St Mary Magdalene's Church burial ground, Yarm on Tees, Yorkshire, England

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101GibbonJames Gibbonfirst name on this monument1813631876id: 67254
John Gibbonson of James Gibbon son of James and Mahalath died in infancy
William Gibbonson of James Gibbon1817491866
Ann Gibbonwife of James Gibbon1796341830 died May 28th
Mahalath Gibbonsecond wife of James Gibbon1804681872 died Sept 23rd

102GibsonThomas Gibsonfirst name on this monument1732911823id: 2033
Hannah Gibsondaughter of Thomas Gibson1794421836

103GravesHenry Gravesfirst name on this monument1804611865id: 93122rector of Middleton St George and 22 years incumbent of High Worsall
Charles William Gravesson of Henry Graves1839151854 died August 25th
Mary Clifford Graveswife of Henry Graves1802691871 died July 8th

104GreatheadWilliam Greatheadfirst name on this monument1822id: 31162Brick and Tile Maker

105HardyAnn Hardyfirst name on this monument1879id: 7
(2 images)
232nd daughter
George Hardyfather of Ann Hardy stone badly eroded

106HarisonAnn Harisonfirst name on this monument176531768id: 9911died Oct 13th
Robert Harisonfather of Ann Harison spelt Harifon
Ann Harisonmother of Ann Harison

107HarkerJane Harkerfirst name on this monument1796251821id: 21833died June 26th
Thomas Harkerfather of Jane Harker described as the late Thomas
Mary Harkermother of Jane Harker
Mary Harkersister of Jane Harker1791361827 died Feb 14th

108HarparlayJames Harparlayfirst name on this monument1697631760id: 2285died July 12th

109HarperJane Harperfirst name on this monument1752641816id: 15410died March 31st
Peter Harperhusband of Jane Harper1742751817 died July 19th
John Harper1821101831 Son of John and Louise died at Liverpool Nov 30th
John Harper1786741860 died Oct 11th
Louise Harper

110HarrisonMichael Harrisonfirst name on this monument1784721856id: 1236died August 28th
Edmund Harrison1811151826
Ann Harrisonwife of Michael Harrison1785771862 died March 1st

111HauxwellMargaret Hauxwellfirst name on this monument1819421861id: 562died Nov 17th
Rebecca Hauxwelldaughter of Margaret Hauxwell1855 died Oct 5th
John Hauxwellhusband of Margaret Hauxwell

112HedleyMargaret Hedleyfirst name on this monument1816281844id: 2856died Feb 27th
Robert (jun) Hedleybrother of Margaret Hedley1813591872
Robert Hedleyfather of Margaret Hedley
Elizabeth Hedleymother of Margaret Hedley
Robert Hedleynephew of Margaret Hedley1878
Mary Hedleysister of Margaret Hedley1807411848
Mary Ann Hedleysister-in-law of Margaret Hedley1770741844

113HedleyRobert Hedleyfirst name on this monument1772521824id: 31671
William Hedleyson of Robert Hedley183941843
Elizabeth Hedleywife of Robert Hedley stone eroded

114HendersonGeorge Hendersonfirst name on this monument1811271838id: 219103drowned by falling from a vessel into the river Tees at Middlesbrough Oct 23rd
John Hendersonfather of George Henderson1786861872 died August 17th
Mary Hendersonmother of George Henderson1784901874 died Sept 16th
Thomas Hendersonson of George Henderson1825471872 died at Tarnagulla Australia Jan 17th
Mary Hendersonwife of George Henderson1810441854 died June 23rd

115HeslopElizabeth Heslopfirst name on this monument1809391848id: 108died Oct 21st
Elizabeth Heslopdaughter of Elizabeth Heslop1848 died Oct 25th
George Heslophusband of Elizabeth Heslop
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116HewartsonHarold Oswald Weston Hewartsonfirst name on this monumentid: 6624died in Infancy
George William Hewartsonbrother of Harold Oswald Weston Hewartson died in Infancy
W Hewartsonfather of Harold Oswald Weston Hewartson
F E Hewartsonmother of Harold Oswald Weston Hewartson

117HickesElizabeth Hickesfirst name on this monument1734851819id: 40972died Dec 27th
David Burtonfather of Elizabeth Hickes
George Hickeshusband of Elizabeth Hickes
Sarah Burtonmother of Elizabeth Hickes

118HickesGeorge Hickesfirst name on this monument1782681850id: 30031Only child died March 22nd
George Hickesfather of George Hickes sometime Fellow of Lincoln College Oxford. Rector of Aunsley in the County of Lincoln

119HillsGibson Hillsfirst name on this monumentid: 70111
Elizabeth Ann Hillsdaughter of Gibson Hills185361859 died March 2nd
Sarah Louisa Hillsdaughter of Gibson Hills185811859 died Feb 22nd
James Shotton Hillsson of Gibson Hills185541859 died Feb 21st
Percival Gibson Hillsson of Gibson Hills185631859 died Feb 16th
William Gibson Hillsson of Gibson Hills185041854 died July 14th
Elizabeth Hillswife of Gibson Hills

120HillsRobert Hillsfirst name on this monument1837521889id: 1403died July 19th

121HodgsonAnn Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1789181807id: 17227died June 12th
John Hodgsonfather of Ann Hodgson1765451810 died May 5th
Barbara Hodgsonmother of Ann Hodgson1758731831 died Dec 19th

122HodgsonAnn Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1757561813id: 337171
Jane Hodgsondaughter of Ann Hodgson1782781860
Lydia Hodgsondaughter of Ann Hodgson1794471841
Phillip Hodgsonhusband of Ann Hodgson1757701827 of Stockton
Robert Hodgsonson of Ann Hodgson1783261809 died Jan 26th

123HodgsonAnn Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1794481842id: 356141
John Hodgsonhusband of Ann Hodgson1791681859

124HodgsonJane Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1733751808id: 33972died Jan 2nd
Jane Princedaughter of Jane Hodgson1772831855
Phillip Hodgsonhusband of Jane Hodgson1730791809 died May 21st
Mark Princeson-in-law of Jane Hodgson1759761835

125HodgsonMary Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1791271818id: 2802died Dec 27th
William Pickeringfather of Mary Hodgson of Watlass near Bedale
Thomas Hodgsonhusband of Mary Hodgson
Mary Pickeringmother of Mary Hodgson

126HowardBenjamin Howardfirst name on this monument1693701763id: 582died Nov 30th

127HowdWilliam Howdfirst name on this monument1848261874id: 3585
Jane Howdwife of William Howd

128HughesCotterel Hughesfirst name on this monument1727671794id: 2133died March 30th

129HugillRichard Hugillfirst name on this monument1739661805id: 2856died April 19th
John Hugillson of Richard Hugill1772461818 died Nov 23rd
Bridget Hugillwife of Richard Hugill1745661811 died Nov 4th

130HutchinsonJohn Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1816701886id: 18514died Jan 13th in London; interred in Yarm
Annie Hutchinsonwife of John Hutchinson1820821902 died March 20th

131HutchinsonMary Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1808641872id: 6031died July 5th

132HutchinsonWilliam Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1730991829id: 854died March 5th
Margaret Hutchinsonwife of William Hutchinson1790 stone badly eroded

133JacksonAnne Maria Jacksonfirst name on this monument1844id: 243
(3 images)
7died March 16th
Charles Jacksonbrother of Anne Maria Jackson1848 died Feb 7th
Henry Jacksonbrother of Anne Maria Jackson1846 died Sept 1st
James Jacksonbrother of Anne Maria Jackson1854 died Jan 28th
John Jacksonbrother of Anne Maria Jackson1845 died July 7th
Philip Jacksonbrother of Anne Maria Jackson185191860 died March 28th
Robert Henry Jacksonfather of Anne Maria Jackson
Elizabeth Jacksonmother of Anne Maria Jackson
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134JacksonJames Jacksonfirst name on this monument1781651846id: 1454died Feb 24th
Mary Jacksonwife of James Jackson1780811861 died May 21st

135JacksonRobert Henry Jacksonfirst name on this monument1817481865id: 2422died Dec 27th
Elizabeth Jacksonwife of Robert Henry Jackson1818581876 died March 22nd

136JacksonThomas Jacksonfirst name on this monument1829581887id: 1423died April 25th
Isabel Jacksonwife of Thomas Jackson1843651908 died Feb 21st

137JacksonWilliam Jacksonfirst name on this monument1778581836id: 14631died May 18th
Hannah Jacksonwife of William Jackson1778661844 died July 5th

138JeffersonJames Jeffersonfirst name on this monument1720551775id: 3303
Nicholas Jeffersonfather of James Jefferson of Greatham

139JeffertonAnn Jeffertonfirst name on this monument176191770id: 1987died March 6th
Robert Jeffertonbrother of Ann Jefferton1772221794 died June 24th
Robert Jeffertonfather of Ann Jefferton
Robert Jeffertongrand father of Ann Jefferton1726691795 died July 25th
Elizabeth Jeffertonmother of Ann Jefferton1738751813
Elizabeth Jeffertonsister of Ann Jefferton1772221794 died Sept 10th

140JohnsonAnthony Johnsonfirst name on this monument1790491839id: 32410
Fanny Johnsonwife of Anthony Johnson1785541839 died May 21st

141JohnsonJohn Johnsonfirst name on this monument1838221860id: 325161died July 21st
Mary Johnsondaughter of John Johnson1822511873 died Jan 25th
Anthony Johnsonfather of John Johnson
Fanny Johnsonmother of John Johnson

142JohnsonJohn Johnsonfirst name on this monument1801541855id: 32123Builder of Yarm died in Royal Infirmary Edinburgh Nov 27th
Jane Johnsondaughter of John Johnson184031843 died Oct 4th
Margaret Johnsondaughter of John Johnson1838131851 died April 16th
John Johnsonson of John Johnson182891837 died Oct 26th
Jane Johnsonwife of John Johnson1802761878 died April 21st

143JohnsonJohn Johnsonfirst name on this monument1739681807id: 32012died Aug 25th
Mary Johnsonwife of John Johnson1747851832 died April 19th

144JohnsonMargaret Johnsonfirst name on this monument183931842id: 30826
James Johnsonfather of Margaret Johnson64 stone eroded
Mary Johnsonmother of Margaret Johnson1804721876
Ellen Johnsonsister of Margaret Johnson stone eroded

145JohnsonMary Johnsonfirst name on this monument1813671880id: 30928died Jan 16th
Robert Johnsonhusband of Mary Johnson1817781895 Builder. Died Sept 26th
Mary Johnsonsister-in-law of Mary Johnson1811831894 died June 3rd

146JohnsonRobert Johnsonfirst name on this monument1801581859id: 32218died Oct 15th
Anthony Johnsonson of Robert Johnson1814561870 died Feb 22nd
George Johnsonson of Robert Johnson1810591869 died Feb 11th
Ann Johnsonwife of Robert Johnson1776611837 died Jan 15th

147JollyHannah Jollyfirst name on this monument1757801837id: 89
(3 images)
13died Jan 3rd 1837
John Jollyhusband of Hannah Jolly1752881840 died April 18th 1840

148KayMatthew Kayfirst name on this monument1761781839id: 2558died Dec 29th
Jane Kaydaughter of Matthew Kay1793501843 died Sept 7th
Robert Kayson of Matthew Kay1797631860 died Nov 2nd
Ann Kaywife of Matthew Kay1767741841 died May 9th

149KilvingtonMary Kilvingtonfirst name on this monument1820211841id: 32629died Nov 20th
William Kilvingtonfather of Mary Kilvington1790551845 died April 3rd
Margaret Kilvingtonmother of Mary Kilvington1786691855 died Jan 9th
Anne Kilvingtonsister of Mary Kilvington1825211846 died August 9th

150KnowlesLane Knowlesfirst name on this monumentid: 21212stone eroded 1734?
Edmund Knowlesfather of Lane Knowles
Mary Knowlesmother of Lane Knowles
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151LaidlerGeorge Laidlerfirst name on this monument1779951874id: 2058Butcher and Farmer died July 26th
Joseph Laidlerbrother of George Laidler1808681876 died Jan 21st
Thomas Laidlerbrother of George Laidler1812621874 died Dec 30th

152LaidlerJoseph Laidlerfirst name on this monument1770621832id: 20711died June 1st
Elizabeth Laidlerwife of Joseph Laidler1769781847 died June 21st

153LangdaleJohn Langdalefirst name on this monument1757251782id: 157181

154LangdaleThomas Langdalefirst name on this monument1817241841id: 156221
John Langdalefather of Thomas Langdale1796701866
Jane Langdalemother of Thomas Langdale1781801861

155LathamHenry Lathamfirst name on this monumentid: 12210stone eroded details missing
Ann Lathamdaughter of Henry Latham1862
Margaret Lathamwife of Henry Latham1799671866

156LeemingRobert Leemingfirst name on this monument1884241908id: 2514A stone mason employed on widening Yarm bridge killed by a fall. Died June 1st

157LeightonHenry Leightonfirst name on this monument1732781810id: 21418
Camilla Leightondaughter of Henry Leighton1790681858
Margaret Leightondaughter of Henry Leighton1790791869
Martha Leightondaughter of Henry Leighton1774211795
Martha Leightonwife of Henry Leighton1753701823

158LengJohn Lengfirst name on this monument1745911836id: 9715stone badly eroded

159LengMatthew Lengfirst name on this monument1784321816id: 9821Master in the Royal Navy
John Lengfather of Matthew Leng
Catherine Lengmother of Matthew Leng

160LengRebecca Lengfirst name on this monument1754601814id: 32311
Ann Hart Taylor second wife of Thomas Taylor
Hannah Taylor1829 stone eroded badly further names unreadable
Jonathan Taylor1746691815
Thomas Taylor

161LodgeJohn Lodgefirst name on this monument1778881866id: 2686died March 8th
Mary Lodgegrand daughter of John Lodge186161867 died Oct 12th
Charles Lodgegrand son of John Lodge186721869 died March 9th
Walter Lodgegrand son of John Lodge1877 died Feb 25th
Rachel Lodgewife of John Lodge1783851868 died June 16th

162LoweMary Lowefirst name on this monument1811id: 1
(3 images)
8died Oct 23rd
Arthur Charles Lowehusband of Mary Lowe of Court Hill; County of Salop

163LoweryAnn Loweryfirst name on this monument1848261874id: 2489born at Hull; died Jan 9th
A E Lowerydaughter of Ann Lowery187301873 died Nov 24th
John Loweryhusband of Ann Lowery

164ManuelRichard Manuelfirst name on this monument1814id: 25344died May 19th
Richard Manuelfather of Richard Manuel
Mary Manuelmother of Richard Manuel1788261814

165MarcerWilliam Marcerfirst name on this monument1816id: 28721stone eroded
Christine Marcerdaughter-in-law of William Marcer1823 stone eroded
Thomas Marcerfather of William Marcer77 stone eroded
Hannah Marcermother of William Marcer stone eroded
Thomas Jnr Marcerson of William Marcer

166MartinRichard Rispin Martinfirst name on this monument186151866id: 13971died Feb 18th
Richard Martinfather of Richard Rispin Martin
Grace Martinmother of Richard Rispin Martin
Mary Lizzie Martinsister of Richard Rispin Martin188731890 drowned May 3rd

167McCloughJohn McCloughfirst name on this monument1792691861id: 22921of Feliskirk died Nov 5th
Ann McCloughdaughter of John McClough182741831
John McCloughson of John McClough1816181834
Mary McCloughwife of John McClough1787741861
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168McCloughJohn McCloughfirst name on this monument1765571822id: 34461died Sept 14th
Elizabeth McCloughdaughter of John McClough1811 died July 16th
Mary McCloughdaughter-in-law of John McClough1789501839 died June 24th
Charles McCloughson of John McClough179351798 died March 10th
Charles McCloughson of John McClough1799331832 died Oct 2nd
David McCloughson of John McClough1806321838 died May 24th
Frederick McCloughson of John McClough1807481855 died at the Island of Chincha on board the ship Colonist Nov 24th
James McCloughson of John McClough1802261828 died Dec 6th
John McCloughson of John McClough1790211811 died at Cullompton in Devonshire June 20th
Thomas McCloughson of John McClough1798251823 drowned in the River Thames London; Oct 2nd
Warcop McCloughson of John McClough1799141813 died Dec 3rd
William McCloughson of John McClough1789541843 died Sept 21st
Mary McCloughwife of John McClough1768721840 died Sept 30th

169McCloughMary McCloughfirst name on this monument1829301859id: 32822died June 12th
William Henry McCloughbrother of Mary McClough1831371868 died Nov 29th
William McCloughfather of Mary McClough

170McCloughMary McCloughfirst name on this monument1736671803id: 34071
John McCloughhusband of Mary McClough1739841823

171McCloughWilliam McCloughfirst name on this monument1734791813id: 20621died August 26th two children died in infancy
Ann McCloughwife of William McClough1777 died Sept 5th

172McDonaldWilliam McDonaldfirst name on this monument1799741873id: 175411died May 17th
Ann Goodaledaughter of William McDonald1845251870 wife of John Goodale died August 22nd
Jane Catherine McDonalddaughter of William McDonald1842171859 died July 20th
Margaret McDonalddaughter of William McDonald1833291862 died Feb 2nd
George McDonaldson of William McDonald1837161853 died Oct 26th
John Goodaleson-in-law of William McDonald
Elizabeth McDonaldwife of William McDonald1807611868 died April 21st

173McNaughtonAnn McNaughtonfirst name on this monument1764551819id: 317335died Aug 18th
Jane McNaughtongrand daughter of Ann McNaughton185661862 died Oct 11th
Duncan McNaughtonhusband of Ann McNaughton1752821834 died May 4th
Duncan McNaughtonson of Ann McNaughton1789521841 died July 28th

174MeggesonMary Meggesonfirst name on this monument1770261796id: 54
(2 images)
62died March 4th
Ralph Meggesonhusband of Mary Meggeson1772251797 died Feb 5th
Hannah? Stone badly eroded most info missing

175MerryweatherClara Merryweatherfirst name on this monument1873id: 7731died Sept 6th
William Merryweatherfather of Clara Merryweather
Sarah Merryweathermother of Clara Merryweather

176MiddletonJohn Middletonfirst name on this monument1750731823id: 3649stone eroded details from parish record
Jane Middletondaughter of John Middleton stone eroded
Jane Middletonwife of John Middleton stone eroded

177MilesRachel Milesfirst name on this monument1753661819id: 6562died Jan 27th
Thomas Mileshusband of Rachel Miles

178MorganMargaret Morganfirst name on this monument1839321871id: 41
(2 images)
5died April 12th
George Morganhusband of Margaret Morgan

179MuirJoseph S Muirfirst name on this monument1786711857id: 19781died March 28th
Mary Jane Muirdaughter of Joseph S Muir182121823 died Nov 28th
George Dale Muirson of Joseph S Muir1813651878 died at Hull June 26th
Thomas Muirson of Joseph S Muir1820631883 died at York Feb 7th
Jane Muirwife of Joseph S Muir1784871871 died March 20th

180MusgraveJane Musgravefirst name on this monument1752561808id: 307261
John Musgravehusband of Jane Musgrave1752631815
Ann Musgrave1785211806
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181NessAlfred W Nessfirst name on this monument1889id: 1419

182NewsamThomas Newsamfirst name on this monument1837id: 4991second son stone eroded
Thomas Newsamfather of Thomas Newsam
Elizabeth Newsammother of Thomas Newsam

183NewsomJohn Newsomfirst name on this monument1785711856id: 1147died Sept 6th

184NicholsonElizabeth Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1723561779id: 2984

185NicholsonJoseph Nicholsonfirst name on this monument184531848id: 13519died July 1st
Adam Nicholsonfather of Joseph Nicholson
Mary Nicholsonmother of Joseph Nicholson

186NormanSarah Normanfirst name on this monument1821671888id: 3571of Potto Grange

187OrtonJohn Ortonfirst name on this monument1758751833id: 359271
Grace Ortondaughter of John Orton died in Infancy
John Ortonson of John Orton178781795
Elizabeth Ortonwife of John Orton1759821841

188OvertonEdward Overtonfirst name on this monument1742761818id: 3065
Winifred Overton1748761824

189PapeRichard Papefirst name on this monument1750741824id: 59202Carpenter and clerk of the parish died July 28th
Elizabeth Papewife of Richard Pape1753721825 died Jan 24th

190PattisonThomas Pattisonfirst name on this monument1802351837id: 11352died Oct 16th
Henry Pattisonson of Thomas Pattison1823401863 died Feb 28th
Robert Pattisonson of Thomas Pattison1844331877 died May 12th
William Pattisonson of Thomas Pattison1839271866 died Oct 7th

191PattonRichard Pattonfirst name on this monument178171788id: 2008

192PeacockWilliam Peacockfirst name on this monument1745751820id: 182254
Ann Peacockgrand daughter of William Peacock1805701875
George Peacockson of William Peacock179481802
Mary Peacockwife of William Peacock1751881839

193PickeringJames Pickeringfirst name on this monument1763id: 254
(3 images)
15of Marton died March 15th
Margaret Mundydaughter of James Pickering1728631791
William Mundyson-in-law of James Pickering1708661774

194PotterGeorge Potterfirst name on this monument1765651830id: 28126died Nov 22nd
Harriet Potterdaughter of George Potter1808761884 died Feb 5th
Ann Potterwife of George Potter1768681836 died Jan 29th

195PriestmanWilliam Priestmanfirst name on this monument1747841831id: 2911
Susannah Priestmanwife of William Priestman1739871826

196RaistrickWilliam Henry Raistrickfirst name on this monument1840351875id: 793died June 10th
Ada Raistrickdaughter of William Henry Raistrick186851873 died Oct 18th
Alfred Raistrickson of William Henry Raistrick1870171887 died Dec 9th
Martha Raistrickwife of William Henry Raistrick

197RansonRichard Ransonfirst name on this monument1804841888id: 1523died Feb 20th
Mary Ransonwife of Richard Ranson1807731880 died Sept 10th; interred in the New Cemetery Middlesbrough

198ReedJohn Reedfirst name on this monument1705id: 176
(6 images)
18died Feb 2nd
Ann Forster
Dorothy Forster1769 daughter of George and Ann
George Forster1701681769 merchant
Dorothy Reed1652591711 wife of Thomas
Thomas Reed plumber

199ReedJohn Reedfirst name on this monument1771671838id: 282492Merchant of Yarm
Jane Reeddaughter of John Reed1821231844
Ann Reed1820381858 wife of John Priestman
Frances Cuthbert Reed1787411828
John Priestman Reed
Robert Reed1832271859 son of John Priestman
William Reed1783461829
Thomas Reedson of John Reed1829161845
William Reedson of John Reed1817351852 died at Pietermaritzburg South Africa
Jane Reedwife of John Reed1788611849
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200ReedJohn Reedfirst name on this monument1733711804id: 28921merchant of Yarm died Feb 16th
Mary Claniondaughter of John Reed1785261811 wife of Benjamin
Jane Reeddaughter of John Reed1770261796
Mary Reeddaughter of John Reed1785 died July 20th
Sarah Reeddaughter of John Reed1790
Sarah Reeddaughter of John Reed179111792
Ann Reedson of John Reed1778191797
George Reedson of John Reed1775191794 died Nov 20th
Robert Reedson of John Reed1775231798
Thomas Reedson of John Reed1772261798
Benjamin Clanionson-in-law of John Reed
Mary Reedwife of John Reed1748581806 died Oct 4th

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