St Peter's Church burial ground, Theberton, Suffolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AblettJohn Ablettfirst name on this monument1867id: Ablett John 12721810111
Sarah Ablettwife of John Ablett1833

2AdamsMaria Adamsfirst name on this monument1863401903id: Adams Maria 1382181021
George Adamshusband of Maria Adams

3BaileyAnn Baileyfirst name on this monument1917id: Bailey Ann 0892181031
Roger Baileyhusband of Ann Bailey

4BaileyHenry Baileyfirst name on this monument1845621907id: Bailey Henry 19621810612
Louisa Baileydaughter-in-law of Henry Bailey1847771924
Joseph Baileyfather of Henry Bailey
Mary Baileymother of Henry Bailey

5BaileyJane Baileyfirst name on this monument1910id: Bailey Jane 2952181041
Robert Baileyfather of Jane Bailey
Ann Baileymother of Jane Bailey

6BaileyMary Baileyfirst name on this monument1878id: Bailey Mary 1952181051
Joseph Baileyhusband of Mary Bailey

7BaileySophia Baileyfirst name on this monumentid: Bailey Sophia 0902181071

8BaileyThomas Baileyfirst name on this monument1704651769id: Bailey Thomas 0882181081

9BaileyTrevor Victor Baileyfirst name on this monument1942461988id: Bailey Trevor Victor 06921810916Dad to Stephen, Lesley and Trevor
Maureen Baileywife of Trevor Victor Bailey

10BallsElizabeth Ballsfirst name on this monument1783611844id: Balls Elizabeth 04821811024
Francis Ballshusband of Elizabeth Balls1772691841

11BarberJames Barberfirst name on this monument1766771843id: Barber James 15021811111

12BedwellAugustus Bedwellfirst name on this monument1745271772id: Bedwell Augustus 2122181124

13BirdJames Birdfirst name on this monument1801801881id: Bird James 14121811331

14BroomeThomas Broomefirst name on this monument1704751779id: Broome Thomas 1012181144

15BrownAlfred Brownfirst name on this monument1829id: Brown Alfred 050b2181156

16BrownAlice Brownfirst name on this monument13id: Brown Alice 0532181171died 18*2

17BrownArthur Brownfirst name on this monument1820id: Brown Arthur 050a2181166

18BrownCharles Brownfirst name on this monument1867id: Brown Charles 1722181181

19BrownMary Ann Brownfirst name on this monument1796701866id: Brown Mary Ann 0542181191
George Brownhusband of Mary Ann Brown1797741871

20BrownRobert Brownfirst name on this monument83id: Brown Robert 17421812051
Martha Brownwife of Robert Brown95 died 187*

21BurleyWilliam Burleyfirst name on this monumentid: Burley William 20221812111died 18*7
Sarah Burleywife of William Burley1771751846

22ButtonJohn Buttonfirst name on this monument1815681883id: Button John 19721812211

23CalverMaria Calverfirst name on this monumentid: Calver Maria 1352181235
Richard Calver

24CanhamPhillis Canhamfirst name on this monument1778191797id: Canham Phillis 16321812411

25CarterHenry Carterfirst name on this monument1743861829id: Carter Henry 1192181251

26CavellMary Cavellfirst name on this monument71id: Cavell Mary 1162181263died 189*
Maria Cavelldaughter of Mary Cavell
William Cavellhusband of Mary Cavell

27CavellMary Ann Cavellfirst name on this monument1802291831id: Cavell Mary Ann 0602181271
Lionel Cavellhusband of Mary Ann Cavell
Lionel Talmach Cavell

28CavellWilliam Cavellfirst name on this monument1776821858id: Cavell William 0492181281

29ChapmanEliza Chapmanfirst name on this monument1831591890id: Chapman Eliza 19821812911
George Chapmanhusband of Eliza Chapman

30DaukinsJohn Daukinsfirst name on this monument1685451730id: Daukins John 2092181301
Eliza Daukins1688621750
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31DayJohn Dayfirst name on this monument1784771861id: Day John 1642181311
Caroline Daydaughter of John Day1820251845
Elizabeth Daywife of John Day1790841874

32Dickerson Dickersonfirst name on this monument1771id: Dickerson 1312181331

33DickersonAnn Dickersonfirst name on this monumentid: Dickerson Ann 1032181321died 179*

34DurrantJames Durrantfirst name on this monument1875id: Durrant James 1832181341
Mary Durrantwife of James Durrant1795871882

35EadeWilliam Eadefirst name on this monument1844351879id: Eade William 1712181351

36EasyCecil Claud Easyfirst name on this monument1899861985no image2181362
Floerence May Easy1901

37EdwardsOnesimus Edwardsfirst name on this monumentid: Edwards Onesimus 1042181371
Phebe Edwards81

38FlickAnna Maria Flickfirst name on this monument1838891927id: Flick Anna Maria 074
(2 images)
Robert Flick1835781913

39FlickLancelot Robert Flickfirst name on this monument1870351905id: Flick Lancelot Robert 0732181391

40FosterMary Ann Fosterfirst name on this monument1833591892id: Foster Mary Ann 1392181401

41FoulshamAnn Foulshamfirst name on this monumentid: Foulsham Ann 0472181421
H Foulshamhusband of Ann Foulsham

42FoulshamEliza Foulshamfirst name on this monument1810id: Foulsham Eliza 1152181431
Richard Foulsham1822

43FoulshamJames Foulshamfirst name on this monumentid: Foulsham James 1122181411
John Foulshamfather of James Foulsham

44FoulshamJohn Foulshamfirst name on this monumentid: Foulsham John 0912181441
John Foulshambrother of John Foulsham1759811840
Mary Ann Foulsham

45FoulshamLydia Foulshamfirst name on this monument1757721829id: Foulsham Lydia 1242181451

46FoulshamMary Foulshamfirst name on this monument1719491768id: Foulsham Mary 2102181461
John Foulshamwife of Mary Foulsham

47FoulshamNoah Foulshamfirst name on this monumentid: Foulsham Noah 1172181471

48FoulshamRobert Foulshamfirst name on this monumentid: Foulsham Robert 0072181491

49FoulshamSarah Foulshamfirst name on this monument91id: Foulsham Sarah 0102181481died 182*
Robert Foulsham

50FreeSusannah Freefirst name on this monument1879id: Free Susannah 0792181507
William Freehusband of Susannah Free

51FreeWilliam Freefirst name on this monument1838671905id: Free William 0772181518

52FreeWilliam Freefirst name on this monument1794id: Free William 2142181522

53GeaterAgnes Jane Geaterfirst name on this monument1843421885id: Geater Agnes Jane 0632181531
Thomas Samuel Geaterhusband of Agnes Jane Geater1840641904

54GeaterEmily Geaterfirst name on this monument1851151866id: Geater Emily 0562181541
Daniel Geaterfather of Emily Geater
Susannah Geatermother of Emily Geater

55GeaterHarry Daniel Geaterfirst name on this monumentid: Geater Harry Daniel 0572181551died 185*
Daniel Geaterfather of Harry Daniel Geater
Susannah Geatermother of Harry Daniel Geater

56GeaterMary Geaterfirst name on this monument1851id: Geater Mary 058
(2 images)
Thomas Geaterhusband of Mary Geater

57GeaterMary Ann Geaterfirst name on this monument1814531867id: Geater Mary Ann 0452181571
George Geaterhusband of Mary Ann Geater1811811892

58GeaterSusannah Geaterfirst name on this monument1819551874id: Geater Susannah 0552181581
Daniel Geaterhusband of Susannah Geater1822731895

59GeaterThomas Geaterfirst name on this monumentno image2181591died 186*
Mary Geaterwife of Thomas Geater71 died 18*1
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60GoddardDaniel Goddardfirst name on this monument1793861879id: Goddard Daniel 21721816011
Sarah Goddardwife of Daniel Goddard1797701867

61GravesAnthea Ashley Gravesfirst name on this monument196421966id: Graves Anthea Ashley 1342181612

62HarberJames Harberfirst name on this monument79id: Harber James 1472181621

63HarberJohn Harberfirst name on this monument1808811889id: Harber John 1462181631
Rebecca Harber

64HarperMartin Harperfirst name on this monument1802771879id: Harper Martin 1512181641
Samuel Harper1817591876

65HarperMary Harperfirst name on this monument1879id: Harper Mary 1522181653
Martin Harperhusband of Mary Harper

66HatcherSusannah Hatcherfirst name on this monument1901821983id: Hatcher Susannah 2182181661

67HatcherWilliam Hatcherfirst name on this monument1816741890id: Hatcher William 1442181671

68HaywardBruce Haywardfirst name on this monument1946562002id: Hayward Bruce 0652181681

69HeathJemima Heathfirst name on this monument1807191826id: Heath Jemima 1542181691
Robert Heath

70HemmantWilliam Hemmantfirst name on this monumentid: Hemmant William 15621817011

71HillFrederick Hillfirst name on this monument1823481871id: Hill Frederick 1432181711

72HindleElsie Mary Severn Hindlefirst name on this monument1899901989no image2181721

73HollisJohn Hollisfirst name on this monument1749no image2181731

74HowellWilliam Howellfirst name on this monument1840311871id: Howell William 1792181741

75HowellWilliam Howellfirst name on this monument1796731869id: Howell William 17821817511
Lydia Howellwife of William Howell1859 aged 7*

76HowlettWilliam Howlettfirst name on this monument1805811886id: Howlett William 1942181761

77HowlettWilliam Frederick Howlettfirst name on this monumentid: Howlett William Frederick 10621817741infant, b.Jan 1835, bd.Mar 1835 Also: Samuel Howlett, b.Oct 1829, bd.Oct 1829.
Robert Howlettfather of William Frederick Howlett
Harriot Howlettmother of William Frederick Howlett

78InghamWilliam Inghamfirst name on this monumentid: Ingham William 2192181781

79LingSarah Lingfirst name on this monument1844671911id: Ling Sarah 1902181791
George Linghusband of Sarah Ling1846831929

80LumkenCharlotte Lumkenfirst name on this monumentno image2181821

81LumkenJohn Lumkenfirst name on this monument1838531891id: Lumken John 1622181811

82LumkinCharlotte Lumkinfirst name on this monument1878id: Lumkin Charlotte 16021818011
William Lumkinhusband of Charlotte Lumkin

83LumkinWilliam Lumkinfirst name on this monument1810821892id: Lumkin William 15521818312

84MarjoramRobert Marjoramfirst name on this monumentid: Marjoram Robert 16721818461died 19*1
Emma Marjoram

85Milner GibsonElizabeth Isidor Milner Gibsonfirst name on this monument1838421880no image2181851
Josiah Alexander Milner Gibsonhusband of Elizabeth Isidor Milner Gibson

86Milner GibsonElizabeth Isidor Milner Gibsonfirst name on this monument1838421880no image2181861
Josiah Alexander Milner Gibsonhusband of Elizabeth Isidor Milner Gibson

87Milner GibsonOliver Francis Milner Gibsonfirst name on this monument1830291859id: Milner Gibson Oliver Francis 1532181872

88MorriceChristopher Paul Morricefirst name on this monument1949562005id: Morrice Christopher Paul 0712181884

89MorriceGeoffrey Morricefirst name on this monument1911741985id: Morrice Geoffrey 0702181891

90NewsonArthur Robert Newsonfirst name on this monumentid: Newson Arthur Robert 1112181901died 19**

91NewsonCharles Newsonfirst name on this monument1782211803id: Newson Charles 1072181911
William Newsonfather of Charles Newson
Mary Newsonmother of Charles Newson

92NewsonFrederick Newsonfirst name on this monument1836621898id: Newson Frederick 1102181921
Harriett Ann Newsonwife of Frederick Newson1847681915

93NewsonLaura Newsonfirst name on this monument1852621914id: Newson Laura 0872181931
William P Newson1844831927
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94NewsonMary Ann Newsonfirst name on this monument1910id: Newson Mary Ann 1092181941
William Newsonhusband of Mary Ann Newson

95NewsonWilliam Newsonfirst name on this monument1804811885id: Newson William 10821819511

96NicholsBrian Nicholsfirst name on this monument1933611994id: Nichols Brian 0672181964

97NoyJohn Noyfirst name on this monument1802601862id: Noy John 14921819711
Jemima Noywife of John Noy1809821891

98NunnCharles Nunnfirst name on this monument1781301811id: Nunn Charles 1492181982

99PalmerSarah Elizabeth Palmerfirst name on this monument1822751897id: Palmer Sarah Elizabeth 1452181991

100PeckSamuel Peckfirst name on this monument1821821903id: Peck Samuel 0442182001
Mary Ann Peckwife of Samuel Peck1817871904

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St Peter's Church burial ground, Theberton, Suffolk, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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