Scartho Road (141-144 146-151) Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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501HaagensonJoseph H Haagensonfirst name on this monument1907581965id: 5713483571073
Sarah Jane Haagensonwife of Joseph H Haagenson1908851993

502HagueSamuel Haguefirst name on this monument1904671971id: 2033479941077
Ida Haguewife of Samuel Hague

503HaighFrank Haighfirst name on this monument1900701970id: 36134815210781

504HaleBenjamin Ernest Halefirst name on this monument1896621958id: 9473487041079Other details from MI records
George Wilkinson1996
Joyce Wilkinson1991
Hetty Halewife of Benjamin Ernest Hale1896851981 Other details from MI records

505HalesPeter Halesfirst name on this monument1947391986id: 67734844311011
George Halesfather of Peter Hales1905591964

506HallAlfred Hallfirst name on this monument1922451967id: 6023483821071

507HallCharles Stanley Hallfirst name on this monument1886781964id: 44534823610671
Charlotte Hallwife of Charles Stanley Hall1886881974

508HallFlorence Evelyn Hallfirst name on this monument1884751959id: 7693485301067
Herbert Frederick Hall1878841962

509HallFred Hallfirst name on this monument1889671956id: 7033484671070
May Hallwife of Fred Hall1892661958

510HallKathleen Mary Hallfirst name on this monument1915561971id: 12243489781067

511HallSid Hallfirst name on this monument1914691983id: 12243496391068

512HallSid Hallfirst name on this monument1914691983id: 12243489791068

513HallettAgnes Hallettfirst name on this monument1902581960id: 9993487571069
George Henry Halletthusband of Agnes Hallett1899781977

514HallettChristine Elizabeth Hallettfirst name on this monument1929411970id: 3593481501102
Charles William Halletthusband of Christine Elizabeth Hallett1920862006

515HallettJoseph Hallettfirst name on this monument1909481957id: 8753486341089

516HammondAlice Hammondfirst name on this monumentid: 1093479001084

517HammondIvy Hammondfirst name on this monument1903611964id: 12223489761073
George Hammondhusband of Ivy Hammond1895791974

518HammondMabel Hammondfirst name on this monument1903641967id: 11973489511077
Alfred Hammondhusband of Mabel Hammond1906821988

519HammondVera Hammondfirst name on this monumentid: 1003478911078
George Hammond1968

520HammondVera Elizabeth Hammondfirst name on this monument1911531964id: 593478501075
John Hammondhusband of Vera Elizabeth Hammond1910841994

521HankinCharles Hankinfirst name on this monument1891651956id: 8333485931077

522HanleySarah Ann Hanleyfirst name on this monument1910531963id: 6434785511101
Joseph Hanleyhusband of Sarah Ann Hanley
Albert Hanleyson of Sarah Ann Hanley
Bill Hanleyson of Sarah Ann Hanley
Brian Hanleyson of Sarah Ann Hanley
Jack Hanleyson of Sarah Ann Hanley
Philip Hanleyson of Sarah Ann Hanley
Ron Hanleyson of Sarah Ann Hanley

523HannathMaud Rosalie Hannathfirst name on this monument1890761966id: 3843481751086
William Hannathhusband of Maud Rosalie Hannath1885941979

524HansenEvelyn Hansenfirst name on this monument1966id: 5243483141069

525HanslipJessie Helena Hanslipfirst name on this monument1880861966id: 2343480251070

526HardwickAlfred Hardwickfirst name on this monument1915551970id: 4173482081078
Florry Hardwickwife of Alfred Hardwick1916862002
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527HardyBill Hardyfirst name on this monumentid: 99734875510721
Olive Hardy

528HardyEveline Hardyfirst name on this monument1952191971id: 1453479361099
Teresa Hardydaughter of Eveline Hardy

529HardyKathleen Margaret Hardyfirst name on this monument1950201970id: 45634824710831
Dawn Tracy Hardydaughter of Kathleen Margaret Hardy

530HardyLottie Hardyfirst name on this monument1886711957id: 83634859610702

531HardyRalph Hardyfirst name on this monument1898711969id: 3673481581082
Emily Maria Hardywife of Ralph Hardy1908681976

532HardyRaymond Henry Hardyfirst name on this monument1928411969id: 2113480021070
Elsie May Hardywife of Raymond Henry Hardy74 Year obscured

533HardyWilliam Hardyfirst name on this monument1883811964id: 5343483241077

534HarperThomas Harperfirst name on this monument1921481969id: 55534834310771
Jean Harperdaughter-in-law of Thomas Harper
Michael Harperson of Thomas Harper

535HarrisLily Harrisfirst name on this monument1879801959id: 8253485851076
Barbara Mairdaughter of Lily Harris1924701994
Jack Mairson-in-law of Lily Harris

536HarrisNeville Harrisfirst name on this monumentid: 8483486081071

537HartleyFlorence Gertrude Hartleyfirst name on this monument1893691962id: 9623487201068

538HartshornWilliam Francis John Hartshornfirst name on this monument1891671958id: 94634870310792

539HarveyClifford Harveyfirst name on this monument1915551970id: 3623481531081

540HarveyPeter Anthony Harveyfirst name on this monument1942181960id: 7283484921098
Albert Harveyfather of Peter Anthony Harvey
Gwen Harveymother of Peter Anthony Harvey

541HarwoodAlfred Harwoodfirst name on this monument1897611958id: 91334867010771
Alice Maud Harwoodwife of Alfred Harwood1899781977

542HarwoodPeggy Harwoodfirst name on this monument1926351961id: 8623486221082
James Harwoodhusband of Peggy Harwood1925842009

543HasteElizabeth Hastefirst name on this monument1905591964id: 1933479841072

544HasthorpeSydney Hasthorpefirst name on this monument1900701970id: 12083489621073
Ivy Hasthorpewife of Sydney Hasthorpe1900741974

545HavercroftGeorge Edward Havercroftfirst name on this monument1910601970id: 153478061071
Ethelwyn Havercroftwife of George Edward Havercroft1912882000

546HawkinsArthur Hawkinsfirst name on this monument1914481962id: 7833485441100
Sharron Hawkinsdaughter of Arthur Hawkins
Arley Hawkinsson of Arthur Hawkins
Robert Hawkinsson of Arthur Hawkins
Olive Hawkinswife of Arthur Hawkins

547HawkinsThomas Charles Hawkinsfirst name on this monument1901591960id: 7723485331072
Douglas Hawkins1936491985
Frances Hawkins1911932004

548HawleyRuth Hawleyfirst name on this monument1893641957id: 7353484981093
John William Hawleyhusband of Ruth Hawley1893711964

549HayEdwin H Hayfirst name on this monument1909511960id: 6953484601083

550HaylockRobert W Haylockfirst name on this monument1894641958id: 8043485651069

551HaywoodRosa Haywoodfirst name on this monument1871871958id: 10193487771079
Eleanor Susannah Mackdaughter of Rosa Haywood1901631964 Age and date uncertain-Figures not clear

552HearnHorace Albert Hearnfirst name on this monument1892791971id: 4533482441094
Edith Hearnwife of Horace Albert Hearn1888941982

553HeatonDoris Heatonfirst name on this monument1903671970id: 833478741075
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554HeatonWilliam Calvert Heatonfirst name on this monument1899711970id: 34183490451076
Mary Elizabeth Heatonwife of William Calvert Heaton1898881986

555HeenanMary Jane Heenanfirst name on this monument1892661958id: 10993488561070

556HenshallGeorge Henshallfirst name on this monument1890661956id: 11063488621070
Florence Elizabeth Henshall1887841971

557HerdNathan Herdfirst name on this monument1908611969id: 34213490481097
Shelagh Herddaughter of Nathan Herd
Chris Herdson of Nathan Herd
Nathan Herdson of Nathan Herd1939601999
Christobel Herdwife of Nathan Herd1907701977

558HewsonHorace Roland Hewsonfirst name on this monument1908621970id: 3653481561068
Gladwys Hewsonwife of Horace Roland Hewson1910881998

559HewsonMagaret Verney Hewsonfirst name on this monument1949622011id: 6303484041078
Ivan Eric Hewsonson of Magaret Verney Hewson196801968 age 3 months

560HeywoodErnest William Heywoodfirst name on this monument1894631957id: 7593485201088
Millicent Heywoodwife of Ernest William Heywood1906701976

561HickmanMuriel Hickmanfirst name on this monument1907621969id: 12043489581083

562HickmanViolet Winifred Hickmanfirst name on this monument1979id: 34123490401080
Thomas Hickmanhusband of Violet Winifred Hickman

563HigginsonFanny Jane Higginsonfirst name on this monument1884741958id: 10563488141083

564HillElizabeth Hillfirst name on this monument1883741957id: 10613488191071
Perry Ronald Hillson of Elizabeth Hill1926792005

565HillJohn Edward Hillfirst name on this monument1900581958id: 8993486561072
Martha Elizabeth Dorothywife of John Edward Hill1902891991

566HillarySarah Amelia Hillaryfirst name on this monument1899721971id: 1443479351087
Christopher Hillaryhusband of Sarah Amelia Hillary1897891986

567HinsonWinifred Hinsonfirst name on this monument1925421967id: 3343481251068
Thomas Harry Hinsonhusband of Winifred Hinson1921651986

568HitchmanClara Hitchmanfirst name on this monument1888831971id: 1423479331068

569HoddsJohn Richard Hoddsfirst name on this monument1907571964id: 4013481921079
Jessie Hoddswife of John Richard Hodds1903801983

570HodgsonAlice Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1889821971id: 9363486931083
Fred Hodgsonhusband of Alice Hodgson1887711958

571HoganDavid Hoganfirst name on this monument1916591975id: 121934897310751
Barbara Hoganwife of David Hogan1925701995

572HoggettIris Hoggettfirst name on this monument1965id: 12234791310942
William Ernest Willertonbrother of Iris Hoggett1929722001
Walter Hoggetthusband of Iris Hoggett
Ada Mary Willertonmother of Iris Hoggett1986
Gladys May Willertonsister of Iris Hoggett1909922001

573HolderArthur Holderfirst name on this monument1968id: 1033478941094

574HolgateMabel Holgatefirst name on this monument1926421968id: 293478201077
George N Holgatehusband of Mabel Holgate1919591978

575HollingsworthJames Hollingsworthfirst name on this monument1912781990id: 2533480441079

576HollingsworthJames Bowers Hollingsworthfirst name on this monument1889811970id: 4163482071076
Annie Hollingsworthwife of James Bowers Hollingsworth1891881979

577HollingsworthJohn Robert Hollingsworthfirst name on this monument1883861969id: 5533483411092

578HollingsworthLeslie Thomas Hollingsworthfirst name on this monument1960211981id: 40834819910711

579HolmesJames Kenneth Holmesfirst name on this monument1913611974id: 12163489701074
Doris Holmeswife of James Kenneth Holmes1915852000

580HolmesThomas William Holmesfirst name on this monument1900681968id: 3763481671069
Edith Victoria Holmeswife of Thomas William Holmes1900941994
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581HolnessPaul Holnessfirst name on this monument1964id: 1913479821097

582HoltFrederick W Holtfirst name on this monument1891671958id: 98934874710711Other details from MI records of earlier stone
Elizabeth Holt1983

583HoltWilliam Holtfirst name on this monument1891671958id: 8293485891074
Alice Gertrude Holtwife of William Holt1892801972

584HootonJames William Redvers Hootonfirst name on this monument1902651967id: 34543490751087
Ethel Agnes Hootonhusband of James William Redvers Hooton1979

585HopeEdwin Hopefirst name on this monument1913571970id: 11413488971091
Beatrice Hopewife of Edwin Hope1914621976

586HornIrene P Hornfirst name on this monument1913511964id: 6793484451070

587HornWalter Hornfirst name on this monument1901671968id: 4663482571108
Margaret Emsliedaughter of Walter Horn1930551985

588HorrellBeatrice Annie Horrellfirst name on this monument1895751970id: 5513483391088

589HorsleyWilliam Henry Horsleyfirst name on this monument1915541969id: 243478151077
Mary Elizabeth Horsleywife of William Henry Horsley1910751985

590HorvathJune Horvathfirst name on this monument1942281970id: 2603480511073
June Horvathdaughter of June Horvath
Joseph Horvathhusband of June Horvath
Valerie Chafer1945572002
Richard Horvathson of June Horvath

591HotsonAgnes Hotsonfirst name on this monument1875961971id: 34143490421074

592HovellWilliam George Hovellfirst name on this monument1887811968id: 2753480661073
Ethel May Hovell1888821970

593HowardGladys May Howardfirst name on this monument1894691963id: 12443489991071

594HowarthMary Howarthfirst name on this monument1904621966id: 3393481301069
Benjamin Howarthhusband of Mary Howarth1903661969

595HowdenCharles Edward Howdenfirst name on this monument1926431969id: 2693480601122
Charles Howdenson of Charles Edward Howden
David Howdenson of Charles Edward Howden
Martin Howdenson of Charles Edward Howden
Peter Howdenson of Charles Edward Howden
Robert Howdenson of Charles Edward Howden
Doreen Howdenwife of Charles Edward Howden

596HowellEmma Alice Howellfirst name on this monument1889701959id: 99334875110831
Arthur John Howellhusband of Emma Alice Howell1886761962

597HowlettHerbert Howlettfirst name on this monument1892771969id: 3223481131073

598HughesNigel Hughesfirst name on this monument196601966id: 5263483161081Newborn
Christine Lesley Hughes1970362006
Stacey Nicola Hughes1993172010

599HulseGladys Hulsefirst name on this monument1925631988id: 42634821710981
Ronald Hulsehusband of Gladys Hulse1930381968

600HumpherysEmily Humpherysfirst name on this monument1905621967id: 11283488841067

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Scartho Road (141-144 146-151) Cemetery, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this cemetery is DN32 0BA - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

The view statistics shown below are from 8 Jan 2014 when collection of these statistics started.

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