St Lawrence's Church burial ground, Warkworth, Northumberland, England

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1Robert first name on this monument4id: 67483664331068d 18__ - Died of smallpox.
Richard brother of Robert 6 d 18__ - Died of smallpox.
Henry father of Robert Stone eroded.
Mary mother of Robert Stone eroded.

2AndersonWilliam Andersonfirst name on this monument71id: 67593664411070d 18__ - Details indistinct
Edward Anderson d 18__ - Details indistinct
William Anderson78 d 18__ - Details indistinct
William Andersonson of William Anderson d 18__ - Details indistinct

3ApplebyAnn Applebyfirst name on this monument1791881879id: 679836647111431
Richard Hodgsonfather of Ann Appleby
John Applebyhusband of Ann Appleby
Catherine Hodgsonsister of Ann Appleby1792991891

4ApplebyIsabella Applebyfirst name on this monument1803361839id: 6764
(2 images)
William Applebyhusband of Isabella Appleby
Judith Johnsonsister-in-law of Isabella Appleby1788681856

5ApplebyMary Applebyfirst name on this monument1802id: 670036638011092
Elizabeth Spraggondaughter of Mary Appleby1770511821
John Applebyhusband of Mary Appleby1750671817
John Spraggonson-in-law of Mary Appleby

6ApplebyWilliam Applebyfirst name on this monument1776791855id: 669936637910902
Ann Applebydaughter of William Appleby1826311857
Eleanor Applebydaughter of William Appleby1832161848
Mary Applebydaughter of William Appleby1831251856
Ann Applebywife of William Appleby1790701860

7BellEleanor Bellfirst name on this monument1795541849id: 67283664161073
James Bellhusband of Eleanor Bell1799791878

8BullockRobert Bullockfirst name on this monument1698id: 67893664651090
Phillice Bullockwife of Robert Bullock1717

9BustonThomas Bustonfirst name on this monument1757821839id: 6755
(2 images)
Thomas Bustonson of Thomas Buston1798341832
Phillis Bustonwife of Thomas Buston1760731833

10CastlesJoseph Castlesfirst name on this monument1786731859id: 67633664441078
Barbara Harbottledaughter of Joseph Castles1814291843
Ann Isabella Fordygrand daughter of Joseph Castles186011861
John Thompson Castlesson of Joseph Castles1820351855 Died at Swanswick Estate; Jamaica.
Ann Castleswife of Joseph Castles1785581843

11ChrispElizabeth Chrispfirst name on this monument1861id: 677336645310801
Adam Chrispfather of Elizabeth Chrisp
Elizabeth Chrispmother of Elizabeth Chrisp

12ChrispMary Chrispfirst name on this monument1799591858id: 67733664521097
John Chrisphusband of Mary Chrisp1798661864

13ClarkJohn Clarkfirst name on this monument1809id: 67063663861071

14ClutterbuckJohn Clutterbuckfirst name on this monument1677431720id: 680236647310781
Anna Clutterbuckdaughter of John Clutterbuck
Hannah Clutterbuckdaughter of John Clutterbuck
Richard Clutterbuckson of John Clutterbuck
Elizabeth Clutterbuckthird wife of John Clutterbuck

15CookSarah Widdrington Cookfirst name on this monument1768721840id: 67153663961071
Joseph Cookhusband of Sarah Widdrington Cook

16CookSarah Widdrington Cookfirst name on this monument1840id: 68053664761071
Joseph Cookhusband of Sarah Widdrington Cook
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17CowensHenry Cowensfirst name on this monument1813211834id: 66873663641073
John Cowensfather of Henry Cowens
Jane Cowensmother of Henry Cowens1773691842

18CowensMary Cowensfirst name on this monument1844id: 66873663651074
Robert Cowenshusband of Mary Cowens

19CuthbertsonThomas Cuthbertsonfirst name on this monument1745541799id: 67743664541117
Isabella Cuthbertsondaughter of Thomas Cuthbertson1796391835
Jane Cuthbertsondaughter of Thomas Cuthbertson179901799
Margaret Cuthbertsonson of Thomas Cuthbertson1797481845
Thomas Cuthbertsonson of Thomas Cuthbertson1787451832
Mary Cuthbertsonwife of Thomas Cuthbertson1743811824

20DandJames Dandfirst name on this monument1806841890id: 680836647910871
John Tatefather-in-law of James Dand
Jane Dandwife of James Dand1807871894

21DandMiddleton Henry Dandfirst name on this monument1812911903id: 68073664781085Interred at Amble.

22DandRobert Dandfirst name on this monument1718831801id: 67953664681079
Robert Dandson of Robert Dand1763581821
Mary Dandwife of Robert Dand1718791797

23DandSarah Dandfirst name on this monument1777401817id: 679636646910781
Brignal Graingefather of Sarah Dand
James Dandhusband of Sarah Dand

24DawsonGeorge Dawsonfirst name on this monument1787661853id: 66963663751079
Ann Dawsondaughter of George Dawson1809391848
Thomas Dawsonson of George Dawson1822191841

25DayRobert Dayfirst name on this monument1797241821id: 6719
(2 images)
3664061068Lost with all hands on the ship Catherine of Sunderland.

26DennisAnne Dennisfirst name on this monument1831id: 68093664801102
Thomas Bustonfather of Anne Dennis
Philip Dennishusband of Anne Dennis

27DoddsNicholas Doddsfirst name on this monumentid: 67583664401076d 18__ - Details indistinct

28DodsworthEdward Dodsworthfirst name on this monument1630id: 67693664471092Huntsman to King James.

29DouglasMark Douglasfirst name on this monument1776801856id: 674136642710681

30ElderThomas Elderfirst name on this monument1726651791id: 67783664581083
Margaret Elderwife of Thomas Elder1806

31EmbletonEleanor Embletonfirst name on this monument1780711851id: 67123663931076
Elizabeth Embletondaughter of Eleanor Embleton1813381851
Jane Embletondaughter of Eleanor Embleton1824281852
Robert Embletonhusband of Eleanor Embleton

32FawcusJohn Fawcusfirst name on this monument1698741772id: 6791
(2 images)
Alice Fawcus1758811839
John Fawcus1745761821
Robert Fawcusson of John Fawcus1732821814
Dorothy Fawcuswife of John Fawcus1708881796

33FennellHannah Fennellfirst name on this monument1753841837id: 672236641010803
Hannah Holdsworthdaughter of Hannah Fennell1791471838
Richard Fennellhusband of Hannah Fennell of London.
John Holdsworthson-in-law of Hannah Fennell1788731861

34ForsterCharles Francis Forsterfirst name on this monument1732751807id: 68033664741072Deputy Lieutenant for Northumberland.

35ForsterSarah Forsterfirst name on this monumentid: 675136643510731d 18__ - Stone eroded.
John Forster Stone eroded.

36GairEdward Gairfirst name on this monument1835id: 67573664391075
William Gairfather of Edward Gair
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37GairJane Gairfirst name on this monumentid: 678236646211021Details indistinct.
James Gairhusband of Jane Gair1802 Details indistinct.

38GeeMary Jane Geefirst name on this monument184361849id: 66973663761079
Robert Geefather of Mary Jane Gee

39GilhespyThomas Gilhespyfirst name on this monument1796251821id: 6719
(2 images)
3664051069Lost with all hands on the ship Catherine of Sunderland.

40GrahamJane Grahamfirst name on this monument1831131844id: 67323664191136
Ralph Grahamfather of Jane Graham
Elizabeth Grahammother of Jane Graham
Frances Grahamsister of Jane Graham183771844

41GreyElenor Greyfirst name on this monument1828id: 67793664591095Details indistinct.
Thomas Greyhusband of Elenor Grey78 d 18__ - Details indistinct.

42GreyRobert Greyfirst name on this monument1807381845id: 66903663691070
Margaret Greydaughter of Robert Grey1835171852
Frances Greywife of Robert Grey1802451847

43GuthrieAnn Douglas Guthriefirst name on this monument1834221856id: 66973663771067
Isabella Guthriemother of Ann Douglas Guthrie1794631857

44HayDavid Hayfirst name on this monument1803181821id: 6719
(2 images)
3664031124Lost with all hands on the ship Catherine of Sunderland.
Samuel Hayfather of David Hay
Margaret Haymother of David Hay

45HendersonMary Hendersonfirst name on this monument1803id: 67763664561071
William Hendersonbrother of Mary Henderson1798101808
James Hendersonfather of Mary Henderson

46HornsbyJohn Hornsbyfirst name on this monument1779621841id: 673536642210682

47HuggupAnne Huggupfirst name on this monument1809451854id: 67263664141078
James Dandfather of Anne Huggup
Ralph Gallilee Hugguphusband of Anne Huggup1819561875 Died at Pentney; Norfolk.

48HuggupRalph Gallilee Huggupfirst name on this monument1852551907id: 67263664151075
Sarah Dand Huggup1851591910 Died at Torquay.

49HuggupRobert Huggupfirst name on this monument1778561834id: 672436641210722
Jane Gallileesister-in-law of Robert Huggup1786721858
Mary Anne Huggupwife of Robert Huggup1783731856

50HunterAnn Hunterfirst name on this monument1720id: 68043664751083
William Hunterhusband of Ann Hunter

51HunterSamuel Hunterfirst name on this monument1795261821id: 6719
(2 images)
3664001068Lost with all hands on the ship Catherine of Sunderland.
Robert Hayfather-in-law of Samuel Hunter1797241821 Lost with all hands on the ship Catherine of Sunderland.
Mary Haymother-in-law of Samuel Hunter

52IbbetsonJohn Ibbetsonfirst name on this monument1754601814id: 679736647010921late of Halifax; Yorkshire.
John Appleby1768701838

53InnesJames Innesfirst name on this monumentid: 66943663731075d 18__

54JohnsonIsabella Johnsonfirst name on this monument1816id: 67023663821069
William Johnsonfather of Isabella Johnson

55JohnsonJohn Johnsonfirst name on this monument1680811761id: 67813664611065Details indistinct.

56JohnsonRichard Johnsonfirst name on this monument1768641832id: 67013663811065

57KennedyMary Kennedyfirst name on this monument1823271850id: 671336639410721
James Kennedyfather of Mary Kennedy
Ann Kennedy1821381859

58LakeThomas Lakefirst name on this monument1789321821id: 67183663991065Lost on the Brig Fly of Lynn.

59LeitheadThomas Leitheadfirst name on this monument1808441852id: 67773664571075

60LockeyAndrew Lockeyfirst name on this monument1817201837id: 677136645010711
Thomas Lockeybrother of Andrew Lockey1822241846
Matthew Lockeyfather of Andrew Lockey
Dorothy Lockeymother of Andrew Lockey
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61LockeyMatthew Lockeyfirst name on this monumentid: 677136644910971d 18__ - Stone eroded.
Elizabeth Lockeydaughter of Matthew Lockey178481792
Isabella Lockeywife of Matthew Lockey1749721821

62MarshallThomas Marshallfirst name on this monument185301853id: 672936641710691
Margery Marshallwife of Thomas Marshall185701857

63MaxwellAnn Maxwellfirst name on this monument1805id: 67523664361073Stone eroded.
Charles Maxwellbrother of Ann Maxwell
Charles Maxwellfather of Ann Maxwell

64McKaineThomas John McKainefirst name on this monument1827id: 67473664321068Presbyterian Minister of Warkworth.Details indistinct.

65MerrimanWilliam Merrimanfirst name on this monument1800211821id: 6719
(2 images)
3664041086Lost with all hands on the ship Catherine of Sunderland.
Wrightson Merrimanfather of William Merriman
Jane Merrimanmother of William Merriman

66MillerAnn Millerfirst name on this monument1784id: 67043663841065
John Millerhusband of Ann Miller1731921823

67MillerHenry Millerfirst name on this monument1735641799id: 66913663701068
Catherine Millerdaughter of Henry Miller1764251789
James Millerson of Henry Miller1773491822
Jane Millerwife of Henry Miller1734901824

68MillerHenry Millerfirst name on this monument1783731856id: 670336638310661
John Millerbrother of Henry Miller1769781847
Ann Millerdaughter of Henry Miller1829321861
Elizabeth Millerdaughter of Henry Miller182761833
Jane Millerdaughter of Henry Miller182851833
John Millerson of Henry Miller183031833
Elizabeth Millerwife of Henry Miller1803441847

69MorwickHugh De Morwickfirst name on this monument1224451269id: 681036648110931Gave the Common to the parish of Warkworth. Dates assumed.

70MuersHenry Muersfirst name on this monument1811221833id: 676736644610761
Thomas Muersbrother of Henry Muers1819311850
John Muersfather of Henry Muers1780581838
Jane Muersmother of Henry Muers1780671847

71NixonMary Nixonfirst name on this monument1777761853id: 67423664281072

72OrnsbyMary Ornsbyfirst name on this monument1778631841id: 67623664431071
Edward Ornsbyhusband of Mary Ornsby1784801864

73ParkAlice Parkfirst name on this monument1843181861id: 673136641810761
John Parkfather of Alice Park
John Handgrand father of Alice Park1779821861
Jane Parkmother of Alice Park

74PottsThomas Pottsfirst name on this monumentid: 67463664311083
Isabella Pottsdaughter of Thomas Potts185131854
Rosina Mabil Pottsdaughter of Thomas Potts186011861
David Carey Pottsson of Thomas Potts185041854
Robert Wigham Pottsson of Thomas Potts185311854
Elizabeth Pottswife of Thomas Potts

75PringleRobert Purvis Pringlefirst name on this monument1859id: 672136640910691Stone eroded.
William Pringle1786661852 Stone eroded.

76PurvisRobert Purvisfirst name on this monument1803451848id: 672536641311091
Matthew Purvisson of Robert Purvis1842191861
Robert Young Purvisson of Robert Purvis1837121849
Eleanor Purviswife of Robert Purvis1797651862

77PurvisWilliam Purvisfirst name on this monumentid: 67203664081129d 18__ - Stone eroded.
Christopher Purvisfather of William Purvis Stone eroded.
Mary Purvismother of William Purvis Stone eroded.
Mary Purvis d 18__ - Stone eroded.
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78ReedAnna Eliza Reedfirst name on this monument185391862id: 67363664231093
John Reedfather of Anna Eliza Reed
Louisa Carolina Reedmother of Anna Eliza Reed

79ReedJames Reedfirst name on this monument1804171821id: 6719
(2 images)
3664011067Lost with all hands on the ship Catherine of Sunderland.
George Reedfather of James Reed
Dorothy Reedmother of James Reed

80RichardsonWilliam Richardsonfirst name on this monument1778621840id: 67753664551067
William Richardsonson of William Richardson1816231839
Isabella Richardsonwife of William Richardson1839 age 5_

81RobinsonMargaret Robinsonfirst name on this monumentid: 67613664421069d 18__ - Details indistinct
Ann Robinson d 18__ - Details indistinct
Edward Robinson d 18__ - Details indistinct
Jane Charlotte Robinson d 18__ - Details indistinct
Thomas Robinson d 18__ - Details indistinct

82RobinsonMargaret Elizabeth Robinsonfirst name on this monument184811849id: 674536643010671
George Robinsonfather of Margaret Elizabeth Robinson
Isabella Robinsonmother of Margaret Elizabeth Robinson1823351858

83SandersonAnn Sandersonfirst name on this monument1816261842id: 67333664201078
James Sandersonhusband of Ann Sanderson1814451859
John Sandersonson of Ann Sanderson184101841

84ShanksIsabella Shanksfirst name on this monument1746801826id: 668936636710671

85ShanksRobert Shanksfirst name on this monument1843id: 668936636810681

86SheriffRobert Sherifffirst name on this monument1834231857id: 67093663891083
Andrew Sheriffbrother of Robert Sheriff1831361867
Elijah Sheriffbrother of Robert Sheriff1839241863
James Sherifffather of Robert Sheriff1793701863
Esther Sheriffmother of Robert Sheriff

87ShottonRobert Shottonfirst name on this monument73id: 67053663851066d 18__

88SimpsonSusannah Simpsonfirst name on this monument1838201858id: 67803664601065
James Simpsonhusband of Susannah Simpson

89SmithWilliam Smithfirst name on this monument1801201821id: 6719
(2 images)
3664071067Lost with all hands on the ship Catherine of Sunderland.

90SordyThomas Sordyfirst name on this monument1778561834id: 67143663951095
Ann Rutherforddaughter of Thomas Sordy1799521851
Henery Sordyson of Thomas Sordy1810301840
Thomas Sordyson of Thomas Sordy1801461847
William Sordyson of Thomas Sordy1807211828
James Rutherfordson-in-law of Thomas Sordy
Esther Sordywife of Thomas Sordy1774711845

91StewartJohn Stewartfirst name on this monument1808531861id: 66953663741065

92StrotherAnthony Strotherfirst name on this monument1804591863id: 68013664721079
Anne Strotherwife of Anthony Strother1806911897 Died in Bath.

93TateMartha Tatefirst name on this monument1822id: 67723664511073
John Tatehusband of Martha Tate d 18__

94TaylorMary Ann Taylorfirst name on this monument1814261840id: 671036639010721
William Taylorhusband of Mary Ann Taylor
John Taylorson of Mary Ann Taylor183931842

95TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monument1786651851id: 67833664631072
Ann Taylordaughter of William Taylor1812231835
Margaret Taylordaughter of William Taylor1825161841
Jane Taylorwife of William Taylor1786431829
Elizabeth Taylorsecond wife of William Taylor1797631860
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96TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monumentid: 6753
(2 images)
3664371069d 18__ - Details indistinct
Dorothy Taylor d 18__ - Details indistinct
Elizabeth Taylor d 18__ - Details indistinct
Frances Taylor d 18__ - Details indistinct
Jane Taylor d 18__ - Details indistinct

97ThewEdward Thewfirst name on this monumentid: 67163663971067d 18__ - No date given.
Elizabeth Thewwife of Edward Thew d 18__ - No date given.

98ThewElizabeth Thewfirst name on this monument1822401862id: 679436646710801
Edward Thewhusband of Elizabeth Thew1803701873

99ThompsonGeorge Thompsonfirst name on this monument1794741868id: 67703664481069
Anne Thompsonwife of George Thompson1795631858

100ThompsonMargaret Thompsonfirst name on this monument1725601785id: 66883663661065
John Thompsonhusband of Margaret Thompson

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