Old Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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Monument list

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201MuirWilliam Muirfirst name on this monumentid: 1100164
(2 images)
John Auld
William Auld1777
Isabella Auld/Scott1770601830 1st October 1830
Thomas Reid Muir1746911837
Alexandrina Ogilvie1830
Malcolm Ogilvie1792
Catherine Scott1780831863 10th October 1863

202MunroDaniel Munrofirst name on this monument1761641825id: 1100111
(3 images)
163860111713rd March 1825
Jessie Reid Munrogrand daughter of Daniel Munro1829671896 born 22 July 1828 and died 28th May 1895 daughter of Daniel Munro and Elizabeth Ann Munro aka Ann Eliza
Anne Eliza Munro Camerongreat grand daughter of Daniel Munro Anne Eliza Munro Cameron died 17 Nov 1946
Jessie Camerongreat grand daughter of Daniel Munro Jessie Agnew Cameron died 17 Mar 1947
May Camerongreat grand daughter of Daniel Munro
Alexander Camerongreat grand son of Daniel Munro1857261883 15th January 1883
Hugh Camerongreat grand son of Daniel Munro
Willie Camerongreat grand son of Daniel Munro
Hugh Cameron1827711898 10th November 1898
Daniel Munroson of Daniel Munro1806301836 It seems apparent from the headstone that the spouse of Daniel Munro who died 1836 is also recorded on the headstone. Her birth name was Elizabeth Ann Munro but seemingly known as Ann Eliza - whether there is a family connection between the Munro families is uncertain, her father was George Munro and mother Janet Reid. The inscription would appear to say that she died 10 Nov 1852 but I haven't been able to confirm. Daniel and Ann Eliza were the parents of Jessie Reid Munro.
Margaret Nimmowife of Daniel Munro1853

203MunroeDaniel Munroefirst name on this monument1810id: 10909861638001087124th December 1810
Elizabeth Moffatwife of Daniel Munroe1743761819 10th September 1819

204MurrayAlexander Murrayfirst name on this monument1794591853id: 113601640431108128th November 1853
John Murrayson of Alexander Murray1825321857 30th January 1857
Robert Murrayson of Alexander Murray1819281847 18th January 1847
Isabella Aitchisonwife of Alexander Murray1797581855 20th August 1855

205MurrayDuncan Murrayfirst name on this monument1735691804id: 1114516396210707th August 1804

206MurrayGeorge Murrayfirst name on this monument185711858id: 11359164042107311th June 1858
George Murrayfather of George Murray
Jane Gowmother of George Murray1824351859 10th April 1859

207MurrayIsabella Murrayfirst name on this monument185311854id: 11357
(2 images)
164041107331st January 1854
William Murrayfather of Isabella Murray
Jane Kininmonth Murraysister of Isabella Murray185811859 8th January 1859 aged 18m

208MurrayJames Osburn Murrayfirst name on this monument1855101865id: 11176
(3 images)
16397810689th June 1865
Henry Murraybrother of James Osburn Murray185961865 12th November 1865
Robert Murraybrother of James Osburn Murray1944 January 1944
James Murrayfather of James Osburn Murray1822681890
Elizabeth Thomsonmother of James Osburn Murray1915
Margaret Murraysister of James Osburn Murray1852381890
Mary Ann Millar Murraysister of James Osburn Murray1860171877 26th May 1877

209MurrayThomas Murrayfirst name on this monument1753551808id: 10909881638021105325th September 1808
William Murraybrother of Thomas Murray1746771823 1st April 1823
Henrietta Graham1748551803 31st July 1803
Jean Murrayniece of Thomas Murray178411785 13th July 1785

210MylneThomas Mylnefirst name on this monument1739311770id: 11025163906107612th June 1770
James Hungiman1790 26th April 1790
Thomas Mylneson of Thomas Mylne176411765 4th December 1765
Mary Rookewife of Thomas Mylne61 10th January

211NeillJohn Neillfirst name on this monument1781561837id: 1100036
(3 images)
163831110328th January 1837
Julia Margaret Neilldaughter of John Neill1877 14th June 1877
Isabella Matherdaughter-in-law of John Neill1815681883 14th February 1883
John Neillgrand son of John Neill1860101870 9th January 1870
Andrew Neillson of John Neill1808291837
Frederick George Neillson of John Neill1820801900 18th February 1900
James Neillson of John Neill1808221830
John Neillson of John Neill1814641878 11th October 1878
John William Neillson of John Neill
Robert Bruce Neillson of John Neill1822341856 30th September 1856
William Henry Neillson of John Neill1816201836
Helen Neillwife of John Neill1783771860 14th March 1860
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212NewtonGeorge Newtonfirst name on this monument1782591841id: 11002021638921113129th December 1841
Margaret Preacherdaughter-in-law of George Newton1899 6th October 1899
Christian Trotter Ewan
Isabella Stirling Ewan
John Thomson Ewan1808441852
Mary Montagu Ewan
William Ewan1777581835 10th February 1835
Mary Montagu Trotter1780721852
James Ewan Newtonson of George Newton1781691850 15th December 1850
Isabella Robertsonwife of George Newton1834 22nd August 1834

213NisbetDavid Nisbetfirst name on this monument1780731853id: 110003916383210674th October 1853

214NobleJanet Pinkerton Noblefirst name on this monument1813441857id: 11076
(3 images)
1639291121216th April 1857
Agnes St Clair Johnsondaughter of Janet Pinkerton Noble1934 8th December 1934
Catherine Isabella Johnsondaughter of Janet Pinkerton Noble1936 29th August 1936
Elizabeth Johnsondaughter of Janet Pinkerton Noble
Jane Thomson Johnsondaughter of Janet Pinkerton Noble1893 5th November 1893
Michael Thomas Johnsonhusband of Janet Pinkerton Noble1817721889 17th May 1889
John M Dalrympleson-in-law of Janet Pinkerton Noble
James W Mansonson-in-law of Janet Pinkerton Noble
Catherine Glen Welshsecond wife of husband of Janet Pinkerton Noble1825781903 27th April 1903

215OgilvyJames Ogilvyfirst name on this monument1777741851id: 11065
(3 images)
16392410831st April 1851
Isabella Ogilvydaughter of James Ogilvy1836191855 December 1855
Mary Ogilvydaughter of James Ogilvy1855171872 January 1872
Jess Dicksondaughter-in-law of James Ogilvy1823511874 3rd March 1874
Joanne Gordon1785
Charles Ogilvyson of James Ogilvy1812721884 9th September 1884
Helen Gordonwife of James Ogilvy1794721866 October 1866

216OlsonBarbara Ann Olsonfirst name on this monument1786191805id: 1090989
(3 images)
163803108512th March 1805
Arthur Nicol Olsonfather of Barbara Ann Olson
John Scotthusband of Barbara Ann Olson

217OrmistonJean Ormistonfirst name on this monument1795521847id: 1100147
(3 images)
1638751071127th February 1847
William Macreadiehusband of Jean Ormiston1759721831 17th April 1831

218PatonDavid Patonfirst name on this monument1771841855id: 113261640281085125th August 1855
Agnes Patondaughter of David Paton1808821890 5th May 1890
Christina Patondaughter of David Paton1829211850 27th April 1850
Margaret Brownwife of David Paton1771861857 23rd November 1857

219PatonJohn Patonfirst name on this monumentid: 113271640291070

220PatonThomas Patonfirst name on this monument1813791892id: 113281640301131230th June 1892
Beatrice Helena Patondaughter of Thomas Paton185021852 26th March 1862
Isabella Patondaughter of Thomas Paton
Thomas Patonson of Thomas Paton185201852 March 1852
Thomas Patonson of Thomas Paton185501855 12th December 1855
William Young Patonson of Thomas Paton1875 22nd July 1875
Elizabeth Youngwife of Thomas Paton1815671882 17th July 1882

221PaxtonJohn Dunlop Paxtonfirst name on this monument1821431864id: 1100122
(3 images)
1638641072110th January 1864

222PaxtonSamuel Paxtonfirst name on this monument1780541834id: 11001251638651172422nd January 1834
Agnes Paxtondaughter of Samuel Paxton181531818 21st December 1818
Isabella Paxtondaughter of Samuel Paxton1835451880 February 1880
Jessie Paxtondaughter of Samuel Paxton1819361855 11th September 1855
Margaret Paxtondaughter of Samuel Paxton1810411851 1st April 1851
Millina Paxtondaughter of Samuel Paxton181141815 1st December 1815
Millina Isabel Paxtondaughter of Samuel Paxton181711818 23rd December 1818
George Paxtonson of Samuel Paxton182211823 15th September 1823
George Mill Paxtonson of Samuel Paxton1832751907 3rd October 1907
Samuel Paxtonson of Samuel Paxton1829781907 23rd October 1907
St Clair Paxtonson of Samuel Paxton1813521865 July 1865
William Paxtonson of Samuel Paxton180851813 22nd February 1813
William T Paxtonson of Samuel Paxton182841832 9th January 1832
George Dunnson-in-law of Samuel Paxton
Agnes Dunlopwife of Samuel Paxton1788721860 18th February 1860
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223PlayfairJohn Playfairfirst name on this monument1748711819id: 112261639961075
James Playfair1755391794

224PorteousJohn Porteousfirst name on this monument66id: 1090977
(2 images)
1637941106314th June
Elizabeth Craig1832 September 1832
John Porteousson of John Porteous1832 1832
Walter Porteousson of John Porteous20 14th August

225PurdleDavid Purdlefirst name on this monumentid: 1126516401210862
Margaret Horndeandaughter of David Purdle1789201809 22nd October 1809
David Purdlegrand son of David Purdle
John Purdlegrand son of David Purdle
Purdlemother of David Purdle1746751821 18th January 1821
Agnes Purdle Somerville1793491842 13th November 1842
John Somerville1784691853 21st February 1853
David Purdleson of David Purdle21 22nd April
William Horndeanson-in-law of David Purdle
Marion Thomsonwife of David Purdle1764521816 11th May 1816

226RaeburnWilliam Raeburnfirst name on this monument1752601812id: 1100017
(2 images)
1638201085324th March 1812

227ReidGeorgina Reidfirst name on this monumentid: 1090916
(2 images)
Ann Reid

228ReidSarah Robina Reidfirst name on this monument1838id: 11159
(2 images)
1639711078217th November 1838

229ReidWilliam Reidfirst name on this monument1783501833id: 11044
(2 images)
163912109331st December 1833
Isabella Sawersdaughter-in-law of William Reid1825351860 30th November 1860
Margaret Isabella Reidgrand daughter of William Reid1856921948 2nd October 1948
Alexander Field Reidson of William Reid1825351860 25th September 1860
Andrew Reidson of William Reid1823111834 3rd September 1834
Francis Home Reidson of William Reid1817171834 4th January 1834
John Reidson of William Reid
William Reidson of William Reid1809251834 4th April 1834
Margaret Fieldwife of William Reid1787781865 12th June 1865

230RentonWilliam Rentonfirst name on this monument1791691860no image1638861106217th March 1860
John Rentonbrother of William Renton1796311827 July 1827
Elizabeth Rentondaughter of William Renton181811819 29th March 1819
Marion Rentondaughter of William Renton1829171846 January 1846
Marjory Rentondaughter of William Renton1822
Thomas Borrowman1791
Marjory Renton Comrie
George Rentonson of William Renton183231835 October 1835
James Rentonson of William Renton181401814 18th May 1814
John Rentonson of William Renton1812581870 18th February 1870
Richard Rentonson of William Renton182711828 1st July 1828
Thomas Rentonson of William Renton1816621878 3rd March 1878
William Rentonson of William Renton1824251849 1849
Helen Rentonsister of William Renton1792641856 7th August 1856
Marion Borrowmanwife of William Renton1789611850 17th October 1850
Alison Readsecond wife of William Renton1810491859 9th August 1859

231RentonWilliam Rentonfirst name on this monument1779811860id: 1100117
(2 images)
Rachel Rentondaughter of William Renton180961815
Christina Gordonmother of William Renton1743771820
Peter Rentonson of William Renton1803401843
William Rentonson of William Renton181211813 aged 23m
William Rentonson of William Renton1815671882 10th August 1882
Agnes Duncanwife of William Renton1780831863
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232ReochGeorge Reochfirst name on this monument1783571840id: 11061163922107315th November 1840
George Reochson of George Reoch1814331847 2nd August 1847

233RichardsonRalph Richardsonfirst name on this monument1816no image16389110775th June 1816
Eliza Richardsondaughter of Ralph Richardson1879 8th May 1879
Elizabeth Richardsondaughter of Ralph Richardson1811 27th February 1811
Helen Richardsondaughter of Ralph Richardson1885 15th January 1885
Alison Ponton Black1819691888 14th March 1888
Charles James Richardson1862 30th November 1862 aged 7m
James Richardson185821860 28th January 1860
James Richardson1804641868 13th September 1868
James Richardsonson of Ralph Richardson1868 13th September 1868
James Richardsonson of Ralph Richardson1806 2nd August 1806
Ralph Richardsonson of Ralph Richardson1853 26th June 1853
Robert Richardsonson of Ralph Richardson1886 26th May 1886
Ann Brownwife of Ralph Richardson1822 22nd February 1822

234RobertsJohn Robertsfirst name on this monument1724861810id: 11179
(3 images)
163979111227th April 1810
Christian Robertsdaughter of John Roberts2
David Roberts
Alexander Robertsson of John Roberts7
John Robertsson of John Roberts9
Christian Ritchiewife of John Roberts1729861815 11th July 1815

235RobertsonHannah Robertsonfirst name on this monument1784731857id: 11000051638131080113th October 1857
William Grubbhusband of Hannah Robertson1783741857 29th December 1857

236RobertsonJames Robertsonfirst name on this monument1849id: 11000211638231071
Catherine Robertsondaughter of James Robertson1896
Jemima Robertsondaughter of James Robertson1859
Wilhelmina Robertsondaughter of James Robertson1845
James Robertsonson of James Robertson1836
Thomas Robertsonson of James Robertson1838
Wilhelmina Wilsonwife of James Robertson1866

237RobertsonJohn Robertsonfirst name on this monument1765771842id: 1100004
(2 images)
1638121083111th November 1842
John Kerr
Alexander Robertson1788591847 16th August 1847
Janet Robertson1785641849 10th November 1849

238RobertsonMaria Robertsonfirst name on this monument1823id: 1090923163764107126th August 1823

239RonaldsonAgnes Ronaldsonfirst name on this monument1766621828id: 1100138
(2 images)
16387010881Baptised 13 May 1766 in Eddleston, died 5th November 1828. At her marriage to Richard Fraser on 14 November 1793 she was described as daughter of Stephen Ronaldson, farmer at Eddleston, county of Tweedale.
Agnes Ross Fraserdaughter of Agnes Ronaldson180851813 8th April 1813
Richard Fraserhusband of Agnes Ronaldson1771581829 7th August 1829
Richard Fraser1805551860 8th August 1860
Stephen Fraser1846 5th March 1846
Richard Fraserson of Agnes Ronaldson180321805 13th April 1805
Thomas Fraserson of Agnes Ronaldson1797111808 4th April 1808

240RowandMargaret Rowandfirst name on this monument1791721863id: 10909571637851085121st August 1863
Catherine Andersondaughter of Margaret Rowand
Catherine Andersondaughter of Margaret Rowand1828861914 28th October 1914
Janet Andersondaughter of Margaret Rowand1838631901 27th September 1901
Margaret Andersondaughter of Margaret Rowand
Margaret Andersondaughter of Margaret Rowand1826101836 5th June 1836
James Andersonhusband of Margaret Rowand1794751869 25th September 1869

241RusselJohn Russelfirst name on this monumentid: 1100160
(3 images)

242SalisburyAnne Salisburyfirst name on this monument1776id: 11146163963107523rd September 1776 aged 7m
James Salisburyfather of Anne Salisbury
Elizabeth Salisburymother of Anne Salisbury
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243SaltersCharles Saltersfirst name on this monumentid: 11090
(2 images)
Isaac Salters
John Wilkie

244SandersonJames Sandersonfirst name on this monument1792651857id: 11191
(2 images)
1639841080211th February 1857
Robert Sandersonson of James Sanderson183031833 15th September 1833
Elizabeth Walkerwife of James Sanderson1795751870 28th February 1870

245SandersonWilliam Sandersonfirst name on this monumentid: 113141640251071

246SavileDavid Savilefirst name on this monument1775351810id: 11105
(2 images)
163949108722nd June 1810
Mary Saviledaughter of David Savile
David Savileson of David Savile180881816 28th May 1816
John Andersonson-in-law of David Savile
Anne Petriewife of David Savile1834 June 1834

247SayersRobert Sayersfirst name on this monument1847id: 10909041637511120119th February 1847
Agnes Sayersdaughter of Robert Sayers1871 30th November 1871
Jane Hutchison Sayersdaughter of Robert Sayers1828 29th January 1828
Margaret Sayersdaughter of Robert Sayers1873 15th January 1873
Sarah Elizabeth Sayersdaughter of Robert Sayers
Agnes Catherine Browngrand daughter of Robert Sayers1846 4th January 1846
Joseph Grant Browngrand daughter of Robert Sayers1853 13th June 1853
Robert Sayersson of Robert Sayers1867 15th March 1867
Walter Sayersson of Robert Sayers1857 24th June 1857
Stuart Brownson-in-law of Robert Sayers
Sarah Chancellorwife of Robert Sayers
Margaret Brownsecond wife of Robert Sayers1842 13th January 1842

248ScottElizabeth Scottfirst name on this monument184841852id: 11057163919107623rd July 1852
Thomas Scottfather of Elizabeth Scott1873 November 1873
Janet Finlaysonmother of Elizabeth Scott1808601868 28th June 1868

249ScottJohn Scottfirst name on this monument177951784id: 1090987163801106711th January 1784

250ShepherdWilliam Shepherdfirst name on this monument1779821861id: 1106016392110847th December 1861
Chrestain Shepherdwife of William Shepherd1800691869 15th February 1869

251SliderJohn Sliderfirst name on this monument1746701816id: 1100056
(3 images)
163838106829th May 1816
Christian Sliderdaughter of John Slider1781481829 23rd November 1829
Isabella Sliderdaughter of John Slider1776641840 8th May 1840
William Sliderson of John Slider1771471818 26th March 1818
Christian Millerwife of John Slider1737551792 3rd January 1792
Grisel Grahamsecond wife of John Slider1762651827 January 1827

252SmithAlexander Smithfirst name on this monumentid: 1110616394110721American Civil War memorial 1861-1865

253SmithS M Gul Smithfirst name on this monumentid: 11054
(2 images)

254SmithThomas Smithfirst name on this monument1752631815id: 1090907163754107121st June 1815
Jean Lillie Stevensonwife of Thomas Smith1751691820

255SomervilleHenrietta Irving Henderson Somervillefirst name on this monument1807id: 10909831637971084227th June
William David Wightman Henderson Somervillefather of Henrietta Irving Henderson Somerville
May G Henderson Somervillesister of Henrietta Irving Henderson Somerville1811591870 26th March 1870

256SomervilleMargaret Somervillefirst name on this monument1763511814id: 10909631637861075120th May 1814
John Greighusband of Margaret Somerville

257SomnerGeorge Somnerfirst name on this monument1760551815id: 1104216391110692June 1815
Jane Hamilton1773741847 15th March 1847
Robert Peddie
Francis Elcho Somner1807401847 18th October 1847
Jane Somner1805431848 6th June 1848
George Somnerson of George Somner1815301845 4th August 1845
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258SomnerM Somnerfirst name on this monument1773701843id: 11046
(2 images)
163913107224th October 1843
James Setonhusband of M Somner1851 22nd May 1851
Francis Charteris Seton1805721877 30th July 1877
James Grant Seton1862 16th December 1862
Margaret Seton1862 15th July 1862
Richard Somner Seton1872 11th August 1872

259SpottiswoodJanet Spottiswoodfirst name on this monument1785481833id: 1100031
(4 images)
16382810682nd August 1833
James Taithusband of Janet Spottiswood
Robert Spottiswood Taitson of Janet Spottiswood1820261846 21st November 1846
William Beresford Taitson of Janet Spottiswood182391832 5th December 1832

260SpottiswoodRobert Spottiswoodfirst name on this monumentid: 1100031
(4 images)
James Brodie Spottiswoodnephew of Robert Spottiswood
James Tait1828 13th May 1828

261SteedmanRobert Steedmanfirst name on this monumentno image1639381080American Civil War memorial 1861-1865

262SteeleWilliam Steelefirst name on this monument1812501862id: 1100073
(2 images)
1638461073111th March 1862
Thomas Steelefather of William Steele1780491829 4th October 1829
Mary Paemother of William Steele1771711842 16th August 1842
Isabella Steelewife of William Steele1807601867 30th December 1867

263StewartDaniel Stewartfirst name on this monument1741731814id: 1100190
(2 images)

264StewartN Stewartfirst name on this monumentid: 10909321637691074
Jess Stewartsister of N Stewart1796221818 March 1818

265StodartJames Stodartfirst name on this monument1760631823id: 112471640041091411th September 1823
David Stodart

266StorieAlexander Storiefirst name on this monumentid: 1125616400710992

267StorieAndrew Storiefirst name on this monument1767951862id: 11257164008108510th May 1862
John Elder1761531814 30th July 1814
Eliza Fyfe Tough
John Edward Tough
Penelope Fyfewife of Andrew Storie1773671840 31st October 1840

268StuartWilliam Stuartfirst name on this monumentid: 112421640011093

269SutherlandWilliam Sutherlandfirst name on this monument1776761852id: 11000861638501080123rd February 1852
Helen Sutherlanddaughter of William Sutherland1812361848 18th July 1848
Marion Sutherlanddaughter of William Sutherland1820961916 3rd March 1916
Marion Lauriewife of William Sutherland1776601836 28th January 1836

270TaylorJames Taylorfirst name on this monumentid: 11000621638401067
Annie Taylordaughter of James Taylor
Ann Stewartwife of James Taylor 27th January

271ThomsonRichard Thomsonfirst name on this monument1743491792id: 11196
(2 images)
Elizabeth Thomsondaughter of Richard Thomson1782331815
Jane Walkerdaughter-in-law of Richard Thomson1783471830
Charles Thomsonson of Richard Thomson178711788 aged 15m
James Thomsonson of Richard Thomson
Robert Thomsonson of Richard Thomson178981797
Isabel Shirreffwife of Richard Thomson1753601813

272ThomsonThomas Thomsonfirst name on this monument1757621819id: 1100151
(4 images)
163876110616th April 1819
Margaret Langdaughter-in-law of Thomas Thomson1822791901 12th March 1901
George William Thomsonson of Thomas Thomson1817781895 17th July 1895
Thomas Drummond Thomsonson of Thomas Thomson1814331847 25th July 1847
Ann Drummond Smithwife of Thomas Thomson1779691848 8th May 1848

273TraquairMarion Joan Traquairfirst name on this monument1805861891id: 1090944
(2 images)
163775108425th November 1891
John Traquairfather of Marion Joan Traquair
Robert MacDougallhusband of Marion Joan Traquair1808911899 30th October 1899
Ann Mackiemother of Marion Joan Traquair1817 12th February 1817
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274UrquhartJoanne Urquhartfirst name on this monumentid: 11119
(6 images)
John Brown1759901849 24th August 1849
Elizabeth Forrest1766731839 31st January 1839
Janet Forrest1777881865 8th May 1865
William Forrest1771651836 8th July 1836
G Urquhart
John Urquhart1785251810
William Urquhart1761521813 1st December 1813
William Urquhart1791301821 11th Juyl 1821

275Von YelinJulius Von Yelinfirst name on this monument1826id: 11215
(4 images)
163992107524th January 1826
James Gibson Thomson

276WalkerAlexander Walkerfirst name on this monument1765711836id: 11136
(2 images)
163959109926th August 1836
Grace Walkerdaughter of Alexander Walker1805221827 23rd October 1827

277WalkerAlexander Walkerfirst name on this monument1748641812id: 1100171
(5 images)
1638841071113th January 1812
Margery Forbes Walkerdaughter of Alexander Walker180441808 24th February 1808
Sarah Walker
Alexander Walkerson of Alexander Walker180071807 13th May 1807
Ann Reidwife of Alexander Walker1725721797 27th August 1797

278WatkinsHenry Watkinsfirst name on this monument1780791859id: 109095016377910685th January 1859

279WatsonDavid Watsonfirst name on this monumentid: 113111640241068

280WatsonGeorge Watsonfirst name on this monument1770501820id: 1090969163791106917th September 1820
Helen Watsonwife of George Watson

281WatsonRobina Watsonfirst name on this monument1841591900id: 11087163933109230th May 1900
Thomas Balmainhusband of Robina Watson1831731904 12th March 1904

282WattJohn Wattfirst name on this monument1762861848id: 11193163985108125th January 1848
Grace Carmichael Wattdaughter of John Watt 11th July
Helen Wattdaughter of John Watt 15th January
Jane Henderson Wattdaughter of John Watt1902 3rd October 1902
Susan Campbell Wattdaughter of John Watt1911 7th April 1911
John Watt Reid1905 24th February 1905
James Henderson Wattson of John Watt 30th June
Jane Henderonwife of John Watt1796661862 7th October 1862

283WeirIsabella Weirfirst name on this monument1783831866id: 11207163990108626th October 1866
Adam Weirfather of Isabella Weir
Jane Weirsister of Isabella Weir1791541845 16th February 1845

284WhitelawJames Whitelawfirst name on this monument1877id: 1090951163780109126th January 1877
Mary Whitelawdaughter of James Whitelaw
Barbara Whitelawson of James Whitelaw
David Whitelawson of James Whitelaw
William Whitelawson of James Whitelaw
Janet Darlingwife of James Whitelaw

285WhyteThomas Whytefirst name on this monument1767291796id: 110000716381410707th June 1796
Thomas Whytefather of Thomas Whyte

286WilkieJames Wilkiefirst name on this monumentno image1639391076American Civil War memorial 1861-1865

287WilkinsElisabeth Wilkinsfirst name on this monument1684631747id: 109090516375210963rd February 1747
Thomas Grayhusband of Elisabeth Wilkins1672801752 3rd May 1752
James Swan
John Swan173791746
Michael Swan1746 aged 6m

288WilliamsonAgnes Williamsonfirst name on this monument1764601824id: 1100077
(6 images)
163847115117th February 1824
Janet Scottdaughter of Agnes Williamson179211793 8th July 1793 aged 14m
Jessie Scottdaughter of Agnes Williamson1801181819 4th October 1819
Margaret Scottdaughter of Agnes Williamson1789211810 18th December 1810
Catherine Inglisdaughter-in-law of Agnes Williamson1797381835 17th April 1835
Thomas Scottgrand son of Agnes Williamson1830 7th July 1830
William Scottgrand son of Agnes Williamson1827641891 14th September 1891
William Scotthusband of Agnes Williamson1756691825 23rd September 1825
Marion Mure1909 26th October 1909
Archibald McLean Scottson of Agnes Williamson1803201823 2nd May 1823
George Scottson of Agnes Williamson179511796 27th January 1796 aged 16m
George Williamson Scottson of Agnes Williamson1796351831 2nd November 1831
James Scottson of Agnes Williamson1793211814 29th June 1814
John Scottson of Agnes Williamson1798221820 3rd July 1820
Thomas Scottson of Agnes Williamson1788301818 3rd September 1818
William Scottson of Agnes Williamson1791251816 19th October 1816
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289WilsonAnn Wilsonfirst name on this monument1807151822id: 11246164003107610th April 1822
William Wilsonbrother of Ann Wilson1816321848 22nd March 1848
Thomas Pearsonbrother-in-law of Ann Wilson
Joseph Wilsonfather of Ann Wilson
Hannah Wilsonmother of Ann Wilson
Elizabeth Hannah Pearsonniece of Ann Wilson1837 16th January 1837 aged 9m
Elizabeth Wilsonsister of Ann Wilson1809281837 5th June 1837

290WilsonGeorge Wilsonfirst name on this monument1818411859id: 1100157
(3 images)
163878109022nd November 1859
Peter Wilsonuncle of George Wilson1786781864 26th January 1864

291WoodWendy Woodfirst name on this monument1892891981id: 10909111637571067

292Woods Woodsfirst name on this monumentid: 10909561637841084

293WordsworthSamuel Wordsworthfirst name on this monument1764781842id: 110000816381510823rd November 1842
Anna Wordsworthdaughter of Samuel Wordsworth
Charlotte Wordsworthdaughter of Samuel Wordsworth
Elizabeth Wordsworthdaughter of Samuel Wordsworth
Elizabeth Wordsworthdaughter of Samuel Wordsworth
Margaret Wordsworthdaughter of Samuel Wordsworth
Margaret Wordsworthdaughter of Samuel Wordsworth
Matthew Wordsworthson of Samuel Wordsworth
Samuel Wordsworthson of Samuel Wordsworth
Sarah Wordsworthwife of Samuel Wordsworth1776571833 6th September 1833

294WrightWilliam Wrightfirst name on this monument1821341855id: 11126
(2 images)
163956106929th February 1855
Thomas Weir Wrightson of William Wright184811849 10th December 1849
Janet Horn Weirwife of William Wright1824841908 19th September 1908

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Old Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this cemetery is EH1 3BG - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

The view statistics shown below are from 8 Jan 2014 when collection of these statistics started.

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