Section C Cemetery, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AllenbyElise Rebecca Allenbyfirst name on this monument1890381928id: 231
(2 images)
John William Allenbyhusband of Elise Rebecca Allenby

2AllingtonByron Lloyd Allingtonfirst name on this monument1883801963id: 303186265512/02/1963
Susannah Allingtonwife of Byron Lloyd Allington1883911974 26/1/1974

3ApplebyLily Applebyfirst name on this monument1881721953id: 201186162403/10/1953

4ApplebyW L Applebyfirst name on this monument1839731912id: 234186195213/11/1912

5BannisterFred Bannisterfirst name on this monument1920751995id: 301
(3 images)

6BannisterLily Bannisterfirst name on this monument1892691961id: 301
(3 images)
Fred Bannisterhusband of Lily Bannister1982 05/09/1982

7BarrettElizabeth Alice Barrettfirst name on this monument1957id: 188186149302/12/1957
Henry Charles Barretthusband of Elizabeth Alice Barrett

8BeckettEmily Kezia Beckettfirst name on this monument1866531919id: 282
(3 images)
Arthur Mollett Becketthusband of Emily Kezia Beckett1861651926 02/11/1926

9BedfordSarah Elizabeth Bedfordfirst name on this monument1878891967id: 329186291218/05/1967
Albert Eley Bedfordhusband of Sarah Elizabeth Bedford1876941970 08/07/1970

10BeelJohn William Beelfirst name on this monument1898621960id: 2741862352503/10/1960
Ivy May Beelwife of John William Beel1900671967 14/08/1967

11BellArthur Edward Bellfirst name on this monument1886301916id: 3181862801killed in action 30/06/1916
Eric Charles Bell1916 14/04/1916
May Bellwife of Arthur Edward Bell

12BlissettJane A Blissettfirst name on this monument1867721939id: 311186273214/02/1939

13BormanC R Bormanfirst name on this monument1866501916id: 3371862991war grave - trimmer cook HM Trawler Strymon died 22/03/1916

14BourneWilliam Bournefirst name on this monument1881761957id: 1931861542109/10/1957
Violet Bournewife of William Bourne1882891971 15/10/1971

15BranbesyHarriett Branbesyfirst name on this monument1867521919id: 289
(2 images)

16BrooksJames Robinson Brooksfirst name on this monument1849711920id: 333
(3 images)
Sarah Ann Brookswife of James Robinson Brooks1850821932 03/10/1932

17BrownElizabeth Brownfirst name on this monument1841721913id: 233186194217/12/1913

18BrownTom Brownfirst name on this monument1913721985id: 3301862922
Daphne Brownwife of Tom Brown1911851996

19BrowningEmma Browningfirst name on this monument1855641919id: 279
(3 images)

20BrowningJessie Browningfirst name on this monument1879791958id: 206186167206/10/1958
Edmond Browninghusband of Jessie Browning1941191960 18/12/1960

21BrowningJessie May Browningfirst name on this monument1907801987id: 322186284102/09/1987

22BurleyTom Burleyfirst name on this monument1894441938id: 347186309115/06/1938
Albert Burley1918822000 23/01/2000
Edith Burley1900771977 10/03/1977

23CampionBenjamin Campionfirst name on this monument1848681916id: 254186215314/01/1916
Benjamin Campionfather of Benjamin Campion

24CampionDinah Campionfirst name on this monument1853601913id: 255186216410/01/1913
Benjamin Campionfather of Dinah Campion

25CampionElizabeth Campionfirst name on this monument1843751918id: 2531862144eldest daughter of Benjamin Campion died 01/03/1918
William Campionbrother of Elizabeth Campion1860601920 youngest son of Benjamin Campion died 21/08/1920
Benjamin Campionfather of Elizabeth Campion

26CarterAlfred E Carterfirst name on this monument1895431938id: 349186311423/05/1938

27CartwrightMinnie Cartwrightfirst name on this monument1894601954id: 183186144203/08/1954
John William Catwrighthusband of Minnie Cartwright1888641952 05/11/1952

28ClarkeAnna Maria Clarkefirst name on this monument1846691915id: 2871862481010/08/1915
Alfred Clarkehusband of Anna Maria Clarke

29ClarkeNoel Evelyn Clarkefirst name on this monument1904491953id: 199186160212/11/1953
Nora Evelyn Clarke1903901993 23/03/1993
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30ClarksonHenry Clarksonfirst name on this monument1887741961id: 300186261105/08/1961
Elsie Clarksonwife of Henry Clarkson1899711970 04/06/1970

31ColemanWilliam Colemanfirst name on this monument1878401918id: 246186207102/05/1918
Faith Elizabeth Colemanwife of William Coleman1880691949 25/08/1949

32ConstantineJohn Constantinefirst name on this monument1915id: 263186224424/07/1915

33CooMabel Coofirst name on this monument190871915id: 346186308120/06/1915

34CookErnest Cookfirst name on this monument1880341914id: 265186226206/10/1914
Albert Cookbrother of Ernest Cook1897201917 died of wounds in action 11/02/1917
Arthur Cookfather of Ernest Cook
Mary Jane Cookmother of Ernest Cook
Annie Edith Cookwife of Ernest Cook

35CooperElsie Cooperfirst name on this monument1902511953id: 191186152203/12/1953
Audrey Cooperdaughter of Elsie Cooper1931631994 08/02/1994
Barbara Cooperdaughter of Elsie Cooper
Joseph Cooperhusband of Elsie Cooper1899601959 22/01/1959

36CoreJoseph Corefirst name on this monument1954id: 241186202205/12/1954
Florence Maud Corewife of Joseph Core1963 14/01/1963

37CorriganPeter Corriganfirst name on this monument1871671938id: 341
(2 images)
Eliza Ashton
Sarah A L Corriganwife of Peter Corrigan1873891962 29/03/1962

38CoulbeckLily Coulbeckfirst name on this monument1886681954id: 197186158223/07/1954
Robert Coulbeckson of Lily Coulbeck1914281942 15/12/1942

39CoulbeckMary Winifred Coulbeckfirst name on this monument1919731992id: 200186161110/10/1992
Samuel Charles Coulbeckhusband of Mary Winifred Coulbeck1911881999 04/08/1999

40CoulbeckSamuel Chapman Coulbeckfirst name on this monument1871521923id: 249186210316/05/1923

41CoverdaleC Coverdalefirst name on this monument1918id: 3201862822war grave - Royal Lancaster Regiment died 16/12/1918

42CravenAlfred Edward Cravenfirst name on this monument1885701955id: 1811861424105/10/1955
Elizabeth Maud Cravenwife of Alfred Edward Craven1890901980 31/01/1980

43CroftFlossie Croftfirst name on this monument1912id: 236186197102/11/1912
Joseph Croftfather of Flossie Croft
M J Croftmother of Flossie Croft

44DaneRon Danefirst name on this monumentid: 3051862672

45DarnellArthur William Darnellfirst name on this monument1924701994id: 3321862942
June Mary Darnellwife of Arthur William Darnell1931732004

46DawesAlice Elizabeth Dawesfirst name on this monument1883771960id: 209186170416/06/1960
Henry James Daweshusband of Alice Elizabeth Dawes1881831964 13/04/1964

47DreweryAlice Dreweryfirst name on this monument1873421915id: 215186176815/05/1915

48EdwardsIris Edwardsfirst name on this monument1904521956id: 194186155121/06/1956
Bernard S T Edwardshusband of Iris Edwards1902761978 10/01/1978

49EllisGeorge Ernest Ellisfirst name on this monument1877381915id: 2901862511war grave - skipper of HM Trawler Evangel died 21/08/1915

50EllisJohn William Ellisfirst name on this monument1870481918id: 2591862201 21/8/1918
Barbara Ellen Elliswife of John William Ellis1870881958 10/12/1958

51EmperinghamGeorge Emperinghamfirst name on this monument1850651915id: 238186199208/06/1915
Arthur Money1880731953 25/09/1953
Mary Jane Money1877801957 wife of Arthur Money died 25/11/1957
Annie Elizabeth Emperinghamwife of George Emperingham

52EvansSamuel Evansfirst name on this monument1883291912id: 221
(2 images)
Clara Evanswife of Samuel Evans

53FarmeryEdith Farmeryfirst name on this monument1906471953id: 203
(2 images)
Reginald Farmeryhusband of Edith Farmery1899731972 23/10/1972

54FennerAda Fennerfirst name on this monument1883711954id: 261186222103/07/1954
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55FenwickHarry Fenwickfirst name on this monument1903621965id: 323
(2 images)
Gladys Elizabeth Fenwickwife of Harry Fenwick1904761980 29/11/1980

56FergusonJohn William Fergusonfirst name on this monument1876391915id: 267186228225/07/1915

57FieldhouseWilliam Fieldhousefirst name on this monument1842721914id: 212
(2 images)
Gladys Fieldhousedaughter of William Fieldhouse1979 21/06/1979
Jane Fieldhousewife of William Fieldhouse1954 24/07/1954

58GaleFred Galefirst name on this monument1865491914id: 352186314128/07/1914
Fred Galeson of Fred Gale1898411939 11/03/1939

59GellettEmily Gellettfirst name on this monument1915id: 291186252522/06/1915

60GibsonR A Gibsonfirst name on this monumentid: 3191862811war grave - deckhand HM Alberta

61GladdingWalter Gladdingfirst name on this monument1858581916id: 2231861845106/07/1916
Walter Gladingson of Walter Gladding1915 killed in action France 13/10/1915

62GrantCharles Grantfirst name on this monument1852671919id: 269
(2 images)

63GrayWilliam Grayfirst name on this monument1863521915id: 264186225108/04/1915
Joseph Henry Fishbrother-in-law of William Gray1919 lost at sea
Mary Ann Fishsister of William Gray

64HFanny Hfirst name on this monument1896221918id: 3131862751310/07/1918
Isabella A191631919 06/02/1919
Tom C191261918 31/07/1918

65HammondJ A Hammondfirst name on this monument1916id: 3081862701war grave - engineman HM Trawler Alberta died 14/04/1916

66HardyAlice Hardyfirst name on this monument1858541912id: 235186196322/10/1912

67HardyAnnie Hardyfirst name on this monument1882311913id: 256186217204/01/1913

68HawksleyHarriet Ann Hawksleyfirst name on this monument1866471913id: 211186172405/05/1913

69HerrickRalph Baden Herrickfirst name on this monument1901541955id: 186186147107/02/1955

70HoldenCharles Holdenfirst name on this monument1869481917id: 224
(2 images)
1861855skipper RNR HM Trawler Ben Earn - died 14/02/1917
Ivy Holdendaughter of Charles Holden1909831992 19/05/1992
Jack Holdenson of Charles Holden1910481958 06/09/1958
Jane Holdenwife of Charles Holden1945 04/01/1945

71HolgethA E Rose Holgethfirst name on this monument1879541933id: 280186241108/08/1933
James Holgethhusband of A E Rose Holgeth1879641943 13/07/1943

72HolnessGeorge Holnessfirst name on this monument1883851968id: 210186171113/10/1968
Gertrude Holnesswife of George Holness1889831972 14/01/1972

73HopkinsEmily Hopkinsfirst name on this monument1862581920id: 298186259312/11/1920
Henry Hopkinshusband of Emily Hopkins

74HousmanHerbert C Housmanfirst name on this monument1881721953id: 202186163209/12/1953

75HumberstoneA Humberstonefirst name on this monument1877421919id: 227186188122/02/1919

76HumberstoneElizabeth Humberstonefirst name on this monument1852641916id: 228186189127/09/1916

77HumberstoneHerbert Humberstonefirst name on this monument1882341916id: 2261861871killed in action July 1916
Arthur Humberstone1876431919 son of W and E Humberstone died 22/02/1919
E Humberstone
W Humberstone
Annie Humberstonewife of Herbert Humberstone

78HumberstoneJoseph Humberstonefirst name on this monumentid: 2291861901
Emma Humberstone
Herbert Humberstone
Rebecca Humberstone

79HutchinsonEva Elizabeth Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1890241914id: 220186181228/05/1914
Albert Amos Hutchinsonhusband of Eva Elizabeth Hutchinson

80HyamHarry Hyamfirst name on this monument1913id: 219186180126/04/1913
Nina Hyamwife of Harry Hyam

81JamesJoeseph W Full Jamesfirst name on this monument1882561938id: 350186312113/05/1938
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82JenkinsonSarah Jenkinsonfirst name on this monument1841781919id: 248186209114/03/1919
John Burton Jenkinsonhusband of Sarah Jenkinson1845771922 18/01/1922

83KeightleyAnn Ramsden Keightleyfirst name on this monument1873821955id: 299186260110/12/1955
Herbert Keightleyhusband of Ann Ramsden Keightley1870481918 17/07/1918

84KimptonLillian Kimptonfirst name on this monument1915501965id: 325
(3 images)
Neil Reginald Kimptonhusband of Lillian Kimpton1918731991 10/07/1991

85LaneEva Lanefirst name on this monument1881571938id: 351186313121/07/1938
Herbert Tom Lanehusband of Eva Lane1883721955 29/03/1955

86LawlessJack Lawlessfirst name on this monument1904591963id: 296186257201/01/1963
Jill Lawlessdaughter of Jack Lawless
Lynn Lawlessdaughter of Jack Lawless
Michael Lawlessson of Jack Lawless
Majorie Lawlesswife of Jack Lawless

87LeesElizabeth Leesfirst name on this monument1916id: 3171862791
Samuel Leeshusband of Elizabeth Lees1864521916 19/02/1916

88LeesingThomas Leesingfirst name on this monument1835841919id: 270
(3 images)
Mary Leesingwife of Thomas Leesing1836841920 13/05/1920

89LemonHenry John Lemonfirst name on this monument1847731920id: 334186296402/07/1920
Matilda Lemonwife of Henry John Lemon

90LemonMatilda Lemonfirst name on this monument69id: 335186297108/10/2019

91LeversWilliam Thomas Leversfirst name on this monument1871501921id: 216
(2 images)
George Alfred Levers1900161916 04/07/1916

92ListerRobert Henry Listerfirst name on this monument1907531960id: 277
(3 images)
Maud Listerwife of Robert Henry Lister1910601970 19/02/1970

93LittleWilliam Littlefirst name on this monument1896591955id: 182
(2 images)

94LloydWilliam Henry Lloydfirst name on this monument1850651915id: 275186236112/11/1915
Ester Ann Lloydwife of William Henry Lloyd1851821933 31/12/1933

95LynnTom George Lynnfirst name on this monument1883351918id: 260186221117/05/1918

96MallettCharlotte Mallettfirst name on this monument1874421916id: 243186204530/05/1916
Thomas Malletthusband of Charlotte Mallett1872711943 02/03/1943
Archie Mallettson of Charlotte Mallett1897201917 killed in action

97MannHerbert Mannfirst name on this monument1885531938id: 345186307122/08/1938
Herbert Gordon Mannson of Herbert Mann1928201948 03/03/1948

98MasonFlorence Caroline Masonfirst name on this monument1881731954id: 195186156121/08/1954
Thomas Henry Masonhusband of Florence Caroline Mason1877841961 21/01/1961

99McentireIris Mumby-Croft Mcentirefirst name on this monument1922451967id: 327186289310/04/1967
David Mcentirehusband of Iris Mumby-Croft Mcentire

100MckennaWilliam Mckennafirst name on this monument1866871953id: 187186148113/06/1953
Minnie Mckennawife of William Mckenna1873861959 05/03/1959

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