St Mary's Church burial ground, Ilford, London, England

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1AbbsAlfred Abbsfirst name on this monument1896221918id: 309329106832
Louis Abbsfather of Alfred Abbs1866731939
Ida Abbsmother of Alfred Abbs

2AlbrightAlbert Albrightfirst name on this monument1897381935id: 28562908045
Gwendoline Eva Albrightwife of Albert Albright1900371937

3AlfordBetty Alfordfirst name on this monument1841751916id: 31082910825
E Alfordhusband of Betty Alford

4AllardFlorence Mary Allardfirst name on this monument1870791949id: 30192909876
Frederick Meech Allardhusband of Florence Mary Allard1875771952

5AllenJane Christian Allenfirst name on this monument1859941953id: 31122910903

6AllenMary Jane Allenfirst name on this monument1875401915id: 306829104451
May Mary Allendaughter of Mary Jane Allen190611907
Arthur Allenhusband of Mary Jane Allen1877771954
Sarah Whitemother of Mary Jane Allen1843971940

7AndersonHarold William Andersonfirst name on this monument1905241929id: 32712912812
Francis William Andersonfather of Harold William Anderson1870651935
Jessie Victoria Andersonmother of Harold William Anderson1872891961

8AndrewsEdwin Josiah Andrewsfirst name on this monument1834541888id: 32822912934
Mary Ann Andrewswife of Edwin Josiah Andrews1843621905

9ArcherLouisa Jane Archerfirst name on this monument1866431909id: 32562912644
Frederick Archerhusband of Louisa Jane Archer1871671938
Edith Emily Archersecond wife of husband of Louisa Jane Archer1883801963

10ArcherReuben Archerfirst name on this monument1841611902id: 320429120341
Priscilla Archerwife of Reuben Archer1831781909

11AshleyJohn Thomas Ashleyfirst name on this monument1839731912id: 31512911412
Mary Ann Ashleywife of John Thomas Ashley1838861924

12AshleyLaura Blanche Ashleyfirst name on this monument1881691950id: 31512911422

13AtkinsonJosy Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1901101911id: 287829083113
Charles Alfred Atkinsonfather of Josy Atkinson1873671940
Mabel Atkinsonmother of Josy Atkinson

14AustinSarah Austinfirst name on this monument1824801904id: 320029119912
Emma Austindaughter-in-law of Sarah Austin1855701925
James Austinhusband of Sarah Austin1827861913
Benjamin Sydney Austinson of Sarah Austin1853681921

15AxtellSamuel Gilbert Axtellfirst name on this monument1865461911id: 30812910562
Lilian Ivy Frances Axtelldaughter of Samuel Gilbert Axtell1898521950
Louisa Axtellwife of Samuel Gilbert Axtell1865601925

16BaconEliza Baconfirst name on this monument1862501912id: 27962907381
Edith Eliza Bacondaughter of Eliza Bacon1889531942
James Baconhusband of Eliza Bacon1851851936

17BaileyJames Edwin Baileyfirst name on this monument1869451914id: 31322911174
Meta Baileywife of James Edwin Bailey1870681938

18BaileyKate Eliza Baileyfirst name on this monument1882551937id: 29822909503

19BakerEdmund Theophilus Bakerfirst name on this monument1856711927id: 32762912867
Ernest William Bakerson of Edmund Theophilus Baker1884341918 Killed in action at the Somme.
Emily Rose Bakerwife of Edmund Theophilus Baker1857781935

20BakerEleanor Bakerfirst name on this monument1834691903id: 32032912022
William Bakerhusband of Eleanor Baker1835761911

21BakerErnest Lee Bakerfirst name on this monument1869451914id: 3110
(2 images)
Louisa Bakerwife of Ernest Lee Baker1871921963
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22BakerJoseph Robert Bakerfirst name on this monument1854531907id: 319129118941
Robert Bakerson of Joseph Robert Baker1889281917 Killed in action at Ypres.
Annie Bakerwife of Joseph Robert Baker1852781930

23Balaam Balaamfirst name on this monumentid: 3107291081103
William Walter Balaamhusband of Balaam1862661928
A O Balaamson of Balaam1892251917 Killed in action.

24BamberryEdward Bamberryfirst name on this monument1854631917id: 29852909522

25BarfieldCharles F Barfieldfirst name on this monumentid: 2974
(3 images)

26BarfieldJohn Barfieldfirst name on this monument1855671922id: 2974
(3 images)

27BarfieldMatilda E Barfieldfirst name on this monument1856611917id: 2974
(3 images)

28BarnardAlfred Barnardfirst name on this monument1830721902id: 318729118512
Emily Beatrice Barnarddaughter-in-law of Alfred Barnard1875801955
Doris Emily Barnardgrand daughter of Alfred Barnard1903421945 Died through enemy action.
Alfred R Barnardson of Alfred Barnard
Elizabeth Barnardwife of Alfred Barnard1836811917

29BarnardAlice Kate Barnardfirst name on this monument1870741944id: 2991
(2 images)

30BarnardEllen Barnardfirst name on this monument1929id: 296429093262
Alfred Dan Barnardson of Ellen Barnard1914
Frederick Stanley Barnardson of Ellen Barnard1884801964
Betsy Ottwaysister of Ellen Barnard1923

31BarnardJabez Parcel Barnardfirst name on this monument1853511904id: 3199291198233
Ethel Daisy Barnarddaughter of Jabez Parcel Barnard1880781958
Lawrence Reginald Barnardson of Jabez Parcel Barnard1893231916 Killed in action at Eaucourt L'Abbaye.
Louisa Jane Barnardwife of Jabez Parcel Barnard1855851940

32BarnesHerbert John Barnesfirst name on this monument1878591937id: 32602912701
Herbert William Barnesson of Herbert John Barnes1904461950

33BarnesHerbert Snow Barnesfirst name on this monument1896201916id: 320529120471Killed in Egypt.
Alfred William Barnesfather of Herbert Snow Barnes1863691932
Sarah Morris Isabel Barnesmother of Herbert Snow Barnes1865781943

34BaronMarion Baronfirst name on this monument1893351928id: 327429128451
Frank Baronhusband of Marion Baron

35BarrattJames Samuel Barrattfirst name on this monument1873811954id: 29392909033
Cyril Barrattson of James Samuel Barratt Died in infancy
James Barrattson of James Samuel Barratt Died in infancy
Emmie Barrattwife of James Samuel Barratt1882751957

36BarrittEdward Marriott Barrittfirst name on this monument1833781911id: 323329123712
Ann Barrittwife of Edward Marriott Barritt1833811914

37BathurstNelson Bathurstfirst name on this monument1858681926id: 327529128511
Nelson Standish Bathurstson of Nelson Bathurst1895221917 Killed in action at Neuve Chapelle.
Emily Bathurstwife of Nelson Bathurst1863871950

38BeachamH R Beachamfirst name on this monumentid: 29152908742

39BeachamLydia Emma Beachamfirst name on this monument1856601916id: 291529087322

40BeaumontGeorge Robert Beaumontfirst name on this monument1851901941id: 30262909951

41BeaumontRobert Edward Beaumontfirst name on this monument1875601935id: 30262909944
Ellen Beaumontwife of Robert Edward Beaumont1875701945

42BedfordSarah Anne Bedfordfirst name on this monument1856511907id: 3050291026211
William Frederick Bedfordhusband of Sarah Anne Bedford1848691917

43BeetonEdith Eleanor Beetonfirst name on this monument1871401911id: 28282907732

44BeetonLouisa Elizabeth Beetonfirst name on this monument1882331915id: 29152908722

45BeetonMary Beetonfirst name on this monument1886491935id: 29152908712

46BelemoreErnest Walter Belemorefirst name on this monument1880351915id: 29122908681
John Belemorefather of Ernest Walter Belemore1849711920
Alice Annie Belemoremother of Ernest Walter Belemore1853681921
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47BellRose Adeline Bellfirst name on this monument1880751955id: 3149
(2 images)

48BenestValerie Benestfirst name on this monument190291911id: 2827290772111
Ernest Benestfather of Valerie Benest
Anne Benestmother of Valerie Benest

49BennettJane Bennettfirst name on this monument1825921917id: 29762909432

50BerryJames Berryfirst name on this monument1857611918id: 30572910331
May Simmonsdaughter of James Berry1892631955
Cyril W Simmonsson-in-law of James Berry1891721963
Louisa Berrywife of James Berry1855841939

51BevanHugh Malvin Bevanfirst name on this monument190921911id: 32322912361

52BignellEliza Bignellfirst name on this monument1849771926id: 3098
(2 images)
Kate Alice Bignelldaughter of Eliza Bignell1886321918

53BlackwellEmily Jane Blackwellfirst name on this monument1879321911id: 28252907706
Alfred Bertie Blackwellhusband of Emily Jane Blackwell

54BlakeArthur Robert Blakefirst name on this monument1889221911id: 29012908577
Robert Blakefather of Arthur Robert Blake1862861948
Amy Christiana Blakemother of Arthur Robert Blake1862791941

55BloomfieldHarriett Bloomfieldfirst name on this monument1825891914id: 306729104311
Harriett Jarmandaughter of Harriett Bloomfield
George Jarmanson-in-law of Harriett Bloomfield1857611918

56BothwellJoseph Bothwellfirst name on this monument1851601911id: 29002908562
Lottie Bothwelldaughter of Joseph Bothwell1894311925
Florence Ellen Bothwellwife of Joseph Bothwell1867641931

57BowllerDulcie May Bowllerfirst name on this monument191111912id: 2903
(2 images)

58BowmanRachel Bowmanfirst name on this monument1851661917id: 29452909101Born at Bramford; Suffolk
Robert Bowmanhusband of Rachel Bowman

59BowyerCharlotte Bowyerfirst name on this monument1869411910id: 32172912182
George John Bowyerhusband of Charlotte Bowyer1870731943

60BradleyJennie Bradleyfirst name on this monument1886451931id: 3170
(2 images)
Charlie Bradleyhusband of Jennie Bradley1885501935

61BrailsfordElsie Brailsfordfirst name on this monument1887191906id: 321229121311
Henry William Brailsfordfather of Elsie Brailsford1856611917
Ann Elizabeth Brailsfordmother of Elsie Brailsford1858951953
Daisy Gladys Hallsister of Elsie Brailsford1882281910 Died in Toronto

62BreadmanAnnie Breadmanfirst name on this monument1867871954id: 31142910932

63BreadmanAnnie Jane Breadmanfirst name on this monument1871431914id: 31142910926

64BreadmanHenry Esau Breadmanfirst name on this monument1872831955id: 311429109421

65BrettJoseph John Brettfirst name on this monument1849691918id: 30912910661
Mary Ann Brettwife of Joseph John Brett1846841930

66BroadCatherine Elizabeth Broadfirst name on this monument1854761930id: 31722911673

67BroadGeorge Broadfirst name on this monument1857531910id: 31722911662

68BroadHarry Edward Broadfirst name on this monument1886201906id: 31722911657

69BromleyEdward Sewell Bromleyfirst name on this monument1846701916id: 31362911216late of Egremont; Cumberland
Mary Frances Bromleygrand daughter of Edward Sewell Bromley191141915
James Edward Bromleyson of Edward Sewell Bromley1873441917
Emma Bromleywife of Edward Sewell Bromley1846711917

70BrooksDavid W S Brooksfirst name on this monument1887721959id: 29192908781
Golden David S Brooksson of David W S Brooks191921921
Zilpah Eva Brookswife of David W S Brooks1887841971

71BrooksE F Brooksfirst name on this monument1918261944id: 32702912801CWGC gravestone.

72BrooksHarry Brooksfirst name on this monument1865521917id: 29802909483
Alfred Brooksson of Harry Brooks1900241924
Emma Maria Brookswife of Harry Brooks1870881958
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73BrooksWilliam Brooksfirst name on this monument1838771915id: 31352911209
Ada Charlotte Brookswife of William Brooks

74BrownEdward Thomas Brownfirst name on this monument1873421915id: 31662911603

75BrownElizabeth Chapman Brownfirst name on this monument1863781941id: 30582910342
Elsie Elizabeth Browndaughter of Elizabeth Chapman Brown31
James William Brownhusband of Elizabeth Chapman Brown1864831947

76BrownJoel Brownfirst name on this monument1840771917id: 310629108051
Hannah Brownwife of Joel Brown1860921952

77BrownJohn Wade Brownfirst name on this monument1856521908id: 32432912497
Dennis Carpentergrand son of John Wade Brown191801918
Maria Susanna Brownwife of John Wade Brown1860771937

78BrowningAlice Maud Browningfirst name on this monument1876341910id: 322529122522
George Browningfather of Alice Maud Browning1846801926
Mary Browningmother of Alice Maud Browning1852791931

79BuckinghamWilliam H Buckinghamfirst name on this monument1870451915id: 328529129611
Ellen Buckinghammother of William H Buckingham1838841922

80BullEllen E Bullfirst name on this monument1888301918id: 280329074621
May E Bulldaughter of Ellen E Bull191351918
B Bullhusband of Ellen E Bull

81BurdickGeorge Burdickfirst name on this monument1845771922id: 31802911762
Fanny Burdickwife of George Burdick1947 Buried at Dawlish

82BurgessJohn Forrester Burgessfirst name on this monument1845601905id: 31572911493

83BurgoyneMaud Burgoynefirst name on this monument1866491915id: 31332911182
Arthur Davies Burgoynehusband of Maud Burgoyne1868781946

84BurnettJames Burnettfirst name on this monument1849621911id: 32292912321

85BurrellHarry Burrellfirst name on this monument1881571938id: 29052908613

86BurtonBarbara Gertrude Burtonfirst name on this monument190761913id: 29112908674

87BushEleanor Bushfirst name on this monument1845521897id: 301729098431
Mary Charlotte Bushdaughter of Eleanor Bush1924
Alfred William Bushhusband of Eleanor Bush1842791921 Master mariner
George Frederick Bushson of Eleanor Bush1916 Died at Alexandria and buried at sea.

88ButlerAlfred Emmanuel Butlerfirst name on this monument1877391916id: 2837
(2 images)
Alice Maud Butlerwife of Alfred Emmanuel Butler1880691949

89ButlerJames Joseph Clarance Butlerfirst name on this monument1831851916id: 28402907831
Mary Barnard Butlerwife of James Joseph Clarance Butler1858711929

90ButlerSarah Ann Butlerfirst name on this monument1843711914id: 311529109521
William Kitley Butlerhusband of Sarah Ann Butler1840871927
Bessie Butlersister of Sarah Ann Butler75

91CableWilliam W Cablefirst name on this monument1834761910id: 32362912412
J E S Poolegrand son of William W Cable1892261918 Killed in France.
Rhoda Cablewife of William W Cable1845731918

92CampbellAlice Campbellfirst name on this monument1878361914id: 30552910315
Alice Campbelldaughter of Alice Campbell191401914
J A Campbellhusband of Alice Campbell

93CampbellGeorge Thomas Campbellfirst name on this monument1888281916id: 28602908072
Thomas Campbellfather of George Thomas Campbell1850421892 Interred at Forest Hill
Mary Campbellmother of George Thomas Campbell1864701934

94CandyCyril John Candyfirst name on this monument190901909id: 31562911487

95CandyIsaac Candyfirst name on this monument1827791906id: 315629114711
Mary Candywife of Isaac Candy1836831919

96CandyWilliam James Candyfirst name on this monument1856611917id: 2984
(2 images)
Emma Candywife of William James Candy1852711923
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97CanningAnn Canningfirst name on this monument1845671912id: 32342912389

98CappsMary Ann Yaxley Cappsfirst name on this monument1855681923id: 30212909891

99CarterAlice Elizabeth Carterfirst name on this monumentid: 2869
(2 images)

100CarterEdward George Carterfirst name on this monument1883331916id: 2869
(2 images)

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Mary's Church burial ground, Ilford, London, England.

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