Block C-D East Cemetery, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England

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1AllenWilliam John Allen188531888id: 2618
(2 images)
William John Allen1858891947
Sarah Allen1857871944

2AllisonJohn Allison1842371879id: 263324040617
Mary Hodgson Allison

3AppleyardAmos Appleyard1825721897id: 260024037330
Ann Drewry Appleyard1822841906

4AppleyardAmos Appleyard1837501887id: 257324034529

5AppleyardCharles Appleyard1851341885id: 259824037125
Ellen Appleyard1860721932

6AppleyardRichard Appleyard1813791892id: 259424036734

7AppleyardTobit Appleyard1841431884id: 2546240318214Tobit Appleyard b 1836. d1884 Fisherman
Annie Appleyard Annie Elizabeth Appleyard (nee Rowston) b1838. d1909 Cleethorpes

8ArmitageThomas J Armitage1852701922id: 2571240343291
Emma Armitage1861311892

9ArmstrongElizabeth Ann Fitch Armstrong1847351882id: 2628240401541
John Henry Armstorng1849711920
John Fitch Armstrong187911880
Sarah Ann Coulson Armstrong1868271895
Mary Armstrong1851811932

10ArmstrongEthel Mary Armstrong1878591937id: 2605240378110
Elizabeth Ann Armstrong1881741955
Margaret Doris Armstrong1891741965
Marie Louise Armstrong1883821965

11BakerJane Baker1863261889id: 258024035211
Charles Baker

12BannisterEdmond Bannister1878661944id: 2657
(3 images)
Helen Bannister1879781957

13BarronJohn Barron1826571883id: 254724031918

14BatesJohn George Bates1848711919id: 2589
(4 images)
Ethel Bates1832511883
Nellie Bates1877721949
Eliza Bates1853711924

15BellJames William Bell1858271885id: 258324035516
Sarah Bell1858811939

16BensteadCaroline Benstead1830541884id: 266624043821

17BentonAnne Benton1828691897no image24042554
Joseph Benton
Cornelius Friend Curwood1859241883

18BradleyOrby Bradley1845661911id: 265024042317

19BrocklesbyMary Brocklesby1815661881id: 2636240409111
William Brocklesby

20BroughtonCharles Broughton1867181885id: 262124039442
Willows Broughton
Hannah Broughton

21BroughtonHarriet Broughton1851611912id: 2641240414453
Eva Holland1887721959
Thomas W Broughton1853811934
Hubert M Holland1965

22BroughtonJohn Wissnewski Broughton188211883id: 267024044221 age 17 months
Thomas Broughton
Harriet Broughton
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23BrownEliza Ann Brown1832461878id: 2627240400534
Johnson Brown Born 1832, died 1923

24BrownRobert Brown1831511882id: 2578240350501
Elizabeth Brown1827801907

25BrownThirza Brown1845371882id: 254824032016
William Brown

26BurgessMary Burgess1823761899id: 253624030836
Benjamin Burgess1824311855 interred at St James Church Grimsby

27CarbuttBetsy Carbutt1844461890id: 2572240344201

28ChapmanEric James Chapman1903751978id: 262624039921
Winifred Chapman1908982006

29ChapmanErnest Benjamin Chapman1873611934id: 262524039832
Mary Jane Robinson1871871958

30ChapmanJoseph Chapman1821601881id: 257924035117
Elizabeth Chapman1817781895

31ChapmanThomas Taylor Chapman1837441881id: 2654
(5 images)
Hettie Maria Chapman1868111879
Adeline Mary Chapman1868741942
Oswald Charles Chapman1870
Pattie Croft Chapman1866781944
Mary Ann Chapman1837781915

32CookCharles Cook1829551884id: 266324043581
Hannah Cook

33CoulbeckBenjamin Coulbeck1853371890id: 2556
(3 images)
Wallace Coulbeck1886251911
William R Coulbeck1893 age 4 months
Mary Coulbeck1861751936

34CoulbeckSophia Coulbeck1847381885id: 2554240326181
Charles Coulbeck
Hannah Coulbeck1804861890
Thomas Coulbeck

35CoulbeckThomas Coulbeck1833511884id: 258824036181
Betsy Coulbeck1834691903

36CoulbeckThomas Coulbeck1861471908id: 2596
(3 images)
Herbert Chapman
Mabel Chapman
Muriel Violet Chapman daughter of Herbert and Mabel Chapman
Thomas Bemrose Chapman1911201931 Son of Herbert and Mabel Chapman
Julia Coulbeck1860741934

37CoulbeckWilliam Coulbeck1839501889id: 258724036081
Maria Coulbeck1834541888

38CrapperWilliam Crapper1823701893id: 259324036633
Elizabeth Eleanor Maud Crapper1882571939
Walter Crapper1877681945 husband of Elizabeth Eleanor Maud Crapper
Mary Crapper

39CrossBlanch Olive Cross1890id: 256924034110 age 8 months
George Henry Cross
Harriet Cross

40CrowtherSamuel Crowther1817761893id: 2662240434161
Ellen Maria Crowther1820741894

41CullamArthur Cullam1850331883id: 260224037514
M A Shackles1942 wife of T A Shackles
T A Shackles
Emma Cullam1850821932
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42CullamWilliam Cullam1826621888id: 2601240374271
Charlotte Postle
Christopher Postle1859741933 husband of Charlotte Postle
Ann Maria Cullam1828361864

43DerbyshireJohn Nightingale Simpson Derbyshire1833531886id: 261724039022
Mary Derbyshire1826621888 interred at Nottingham

44DineRobert R Dine1858751933id: 2559240331171
Annie E Dine1853571910

45DobsonSamuel Dobson1857331890id: 2608
(2 images)
Sarah Ann Wright1883

46EbbetMary Elizabeth Ebbet1829541883id: 26242403976
F R Ebbet

47ElvinFlorence Nightingale Elvin1858261884id: 258424035617
Mary Elvin1820681888
George Elvin1837231860 interred elsewhere

48FeneyGeorge Feney1816621878id: 267324044521
Richard Smith
Ann Smith1825651890

49FoatMay Foat188831891id: 256424033618
William Foat
Ellen Foat

50FranceElizabeth France1830721902id: 256224033415
Joseph France1834921926
George France1869321901
Richard France1854331887

51FranceJoseph Croft France1802801882id: 254224031415
Martha France1808801888

52FranceSusannah France1828741902id: 2543240315181
Charles France1849781927
James William France1846721918

53FrancisAmy Francis188711888id: 256624033822
George Francis
Ellen Francis
Ada Francis1883111894

54GarnerAlonza Garner1852331885id: 259924037221
Adelaide Garner1881121893

55GoodhandSamuel Goodhand1857771934id: 2581240353331
Charles Henry Goodhand1893831976
Charlotte Goodhand1857801937

56GrantElvidge Grant1891101901id: 266924044116m
Elvidge Grant
Charlotte Grant

57HamerEllen Hamer1831901921id: 2643
(4 images)
Emma Hamer
Francis Hamer1864461910
William Hamer1830551885
William J Hamer1896191915 son of Francis and Emma Hamer

58HarkerGeorge Harker1838661904id: 2613
(4 images)
Frances E Berry1891141905
George H Berry189711898
Gertrude Berry1858721930
William F Berry1862681930
Emma Harker1863821945
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59HarringtonThomas Harrington1842761918id: 260624037942
John Francis Berry1821741895
Alfred George Harrington1884 age 10m
George Herbert Harrington1890261916 killed at Sea
Eliza Harrington1849711920

60HeadHenry Head1839591898id: 26452404188

61HillJohn Hill1823631886id: 264624041917
Caroline Hill1826741900

62HillThomas Hill1856271883id: 26612404338

63HolmesSarah Ann Holmes1841421883id: 26142403879
Lillie Amelia Holmes1872111883
William Holmes
John William Holmes1874 age 6 months
Willam Arthur Holmes188031883

64HoughtonHugh Houghton1848421890id: 257724034914

65HumberstoneJoseph Humberstone1873361909id: 25582403308
Ellen Sophia Humberstone

66IngoldbyCharlie Ingoldby189231895id: 266824044081My 3rd cousin x1 removed. Grave also appears to hold remains of his younger sister May, born Q3 1895, died 11 Oct 1900.

67JeffsAda Jeffs1864191883id: 2567
(4 images)
Charles Jeffs
Martha Jeffs
Arthur Jeffs1863
George Jeffs1863
Charles Stephen Whiting189581903
Phoebe Whiting1871741945

68JeffsEmma Jeffs1846361882id: 256824034011
Daisy Jeffs1 age 16 months

69JenningsSarah Jennings1845501895id: 254924032130
Pattie Jennings1937
George Jennings1837681905
Ann Elizabeth Jennings1947
Mary Rannard Jennings1887601947

70JohnsonEmma Johnson1819661885id: 26222403957

71JonesJohn Jones1831641895id: 260924038217
Jane Jones1831511882

72JowettJames Jowett1821701891id: 261124038423
Sophia Jowett1831921923

73KeebleJames Henry Keeble1848721920id: 2619
(5 images)
Irad Bartholomew Parents: Thomas Bartholomew, Elizabeth (nee Gowshall). m. Sarah Jackson. Issue; Betsy, Asenath, Charles, William, Gowshall, Sarah, George, John, Enos. Siblings: Thomas, John, Hannah, Jane, Mary, Mahalaha, Enoch, Jered, Enos.
Sarah Bartholomew1815751890 wife of Irad Bartholomew
Emmeline Keeble1819781897 wife of James Keeble
George Keeble1855341889 son of James and Emmeline Keeble
James Keeble1820751895
Sarah Keeble1846951941

74KingEllen Ruth King1860451905id: 2555
(5 images)
William King1823711894
Sarah King1823801903
Daniel William King1850481898 husband of Martha Eugenie King
John William King1875131888 son of Daniel William and Martha Eugenie King
Martha Eugenie King
Joseph Rogers1818671885
Mary Ann Rogers1805861891 wife of Joseph Rogers
Sarah Maria King1858501908
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75KirkmanBetsy Maria Kirkman1878291907id: 2560240332661
George John Kirman1855901945
Besty Kirkman1849761925

76KirkmanGertrude Kirkman188031883id: 254424031644
George John Kirkman
Betsy Kirkman
Ethel Kirkman1889 age 1 month

77KnottHenry Knott1831471878id: 257524034781

78LawrenceRhoda Lawrence1854581912id: 2638240411171
John Henry Lawrence1855861941

79LeesingSarah Leesing1841451886id: 25452403177
George Leesing

80LingardMary Lingard1841481889id: 263424040750s
George Lingard
Sarah Lingard
Sarah Ann Roebuck1833601893

81MarksKezia Marks1815661881id: 263724041011
J H G Marks1810801890

82MasonJoseph Mason1816741890id: 264424041792
Charles Mason1853771930
Harriet Mason1825971922

83MayWilliam May1848371885id: 2592240365171

84McCutcheonSamuel McCutcheon1837511888id: 2610240383541
Lavinia McCutcheon1843771920

85McKenzieWilliam McKenzie1842431885id: 259724037036
Anna M McKenzie

86McSheenRichard McSheen1833471880id: 26032403766
Elizabeth Jane McSheen

87MoodyJoseph Barsley Moody1816631879id: 263524040811

88MuddLillie Mudd1884id: 263024040311 age 9 months
William Mudd
Jessie Mudd

89MuddMary Ann Mudd1868201888id: 26312404048s
William Mudd
Mary Ann Mudd

90MuddWilliam Mudd1827681895id: 263224040581
Mary Ann Mudd1828861914

91NewtonThomas Lound Newton1847321879id: 260424037722
Lillian Smith
Stanley Newton Smith190171908 son of William and Lillian Smith
William Smith
Amelia Emma Newton1851781929

92NicholsonCharles Nicholson1842421884id: 2563240335201

93NiederleithneAdolph Niederleithne1872311903id: 256524033733
Louisa Augusta Niederleithne1867591926

94NurseEdith Agnes Nurse188411885id: 2607240380621age 14 months
John Nurse
Alice Nurse Alice Nurse nee Blakelock, born about 1852 Louth, Lincolnshire to Thomas Blakelock and Ann Blakelock formerly Offord, nee Kelk. Alice Nurse died 9th March 1937 at Louth, buried in the George Hobbins plot in Louth Cemetery. Alice and John Nurse also had a son, John William, born Cleethorpes, 1874, died Louth July 1875, buried in Louth Cemetery.
Henry Nurse1861861947 Henry Nurse is the brother of John Nurse.
John Nurse1849531902 John Nurse was the Captain of the Grimsby trawler Tynemouth which perished off the Yorkshire east coast at Bempton with the loss of all the crew of 9 people.
Louisa Nurse1863861949 Louisa Nurse is the Wife of Henry Nurse.
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95OmleyEliza Omley1849671916id: 2595240368162
William Omley1847881935

96OsbourneAbsalom Osbourne1822821904id: 2539
(4 images)
George Marris1798801878
Ann Osbourne1820671887

97PadgettEliza Mary Padgett1833531886id: 255724032919
John Padgett

98PearceEmma Pearce1864921956id: 26562404288

99PearceGeorge Henry Pearce1854131867id: 2655240427122lost at sea
George Pearce1830651895
Martha Pearce1829621891
Grace Pearce1865141879

100PerryFlorence Dixon Perry1858631921id: 2649240422161
Florence Ann Perry1880361916
Henry William Perry Perry1857841941

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