of John Fraser1846871933

88GarbuttAlfred Garbuttfirst name on this monument1870211891id: 1020135309821075
Albert Richard Garbuttbrother of Alfred Garbutt1873231896
James Garbuttfather of Alfred Garbutt1834691903
Mary Ann Garbuttmother of Alfred Garbutt1834841918

89GascoyneAnn Gascoynefirst name on this monument1894781972id: 10109993087511031
Jane Gascoynedaughter-in-law of Ann Gascoyne1823761899
Thomas Brindlehusband of Ann Gascoyne1842441886
Jane Brindle1840421882
John Elgie1819631882
Rachel Ann Elgie1822921914
Edward Gascoyneson of Ann Gascoyne1821501871

90GauntAlbert Edward Gauntfirst name on this monument1882201902id: 10200053087911273
Richard Gauntbrother of Albert Edward Gaunt1876531929
Richard Gauntfather of Albert Edward Gaunt1848861934
Ellen Gauntmother of Albert Edward Gaunt1848821930
Dennis Bernard Gauntnephew of Albert Edward Gaunt182411825
Elsie Gauntsister of Albert Edward Gaunt1884261910

91GauntBenjamin Gauntfirst name on this monument1835631898id: 10109023079210962
Cordelia Gauntwife of Benjamin Gaunt1845631908

92GentRobert James Gentfirst name on this monument1863381901id: 1020050309131082
Mary Ann Gentwife of Robert James Gent1863651928

93GrahamRobert Grahamfirst name on this monument1831521883id: 1010899307891065
Hannah Grahamdaughter of Robert Graham1866241890
Hannah Grahamwife of Robert Graham1833601893

94GreigRobert Brown Greigfirst name on this monument1867501917id: 1020027308951072

95GriffithsJohn Griffithsfirst name on this monument189921901id: 1020094309461076
Thomas Adam Griffithsfather of John Griffiths1853661919

96GunnIsabella Capstaff Gunnfirst name on this monument1833511884id: 10201303097710862
Martha Capstaff Dargiedaughter of Isabella Capstaff Gunn1853461899
George Gunnhusband of Isabella Capstaff Gunn1830671897
James W. Gunnson of Isabella Capstaff Gunn1856241880
John Gunnson of Isabella Capstaff Gunn1871181889

97HaddockElizabeth Jenny Haddockfirst name on this monument1888101898id: 10201093096010962
William P. Haddockfather of Elizabeth Jenny Haddock1861771938
Jane Haddockmother of Elizabeth Jenny Haddock1862491911
William Luke Haddockson of Elizabeth Jenny Haddock1893321925

98HallAnnie Mary Hallfirst name on this monument1864661930id: 10200833093810711
William Francis Hallhusband of Annie Mary Hall1858791937
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99HamerThomas James Hamerfirst name on this monument188561891id: 10200103088411021
John Victor Hamerbrother of Thomas James Hamer1893
Maria Hamermother of Thomas James Hamer1838601898

100HammondsLevi Hammondsfirst name on this monument1841581899id: 1020088309431082
Frances Pricedaughter of Levi Hammonds1883511934
Levi Hammonds1871721943
Jane Hammondswife of Levi Hammonds1848531901

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Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Oxbridge D's Church burial ground, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England.

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