Scartho Road (19-20 27-28 35-36 43-44) Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101DawsonAnnie Dawsonfirst name on this monument1851611912id: 27937625610671
Charles W Dawsonhusband of Annie Dawson

102DawsonFlorence Dawsonfirst name on this monument1879551934id: 218
(2 images)
3762091066Age from burial records
Marie Elizabeth Dawsondaughter of Florence Dawson1915601975
Harry Holmes Dawsonhusband of Florence Dawson1871791950 Age from burial records

103DibdinMary Maria Dibdinfirst name on this monument1856601916id: 44637639210651
William Dibdinhusband of Mary Maria Dibdin1852731925

104DickinsonElsie May Dickinsonfirst name on this monument191231915id: 438
(4 images)
James William Wilson Dickinsonfather of Elsie May Dickinson1881531934
Ellen Dickinsonmother of Elsie May Dickinson1878721950

105DixonCharles Stanley Dixonfirst name on this monument189911900id: 27037625010651
Charles William Dixonfather of Charles Stanley Dixon
Rosina Dixonmother of Charles Stanley Dixon

106DooreJames G A Doorefirst name on this monument1926601986id: 4863764221067
Margaret Rose Doorewife of James G A Doore1933792012

107DowningHannah Jane Downingfirst name on this monument1871451916id: 4313763831067
George Downinghusband of Hannah Jane Downing1951

108DowsThomas Henry Dowsfirst name on this monument1933571990id: 50837644010651

109DraytonEmma Draytonfirst name on this monument189191900id: 2953762681066
J Draytonfather of Emma Drayton
P Draytonmother of Emma Drayton Possibly 'Priscilla'd.1936 aged 81

110DreweryJames Dreweryfirst name on this monument1824761900id: 2983762711065
Mary Emmaline Drewerywife of James Drewery1827731900

111DrewryKate Drewryfirst name on this monument1863821945id: 743761001065

112DruryNellie Druryfirst name on this monument1880731953id: 2753762531065
Olga Clementine Leedaughter of Nellie Drury1875781953 Stone erected by daighter Olga
Claude Edward Draytonhusband of Nellie Drury1881861967
Reginald Sprengelson of Nellie Drury

113DrustAnnie Drustfirst name on this monument1925611986id: 4633764041066

114EastGeorge Edward Eastfirst name on this monument1885531938id: 1203761321065
Elsie Eastdaughter of George Edward East1906101916
Edith Eastwife of George Edward East

115EastRobert James Eastfirst name on this monumentid: 5123764441065

116EastonWilliam Herbert Eastonfirst name on this monument1897211918id: 9
(3 images)
3760591067Killed in action
John William Eastonfather of William Herbert Easton1864731937
Rosabelle Ruth Eastonmother of William Herbert Easton1865741939

117EdwardsSarah Ann Edwardsfirst name on this monument1880571937id: 1913761881065

118EkmanJenny Ekmanfirst name on this monument1892251917id: 5363764681066of Ytteröen; Norway. Stewardess on board the S.S. ‘Luna’killed by an explosion of a German torpedo'

119EleyVera Eleyfirst name on this monument191611917id: 1283761401066age 9 months

120EllerbyJessie Lucy Ellerbyfirst name on this monument1926621988id: 4883764241065
Keith Ellerbyhusband of Jessie Lucy Ellerby1925651990

121ElliottRita Elliottfirst name on this monument194321945id: 93
(6 images)
37611710691age 18 months
John Elliottbrother of Rita Elliott
Mike Elliottbrother of Rita Elliott
Tom Elliottbrother of Rita Elliott
R J Elliott1944451989
Richard Elliott1921601981
Anne Olley1922842006
Doll Elliottsister of Rita Elliott

122EllisAnnie Allison Ellisfirst name on this monument1847531900id: 35737631910652
James Ellishusband of Annie Allison Ellis1844831927
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123EllisJohn Ellisfirst name on this monument1821791900id: 3613763231066
Hannah Elliswife of John Ellis1824401864

124ElsomMary Jane Elsomfirst name on this monument1877241901id: 3183762821066
Frederick Elsomhusband of Mary Jane Elsom

125EnglandJames E Englandfirst name on this monument1872721944id: 643760931065
Mary Englandwife of James E England1881911972

126EshelbyAnn Eshelbyfirst name on this monument1824751899id: 39337635210671
Christopher Eshelbyhusband of Ann Eshelby

127EvisonJohn Evisonfirst name on this monument1847531900id: 34037630410651
Thomas Evison1815881903
Azubah Evisonwife of John Evison

128FarmanArthur Benjamin Farmanfirst name on this monument1904801984id: 5483764791065
Rosetta May Farmanwife of Arthur Benjamin Farman1909781987

129FarmanEdward George Farmanfirst name on this monument1938501988id: 5153764471065

130FarrHannah Mary Farrfirst name on this monument1854751929id: 463760751065
Henry Farrhusband of Hannah Mary Farr1855761931

131FarrowConstance Florence Farrowfirst name on this monument1880481928id: 583760871065
Henry Thomas Farrowhusband of Constance Florence Farrow1875631938

132FawcettHilda Fawcettfirst name on this monument1906121918id: 147
(2 images)
37615610651from Mary and Elsie' (This stone now placed on the grave of Ann Eliz.White d.1950)

133FenickCharles Fenickfirst name on this monument1839611900id: 3173762811066
Alice Fenickwife of Charles Fenick1838701908

134FenwickAmelia Fenwickfirst name on this monument1871291900id: 3493763111065
George Fenwickhusband of Amelia Fenwick
Frank Wilson Fenwickson of Amelia Fenwick1896241920

135FitchettJennie Fitchettfirst name on this monument1874601934id: 18
(2 images)
Herbert John Fitchetthusband of Jennie Fitchett1875841959
John Kenneth Fitchettson of Jennie Fitchett1912231935

136FlemingArthur Flemingfirst name on this monument1876421918id: 723760981067
Nellie Flemingwife of Arthur Fleming1878821960

137FlintonVernon James Flintonfirst name on this monument1926711997id: 41837637510651
Gowan Campion Wilsonbrother-in-law of Vernon James Flinton1919691988 Brother of Ida
Ida Mary Flintonwife of Vernon James Flinton1920912011

138FosterFrancis George Fosterfirst name on this monument1898211919id: 10337612110651
George Fosterfather of Francis George Foster1853671920
Margaret Fostermother of Francis George Foster

139FosterMoses Fosterfirst name on this monument1853671920id: 1973761941065
Elizabeth Fosterwife of Moses Foster1843861929

140FosterWalter Fosterfirst name on this monument1856751931id: 4753764131066
Clara Fosterwife of Walter Foster1870711941 not shown on image

141FowlerBeryl Joyce Fowlerfirst name on this monument192431927id: 123760601072
Herbert Fowlerfather of Beryl Joyce Fowler1894831977 Assume father of Beryl.
Mary Gertrude Fowlermother of Beryl Joyce Fowler1895851980 Wife of Herbert.Assume mother of Beryl

142FowlerThomas H Fowlerfirst name on this monument1873551928id: 494
(3 images)
James Edward Pawson1855561911
Maria Pawson1852641916
Annie Mary Fowlerwife of Thomas H Fowler1875601935

143FowlerThomas Houghton Fowlerfirst name on this monument1873551928id: 542
(2 images)
3764741065Forenames from burial records
Herbert Walter Grant1881491930 Forenames from burial records

144FoxHarry Walter Foxfirst name on this monument1920151935id: 1843761831067
Sarah Ann Dobbsgrand mother of Harry Walter Fox1859571916

145FranklinAlbert John Franklinfirst name on this monument1877681945id: 263
(3 images)
Alice Jackman1873891962
W C Jackman Husband of Alice
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146FrarayElsie Frarayfirst name on this monument189371900id: 3253762891066
R(obert?) Frarayfather of Elsie Fraray
F(anny?) Fraraymother of Elsie Fraray

147FrymanDoreen Maude Frymanfirst name on this monument1913791992id: 5163764481066
Dennis Barry Frymanbrother of Doreen Maude Fryman1926681994
Arhur Banks Bryant1915831998
Jeanne Bryant1922872009

148FulfordHerbert Fulfordfirst name on this monument1865351900id: 33537629910661
John Fulfordfather of Herbert Fulford
Sarah Fulfordmother of Herbert Fulford

149FyfeWilliam Fyfefirst name on this monument1870751945id: 1363761461068
Jack Fyfeson of William Fyfe1917271944 died prisoner of war camp Thailand

150FytcheMary Ann Fytchefirst name on this monument1823931916id: 1443761541065Age from burial records
Lucy Ann Fytchedaughter of Mary Ann Fytche1870621932 Age from burial records

151GallagherJessie Gallagherfirst name on this monument1903831986id: 4193763761065

152GardnerEthel May Gardnerfirst name on this monument1887131900id: 3413763051066
John H Gardnerfather of Ethel May Gardner
Sarah A Gardnermother of Ethel May Gardner

153GardnerWalter Gardnerfirst name on this monument1880581938id: 2293762161065

154GarnerLily Garnerfirst name on this monument1908331941id: 903761141065
Herbert Fred Garnerhusband of Lily Garner1905831988

155GassonValerie Ann Gassonfirst name on this monument194211943id: 6137609010651age 11 months

156GathercolePeter Gathercolefirst name on this monument192161927id: 2083762011065
Ernest E Gathercolefather of Peter Gathercole1889491938

157GilbyGeorge Gilbyfirst name on this monument1864621926id: 4443763901065
Rebecca Gilby1864871951

158GillJohn Gillfirst name on this monument1874581932id: 1703761731065
Alice Louisa Gillwife of John Gill1877681945

159GittensMaureen Gittensfirst name on this monument194141945id: 873761111065

160GomersallAnnie Maria Gomersallfirst name on this monument1900871987id: 4683764091068
George Harry Gomersallhusband of Annie Maria Gomersall1904901994

161GomersallJohn William Gomersallfirst name on this monument1879611940id: 470
(2 images)
Mary Jane Gomersallwife of John William Gomersall1873811954

162GoosemanCharles Goosemanfirst name on this monument1860401900id: 3593763211066
Charlotte Goosemanwife of Charles Gooseman

163GorsenStephen Arthur Gorsenfirst name on this monument1971141985id: 4833764191065

164GravesSidney Gravesfirst name on this monument189281900id: 2923762651066
Newbound Graves1848631911

165GrayJane Grayfirst name on this monument1949id: 166
(2 images)
Ellen Gray1874821956 Age from burial records

166GreenPhyllis Greenfirst name on this monument1929571986id: 4153763721065
Tom Green1921721993

167GreenThomas Greenfirst name on this monument1838601898id: 3833763431066
Tom Green1857621919
Ann Greenwife of Thomas Green1861741935

168GreenfieldCharles Greenfieldfirst name on this monument1842581900id: 3193762831066
Caroline Greenfieldwife of Charles Greenfield

169GreenfieldElsie Susannah Greenfieldfirst name on this monument1986id: 5173764491065
Lily Taylor1988

170GreenleafEdward Greenleaffirst name on this monument1854441898id: 38937634910651accidentally killed at sea on the S.S. ‘Cardiff’
Julia Greenleafwife of Edward Greenleaf1854721926
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171GregoryErnest Fletcher Gregoryfirst name on this monument1871851956id: 2743762521065
Harriet Louisa Gregorywife of Ernest Fletcher Gregory

172HallMary Hallfirst name on this monumentid: 3733763351065Stone very worn
Thomas Hallhusband of Mary Hall

173HalmanStanley John Henry Halmanfirst name on this monument191151916id: 1183761301067
John Henry Halmanfather of Stanley John Henry Halman
Elizabeth Ann Halmanmother of Stanley John Henry Halman

174HamesSarah Ann Hamesfirst name on this monument1857411898id: 28137625810651
George William Hameshusband of Sarah Ann Hames formerly of Spalding

175HammondMargaret May Hammondfirst name on this monument1887571944id: 733760991066

176HandJohn Bernard Handfirst name on this monument1880521932id: 8537610910671Freemasons' symbol
Dora Handwife of John Bernard Hand1880771957

177HannahJames Hannahfirst name on this monument1826741900id: 3103762781066
Hannah Hannahwife of James Hannah1836641900

178HansenHelene Hansenfirst name on this monument1877671944id: 1543761611065
Simon Hansenhusband of Helene Hansen1878771955

179HardyRoyce Hardyfirst name on this monument1935101945id: 1343761451066

180HarrisGeorge Henry Harrisfirst name on this monument1879191898id: 3873763471067
Henry Harrisfather of George Henry Harris
Emily Harrismother of George Henry Harris
Alfred Sherwood Harris189641900
Allan Harris1889111900
Daisy Harris189241896
Mabel Harris189021892

181HarrisVera Dorothy Harrisfirst name on this monument1908291937id: 2303762171066Other details from burial records.
Alban Harrisson of Vera Dorothy Harris

182HartLynn Elizabeth Hartfirst name on this monument1952361988id: 5333764651065
Robert Paul Harthusband of Lynn Elizabeth Hart
Simon Alexander Hartson of Lynn Elizabeth Hart198621988

183HartungFlorence B Hartungfirst name on this monument1986id: 5273764591065
Victoria Hartungdaughter of Florence B Hartung
C James Hartunghusband of Florence B Hartung1911892000
Primrose Hartungsister-in-law of Florence B Hartung

184HatcliffErnest Hatclifffirst name on this monument1882441926id: 13
(2 images)
3760611065Forename not on image
Florence Hatcliffwife of Ernest Hatcliff1880481928

185HattonAlfred W Hattonfirst name on this monument1919812000id: 2143762061066

186HattonThomas Job Hattonfirst name on this monument1860721932id: 217
(2 images)
Caroline Louisa Hattonwife of Thomas Job Hatton1865771942

187HeadlandJohn Headlandfirst name on this monument1861591920id: 523760811065
Mary Headlandwife of John Headland1861841945

188HeathCharles Heathfirst name on this monument1853851938no image3760691065
George Heath1881521933
Harriet Heath1885681953 not shown on image
Elizabeth Heathwife of Charles Heath1861721933

189HerronJohn David Herronfirst name on this monument1940491989id: 4893764251065

190HickmanWilliam Hickmanfirst name on this monument1822761898id: 38637634610671
Caroline Abagail Hickmanwife of William Hickman1822831905

191HildredRobert Hildredfirst name on this monument1853651918id: 2553762381065
Caroline Hildredwife of Robert Hildred1852861938

192HillAda Hillfirst name on this monument1878631941id: 1993761951066
Ernest Hill1880831963
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193HindsonFanny Hindsonfirst name on this monument1848871935id: 373760721067
Ernest W Dunnson of Fanny Hindson1881881969
Hannah Dunnsister of Fanny Hindson1854861940

194HodsonHarry Hodsonfirst name on this monument1854621916id: 1023761201065
Elizabeth Hodsonwife of Harry Hodson1838831921

195HollingsworthFanny Elizabeth Hollingsworthfirst name on this monument1870711941id: 543760831070
Carlisle Hollingsworthhusband of Fanny Elizabeth Hollingsworth194701947

196HoodJohn Hoodfirst name on this monument1882341916id: 1243761361066
Jane Hoodaunt of John Hood of Larne Harbour'

197HorsewoodBetsy Ann Horsewoodfirst name on this monument1864751939id: 1693761721065
James S Horsewoodhusband of Betsy Ann Horsewood1868791947

198HorsewoodElizabeth Horsewoodfirst name on this monument1861561917id: 4543763961065
William Horsewoodhusband of Elizabeth Horsewood1860741934
Fanny Horsewoodsecond wife of husband of Elizabeth Horsewood1862891951

199HortonHerbert Hortonfirst name on this monument1873621935id: 26637624610661
Edith Alice Hortonwife of Herbert Horton1876801956

200HoskenHenry William Hoskenfirst name on this monument1889721961id: 7937610510652
Ada Sophia Hoskenwife of Henry William Hosken1889771966
Louisa Tomlinsonwife of Henry William Hosken1898801978

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Scartho Road (19-20 27-28 35-36 43-44) Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England.

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