St John Norway's Church burial ground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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201GadwayMalcolm Kirby Gadwayfirst name on this monument1918211939id: Gadwaya21507924
Kathleen Donalda Gadwaydaughter of Malcolm Kirby Gadway190371910
Marie Gadwaydaughter of Malcolm Kirby Gadway191501915
Sally Gadwaydaughter of Malcolm Kirby Gadway1917551972
Dougal Gadwayfather of Malcolm Kirby Gadway1864831947
Cassie McKinnonmother of Malcolm Kirby Gadway
David Malcolm Gadway197541979

202GallagherEleanor C Gallagherfirst name on this monument1870651935id: SimpsonECa21538211
Edith M Simpsondaughter of Eleanor C Gallagher1900241924
William Simpsonhusband of Eleanor C Gallagher1867781945

203GermanRobert W Germanfirst name on this monument1864521916id: Germana21508021

204GibsonAlfred Gibsonfirst name on this monument1858691927id: GibsonAlfreda21508237
Jane Eleanor Eglestonwife of Alfred Gibson1862801942

205GibsonAlfred E Gibsonfirst name on this monument1889791968id: GibsonAEa2150818
Margaret Cobbwife of Alfred E Gibson

206GibsonC Douglas E Gibsonfirst name on this monument1884261910id: GibsonCDa2150831

207GibsonHenry C Gibsonfirst name on this monument1900601960id: GibsonHCa2150849
Phyllis M Caudlewife of Henry C Gibson1906791985

208GibsonJohn C E Gibsonfirst name on this monument1890261916id: GibsonJohnCa2150852
Mary E Gibsonwife of John C E Gibson1887551942

209GilesRobert R Gilesfirst name on this monument1900521952id: Gilesa2150866
Gladys Juniperwife of Robert R Giles

210GillieAgnes Gilliefirst name on this monument1915id: Allana21487512
Agnes Allandaughter of Agnes Gillie1945
Andrew Allanhusband of Agnes Gillie1848771925

211GillmanWilliam E Gillmanfirst name on this monument190621908id: Gillmana2150872
Charles Gordon Gillmanbrother of William E Gillman191101911
Samuel W J Gillmanbrother of William E Gillman1904441948
William J Gillmanfather of William E Gillman1873901963
Isabella McKeagmother of William E Gillman1879431922
Isabella Ethel Corscaddensister of William E Gillman1905921997
Alice Jane Gillmansister of William E Gillman1901661967
Jeannette May Gillmansister of William E Gillman1913932006

212GloverEvelyn Annie Gloverfirst name on this monument191011911id: Glovera2150886
Claude F Gloverfather of Evelyn Annie Glover1872771949
Esther A Glovermother of Evelyn Annie Glover1888811969
Edna M Gloversister of Evelyn Annie Glover1905671972
Vera Hazel Gloversister of Evelyn Annie Glover191241916

213GoodmanSarah Goodmanfirst name on this monument1878351913id: GoodmanSaraha21508911

214GoodwinRay Gordon Goodwinfirst name on this monument1942592001id: GoodwinRaya2150909

215GordonJohanna Gordonfirst name on this monument1877331910id: Sheffera21537443
B E Shefferhusband of Johanna Gordon
Alfred Gordon1903151918
Catherine Gordon1845911936
David W Gordon1880381918
Jessie Gordon1869371906
Roderick Gordon1843871930

216GracieJohn Graciefirst name on this monument1880641944id: Graciea215091691
Evelyn Graciedaughter of John Gracie190521907
Lillie Graciedaughter of John Gracie1919
Olive Graciedaughter of John Gracie1922
Beatrice Firthdaughter-in-law of John Gracie1910932003
John J Gracieson of John Gracie1908581966
Lillie McDonaldwife of John Gracie1882731955
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217GrahamMary A Grahamfirst name on this monument1886491935id: TaylorMAa2154367
Annie Amelia Everistdaughter-in-law of Mary A Graham1890861976
Louise Taylordaughter-in-law of Mary A Graham1903941997
Alfred T E Taylorhusband of Mary A Graham1867811948
Alfred John Taylorson of Mary A Graham1897851982
George James Taylorson of Mary A Graham1904831987

218GrahamSarah Grahamfirst name on this monument1869411910id: GrantSa2150939
Duncan Granthusband of Sarah Graham1863731936
Duncan Grantson of Sarah Graham1907821989

219GrangePaul Downes Grangefirst name on this monument191511916id: KarlAa215165112
Annie Downes Karl1845701915

220GrantEva Georgina Grantfirst name on this monument1892291921id: GrantEvaa21509224
Cecil Margach Mills Grantbrother of Eva Georgina Grant1898111909
Charles A Grantfather of Eva Georgina Grant
Ida Georgina Martha Leadlaymother of Eva Georgina Grant1867441911

221GrayGeorge Robert Grayfirst name on this monument1858841942id: GrayGeoa21509412
Jane Elizabeth Graydaughter of George Robert Gray1888201908
Jane Astleymother-in-law of George Robert Gray1829781907
Ella Jane Astleywife of George Robert Gray1860881948

222GrayJoseph R Grayfirst name on this monument1928461974id: GrayJa2150952
Mary P Graywife of Joseph R Gray1930782008

223GrayWalter Grayfirst name on this monument1857811938id: GrayWaltera21509611
Edward Boles1888551943
Margaret Boles1895681963
Robert Boles192631929
Albert Grayson of Walter Gray1887211908
Annie Graywife of Walter Gray1867491916

224GreenEliza Greenfirst name on this monument1910id: Stinsona215415151
William H Stinsonhusband of Eliza Green1920

225GreenMary Greenfirst name on this monument1855571912id: CarruthersMa2149579
John Carruthershusband of Mary Green
Cornelius Carruthers1852831935

226GriffinSarah Ann Griffinfirst name on this monumentid: GriffinSa2150971

227GriffithGeorge Wilson Griffithfirst name on this monument1836761912id: GriffithGWa21509822
Elizabeth Griffithwife of George Wilson Griffith1842721914

228GriggCharles Finlay Griggfirst name on this monument1872671939id: GriggCFa215099221
Helen Yeatsdaughter-in-law of Charles Finlay Grigg
Douglas Charles Grigg1991
Helen Florence Grigg1987
Horace Richard Griggson of Charles Finlay Grigg1979
Jane Wheelerwife of Charles Finlay Grigg1960

229GrinnellAmy Ethel Grinnellfirst name on this monument1887281915id: Crinnella2150114
Alfred E Grinnellbrother of Amy Ethel Grinnell1884311915
Thomas Grinnellfather of Amy Ethel Grinnell
Eliza Grinnellmother of Amy Ethel Grinnell
Florence McBurneysister of Amy Ethel Grinnell1921

230GrinnellAnnie Grinnellfirst name on this monument1869831952id: McEwanCrinnella2152278
William B McEwanhusband of Annie Grinnell1868931961

231GunnAlexander Gunnfirst name on this monument1867731940id: Gunna21510115
Ina Gunndaughter of Alexander Gunn190161907
William A Gunnson of Alexander Gunn1944
Ada Gertrude Brodiewife of Alexander Gunn1876701946
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232HaackeWilliam George Haackefirst name on this monument1866481914id: Haackea2151026
Martha E Haackedaughter of William George Haacke1903561959
Viola M Haackedaughter of William George Haacke190911910
Elizabeth Russellmother-in-law of William George Haacke1844761920
Adam Craigson-in-law of William George Haacke1900871987
Maud Haacke Stubbswife of William George Haacke1873651938

233HadfieldEdwin Hadfieldfirst name on this monument1844631907id: Hadfielda2151037
Susan Hadfieldwife of Edwin Hadfield1846671913

234HageyWilliam Hageyfirst name on this monument1841861927id: Hageya21510412
Jessie Mabel Hageydaughter of William Hagey1871631934
Gillot Hayhurst Hageyson of William Hagey1876221898
Lamont J Hageyson of William Hagey1866801946
Rinaldo David Hageyson of William Hagey1878261904
Mary Ann Rutherfordwife of William Hagey1841811922

235HalesEdward Halesfirst name on this monument1849831932id: HalesEda21510545
Margaret Jacques1821851906
Richard Jacques1862761938
Margaret Murdockwife of Edward Hales1853771930

236HalfordEliza Halfordfirst name on this monument1845731918id: CrinnellEla2150125
Thomas Grinnellhusband of Eliza Halford1841791920

237HallGeorge E Hallfirst name on this monument1878901968id: HallGEa21510711
Maude Youngwife of George E Hall

238HallHarold Wallis Hallfirst name on this monument192531928id: WallisHa21546582
Harold W Hallfather of Harold Wallis Hall
Marjory Smithmother of Harold Wallis Hall

239HallThomas Hallfirst name on this monument1844691913id: HallMJa21510811
Thomas Edmond Hallson of Thomas Hall190601906
Mary J Maybeewife of Thomas Hall1852761928

240HamiltonJames Montcrieff Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1865631928id: HamiltonJMa21510971
Gertrude Mulhollanddaughter of James Montcrieff Hamilton1888791967
Clarence Alexander Montcrieff Hamiltonson of James Montcrieff Hamilton1958
Andrew Isaac Mulhollandson-in-law of James Montcrieff Hamilton1924351959
Mary Eleanor Lawrencewife of James Montcrieff Hamilton1865581923

241HamiltonJohn W Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1909521961id: HamiltonJWa2151101

242HamiltonMartha Hamiltonfirst name on this monument1884241908id: HamiltonMa21511211
Elizabeth Hamilton1888301918
Elizabeth Hamilton1862631925
James Hamilton1859661925
James Jr Hamilton1886321918
Maude Ireland1890581948

243HaneyJames Haneyfirst name on this monument1841751916id: Haneya2151136
Florence Louise Haney1939
C D Letterman
Theresa Colganwife of James Haney1854701924

244HannaJames Hannafirst name on this monument1865681933id: HannaJasa2151143
Emma Spearswife of James Hanna1873601933

245HarperRobert Wm Harperfirst name on this monument1846671913id: HarperRWa21511626
Bertha Merrilldaughter of Robert Wm Harper1888721960
Phyllis Merrillgrand daughter of Robert Wm Harper191921921
William Merrillson-in-law of Robert Wm Harper
Ruth Harperwife of Robert Wm Harper1856771933
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246HarrisonJohn Franklin Harrisonfirst name on this monument1865891954id: Harrisona2151184
Mabel Harrisondaughter of John Franklin Harrison18941041998
Reta Harrisondaughter of John Franklin Harrison1904921996
Franklin Ross Harrisonson of John Franklin Harrison1892641956
George William Harrisonson of John Franklin Harrison190511906
Mary Ann Stokeswife of John Franklin Harrison1870901960

247HattAlbert E Hattfirst name on this monument1872761948id: HattAEa2151193
Ada J Cottonwife of Albert E Hatt1877881965

248HealeyErnest Healeyfirst name on this monument1882781960id: Healeya21512112
Susannah E Allenwife of Ernest Healey1879601939
Elizabeth McLarensecond wife of Ernest Healey1898821980

249HedgesGeorge F Hedgesfirst name on this monument1851691920id: Hedgesa2151221
Clara L Hedgesdaughter of George F Hedges1881721953
Hubert G Hedgesson of George F Hedges1878341912
Caroline M Sterlingwife of George F Hedges1857751932

250HendersonEliza J Hendersonfirst name on this monument1869831952id: HendersonEa2151243
William H Hendersonfather of Eliza J Henderson
Fannie L McCutcheonmother of Eliza J Henderson

251HendersonWilliam H Hendersonfirst name on this monument1843651908id: Hendersona2151232
Fannie L McCutcheonwife of William H Henderson1845891934

252HerdBessie Jane Herdfirst name on this monument1855831938id: FisherJAa21506616
John Angus Fisherhusband of Bessie Jane Herd1854661920
George N Snidersecond husband of Bessie Jane Herd

253HerronLydia Herronfirst name on this monument1845671912id: EmpringhamLydiaa2150554
John Empringhamhusband of Lydia Herron1840781918

254HessEmma C Hessfirst name on this monument1872381910id: Cornella2149943
Frederick J Cornellhusband of Emma C Hess

255HewlettGodfrey Randolph Hewlettfirst name on this monument1889201909id: HewlettClarka21512528
Douglass Clarkbrother-in-law of Godfrey Randolph Hewlett1873891962
W H Fellowsfather of Godfrey Randolph Hewlett
Ellen Fellowsmother of Godfrey Randolph Hewlett1854821936
Ada Fellows Bean1857871944
Joan Clark Thompsonniece of Godfrey Randolph Hewlett1904291933
Florence Lilian Hewlettsister of Godfrey Randolph Hewlett1874681942

256HillAlexander Hillfirst name on this monument1853571910id: Hilla21512645
Agnes Jane Hilldaughter of Alexander Hill1887871974
Eliza Jane McGirrwife of Alexander Hill1853751928

257HillThomas F Hillfirst name on this monument1853941947id: HillThSa2151272
Emma Hillwife of Thomas F Hill1874391913

258HiltzFrederick Hiltzfirst name on this monument1842721914id: Hiltza2151287
Hannah Adamswife of Frederick Hiltz1860671927

259HindEdmund Hindfirst name on this monument1875471922id: HindEdma21512911
Lillian Tarltondaughter-in-law of Edmund Hind
Arthur Watson Hindson of Edmund Hind1904571961
Esther Maywife of Edmund Hind1874271901

260HindJoseph Hindfirst name on this monument1847671914id: HindJa2151306
Mary Brockwife of Joseph Hind1842901932

261HintonNellie R Hintonfirst name on this monument1900221922id: Hintona2151311

262HollingerAnn Jane Hollingerfirst name on this monument1826841910id: HollingerAJa2151333
Esther Jane Lockeydaughter-in-law of Ann Jane Hollinger1866641930
Robert Wilson Hollingerson of Ann Jane Hollinger1866721938
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263HollingerWilliam James Hollingerfirst name on this monument1892261918id: HollingerWJa21513410
Esther Jane Lockeyfather of William James Hollinger1866641930
Robert Wilson Hollingermother of William James Hollinger1866721938

264HolmanFrederick Holmanfirst name on this monument1883481931id: Holmana21513516
Gladys Arlene Holmandaughter of Frederick Holman190821910
Hilda Mae Holmandaughter of Frederick Holman190611907
Howard Edgar Holmanson of Frederick Holman191701917
Mae Ellisonwife of Frederick Holman1886591945

265HolmanRichard Holmanfirst name on this monument1852631915id: HolmanRa21513618
Blanche Wyebrowdaughter of Richard Holman1877401917
Ellen Edwardswife of Richard Holman1844731917

266HolmesEric W Holmesfirst name on this monument1862501912id: HolmeEWa2151375
Nancy N Jacksonmother-in-law of Eric W Holmes1845791924
Sarah M Jacksonwife of Eric W Holmes1869771946

267HolywellJohn Holywellfirst name on this monument1843501893id: HolywellChapmana215138141
Alison W Chapman1904291933
Charles Holywell
Harriette Ann Smith1882641946
W J Turner
Walter Holywellson of John Holywell1871351906
Jane Vallancewife of John Holywell1844891933

268HopkinsWilliam G Hopkinsfirst name on this monument1880281908id: HopkinsWGa21513921
Wesley E Hopkinsson of William G Hopkins1901101911
Harriett C Hopkinswife of William G Hopkins1882721954

269HoskingMarjory Emma Hoskingfirst name on this monument190601906id: Hoskinga215140271
James C Hoskingfather of Marjory Emma Hosking
Minnie Hoskingmother of Marjory Emma Hosking

270HoughtonKatharine Jane Houghtonfirst name on this monument1913761989id: CarterKa2149598
Edwyn Albert Carterhusband of Katharine Jane Houghton1910841994

271HoyleHardy Hoylefirst name on this monument1853641917id: Hoylea2151427
Herbert N Hoyleson of Hardy Hoyle1889661955
Margaret Hoylewife of Hardy Hoyle1858761934

272HozackElla May Hozackfirst name on this monument1890281918id: Cowlinga21500314
Alfred Homer Cowlinghusband of Ella May Hozack1887721959
Fred Blackstone
Edward Hartfield Brown192401924
Hubert Hartfield Brown
Arthur E Cowling1880451925
Ella Cowling1886451931
Maria Cowling1846881934
Rhea Maude Cowling1891331924
Grace A Wiley

273HudsonEdward Hudsonfirst name on this monument1881691950id: Hudsona21514315
Helen Audrey Dixondaughter-in-law of Edward Hudson
Edward George Hudsonson of Edward Hudson1920842004
Beatrice E Cappswife of Edward Hudson18801001980

274HumphriesIsabella Humphriesfirst name on this monument1870541924id: AbramIsaa21487341
George Abramhusband of Isabella Humphries1866771943

275HuntAlice Josephine Huntfirst name on this monument1871521923id: Mauthiea21521925
Frederick Mauthiehusband of Alice Josephine Hunt1857781935

276HunterMary Ann Hunterfirst name on this monument1856601916id: SwanstonMAa2154313
Robert Swanstonhusband of Mary Ann Hunter1849761925
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277HutchisonAnnie Hutchisonfirst name on this monument1866611927id: Hutchisona2151458

278HutchisonEvelyn W Hutchisonfirst name on this monument1900251925id: HutchisonEWa21514691
George Albert Hutchisonbrother of Evelyn W Hutchison190821910
George Oliver Hutchisonfather of Evelyn W Hutchison1868741942
Emily Gilray Fostergrand mother of Evelyn W Hutchison1836861922
Harriett Alice Gilraymother of Evelyn W Hutchison1877711948
Dorothy Marguerite Hutchisonsister of Evelyn W Hutchison1913481961

279HutchisonJonathan Hutchisonfirst name on this monument1861481909id: HutchisonJa2151476
Richard C Hutchison1890211911
Roy A Hutchison1893181911
Annie May Hutchisonwife of Jonathan Hutchison1892221914

280ImrieHarry A Imriefirst name on this monument1894181912id: ImrieHa2151481

281IngramAlbert J Ingramfirst name on this monument1859621921id: IngramAla2151517

282IngramArthur E Ingramfirst name on this monument1885661951id: IngramAa2151507
Gertrude F Strugnellwife of Arthur E Ingram1885811966

283IngramWilfred Ingramfirst name on this monument1889181907id: IngramWa2151525
Henry Ingrambrother of Wilfred Ingram1883251908
Albert J Ingramfather of Wilfred Ingram
Ruth McKennamother of Wilfred Ingram1858591917

284InnesMargaret Rose Innesfirst name on this monument1847631910id: Innesa215153141
Anne Currydaughter of Margaret Rose Innes1955
Marjory Evelyn Currygrand daughter of Margaret Rose Innes190521907

285IonsonAnthony Ionsonfirst name on this monument1845641909id: IonsonAntha21515431
Mary Esther Pherrillwife of Anthony Ionson1843741917

286IredaleRalph Iredalefirst name on this monument1863661929id: Iredalea215155151
Edna S Lackey1896151911
Margaret Lackeywife of Ralph Iredale1874921966

287JacksonHenrietta Mary Jacksonfirst name on this monument1856631919id: JacksonJasa2151584
Kate Edith Jacksondaughter-in-law of Henrietta Mary Jackson1890551945
James William Jacksonhusband of Henrietta Mary Jackson1859831942
Harry Cecil Jacksonson of Henrietta Mary Jackson1886791965

288JarvisThomas R Jarvisfirst name on this monument1879531932id: JarvisTha21515923
Annie I Jarvisdaughter of Thomas R Jarvis191001910
William H Jarvisfather of Thomas R Jarvis1849761925
Jean Rowshusband of Thomas R Jarvis1881941975
Isabella Tomlinsonmother of Thomas R Jarvis1857621919
Walter H Jarvisson of Thomas R Jarvis1913551968

289JenkinsGeorge H Jenkinsfirst name on this monument1884541938id: JenkinsGHa2151621
Mary Elizabeth Jenkinswife of George H Jenkins1883911974

290JuppHarriett May Juppfirst name on this monument1881271908id: Juppa21516410
James Roy Jupp1925862011
Fanny King
Florence Louisa Stroh1926521978
Alice Summerhayessister of Harriett May Jupp1873371910

291KeelerStephen John Keelerfirst name on this monument1838871925id: KeelerSta215166131
Clara Poultondaughter-in-law of Stephen John Keeler1875371912
William Joseph Keeler1907571964
Eleanor Clegg Keeler Ginnett1910912001
Joseph Keelerson of Stephen John Keeler1875371912
Margaret Keelerwife of Stephen John Keeler1846971943

292KelleyLouise K Kelleyfirst name on this monument1875891964id: KelleyLKa2151682
David W Crockatt of Louise K Kelley
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293KellyJames B Kellyfirst name on this monument1890521942id: KellyJBa2151694
Aileen Maisey1920731993
Alice Coateswife of James B Kelly1895681963

294KennedyWilliam George Kennedyfirst name on this monument1838741912id: KennedyWGa215170141
Ena Kennedydaughter of William George Kennedy1887201907
Florence Kennedydaughter of William George Kennedy188601886
Henry Thomas Kennedyson of William George Kennedy1877751952
Margaret Meekwife of William George Kennedy1851821933

295KernohanMary Kernohanfirst name on this monument1867681935id: SteeleMa215406201
Muriel Sophia Hodgemandaughter of Mary Kernohan1902751977
Mary Ann Steeledaughter of Mary Kernohan1889691958
Myrtle Irene Steeledaughter of Mary Kernohan190611907
Robert Steelehusband of Mary Kernohan1864791943
Leonard Hodgemanson-in-law of Mary Kernohan

296KerrAgnes Kerrfirst name on this monument1865431908id: KerrAgnesa215171132
William R Pearce1866431909
Lloyd W Shea1919842003
Helen Frances Watts1913942007
Ethel L Williams1886851971

297KimberleyFrances Maud Kimberleyfirst name on this monument1893211914id: Kimberleya2151728
John Alfred Kimberleyhusband of Frances Maud Kimberley1865881953
Mary Ann Brownmother of Frances Maud Kimberley1865781943

298KingstoneWilliam Kingstonefirst name on this monument1872571929id: KingstoneWa2151734
Wilhelmina Steinwife of William Kingstone1876381914

299KinnonJohn Roger Kinnonfirst name on this monument1928671995id: Kinnona2151745
Kathleen Kinnonwife of John Roger Kinnon

300KinseyHerbert Montague Kinseyfirst name on this monument1874631937id: Kinseya215175101
Charles Swallowfather-in-law of Herbert Montague Kinsey
Isabel Hallmother-in-law of Herbert Montague Kinsey1840681908
Jessie B Swallowwife of Herbert Montague Kinsey1876661942

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for St John Norway's Church burial ground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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