St Peter and St Paul's Church burial ground, Nutfield, Surrey, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1Emily first name on this monumentid: 2542906451Surname below ground
Henry husband of Emily Surname below ground

2Mary first name on this monument1819711890id: 2472906395Surname indistinct

3Maude first name on this monument1881161897id: 2052905931No surname

4AdamsMarion Adamsfirst name on this monument1855431898id: 2112906005

5AldersonThomas Aldersonfirst name on this monument1838361874id: 2352906251of London
John James Aldersonson of Thomas Alderson187221874

6ApplebyThomas Applebyfirst name on this monument1853261879id: 23429062471
Isaac Applebyfather of Thomas Appleby
Elizabeth Applebymother of Thomas Appleby

7Aynscomb Aynscombfirst name on this monument1732641796id: 37329072511Forename indistinct

8AynscombCatharine Aynscombfirst name on this monument1731561787id: 37629072811
Edward Aynscombhusband of Catharine Aynscomb

9AynscombEdward Aynscombfirst name on this monument6id: 37529072711d 17??

10AynscombElizabeth Aynscombfirst name on this monument1734281762id: 27729065811
Anthony Aynscombhusband of Elizabeth Aynscomb

11AynscombElizabeth Aynscombfirst name on this monument1711351746id: 37129072311
Elizabeth Aynscombdaughter of Elizabeth Aynscomb174601746
William Aynscombwife of Elizabeth Aynscomb

12AynscombWilliam Aynscombfirst name on this monument1710741784id: 37229072411

13AynscombWlliam Aynscombfirst name on this monument1id: 37429072611d 178?
Edward Aynscombfather of Wlliam Aynscomb
Catharine Aynscombmother of Wlliam Aynscomb

14BarclayCharles Arthur Barclayfirst name on this monument1839621901id: 3542907072

15BarclayEmma Rhoda Barclayfirst name on this monument1843841927id: 3542907087

16BarclayHarriet Maria Barclayfirst name on this monument1842951937id: 2242906136
Arthur Kett Barclayfather of Harriet Maria Barclay of Bury Hill

17BarclayHarriet Maria Barclayfirst name on this monument1842951937id: 35229070691
Arthur Kett Barclayfather of Harriet Maria Barclay

18BarclayHilda Constance Barclayfirst name on this monument187581883id: 223
(2 images)

19BarclayRonald Arthur Barclayfirst name on this monument1866131879id: 223
(2 images)

20BashfordBenjamin Bashfordfirst name on this monument1812751887id: 34929070314
Ellen Bashfordwife of Benjamin Bashford1808861894

21BashfordHannah Bashfordfirst name on this monument1856341890id: 22629061551
William Bashfordhusband of Hannah Bashford1854821936

22BashfordMartha Bashfordfirst name on this monument1811611872id: 2272906166
George Bashfordhusband of Martha Bashford1812681880

23BawcombEliza Bawcombfirst name on this monument176711768id: 2742906572
Richard Bawcombfather of Eliza Bawcomb
Bawcombmother of Eliza Bawcomb

24BawcombMary Bawcombfirst name on this monument1728341762id: 2752906561
Richard Bawcombhusband of Mary Bawcomb
Richard Bawcombson of Mary Bawcomb1763

25BawcombRichard Bawcombfirst name on this monument175821760id: 2722906551

26BeallThomas Beallfirst name on this monument1801541855id: 3432906973

27BicknellAlice Bicknellfirst name on this monument1836631899id: 212290601211

28BirdAmy Birdfirst name on this monument1767191786id: 30329066872
Thomas Birdfather of Amy Bird The daughter of Thomas Bird & Ann, was Sarah Bird who was transported to Australia, more information can be found on our blog at All Things Georgian.
Ann Birdmother of Amy Bird

29BishPriscilla Bishfirst name on this monument1866241890id: 34829070211
William Bishhusband of Priscilla Bish
George William Bishson of Priscilla Bish189051895
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30BoneAmelia Bonefirst name on this monument1810591869id: 1842905777
Edward Bonehusband of Amelia Bone

31BrabyDan Brabyfirst name on this monument1843841927id: 21829060712

32BrabyElizabeth Brabyfirst name on this monument1841541895id: 21829060611

33BriscoeJane Eliza Anne Polexfen Briscoefirst name on this monument1834661900id: 188
(2 images)
Rhoda Louisa Beatrice Briscoedaughter of Jane Eliza Anne Polexfen Briscoe187221874 Rector of Nutfield
Richard Briscoehusband of Jane Eliza Anne Polexfen Briscoe1808721880
Henry Meyrick Eliott Drake Briscoeson of Jane Eliza Anne Polexfen Briscoe1870551925 Rector of Burnham Thorpe; Norfolk

34BrookeBenjamin Brookefirst name on this monument1755621817id: 3062906713
John Roffeyfirst husband of wife of Benjamin Brooke
Mary Brookewife of Benjamin Brooke1757701827

35BrownDriver Brownfirst name on this monument1788781866id: 25929065031
Jane Brownwife of Driver Brown1788851873

36BrownMary Ann Brownfirst name on this monument1824391863id: 2602906514
Richard Brownhusband of Mary Ann Brown

37BryantAlice Maria Bryantfirst name on this monument186601866id: 2582906496
Thomas Lyte Bryantfather of Alice Maria Bryant
Ann Bryantmother of Alice Maria Bryant
Clara Jane Bryantsister of Alice Maria Bryant186911870

38BucklandHarriet Bucklandfirst name on this monument1818731891id: 3462907004

39BudgenMary Budgenfirst name on this monument1803311834id: 37029072221Date indistinct
Richard Halefather of Mary Budgen
Edward Aynscombgrand father of Mary Budgen
Catharine Aynscombgrand mother of Mary Budgen
Thomas Budgenhusband of Mary Budgen
Mary Halemother of Mary Budgen

40BurkinMary Burkinfirst name on this monument1820721892id: 3562907106
John Burkinhusband of Mary Burkin1820871907

41BurrageConstance Harcourt Burragefirst name on this monument188611887id: 2042905921
Norman Harcourt Burragebrother of Constance Harcourt Burrage188711888
John Burragefather of Constance Harcourt Burrage
Alice Harcourt Burragemother of Constance Harcourt Burrage

42ButtElizabeth Buttfirst name on this monument1817761893id: 2452906371

43ButtRichard Buttfirst name on this monument1807851892id: 3552907091
Elizabeth Buttwife of Richard Butt1817761893

44ButtRichard Buttfirst name on this monument1807851892id: 2452906361

45CaffynClara Caffynfirst name on this monument185221854id: 3202906775
Charles Russell Caffynbrother of Clara Caffyn185911860
John Caffynfather of Clara Caffyn
Mary Ann Caffynmother of Clara Caffyn

46CaffynEllen Caffynfirst name on this monument1838381876id: 23229062211
James Caffynfather of Ellen Caffyn

47CaffynMary Ann Caffynfirst name on this monument1817601877id: 2362906261
Louisa Caffyndaughter of Mary Ann Caffyn1854721926
Ernest James Caffyngrand son of Mary Ann Caffyn187911880
John Caffynhusband of Mary Ann Caffyn1815651880

48CaffynMatilda Caffynfirst name on this monument1850401890id: 2412906311
James Caffynhusband of Matilda Caffyn1841571898

49CaffynThomas Caffynfirst name on this monument1844271871id: 2322906216
John Caffynfather of Thomas Caffyn
Mary Ann Caffynmother of Thomas Caffyn
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50CanneyMary Canneyfirst name on this monument1809441853id: 34529069911
Edward Canneyfather of Mary Canney
Ann Canneymother of Mary Canney

51ChantlerJane Chantlerfirst name on this monument1715681783id: 3352906902
William Chantlerhusband of Jane Chantler

52CharlesworthMaria Louisa Charlesworthfirst name on this monument1819611880id: 203290591111Born Blakenham; Suffolk
John Charlesworthfather of Maria Louisa Charlesworth

53CharlwoodEmma Mary Charlwoodfirst name on this monument1883121895id: 3662907191
William Cornelius Charlwoodfather of Emma Mary Charlwood1853481901
Mary Charlwoodmother of Emma Mary Charlwood1849801929

54CharmanWilliam Charmanfirst name on this monument1809721881id: 3592907144
Ann Charmanhusband of William Charman1805871892

55Clement Clementfirst name on this monument1692581750id: 3322906882Forename indistinct

56ClementEdward Clementfirst name on this monument183401834id: 31829067613Date and age indistinct

57ClementJames Clementfirst name on this monument1674861760id: 3312906876

58ClementJane Clementfirst name on this monument1774811855id: 325
(2 images)
William Clementhusband of Jane Clement1779811860 of Kentwins

59ClementJohn Clementfirst name on this monumentid: 317
(4 images)
2906751d 18?? - Date and age indistinct
Jane Clementdaughter of John Clement1780751855 Date and age indistinct
Sarah Clementwife of John Clement d 18?? - Date and age indistinct

60ClementJohn Clementfirst name on this monument1816571873id: 3602907157
Edward Clementbrother of John Clement1826541880
John Clementfather of John Clement
Sarah Clementmother of John Clement
Betsy Clementsister of John Clement1820581878
Clementina Clementsister of John Clement1833631896

61ClementRobert Clementfirst name on this monument38id: 33329068951d 17?4 - Date and age indistinct

62ClementRobert Clementfirst name on this monument1758381796id: 317
(4 images)
2906745of Mercers Farm
Ann Clementwife of Robert Clement1748641812 Date and age indistinct
Elizabeth Clementsecond wife of Robert Clement66 d 18?? - Date and age indistinct

63ClementWilliam Clementfirst name on this monument1812451857id: 325
(2 images)
John Clementbrother of William Clement1814741888
William Clementfather of William Clement
Jane Clementmother of William Clement
Caroline Clementsister of William Clement1809871896
Jane Clementsister of William Clement1804641868

64CoatsworthRobert Coatsworthfirst name on this monument1812681880id: 2552906463
Frances Coatsworthwife of Robert Coatsworth1808801888

65CoxThomas Coxfirst name on this monument1816571873id: 251
(3 images)
Francis Wakefield Coxson of Thomas Cox187111872
Jane Sophia Coxwife of Thomas Cox1808611869

66Cucksey Cuckseyfirst name on this monumentid: 3382906931d 17?? - Name; date and age indistinct

67CuckseyAnn Cuckseyfirst name on this monument1721741795id: 3282906841
John Cuckseyhusband of Ann Cucksey

68CuckseyJane Cuckseyfirst name on this monument1690721762id: 3362906911
John Cuckseyhusband of Jane Cucksey

69CuckseyJohn Cuckseyfirst name on this monument1721651786id: 3292906854

70CuckseyJohn Snr Cuckseyfirst name on this monument88id: 33029068621d 178?

71CuckseyJoseph Cuckseyfirst name on this monument1744711815id: 32729068382

72CuckseyMargaret Cuckseyfirst name on this monument1699661765id: 33729069251Age indistinct
Joseph Cuckseyhusband of Margaret Cucksey
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73CutlerEmma Elizabeth Cutlerfirst name on this monument185101851id: 3442906982
Henry Cutlerfather of Emma Elizabeth Cutler
Sarah Cutlermother of Emma Elizabeth Cutler

74DaltonJohn Daltonfirst name on this monument1800281828id: 3222906791

75DannSarah Elizabeth Dannfirst name on this monument1882id: 1992905871
Thomas Dannhusband of Sarah Elizabeth Dann

76Davies Daviesfirst name on this monument1791771868id: 36529071851
George Nicholsbrother of Davies1798861884
William Nicholsfather of Davies
Letitia Nicholsmother of Davies

77DivesJames Robert Divesfirst name on this monument184201842id: 3022906671
George Divesfather of James Robert Dives
Emma Divesmother of James Robert Dives

78DivesMarianne Emmeline Divesfirst name on this monument1818441862id: 26729065311
Louisa Divesdaughter of Marianne Emmeline Dives1854781932
Robert Diveshusband of Marianne Emmeline Dives1818741892

79DixonSarah Jane Dixonfirst name on this monument1847501897id: 2152906041
Edward Dixonhusband of Sarah Jane Dixon1846811927

80DodMartha Dodfirst name on this monument72id: 37929073012d 18?? - Date and age indistinct
Michael Dodhusband of Martha Dod

81DodMichael Dodfirst name on this monument1794491843id: 30929067313

82DodMichael Dodfirst name on this monument1759641823id: 37829072912Age indistinct

83DoughtyElizabeth Sophia Doughtyfirst name on this monument1830341864id: 363
(2 images)
2907173Died at Uckfield
Richard Doughtyhusband of Elizabeth Sophia Doughty1815651880
Harrissister of Elizabeth Sophia Doughty

84DraperJames Draperfirst name on this monument1800641864id: 3672907204Date and age indistinct
Mary Draperwife of James Draper1807851892 Date and age indistinct

85EdwardsSarah Edwardsfirst name on this monument1743681811id: 2792906592
Thomas Edwardshusband of Sarah Edwards

86ElliottEmily Elliottfirst name on this monument1864281892id: 2432906331
James Elliottfather of Emily Elliott1819841903
Annie Elliottmother of Emily Elliott1830831913

87ElliottEmily Elliottfirst name on this monument1864281892id: 3572907111
James Elliottfather of Emily Elliott1819841903
Annie Elliottmother of Emily Elliott1830831913

88ElliottSarah Elliottfirst name on this monument1860871947id: 2432906341

89ElliottSarah Elliottfirst name on this monument1859881947id: 3572907125

90FeltonArthur Feltonfirst name on this monument186911870id: 1852905788

91FieldenMarion Ethel Fieldenfirst name on this monument1863341897id: 2092905981
Joshua Fieldenhusband of Marion Ethel Fielden

92FrenchMary Frenchfirst name on this monument1829621891id: 2442906352

93GilesElizabeth Gilesfirst name on this monument1804681872id: 2292906176
John Gileshusband of Elizabeth Giles1806861892
Alfred Gilesson of Elizabeth Giles1836421878

94GrimseyLouisa Grimseyfirst name on this monument1825661891id: 23929062911

95HaleRichard Halefirst name on this monument1805311836id: 24929064041Date indistinct
Edward Halebrother of Richard Hale1813471860

96HamblinMartha Hamblinfirst name on this monument1844801924id: 2302906192

97HamblinRobert Hamblinfirst name on this monument1846251871id: 2302906182
John Hamblinfather of Robert Hamblin
Mary Ann Hamblinmother of Robert Hamblin
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98HardingAnn Hardingfirst name on this monument1821731894id: 2562906474

99HarkerSarah Harkerfirst name on this monument1900id: 2192906081
John Harkerhusband of Sarah Harker1825791904 of Ellerton Abbey; Yorkshire

100HarlingThomas Harlingfirst name on this monument1832431875id: 2372906271

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