Scartho Road (141-144 146-151) Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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701LeemanHarold Leemanfirst name on this monument1902571959id: 342734905410891
May Leemanwife of Harold Leeman1903561959

702LeemingAlfred Leemingfirst name on this monument1966id: 28234807310701

703LeggettAlice Lavinia Leggettfirst name on this monument75id: 21434800510911

704LeggettPeter Leggettfirst name on this monument1937221959id: 7383485011070

705LeonardAlbert Leonardfirst name on this monument1916511967id: 393478301077
Hannah Leonardwife of Albert Leonard

706LeonardEthel Leonardfirst name on this monument1888751963id: 34403490631087
Robinson Leonardhusband of Ethel Leonard1882851967

707LetchAmelia Letchfirst name on this monument1894701964id: 3993481901076
Edna Letchdaughter of Amelia Letch
Albert Letchson of Amelia Letch
Arthur Letchson of Amelia Letch
Denis Letchson of Amelia Letch
Harold Letchson of Amelia Letch

708LetterFrederick Letterfirst name on this monument1907611968id: 11523489081068
Mary Jane Letterwife of Frederick Letter1920551975

709LewisMabel Lewisfirst name on this monument1886711957id: 7993485601073

710LewisMajor Lewisfirst name on this monument1958id: 9773487351074
Glynis J Lewis1949552004
Naomi Lewiswife of Major Lewis1997

711LewisMuriel M Lewisfirst name on this monument1899631962id: 7463485081079
Ernest Lewishusband of Muriel M Lewis1896891985

712LilesAlfred Edwin Lilesfirst name on this monument1957id: 8373485971067

713LilesWalter G Lilesfirst name on this monument1894691963id: 6863484511083
Ada Liles1896851981 Maiden name from inscription records

714LilleyElsie May Lilleyfirst name on this monument1898641962id: 11373488931079

715LillimanClarence Lillimanfirst name on this monument1944662010id: 2103480011068

716LimbWilliam Limbfirst name on this monument1906521958id: 10173487751072

717LinfordCharles Joseph Linfordfirst name on this monument1924371961id: 10843488421086
Janice Linforddaughter of Charles Joseph Linford
Stephen Linfordson of Charles Joseph Linford
Joan Linfordwife of Charles Joseph Linford1929671996

718LinfordDaphne F Linfordfirst name on this monument1922631985id: 3463481371067
Charles N Linfordhusband of Daphne F Linford1919681987

719LinfordIan Linfordfirst name on this monument1950171967id: 11233488791072
Harry Linfordfather of Ian Linford1910761986
Daisy Linfordmother of Ian Linford1913912004

720LingLilian Sarah Lingfirst name on this monument1901621963id: 1363479271081

721LingardEva Lingardfirst name on this monument1892771969id: 5963483781075
John William Lingardhusband of Eva Lingard1891861977

722LingardStanley R Lingardfirst name on this monument1896711967id: 3363481271076
Dorothy Lingard1900851985

723LingardWalter Cyril Lingardfirst name on this monument1903611964id: 4913482821071
Elsie May Lingardwife of Walter Cyril Lingard1905881993

724ListerFlorence Listerfirst name on this monument1894661960id: 9693487271067

725LittlewoodAmy Littlewoodfirst name on this monument1908541962id: 8543486141097
Herbert Littlewood1901871988

726LockwoodEdward Allan Lockwoodfirst name on this monument1908561964id: 5313483211078

727LongDorothy Newday Longfirst name on this monument1937742011id: 34013490291070
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728LovedayBrian Lovedayfirst name on this monument1941171958id: 9343486911095

729LovedayRobert Henry Lovedayfirst name on this monument1949181967id: 1083478991074

730LoweBeatrice Maud Lowefirst name on this monument1899671966id: 3403481311076
Cyril A H Lowehusband of Beatrice Maud Lowe1891791970

731LowryAlan Shaun Lowryfirst name on this monument196531968id: 5583483461077

732LundyBertha Henrietta Lundyfirst name on this monument1972id: 47434826510731
Anton Peter Lundyhusband of Bertha Henrietta Lundy1967

733LyonLewis Evan Lyonfirst name on this monument1901591960id: 71134847510811
Ethel Lyonwife of Lewis Evan Lyon1901761977

734MacDougallWilliam Donald MacDougallfirst name on this monument1903561959id: 77034853110711

735MackrillLizzie Mackrillfirst name on this monument1909501959id: 8653486251076

736MadinJerry Madinfirst name on this monument1945171962id: 10453488031067

737MaidensHarry Maidensfirst name on this monument1907641971id: 12103489641076
Kate Maidenswife of Harry Maidens1904721976

738MakingsBeatrice May Makingsfirst name on this monument1895681963id: 40634819710681
William Henry Makings1895781973

739MannionElsie May Mannionfirst name on this monument1895731968id: 1663479571091
Dorothy Manniondaughter of Elsie May Mannion
Vera Manniondaughter of Elsie May Mannion
William Mannionhusband of Elsie May Mannion1900721972
Bill Mannionson of Elsie May Mannion
Fred Mannionson of Elsie May Mannion
Jack Mannionson of Elsie May Mannion
Stan Mannionson of Elsie May Mannion

740MaplethorpeMinnie Louisa Maplethorpefirst name on this monument1898721970id: 58934837210671
George Francis Maplethorpehusband of Minnie Louisa Maplethorpe

741MarchantElizabeth Ann Marchantfirst name on this monument1935321967id: 18334797410861
Euphemia Lilliman1906801986

742MarchantGeorge William Marchantfirst name on this monument1898681966id: 23234802310773
Emily Catherine Marchantwife of George William Marchant1892811973

743MargarsonEdmund Margarsonfirst name on this monument1935321967id: 5673483541074

744MargarsonGrace Margarsonfirst name on this monument1935311966id: 47734826810732
Ivy Margarsonmother of Grace Margarson1895731968
Rosie Lacy Wife of Tom
Tom Lacy1920661986

745MarkhamEdith May Markhamfirst name on this monument1897641961id: 8873486451102

746MarsdenWalter E Marsdenfirst name on this monument1898661964id: 6153483941071
Emily Marsdenwife of Walter E Marsden1889791968

747MarshChrales Henry Marshfirst name on this monument1893741967id: 1713479621070
Mary Louisa Marshwife of Chrales Henry Marsh1896801976

748MarshallCynthia Marshallfirst name on this monumentid: 21734800810691
Horace Marshall

749MartinCharles Martinfirst name on this monument1957id: 9383486951069
Audrey Mason2003
Don Mason2003

750MartinGeorge Sawyer Martinfirst name on this monument1881881969id: 4203482111068
Sarah Ann Martinwife of George Sawyer Martin

751MasonJames Dobson Masonfirst name on this monument1883731956id: 9823487401074
Sarah Masonwife of James Dobson Mason1885921977

752MatthewsAnnie Louise Matthewsfirst name on this monumentid: 533478441073

753MatthewsLouisa Matthewsfirst name on this monument1881771958id: 9033486601074
Thomas Matthews On a previous stone
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754MawerFrank Robert Mawerfirst name on this monument1920411961id: 7233484871082
Lillian Josephine Mawerwife of Frank Robert Mawer1920862006

755MawerWilliam Frederick Mawerfirst name on this monument1885801965id: 4903482811083
Edith Mary Mawerwife of William Frederick Mawer1887911978

756MayallMarion Grace Adele Mayallfirst name on this monument1892781970id: 14834793910931
Leonard Durban Mayall1890941984

757McCannJames William McCannfirst name on this monument1910601970id: 1543479451082
Michael McCannson of James William McCann1947602007
Kate McCannwife of James William McCann1912871999

758McFarlaneAda Jane McFarlanefirst name on this monument1891691960id: 81034857110881
Ruby Gilbydaughter of Ada Jane McFarlane1911851996

759McGheeJane Heathcote McGheefirst name on this monument1883761959id: 8083485691096
Mary Jaqueline Hardwickgrand daughter of Jane Heathcote McGhee1947181965
Mary Hardwick1923641987

760McGowanAnn McGowanfirst name on this monument1903811984id: 7643485251081
William McGowanhusband of Ann McGowan1902551957

761McGregorJayne McGregorfirst name on this monument1960111971id: 113478021079

762McKenziePaul McKenziefirst name on this monument195811959id: 10183487761070age 4 months
Joan McKenziemother of Paul McKenzie1934752009

763McLauchlanGwen McLauchlanfirst name on this monument1948522000id: 6543484241067
David McLauchlan197001970 age 8 hours

764McLeanElizabeth McLeanfirst name on this monument1905641969id: 5543483421071

765McNamaraAnton McNamarafirst name on this monument1946261972id: 34023490301078

766McNaughtGilbert McNaughtfirst name on this monument1911521963id: 5383483281079
Gertrude Winifred McNaught1912781990

767McNaughtGilbert Shaw McNaughtfirst name on this monument1911521963id: 12553490081080
Gertrude Winifred McNaught1912781990

768MeadowsBeatrice Meadowsfirst name on this monument1890801970id: 98534874310972
George William Meadowshusband of Beatrice Meadows1889681957

769MeadowsEdward Phillips Meadowsfirst name on this monument1897731970id: 12073489611075

770MeanwellThomas Edward Meanwellfirst name on this monument1882761958id: 70634847010972

771MeearsGeorge H Meearsfirst name on this monument1900701970id: 122534898010841

772MeffenWalter Ernest Meffenfirst name on this monument1884831967id: 28934808010701
Lilian May Meffenwife of Walter Ernest Meffen1886831969

773MelbourneTracey Ann Melbournefirst name on this monument196651971id: 713478621078

774MerrikinReg Merrikinfirst name on this monument1924621986id: 115534891110681

775MerrikinSteven Merrikinfirst name on this monument195351958id: 97434873210671age 4 years 10 months

776MetcalfArthur Henry Metcalffirst name on this monument1908631971id: 7034786110991

777MetcalfeEdgar Metcalfefirst name on this monument1899681967id: 5633483501071

778MiddletonCarole Louise Middletonfirst name on this monument195551960id: 7753485361077

779MiddletonEllen Middletonfirst name on this monument1903621965id: 60734838610701

780MidgleyJenny Midgleyfirst name on this monument1893761969id: 1573479481075

781MilesNellie Eveline Milesfirst name on this monument1900741974id: 34043490321074
Robert McKinleyhusband of Nellie Eveline Miles1901781979

782MillsJohn E Millsfirst name on this monument1886731959id: 342834905510941
Alice Millswife of John E Mills1885831968

783MillsSarah Ann Millsfirst name on this monument1896631959id: 6983484621067
Jean Millsdaughter-in-law of Sarah Ann Mills
James H Millsson of Sarah Ann Mills

784MitchellAlexander Mitchellfirst name on this monument1899651964id: 11883489421097
Emily Mitchellwife of Alexander Mitchell1974
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785MoggJames H Moggfirst name on this monument1901581959id: 84434860410691

786MoltonMary Anne Moltonfirst name on this monument1920501970id: 213478121076
Edward Moltonhusband of Mary Anne Molton1915751990

787MonumentBarry Spencer Monumentfirst name on this monument1948221970id: 823478731071

788MooreFrank Moorefirst name on this monument1901701971id: 83478001068
Mary Moorewife of Frank Moore1904791983

789MooreRose Moorefirst name on this monument1878911969id: 5113483021078

790MooreThomas James Moorefirst name on this monument1884841968id: 2743480651067

791MorganJoseph William Morganfirst name on this monument1893751968id: 34223490491092
Agnes Morganwife of Joseph William Morgan1899841983

792MorleyDaniel C Morleyfirst name on this monument1898621960id: 9323486891115
Ellen M Morleywife of Daniel C Morley1901711972

793MorleyEva Morleyfirst name on this monument1905601965id: 1123479031151
Arthur Morleyhusband of Eva Morley1902711973

794MorleyJoseph T Morleyfirst name on this monument1903671970id: 1734780810901
Pem Morleywife of Joseph T Morley1903931996

795MorrisClaire Evelyn Morrisfirst name on this monument1920641984id: 81434857510861
Harry Morris1918431961

796MorteboyIvy Victoria Morteboyfirst name on this monument1907611968id: 34563490771068

797MortonBernard Mortonfirst name on this monument1957id: 10233487811073
Annie E Mortonwife of Bernard Morton1958

798MossAlice Mossfirst name on this monument1895701965id: 11903489441089
Harry Mosshusband of Alice Moss1893731966

799MottramFrederick Mottramfirst name on this monument1873831956id: 8703486301072

800MouldsRuth Mouldsfirst name on this monument1904581962id: 8923486501074
Alfred Mouldshusband of Ruth Moulds1912811993
Alf Mouldsson of Ruth Moulds1942632005

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Scartho Road (141-144 146-151) Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this cemetery is DN32 0BA - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

The view statistics shown below are from 8 Jan 2014 when collection of these statistics started.

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