St Margaret's Church burial ground, Paston, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AlexanderJames Alexanderfirst name on this monumentid: 62835311075Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

2AlexanderOlive Rose Alexanderfirst name on this monument1894851979id: 712836151067
Sidney Alexanderhusband of Olive Rose Alexander1898941992

3AllenFlora Allenfirst name on this monument1891691960id: 4828359210701
Thomas Sidney Allenhusband of Flora Allen1891711962

4AlmeyAdeline Elizabeth Almeyfirst name on this monument1900731973id: 852836291069
Laurence Wilfred Almeyhusband of Adeline Elizabeth Almey1900741974

5AlmeyConstance Mary Almeyfirst name on this monument1902831985id: 682836121088
Marjorie Almey1904821986

6ArscottJohn Philip Arscottfirst name on this monument1964261990id: 302835741102

7BaldwinLinda Jane Baldwinfirst name on this monument1949572006id: 292835731071

8BarberPaula Lee Barberfirst name on this monument1978222000id: 662836101077

9BarchamAlice May Barchamfirst name on this monument1969id: 12428366810711

10BarchamThomas Barchamfirst name on this monument1815661881id: 12728367110712
Elizabeth Barchamwife of Thomas Barcham1815761891

11BarrettElsie Beatrice Barrettfirst name on this monument1904871991id: 272835711074
Frank Eric Barrett1902941996

12BayleyHenry Thomas Bayleyfirst name on this monument1941id: 1012836451074
Margaret Alice Bayleywife of Henry Thomas Bayley1940

13BazeJames Bazefirst name on this monument1831581889id: 1232836671070

14BettsAnn Esther Bettsfirst name on this monument1861421903id: 452835891071
William Bettshusband of Ann Esther Betts

15BettsArthur Bettsfirst name on this monumentid: 62835331072Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

16BettsCecil Kenneth Bettsfirst name on this monumentid: 628353411001Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

17BettsJohn William Bettsfirst name on this monumentid: 62835321067Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

18BettsReginald C Bettsfirst name on this monument1896201916id: 462835901073In Loving Memory of Four Brothers Who Fell in France in the Great War
Arthur Bettsbrother of Reginald C Betts1888281916
Cecil K Bettsbrother of Reginald C Betts1894221916
John W Bettsbrother of Reginald C Betts1887311918

19BettsReginald Crane Bettsfirst name on this monumentid: 62835351065Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

20BrendeWilliam Brendefirst name on this monument1558671625id: 16253849551071stone was covered for years by a heavy old wooden chest so that only the edge could be seen.

21BrownOrmond Brownfirst name on this monumentid: 628353610651Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

22BurrellJoyce Burrellfirst name on this monument1918882006id: 742836181069

23BurtonWilliam Burtonfirst name on this monument1871821953id: 10928365310651
Harriet Burtonwife of William Burton1874881962

24CapesAlbert Capesfirst name on this monumentid: 62835371079Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

25CapesEdith Ellen Capesfirst name on this monument1900771977id: 162835601073
Cyril Edmund Capes1904781982

26CapesEmma Mary Capesfirst name on this monument1880361916id: 432835871071
Arthur Capeshusband of Emma Mary Capes

27CapesGeorge Capesfirst name on this monument1850821932id: 1082836521072
Sophia Capeswife of George Capes1851851936

28CapesHerbert Capesfirst name on this monumentid: 62835381074Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

29CapesSidney Capesfirst name on this monument1891811972id: 152835591071

30CapesWilliam Capesfirst name on this monument1882731955id: 182835621066

31ChamberlainJames Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1830511881id: 5828360210651
Frances Chamberlainwife of James Chamberlain1833641897

32ChamberlinFreda Chamberlinfirst name on this monument1902521954id: 832836271068
Harold Chamberlinhusband of Freda Chamberlin1900681968

33ChamberlinHarriet Chamberlinfirst name on this monument1844401884id: 572836011072
Ellen Chamberlindaughter of Harriet Chamberlin1875181893
Horace Chamberlinhusband of Harriet Chamberlin
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34ChamberlinHorace Chamberlinfirst name on this monument1854721926id: 952836391068

35ChamberlinWilliam Atkins Chamberlinfirst name on this monument1831711902id: 232835671069

36ClaydonSamuel Claydonfirst name on this monument1682461728id: 17283849561069is in the nave but covered. A 1736 payment for it was large enough (6 6s) to suggest it was in the church rather than the churchyard - a headstone would have been under 2

37ClippertonHenry Clippertonfirst name on this monument1813771890id: 552835991068
Elizabeth Clippertonwife of Henry Clipperton1882

38CobonHarold Gardiner Cobonfirst name on this monumentid: 628353910791Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

39ColeElizabeth Colefirst name on this monument1827571884id: 1252836691068
Joseph Colewife of Elizabeth Cole1819801899

40CooperCaroline Frances Cooperfirst name on this monumentid: 1372836811075

41CooperThomas Jennings Cooperfirst name on this monument1894id: 1362836801065Vicar of Paston

42CooteLiz Cootefirst name on this monument1944612005id: 342835781078

43CrossGeorge William Crossfirst name on this monument1869581927id: 9928364310671
Hannah Crosswife of George William Cross1867611928

44CushionKate Cushionfirst name on this monument1888851973id: 762836201075
Harry Cushionhusband of Kate Cushion

45DigbyDouglas A Digbyfirst name on this monument1920651985id: 622836061067

46DorlingRonald Dorlingfirst name on this monument1914831997id: 2628357010721
Doreen Dorlingwife of Ronald Dorling1921882009

47FinchamJane Finchamfirst name on this monument1888901978id: 212835651091

48FlowerdayJessie Bessie Flowerdayfirst name on this monument1912571969id: 10328364710691
Samuel Edward Flowerdayhusband of Jessie Bessie Flowerday1912892001

49FrancisBessie Maude Francisfirst name on this monument1886811967id: 7828362210701
Charles Francishusband of Bessie Maude Francis1889811970

50FrancisRobert Charles Francisfirst name on this monument1916902006id: 252835691068
Mary Eva Franciswife of Robert Charles Francis1924862010

51FrichardDavid Richard Edgar Frichardfirst name on this monumentid: 72835531073Died in the World War 1939 - 1945

52GazeMicaiah Gazefirst name on this monument1755461801id: 528353010693

53GazeThomas Gazefirst name on this monument1752701822id: 328352810894

54GazeThomas Gazefirst name on this monument1725801805id: 428352910785Thomas Gaze was Gentleman, born in Walcott Norfolk to Michaiah Gaze and Hannah Sexton. He died at Paston Hall in 1805. He acquired land from a John Taylor, yeoman, under an Indenture of Ffeofment dated 28th January 1778. When Thomas Gaze died, the land passed to his son, Thomas Gaze, and then to his son James who between 1825 and 1827 built the Stow Hill flour mill. Thomas had two wives, Elizabeth Marker and Mary Harmer and 6 children.

55GedgeJonathan Valentine Gedgefirst name on this monumentid: 62835401075Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

56GoochGillian Brenda Goochfirst name on this monument1962331995id: 332835771108

57GoochWalter Goochfirst name on this monument1923671990id: 3228357610741Unable to read first Christian name
Mary Goochwife of Walter Gooch1928822010

58GottsElizabeth Gottsfirst name on this monument1887511938id: 10028364410762
Matthew Gottshusband of Elizabeth Gotts

59GraveHerbert Gravefirst name on this monumentid: 62835411067Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

60GraverGeorge Graverfirst name on this monument1859781937id: 612836051073Only part of the surname can be read - GRAV so might be Graves rather than Graver
Elizabeth Graverwife of George Graver1862841946

61GrayFrank George Grayfirst name on this monument1901871988id: 672836111065
Doris Ann Graywife of Frank George Gray1914912005

62GrimshawJohn Grimshawfirst name on this monument1806261832id: 402835841074

63GuybonMichael Valentine Guybonfirst name on this monument1928621990id: 1728356110681

64HastingsWilliam Hastingsfirst name on this monument1801841885id: 562836001074

65HenneseyJohn Edmund Henneseyfirst name on this monument1849741923id: 802836241067
Hannah Hennesey1895

66HewittMildred Hewittfirst name on this monument1937id: 1112836551066
James Hewitthusband of Mildred Hewitt

67HewittR Hewittfirst name on this monumentid: 372835811067

68HewittRoland George Hewittfirst name on this monument1914711985id: 982836421073
Joyce Esther Hewittwife of Roland George Hewitt2009

69HewittSusannah Hewittfirst name on this monument1866621928id: 962836401065
William Hewitthusband of Susannah Hewitt
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70HewittWalter Hewittfirst name on this monument1912661978id: 972836411066
Maria Hewittwife of Walter Hewitt1911671978

71HewittWalter William Hewittfirst name on this monumentid: 62835421065Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

72HewittWilliam Kenneth Quinton Hewittfirst name on this monument1907831990id: 932836371071

73KennedyArchibald Duncan Kennedyfirst name on this monument1887851972id: 842836281080
Anne Oliphant Kennedywife of Archibald Duncan Kennedy1886921978

74KnightsAlbert George Knightsfirst name on this monument187411875id: 1152836591075Aged 1 1/2 years
Edith Mary Knightsbrother of Albert George Knights187171878 Aged 7 years
Herbert James Knightsbrother of Albert George Knights187421876 Aged 2 years
William Knightsfather of Albert George Knights
Emma Knightsmother of Albert George Knights

75KnightsDonald Stanley Knightsfirst name on this monument1918882006id: 1132836571072

76KnightsEdward William Knightsfirst name on this monument1869891958id: 1142836581072
Ethel Knightswife of Edward William Knights1875881963

77KnightsFlora Ethel Knightsfirst name on this monument1914942008id: 1162836601065

78KnightsPeter Edward Knightsfirst name on this monument1914701984id: 1182836621071
Margaret Joan Knightswife of Peter Edward Knights1913761989

79KnightsWilliam Knightsfirst name on this monument1843321875id: 1172836611066
Emma Knightswife of William Knights1844921936

80LakeElizabeth Charlotte Lakefirst name on this monument1850671917id: 522835961069
John Mackfather of Elizabeth Charlotte Lake Of Paston Hall
George Robert Lakehusband of Elizabeth Charlotte Lake

81LakeGeorge Robert Lakefirst name on this monument1844781922id: 532835971067

82LambardThomas Lambardfirst name on this monument1848id: 412835851071The inscription reads 'In Memory of Thomas Lambard or Lambert.'

83LambertMartha Lambertfirst name on this monument1846id: 4428358810871
Thomas Lamberthusband of Martha Lambert
Susan Miller

84LarkeLucy Larkefirst name on this monument1895601955id: 792836231067
Herbert Larkehusband of Lucy Larke1896731969

85LeeElizabeth Leefirst name on this monument1983id: 732836171066

86LeeGeorge William Leefirst name on this monumentid: 62835431071Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

87LeeHerbert Willie Leefirst name on this monument1900751975id: 862836301068
Annie Caroline Leewife of Herbert Willie Lee1906861992

88LeeIsaac Leefirst name on this monumentid: 628354610761Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

89LeeNeedham Leefirst name on this monumentid: 62835441071Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

90LeeRobert Leefirst name on this monumentid: 62835451067Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

91MackArthur Paston Mackfirst name on this monumentid: 628354710682Died during the Great War 1914 - 1918

92MackArthur Paston Mackfirst name on this monument1863531916id: 1128355710771Lieut Colonel; Suffolk Regiment. Killed in action at the battle of the Somme 15th September 1916
John Mackfather of Arthur Paston Mack
Susanna Margaret Mackmother of Arthur Paston Mack

93MackClaud Hugh Mackfirst name on this monument1883371920id: 82835541097Captain 4th Batln Linconshire Regt. - Served in the Boer War 1901-2
Hugh Paston Mackfather of Claud Hugh Mack
John Mackgrand father of Claud Hugh Mack Of Paston Hall
Blanche Elizabeth Mackmother of Claud Hugh Mack

94MackJohn Mackfirst name on this monument1798691867id: 512835951077

95MackKate Lucy Mackfirst name on this monument1869871956id: 502835941067

96MackPhilip John Mackfirst name on this monumentid: 72835501067Died in the World War 1939 - 1945

97MackPhilip John Mackfirst name on this monument1892511943id: 822836261073Rear Admiral DSO and Bar

98MackPhilip John Mackfirst name on this monument1943id: 102835561066Rear Admiral Philip John Mack. DSO and Bar who was killed flying on active service 29th April 1943

99MackPhilip Paston Mackfirst name on this monument1854691923id: 492835931067

100MackRalph Michael Mackfirst name on this monument1883341917id: 92835551096Lieutenant Commander Royal Navy - Lost with his ship by enemy action in the North Sea. Dec 23rd 1917

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