St Michael and St Felix's Church burial ground, Rumburgh, Suffolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AlexanderJacob Alexanderfirst name on this monumentid: 6232763510743

2AlexanderMary Alexanderfirst name on this monument1755871842id: 6132763410773w of Jacob
Jacob Alexanderhusband of Mary Alexander

3AlexanderMilicent Alexanderfirst name on this monument1797141811id: 6332763610693d of Jacob and mary
Jacob Alexanderfather of Milicent Alexander
Mary Alexandermother of Milicent Alexander

4AlexanderVictoria Alexanderfirst name on this monument1911571968id: 253275981075

5AlgarWilliam Algarfirst name on this monument1804181822id: 13932771210891

6BaileySamuel Augus Baileyfirst name on this monument1858631921id: 1763277491074h of Edith
Edith Baileywife of Samuel Augus Bailey

7BakerArthur George Bakerfirst name on this monument1897511948id: 2173277901067
Naomi Bakerwife of Arthur George Baker1896811977 w of Arthur Geo

8BakerEdith M Bakerfirst name on this monument1899841983id: 2163277891067

9BakerEllen Elizabeth Bakerfirst name on this monument1876661942id: 1643277371068
Richard Bakerhusband of Ellen Elizabeth Baker1875831958

10BakerEphraim James Bakerfirst name on this monument1866381904id: 2193277921067
Ephraim James Bakerson of Ephraim James Baker1893211914

11BakerJames Bakerfirst name on this monument1772301802id: 1453277181067
Samuel Bakerbrother of James Baker
Sarah Bakersister of James Baker

12BakerJames Bakerfirst name on this monument1841871928id: 21832779110681
Frederick Ephraim Baker192221924 s of William Baker
Herbert James Baker192041924 s of William Baker
William Baker
Emma Bakerwife of James Baker1844801924

13BakerRobert G Bakerfirst name on this monument1876181894id: 1793277521067

14BakerSimon George Bakerfirst name on this monument1855371892id: 1783277511067

15BaldryFrederick I Baldryfirst name on this monument1887681955id: 1933277661070
Rose H Baldryhusband of Frederick I Baldry1909681977

16BaldryLawrence William Baldryfirst name on this monument1921611982id: 1943277671073
Katheleen Baldrywife of Lawrence William Baldry1919691988

17BaldryThomas Baldryfirst name on this monument1798391837id: 1163276891067

18BanksMary Ann Banksfirst name on this monument1826861912id: 723276451075

19BanksMatilda Banksfirst name on this monument1826801906id: 773276501079

20BanksWilliam Banksfirst name on this monument1814831897id: 263275991075h of Mary ann
Mary Ann Bankswife of William Banks1819831902

21BaylissMarie Alma Josephine Baylissfirst name on this monument1892931985id: 1963277691078
Rose Beatrice Emily Painesdaughter of Marie Alma Josephine Bayliss1911801991

22BedingfieldEdney Bedingfieldfirst name on this monument1813661879id: 543276271078w of Charles
Charles Bedingfieldhusband of Edney Bedingfield

23BirdSamuel Birdfirst name on this monument1940id: 593276321095
Alice Jane Birdhusband of Samuel Bird

24BirdSarah Jane Birdfirst name on this monument1875721947id: 1683277411069w of William Henry
William Henry Birdhusband of Sarah Jane Bird

25BirdWilliam Henry Birdfirst name on this monument1865741939id: 1693277421067

26BlowersJohn Blowersfirst name on this monument22id: 16232773510862

27BorrillAlma Winifred Borrillfirst name on this monument1920912011id: 1973277701072

28Brock Brockfirst name on this monumentid: 323276051080

29BrownFrank Brownfirst name on this monument1930561986id: 2033277761067

30BrownJohn Brownfirst name on this monument1840561896id: 16032773310732h of Elizabeth
Elizabeth Brownwife of John Brown
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31BrownViolet Ann Winnifred Brownfirst name on this monument1890491939id: 2053277781069

32BrownWalter Brownfirst name on this monument1910691979id: 2043277771067

33CableDeborah Cablefirst name on this monument1812761888id: 1213276941096w of Wm
Wm Cablehusband of Deborah Cable

34CalverAnn Calverfirst name on this monument1790831873id: 163275891094d of Robert and Elizabeth
Robert Calverfather of Ann Calver
Elizabeth Calvermother of Ann Calver

35CalverEmma Maria Calverfirst name on this monument1826491875id: 153275881083

36CalverJohn Calverfirst name on this monument1851id: 1463277191113s of Henry and Jane
Henry Calverfather of John Calver
Jane Calvermother of John Calver

37CalverSusan Calverfirst name on this monumentid: 83275811087w of George
George Calverhusband of Susan Calver

38CanhamGeorge Frederick Canhamfirst name on this monument1901531954id: 1343277071078

39CanhamLaura Kate Canhamfirst name on this monument1902941996id: 1333277061074

40CannellWilliam Cannellfirst name on this monument1816551871id: 173275901084

41CardwellCecilia Mary Rose Cardwellfirst name on this monument1964362000id: 1553277281135

42CaterEric Charles Caterfirst name on this monument1927501977id: 15632772910891
Sheila Ellen Caterwife of Eric Charles Cater1926752001

43CatonKatherine Catonfirst name on this monumentid: 1323277051100w of henry
Henry Catonhusband of Katherine Caton

44CattermoleHenry Cattermolefirst name on this monument1835241859id: 273276001088

45ChambersMary Ann Matilda Chambersfirst name on this monument97id: 783276511071w of Frederick wm
Frederick Wm Chambershusband of Mary Ann Matilda Chambers

46ChipperfieldJames Chipperfieldfirst name on this monument1818261844id: 313276041083

47ChipperfieldMartha Chipperfieldfirst name on this monument1806id: 643276371077

48ClarkeArthur Frederick Clarkefirst name on this monument1906791985id: 1493277221067
Ivy Edith Maude Clarkewife of Arthur Frederick Clarke1913761989

49ClarkeHenry Alfred Clarkefirst name on this monument1848561904id: 1913277641070h of Martha
Martha Clarkewife of Henry Alfred Clarke

50ClarkeJohn Hamilton Clarkefirst name on this monument1936672003id: 1833277561069

51ClarkeMabel Sophia Clarkefirst name on this monument1894631957id: 9132766410741
Ernest William Clarkehusband of Mabel Sophia Clarke1894821976

52ClarkeSarah Maria Clarkefirst name on this monument1864531917id: 1843277571081
Bertie Clarke1895211916

53ClarkeSylvia Pearl Clarkefirst name on this monument1940712011id: 1503277231076w of Arthur
Arthur Clarkehusband of Sylvia Pearl Clarke

54ClevelandElizabeth Clevelandfirst name on this monument1847801927id: 193275921093
David Clevelandhusband of Elizabeth Cleveland1844731917

55ClevelandHarry Clevelandfirst name on this monument1876721948id: 203275931082

56ClevelandJoseph Clevelandfirst name on this monument1857661923id: 183275911091

57CoeJames Coefirst name on this monumentid: 343276071079

58CooperEmma Cooperfirst name on this monument1866671933id: 373276101068
Robert Cooperhusband of Emma Cooper1754941848
Florence Marion Cooper1898521950

59CraneCelia Rose Cranefirst name on this monument1894771971id: 1573277301082

60CuttsCharlotte Cuttsfirst name on this monument1844481892id: 1903277631071w of james
James Cuttshusband of Charlotte Cutts

61CuttsJames Cuttsfirst name on this monument1847681915id: 1893277621070

62DaleEsther Dalefirst name on this monument1973id: 68327641106773 year assumed to be in 1900's - w of Wm
Wm Dalehusband of Esther Dale
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63David Davidfirst name on this monumentid: 883276611084w of Simon
Simon Davidhusband of David

64DavyLydia Davyfirst name on this monument1721451766id: 1263276991068

65DavySamuel Davyfirst name on this monumentid: 943276671083

66DeasElizabeth Deasfirst name on this monumentid: 3032760310982w of Andrew
Andrew Deashusband of Elizabeth Deas

67DebenhamCharles William Debenhamfirst name on this monument1864711935id: 932758210691
Alice Rachel Debenham1947

68DebenhamHenry Debenhamfirst name on this monument1831701901id: 33275761068

69DebenhamSusannah Debenhamfirst name on this monument1836501886id: 43275771075w of Henry
Henry Debenhamhusband of Susannah Debenham

70DewEdward John Dewfirst name on this monument1896731969id: 2153277881071

71DewLilian Kathleen Dewfirst name on this monument1899861985id: 2143277871071

72EyreMichael Robert Giles Eyrefirst name on this monument1927631990id: 1993277721083h of Diana
Diana Eyrewife of Michael Robert Giles Eyre

73FairheadJames Fairheadfirst name on this monument1816581874id: 12432769710701

74FallowsThomas Fallowsfirst name on this monument1715681783id: 1303277031071

75FallowsThomas Fallowsfirst name on this monument1742221764id: 1293277021076s of Thomas and Hannah
Thomas Fallowsfather of Thomas Fallows
Hannah Fallowsmother of Thomas Fallows

76FinlayHarry Finlayfirst name on this monument1914821996id: 2013277741072

77FisherElizabeth Fisherfirst name on this monument1793701863id: 13132770410651
James Fisherhusband of Elizabeth Fisher1765651830

78Fisk Fiskfirst name on this monumentid: 7932765210981

79Foyster Foysterfirst name on this monument1794id: 873276601074

80FoysterEllen Victoria Foysterfirst name on this monument1828121840id: 603276331069d of David and Ellen
David Foysterfather of Ellen Victoria Foyster
Ellen Foystermother of Ellen Victoria Foyster

81FoysterJohn Foysterfirst name on this monument1736601796id: 8532765810792

82FoysterLily Beth Foysterfirst name on this monument1765591824id: 403276131072w of John
John Foysterhusband of Lily Beth Foyster

83FoysterSarah Foysterfirst name on this monument1796261822id: 743276471072w of Will
Will Foysterhusband of Sarah Foyster

84FoysterSusannah Foysterfirst name on this monument1697831780id: 843276571070wid of Henry
Henry Foysterhusband of Susannah Foyster

85FoysterWilliam Foysterfirst name on this monument1765811846id: 733276461069

86FrostCharles Venice Frostfirst name on this monument1918721990id: 463276191072
Violet Marian Frostwife of Charles Venice Frost1930691999

87FrostFanny Frostfirst name on this monument1856181874id: 283276011065d of Rev Percival and Fanny
Percival Frostfather of Fanny Frost

88FrostHarold Victor Frostfirst name on this monument1920661986id: 4732762010681

89FrostPercival Frostfirst name on this monument1826511877id: 223275951070
E Beatrice Frostwife of Percival Frost1918

90FrostPercival Mildred Frostfirst name on this monument1871id: 213275941069age 6 months - inf son of Rev Percival
Percival Frostfather of Percival Mildred Frost

91GarrudJames Garrudfirst name on this monument1830761906id: 1533277261067h of Emma
Emma Garrudwife of James Garrud

92GarrudSusannah Garrudfirst name on this monument79id: 383276111067w of Wm
Wm Garrudhusband of Susannah Garrud

93GarwoodDeborah Gowing Garwoodfirst name on this monument1819261845id: 1223276951073d of Wm and Deborah
Wm Garwoodfather of Deborah Gowing Garwood
Deborah Garwoodmother of Deborah Gowing Garwood
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94GarwoodThomas Gowing Garwoodfirst name on this monument1835id: 1233276961078s of Wm and Deborah
Wm Garwoodfather of Thomas Gowing Garwood
Deborah Garwoodmother of Thomas Gowing Garwood

95GoddardCharles Goddardfirst name on this monument1872611933id: 893276621070
Elizabeth Goddardwife of Charles Goddard1870761946

96GoodwinGeorge Goodwinfirst name on this monumentid: 573276301071

97GosdenBlanche Mildred Gosdenfirst name on this monument1873871960id: 293276021094w of Wm Steven and dau of Rev Percival and Beatrice Frost
Percival Frostfather of Blanche Mildred Gosden
Wm Gosdenhusband of Blanche Mildred Gosden
Beatrice Frostmother of Blanche Mildred Gosden

98GouldMary Gouldfirst name on this monumentid: 1883277611065w of George Henry and dau of William and ??
George Henry Gouldhusband of Mary Gould

99GowanJohn Gowanfirst name on this monument1691621753id: 1193276921094

100GowerFrederick Gowerfirst name on this monument1934id: 803276531074age 2months

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Michael and St Felix's Church burial ground, Rumburgh, Suffolk, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this burial ground is IP19 0NU - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this burial ground!

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