Old Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

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Monument list

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1AdamsAndrew Adamsfirst name on this monument1862id: 1090928163766111330th May 1862
Charlotte Leopold Adamsdaughter of Andrew Adams1822 8th June 1822
Jessie Dickson Adamsdaughter of Andrew Adams1853 22nd July 1853
Mary Adamsdaughter of Andrew Adams1886 28th August 1886
Adamsfather of Andrew Adams1808 15th March 1808
Adamsmother of Andrew Adams1821 15th May 1821
Adamsson of Andrew Adams1825 26th January 1825
Margaret Adamssister of Andrew Adams1823 12th October 1823
Elizabeth Dicksonwife of Andrew Adams1863 22nd April 1863

2AffleckRobert Affleckfirst name on this monument1787741861id: 1100206
(2 images)
1638941092113th April 1861
Elizabeth Affleckdaughter of Robert Affleck183611837 12th September 1837
Robert MacDonald Affleckson of Robert Affleck1847 28th August 1847 aged 5m

3AinsleyElizabeth Ainsleyfirst name on this monument1782381820id: 11071
(2 images)
163926112819th April 1820
Marjory Wildemother of Elizabeth Ainsley1741801821 18th January 1821

4AitchisonGeorge Aitchisonfirst name on this monument1778821860id: 11000201638221156
Helen Aitchisondaughter of George Aitchison1811541865
Janet Aitchisondaughter of George Aitchison1809811890
Margaret Aitchisondaughter of George Aitchison1807771884
Marjory Aitchisondaughter of George Aitchison1815631878
Alexander Aitchisonson of George Aitchison182081828
George Aitchisonson of George Aitchison1813581871
William Aitchisonson of George Aitchison1805811886
Janet Wilsonwife of George Aitchison1777701847

5AitchisonJames Aitchisonfirst name on this monument1792521844id: 110003016382711512April 1844
John Aitchisonson of James Aitchison1816541870 5th December 1870
Margaret Salmondwife of James Aitchison1792671859 November 1859

6AllanDavid Allanfirst name on this monument1744521796id: 11171
(2 images)
16397510766th August 1796

7AllanFrancis Allanfirst name on this monument1761541815id: 1100022
(4 images)
1638241086128th February 1815
Francis Allan180921811 20th August 1811
Francis Allan1775541829 2nd March 1829
Francis Glen Allan1842731915 15th December 1915
Isabella Allan181141815 17th January 1815
James Glen Allan1815711886 12th January 1886
John Allan
Mary Allan1785261811 26th January 1811
Margaret Glen1791651856 27th September 1856
Isabella Sheachwife of Francis Allan1753721825 14th August 1825

8AndersonChristian Andersonfirst name on this monument1810331843id: 1100042
(2 images)
163833111415th June 1843
Helen Dick Baxterdaughter of Christian Anderson39 24th August
Madeline Susan Baxterdaughter of Christian Anderson1841281869 6th April 1869
James Baxterhusband of Christian Anderson1793571850 23rd August 1850
James Anderson Baxterson of Christian Anderson39 13th January
Charles E McMurdoson-in-law of Christian Anderson
Melville A Walkerson-in-law of Christian Anderson

9AndersonDavid Andersonfirst name on this monumentno image1640401067
Mary Andersonsister of David Anderson1799 11th February 1799

10AndersonDavid Andersonfirst name on this monument1801311832id: 1100195163890108115th February 1832
Janet Andersondaughter of David Anderson1 24th August aged 15m
Margaret Swanwife of David Anderson84 17th December

11AndersonHugh Andersonfirst name on this monument1804681872id: 11299164020106713th July 1872
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12AndersonJames Andersonfirst name on this monument1861id: 110001316381710741February 1861
Jane S Andersondaughter of James Anderson1894 February 1894
Arthur Bühringgrand son of James Anderson1882 June 1882
Margaret Walkerwife of James Anderson
Anna Wattsecond wife of James Anderson1884 June 1884

13AngusMargaret E Angusfirst name on this monument1796id: 10909311637681094

14BalmainJohn Balmainfirst name on this monument1787871874id: 11083
(2 images)
163932108211th February 1874
Elizabeth Balmaindaughter of John Balmain March
Helen Balmaindaughter of John Balmain1826211847 3rd May 1847
Janet Balmaindaughter of John Balmain1815691884 2nd November 1884
Jemima Balmaindaughter of John Balmain1815851900 28th March 1900
Alexander Balmainson of John Balmain1820251845 25th January 1845
Archibald Balmainson of John Balmain4 25th November
Janet Bellwife of John Balmain1796831879 28th January 1879

15BarclayJohn Barclayfirst name on this monument1733651798id: 11047
(3 images)
1639141075129th July 1798. John Barclay married Margaret Spink daughter of shipmaster Andrew Spink on 22 September 1784 in Dundee.
James Donaldson1747741821 5th March 1821
Helen White1760921852 7th April 1852

16BartletMargaret Bartletfirst name on this monument1756761832id: 112901640171082126th January 1832

17BeattieHelen Beattiefirst name on this monument1834661900id: 110881639341112122nd January 1900
Jessie Bell Balmaindaughter of Helen Beattie1855871942 15th March 1942
Michael Balmainhusband of Helen Beattie1824801904 9th May 1904
Alexander Bell Balmainson of Helen Beattie44 26th April
James Beattie Balmainson of Helen Beattie1853631916 3rd October 1916

18BellAlexander Bellfirst name on this monument1760501810id: 11083
(2 images)
1639311119323rd October 1810
Helen Belldaughter of Alexander Bell
Jessie Belldaughter of Alexander Bell
Janet Thomsonwife of Alexander Bell1760721832 25th October 1832

19BeveridgeWilliam Beveridgefirst name on this monument1764431807id: 1090975
(2 images)
163793109625th June 1807
James Mayfather-in-law of William Beveridge
Barbara Maywife of William Beveridge1753691822 14th June 1822

20BlackElizabeth Blackfirst name on this monument1889id: 11184
(2 images)
163981106823rd September 1889
William Alexanderhusband of Elizabeth Black
Janet Andrea Blacksister of Elizabeth Black1891 11th March 1891

21BlackGeorge Stevenson Blackfirst name on this monumentid: 110003516383010681
Christina Ann Blackdaughter of George Stevenson Black
Ellen Blackdaughter of George Stevenson Black
Margaret Mure Blackdaughter of George Stevenson Black
Isabella Murewife of George Stevenson Black

22BlackwoodWilliam Blackwoodfirst name on this monument1776581834id: 113051640231110
Isabella Blackwooddaughter of William Blackwood1812851897 2nd January 1897
Janet Blackwooddaughter of William Blackwood1823471870 30th November 1870
Alexander Blackwoodson of William Blackwood1806391845 21st March 1845
Archibald Blackwoodson of William Blackwood1821491870 30th November 1870
James Blackwoodson of William Blackwood1814571871 18th October 1871
John Blackwoodson of William Blackwood1819601879 29th October 1879
Robert Blackwoodson of William Blackwood1808441852 14th February 1852
Thomas Blackwoodson of William Blackwood1816391855 March 1855
William Blackwoodson of William Blackwood1810511861 8th April 1861
Elizabeth Steuartsister-in-law of William Blackwood1773811854 13th March 1854
Archibald Smithson-in-law of William Blackwood
Janet Steuartwife of William Blackwood1780691849 4th April 1849
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23BlaikieThomas Blaikiefirst name on this monument1789861875id: 110021416389810704th October 1875

24BlairAndreae Blairfirst name on this monument1749181767id: 11000141638181070September 1767

25BogRobert Bogfirst name on this monument1814id: 11188
(2 images)
163983108016th May 1814
Isabella McClymont
Margaret Ramsay
James Stewart
Mary Stewart

26BollCharlotte Bollfirst name on this monument1767851852id: 1090992
(3 images)
163804107525th July 1852

27BorrowmanJames Borrowmanfirst name on this monument1744691813id: 109095416378210725th June 1813
Mary Thomsonwife of James Borrowman1759431802 20th March 1802

28BoydEbenezer Boydfirst name on this monument1807451852id: 11253164006108712nd March 1852
Eliza Jane Boyddaughter of Ebenezer Boyd184811849 1st July 1849
Jane Boyddaughter of Ebenezer Boyd1879 6th February 1879
Mary Ann Boyddaughter of Ebenezer Boyd185111852 12th April 1852
Margaret Matthewson Boydniece of Ebenezer Boyd1851 8th August 1851
John Langlands Boydson of Ebenezer Boyd184421846 3rd March 1846
Thomas Wardlaw Boydson of Ebenezer Boyd1850161866 20th April 1866
Mary Paulwife of Ebenezer Boyd1816371853 22nd October 1853

29BoydJohn Boydfirst name on this monument1796651861id: 11269164014108222nd July 1861
Mary Boyddaughter of John Boyd
Jessie Boydgrand daughter of John Boyd1854151869 29th July 1869
Mary Boydgrand daughter of John Boyd1857111868 27th November 1868
James Lawsongrand son of John Boyd1852101862 4th December 1862
Robert Langlands1726771803 April 1803
James Boydson of John Boyd
Jacobina Johnstonwife of John Boyd1795801875 20th October 1875

30BoydMargaret Ann Boydfirst name on this monument183771844id: 1133116403110902nd February 1844
James Boydbrother of Margaret Ann Boyd1834181852 31st March 1852
John Johnstone Boydbrother of Margaret Ann Boyd1831291860 24th December 1860
James Boydfather of Margaret Ann Boyd1864 19th May 1864
Alison Johnstonemother of Margaret Ann Boyd1868 23rd March 1868

31BroomfieldAdam Broomfieldfirst name on this monument1782741856id: 1090940
(2 images)
163772107913th April 1856
Agnes Broomfielddaughter of Adam Broomfield1824341858 2nd August 1858

32BrownJames Brownfirst name on this monument1796id: 11340164035107522nd March 1796
Grace Browndaughter of James Brown1784841868 August 1868
Euphemia Browngrand daughter of James Brown18081001908 17th February 1908
Mary Browngrand daughter of James Brown1810141824 20th October 1824
James Browngrand son of James Brown1805221827 11th June 1827
John Brownson of James Brown1780531833 21st October 1833
Mary Briggswife of James Brown1752841836 17th December 1836

33BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument1890id: 1090971
(2 images)
163792107816th June 1890
Janet Arthur25
Margaret Brown1922 1st June 1922
Alexander R Forrest
Catharine Muirue

34BruceGeorge Brucefirst name on this monument1843id: 113171640261126319th June 1843
Ann Andersondaughter of George Bruce 10th February
Margaret Brucedaughter of George Bruce1810131823 12th June 1823
George Andersongrand son of George Bruce December
James Andersongrand son of George Bruce1831 12th March 1831
Alexander Henderson Anderson
Catherine Anderson July
George James Anderson3 14th January
George Bruceson of George Bruce3 3rd June
James Andersonson-in-law of George Bruce
Ann Davisonwife of George Bruce February
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35BruceJean Brucefirst name on this monument1745641809id: 1123316399910891st January 1809
William Bruce Jackhusband of Jean Bruce1814 13th April 1814
Robert Brunton1761721833 26th May 1833
Ann Jack1823 4th September 1823
Jean Jack1774841858 2nd June 1858
Margaret Jack1840 6th May 1840
James Bruce Jackson of Jean Bruce1826 December 1826
William Jackson of Jean Bruce1733901823 5th March 1823

36BryceDavid Brycefirst name on this monument1763531816id: 1100059
(3 images)
1638391071316th June 1816
Walter Grahambrother-in-law of David Bryce1861 1st February 1861
Mary Brycesister of David Bryce1843 31st December 1843

37BrydenHelen Brydenfirst name on this monument1820461866id: 11151
(3 images)
1639661102115th July 1866
Adam Bryden1788711859 30th October 1859

38BrydenJohn Brydenfirst name on this monument1757721829id: 1115516396811402
Margaret Brydendaughter of John Bryden1804511855
Harry Brooke Brydengreat grand son of John Bryden1863811944 4th December 1944
Janet Bellwife of John Bryden1758841842

39BrydenWilliam Brydenfirst name on this monument1793571850id: 111561639691114130th September 1850
Janet Bell Brydendaughter of William Bryden182681834 30th November 1834
Margaret Brydendaughter of William Bryden1830 2nd December 1830 aged 5m
Margaret Brydendaughter of William Bryden184011841 13th February 1841
Adam Brydenson of William Bryden1825121837 21st November 1837
James Alexander Brydenson of William Bryden183441838 15th December 1838
Robert Brydenson of William Bryden1829 30th August 1829 aged 6m
William Brydenson of William Bryden1828111839 8th January 1839
Margaret Brydenwife of William Bryden1793841877 24th December 1877

40BrydenWilliam Corbett Brydenfirst name on this monument1827361863id: 11154163967108219th September 1863

41BurnsRobert Burnsfirst name on this monument1816id: 1125016400510691

42CairnsGeorge Cairnsfirst name on this monument1811761887id: 11000651638431077113th November 1887
Jane Mackiewife of George Cairns1802761878 4th July 1878

43CalderAlexander Calderfirst name on this monument1867id: 1107216392711212nd March 1867
Catherine M Calderdaughter of Alexander Calder1912 19th August 1912
Alexander Forrester Calderson of Alexander Calder1848 5th November 1848
Charles Bushby Calderson of Alexander Calder1861 8th November 1861
John Morison Calderson of Alexander Calder1902 31st December 1902
R Menzies Calderson of Alexander Calder1876 21st January 1876
William Menzies Calderson of Alexander Calder1878 30th June 1878
Catherine Menzies Forresterwife of Alexander Calder1869 1st April 1869

44CallenderAlexander Callenderfirst name on this monument1845id: 11198
(3 images)
1639871120129th July 1845
Anne Callenderdaughter of Alexander Callender1824 January 1824
Alexander Callenderson of Alexander Callender1872 12th July 1872
Ann Carmichaelwife of Alexander Callender1832 24th May 1832

45CameronDaniel Charles Cameronfirst name on this monument1792651857id: 11133
(2 images)
163958109118th December 1857
Jane Camerondaughter of Daniel Charles Cameron1873 June 1873
David Edingtonson-in-law of Daniel Charles Cameron1830381868 17th April 1868
Isabella MacIntyrewife of Daniel Charles Cameron1792781870 23rd May 1870

46CameronDonald Cameronfirst name on this monument1804no image1640361068

47CameronHelen Cameronfirst name on this monument1786281814no image164032107617th September 1814
Thomas Penderhusband of Helen Cameron
Francis Penderson of Helen Cameron1814 14th March 1814 aged 8m
Robert Penderson of Helen Cameron181031813 15th January 1813
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48CampbellArchibald Argyle Campbellfirst name on this monument1769401809id: 1100137163869111227th January 1809

49CampbellGrace Monzie Campbellfirst name on this monument1804id: 11183
(2 images)
16398010681March 1804

50CampbellJames Campbellfirst name on this monumentid: 10909331637701076
Margaret Campbelldaughter of James Campbell1852 January 1852

51CampbellPatrick Campbellfirst name on this monument1775621837id: 11001151638611087110th May 1837
Archibald Campbellbrother of Patrick Campbell1789281817 28th July 1817
John Campbellfather of Patrick Campbell1747751822 22nd May 1822
Barbara Campbellsister of Patrick Campbell1794241818 3rd December 1818
Margaret Campbellsister of Patrick Campbell1774701844 23rd April 1844
Marjory Campbellsister of Patrick Campbell1774721846 18th May 1846
Elizabeth Campbellwife of Patrick Campbell1779691848 22nd April 1848

52CampbellSusan Julian Campbellfirst name on this monument1823241847id: 11186
(2 images)
163982107123rd September 1847

53CandlishJames Candlishfirst name on this monument1760461806id: 11000991638551086328th April 1806
Eliza L Smith Candlishdaughter of James Candlish1800671867 1st January 1867
Jane Smith Candlishdaughter of James Candlish1797301827 23rd May 1827
Janet Candlishdaughter of James Candlish1797 12th March 1797 aged 9m
Janet Smith Candlishdaughter of James Candlish180121803 12th February 1803
Jessie Brock1813811894 16th September 1894
Agnes Candlish184321845 24th April 1845
Jane Smith Candlish183911840 30th March 1840
Margaret Charlotte Candlish1846531899 16th April 1899
Mary Ross Candlish1851151866 30th September 1866
Mary Smith Candlish1844431887 20th May 1887
Robert Smith Candlish1806671873 19th October 1873
Walter Candlish1840 21st February 1840 aged 6m
Henry Candlishson of James Candlish1805 24th April 1805 aged 6m
James Smith Candlishson of James Candlish1800291829 15th September 1829
Jane Smithwife of James Candlish1768861854 20th January 1854

54CarruthersJohn Carruthersfirst name on this monument1731781809id: 1100126
(7 images)
163866111420th October 1809
Charlotte Carruthersdaughter of John Carruthers1856 30th June 1856
Robert Lauriefather-in-law of John Carruthers
J R Anderson
John Peter Carruthers Wade1802711873 1st March 1873
Rachel Jane Wade1848291877 6th February 1877
Rachelle Wade1821501871 27th November 1871
Charlotte Lauriewife of John Carruthers1744771821 14th December 1821

55CarstairsJohn Carstairsfirst name on this monument1806461852id: 1100087
(6 images)
1638511112114th May 1852
Mary Payne Carstairsdaughter of John Carstairs183421836 2nd November 1836
Jane Steuart Thomsondaughter-in-law of John Carstairs1811371848 18th November 1848
Sarah Carstairsgrand daughter of John Carstairs1871 11th March 1871 aged 4m
David Carstairsgrand son of John Carstairs1840421882 1st December 1882
James Carstairsgrand son of John Carstairs
Helen Carstairs1808541862 3rd January 1862
Isabella Goodsir Latterly Rhind1848821930 13th December 1930
George Thomson1806721878 16th December 1878
James Carstairsson of John Carstairs184931852 2nd January 1852
John Carstairsson of John Carstairs1829331862 22nd September 1862
Matthew Carstairsson of John Carstairs1810591869 30th July 1869
Thomas Carstairsson of John Carstairs
Sarah MacKernesswife of John Carstairs1803731876 17th April 1876

56CarterLydia Carterfirst name on this monument1707691776id: 11099163944107819th December 1776
John Gavin1787481835 4th March 1835
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57ChisholmGeorgiana Chisholmfirst name on this monument1823291852id: 110501639151095117th September 1852
John Campbellhusband of Georgiana Chisholm

58ChisholmKenneth Chisholmfirst name on this monument1788611849id: 110201639021099121st August 1849
Jane Chisholmdaughter of Kenneth Chisholm67 25th February
Margaret Flettwife of Kenneth Chisholm1789681857 January 1857

59ChisholmWilliam Chisholmfirst name on this monumentid: 11173
(2 images)

60ChristieDuncan Christiefirst name on this monument1801701871id: 11000011638091080216th November 1871
Colin Christiebrother of Duncan Christie1806841890 10th January 1890
John Christiebrother of Duncan Christie1810621872 8th September 1872
Janet Christiesister of Duncan Christie1808731881 26th April 1881

61ClarksonJohn Clarksonfirst name on this monument1736661802id: 11021163903107521st October 1802
Janet Rogerwife of John Clarkson1755631818 23rd August 1818

62ConstableArchibald Constablefirst name on this monument1774531827id: 11283164016107121st July 1827

63CookEliza Cookfirst name on this monumentid: 113021640211070
Charles Kenneth Cookbrother of Eliza Cook
John Cookfather of Eliza Cook1823611884 13th February 1884
Mary Munromother of Eliza Cook1827641891 9th June 1891

64CraigJohn Craigfirst name on this monument1772641836id: 11075163928107825th September 1836
Euphemia Craigdaughter of John Craig1802191821 7th February 1821
Janet Craigdaughter of John Craig1796791875 1st July 1875
Joanna Craigdaughter of John Craig1803181821 11th October 1821
Elizabeth Marion Fraserdaughter of John Craig1799391838 6th October 1838
James Craigson of John Craig
John Craigson of John Craig1807311838 10th January 1838
Thomas Craigson of John Craig1797191816 22nd December 1816
William Craigson of John Craig1809181827 29th November 1827
P S Fraserson-in-law of John Craig
Janet Louriewife of John Craig1769761845 4th October 1845

65CramondAnn Cramondfirst name on this monument1851id: 112441640021078118th December 1851
James Gunnhusband of Ann Cramond1785881873 27th April 1873
Francis Gunnson of Ann Cramond181581823 27th March 1823

66CrichtonMargaret Crichtonfirst name on this monumentno image16403411182
Elizabeth Walkerdaughter of Margaret Crichton1791171808 January 1808
Emelia Walkerdaughter of Margaret Crichton1793291822 26th July 1822
Alexander Walkerhusband of Margaret Crichton1749721821 9th July 1821
James Walker
James Reade Walker183921841 15th March 1841
Edward Maxwellson-in-law of Margaret Crichton

67CroleyWilliam Croleyfirst name on this monument1800701870id: 11052
(2 images)
163916107112th December 1870
John Payne Croleyson of William Croley1822461868 12th January 1868
Frances Thomsonwife of William Croley1800741874 2nd October 1874

68DallasAnne Dallasfirst name on this monument1800701870id: 1100143
(2 images)
Katharine Burtonfriend of Anne Dallas
Cosmo Innesfriend of Anne Dallas

69DickAlexander Dickfirst name on this monument75id: 11001921638881075225th February

70DickAlexander Mitchell Dickfirst name on this monument1802651867id: 11068163925108118th June 1867

71DicksonJames Dicksonfirst name on this monument1783631846id: 1100119
(4 images)
1638631109114th September 1846
Isabella Turnbullaunt of James Dickson1757831840 11th January 1840
Jean Turnbullmother of James Dickson1760621822 21st March 1822
James Dicksonson of James Dickson181571822 10th November 1822
James Renwick Dicksonson of James Dickson1813 31st March 1813 aged 10m
John Renwick Dicksonson of James Dickson182421826 4th June 1826
William Wilson Dicksonson of James Dickson181121813 1st July 1813
William Wilsonstep father of James Dickson
Isabella Renwickwife of James Dickson1783641847 31st March 1847
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72DicksonRichard Dicksonfirst name on this monument1792651857id: 11001101638591135118th March 1857. Architect
Charlotte Dicksondaughter of Richard Dickson
John Dicksonfather of Richard Dickson1766621828 25th May 1828. John Dickson's building company was bankrupted during his contract to build the Royal High School in Edinburgh. His sons Richard and Robert were both architects, Leith Town Hall being one of their commissions.
Mary Crichtonmother of Richard Dickson Mary Crichton, wife of John Dickson, was the sister of Richard Crichton, one of the two architects who designed the Bank of Scotland on the Mound. Richard was a pupil of Robert Adam.
William Dicksonson of Richard Dickson
Charlotte Dicksonsister of Richard Dickson
Jane Lucaswife of Richard Dickson1799761875 9th June 1875

73DicksonThomas Dicksonfirst name on this monument1803691872id: 110000216381011056th January 1872
Effie Dicksondaughter of Thomas Dickson
Eliza Tawse Dicksondaughter of Thomas Dickson1916 7th April 1916
Jane Dicksondaughter of Thomas Dickson
Jessie Dicksondaughter of Thomas Dickson
Mary Dicksondaughter of Thomas Dickson
Joseph Mackie Dicksonson of Thomas Dickson1836361872 17th May 1872
Thomas Dicksonson of Thomas Dickson1825791904 16th November 1904
Janet Williamina Mackiewife of Thomas Dickson1871 11th October 1871

74DougallRobert Dougallfirst name on this monument1796581854id: 10909971638061105227th May 1854
James Dougallson of Robert Dougall182321825 5th March 1825
John Dougallson of Robert Dougall

75DouglasAlexander Douglasfirst name on this monumentid: 109098516379910944
James Douglasbrother of Alexander Douglas1741581799 10th September 1799
Margaret Douglasdaughter of Alexander Douglas31 17th December
Margaret Scott Douglasdaughter of Alexander Douglas60
Susanna Douglasdaughter of Alexander Douglas1783301813 31st July 1813
Isabella Pantondaughter-in-law of Alexander Douglas
Robert Douglasfather of Alexander Douglas1712841796 31st December 1796
Margaret Robertsonmother of Alexander Douglas1714951809 16th October 1809
James Campbellson-in-law of Alexander Douglas
Randall Poole Daleson-in-law of Alexander Douglas
Mary Genotinwife of Alexander Douglas1750571807 25th April 1807

76DouglasArchibald Douglasfirst name on this monument1759511810id: 110171639011086318th April 1810
Mary Douglasdaughter of Archibald Douglas178251787 27th September 1787
Anna Browndaughter-in-law of Archibald Douglas1865 28th April 1865
Jane Browndaughter-in-law of Archibald Douglas1836 7th March 1836
Archibald Douglasfather of Archibald Douglas
Archibald Douglasson of Archibald Douglas1779541833 14th May 1833
William Douglasson of Archibald Douglas1781631844 16th July 1844
Margaretta Ramsaywife of Archibald Douglas1809 12th June 1809

77DouglasRamsay Douglasfirst name on this monument1877id: 11014
(2 images)
163900107623rd March 1877
William Douglasfather of Ramsay Douglas
C Carnegy Douglassister of Ramsay Douglas1904 29th February 1904
Tweedie Crawford Douglassister of Ramsay Douglas1824 31st July 1824

78DrysdaleWilliam Drysdalefirst name on this monument1761621823id: 10909121637581082411th August 1823
Rebecca Murraywife of William Drysdale1765691834 11th May 1834. Daugher of Baron Murray of Philiphaugh. I believe is Sir Walter Scott's first cousin.

79Du BissonJohn Du Bissonfirst name on this monument1750611811id: 1100215163899106721st June 1811

80DuffWilliam L Dufffirst name on this monumentno image1639371077American Civil War memorial 1861-1865

81DuncanAlexander Duncanfirst name on this monument1789id: 11161
(2 images)

82DyeMargaret Jackson Dyefirst name on this monument1919id: 1090998163807106927th October 1919

83EdwardsCharlotte Edwardsfirst name on this monument1790331823id: 11080
(2 images)
163930107629th April 1823
John Hughesfather of Charlotte Edwards
Richard Venn Edwardshusband of Charlotte Edwards
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84ElliotAdam Scott Elliotfirst name on this monumentid: 112921640191089
Charles Baxter
Ann Nancy Scott
Margaret Elliotwife of Adam Scott Elliot

85ElliotWilliam Elliotfirst name on this monumentid: 11128
(3 images)
Helen Elliotdaughter of William Elliot
Margaret Elliotdaughter of William Elliot
Ralph Elliot
Margaret Hume
Alexander McBeath
George McBeath
Helen McBeath
Helen McBeath
Louisa McBeath
Margaret McBeath
William McBeath
Helen Humewife of William Elliot

86EllisThomas Ellisfirst name on this monument1799831882id: 11162
(6 images)
163973111021st December 1882
Hannah Butler Dewardaughter-in-law of Thomas Ellis1827791906 4th December 1906
Beatrix Margaret Ellisgrand daughter of Thomas Ellis186441868 2nd March 1868
Hannah Grace Ellisgrand daughter of Thomas Ellis186711868 9th February 1868 aged 18m
Margaret Beatrix Ellisgrand daughter of Thomas Ellis187441878 8th February 1878
Marion Grace Dewargreat grand daughter of Thomas Ellis1891211912 11th July 1912
Robert Ellisgrand son of Thomas Ellis186421866 19th December 1866
Thomas Ellisgrand son of Thomas Ellis1862511913 4th October 1913
Robert Ellisson of Thomas Ellis1828711899 12th May 1899
Grace Ellissister of Thomas Ellis1806881894 11th March 1894
William Somervilleuncle of Thomas Ellis1755741829 7th November 1829
Beatrix Wallacewife of Thomas Ellis1802711873 23rd June 1873

87EwanGeorge Montgomery Ewanfirst name on this monument1820571877id: 1100203163893111813th October 1877
George Montgomery Ewangrand son of George Montgomery Ewan1898181916 3rd September 1916
Margaret Ewan1855711926 19th February 1926
Mary Trotter Ewan1851761927 19th Novemebr 1927
Ewan Montgomery Ewanson of George Montgomery Ewan1868471915 23rd March 1915

88FalconerElizabeth S Falconerfirst name on this monument1837711908id: 1100083163848108021st February 1908

89FarleyJean Farleyfirst name on this monument1753431796id: 1100145
(2 images)
1638741100219th December 1796
Lewis Johnstonfather of Jean Farley1723741797 9th October 1797

90FergusonRobert Fergusonfirst name on this monumentno image1639401073American Civil War memorial 1861-1865

91FinlayCatherine Finlayfirst name on this monument1797id: 11064
(2 images)
163923109627th October 1797
Peter Finlay1835 November 1835
Peter Finlay1842 20th August 1842
Peter Finlay1857 December 1857
Thomas Finlay1854 23rd May 1854
P F Gibson

92ForbesWilliam Forbesfirst name on this monumentid: 1100134
(2 images)
James Kemp Chalmers
Jane Forbes1861 12th June 1861

93ForrestElizabeth Riddell Forrestfirst name on this monument1881id: 10909991638081078113th June 1881
George Murrayhusband of Elizabeth Riddell Forrest1922 12th December 1922

94ForrestJames Forrestfirst name on this monument1927id: 11303164022107329th July 1927
Margaret Jessie Cook/Penneywife of James Forrest1937 24th September 1937
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GPR ref.view

95ForsythMargaret Forsythfirst name on this monument1782841866id: 1102316390411127th February 1866
R K Hewat
Annie Kemp
Robert Morehead
Jean Scott1813671880 10th January 1880

96FraserCharles Fraserfirst name on this monumentno image1639931072

97FraserElizabeth Fraserfirst name on this monument1812id: 1100136
(2 images)
1638681067116th November 1812
John Fraserhusband of Elizabeth Fraser

98FraserJames Fraserfirst name on this monument1726821808id: 1090917163761107212th November 1808
Georgina Walker Wilsonwife of James Fraser1740791819 16th June 1819

99FraserJames John Fraserfirst name on this monument1839id: 11220
(2 images)
16399410713rd June 1839
Jane Frasersister of James John Fraser

100FrazerAlexander Frazerfirst name on this monument1850641914id: 11058163920107428th July 1914

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Old Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The postcode for this cemetery is EH1 3BG - if you have a GPS this might be useful to locate this cemetery!

The view statistics shown below are from 8 Jan 2014 when collection of these statistics started.

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