Ireland Cemetery List

Below are the Ireland churchyard and cemetary sites or monuments that have been fully or partially indexed.

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ArdfieldOld641790Steve NewbySteve Newby17 July 2018
BlarneyImmaculate Conception570believed to be completeJohn LockJohn Lock08 December 2015
Castle HavenSt Barrahanes27560Steve NewbySteve Newby27 October 2018
CastletownsendSt Barrahanes71980Steve NewbySteve Newby24 July 2018
St Barrahanes (interior)19382Steve NewbySteve Newby24 July 2018
CastleventryOld16410Steve NewbySteve Newby22 June 2019
ClogaghOld772320Steve NewbySteve Newby22 June 2019
ClonakiltyKilgarriffe42791270% completeSteve LockwoodSteve Lockwood18 September 2015
Kilgarriffe (Church of Ireland)953100Steve NewbySteve Newby22 May 2019
ClonfertRC151oddments (less than ten)Graham CowardGraham Coward
Trinity Christ130oddments (less than ten)Graham CowardGraham Coward
CobhSt Colman121unknownCharles Sale30 August 2013
CorkSt Finn Barrs Cathedral100155760% completeSteve LockwoodSteve Lockwood18 September 2015
GlandoreOld8220Steve NewbySteve Newby17 July 2018
KilcoeOld582030Steve NewbySteve Newby22 June 2019
KilcullyOld109367960% completeJohn LockJohn Lock23 November 2015
Old (part 2)672173John LockJohn Lock12 July 2017
KinsaleSt Multose126283580% completeSteve LockwoodSteve Lockwood23 September 2015
LeapKilmacabea722030Steve NewbySteve Newby14 April 2019
MacroomRepublican11111Rob Reynolds12922 May 2017
Republican11111Joy Reynolds12922 May 2017
MyrossParish701910Steve NewbySteve Newby15 December 2017
RathbarryParish17470Steve NewbySteve Newby15 December 2017
Parish (ruin)17490Steve NewbySteve Newby17 July 2018
St Michael2766720Steve NewbySteve Newby14 April 2019
RosscarberyAbbey2657051Steve NewbySteve Newby13 January 2019
St Fachnas Cathedral1333040Steve NewbySteve Newby19 December 2018
St Fachnas Cathedral (interior)560Steve NewbySteve Newby19 December 2018
St Faughna RC35350Steve NewbySteve Newby17 July 2018
SchullSt Mary R C330Steve NewbySteve Newby27 October 2018
SkibbereenFamine51123230% completeSteve LockwoodSteve Lockwood23 September 2015
TimoleagueChurch of the Ascension942283Steve NewbySteve Newby31 December 2015
The Friary1945126Steve Newby17 September 2015


DonegalOld Abbey1302813Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood22 November 2016
DunleweyChurch of Ireland2100Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood05 November 2016
FrossesSt Mary521465Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood22 November 2016
GlencolmcilleChurch of Ireland46636Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood05 November 2016
KillaghteeSt Peter881896Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood22 November 2016
KillybegsKillybegs411153Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood22 November 2016
LetterkennyConwal Parish1072014Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood22 November 2016
Money BegSacred Heart6160Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood05 November 2016


GlasnevinMetropolitan Police55550John Lock18110 August 2017
Metropolitan Police55550Steve Lockwood18110 August 2017
Prospect2999441050% completeSteve Lockwood18113 February 2016
Prospect1003344Steve Lockwood18128 February 2016
Prospect1148397332Steve Lockwood18113 October 2016
Prospect2999441050% completeJohn Lock18113 February 2016
Prospect1003344John Lock18128 February 2016
Prospect1148397332John Lock18113 October 2016


ClaregalwayFranciscan Friary12526912Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood09 October 2015
ClonfertSt Brendan Cathedral1122999Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood18 October 2015
GalwaySt Nicholas1322402070% completeSteve LockwoodSteve Lockwood07 October 2015
St Nicholas War Memorial15150unknown07 October 2015


AnascaulBallinclare3507497Joy Reynolds12927 May 2017
Ballinclare3507497Rob Reynolds12927 May 2017
ArdfertCathedral41713Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood13 October 2015
DunquinDun Chaoin Sean12331Joy Reynolds12928 May 2017
Dun Chaoin Sean12331Rob Reynolds12928 May 2017
New681544Joy Reynolds12902 June 2017
New681544Rob Reynolds12902 June 2017
FiriesKilnanare (new)1743161Joy Reynolds12922 May 2017
Kilnanare (new)1743161Rob Reynolds12922 May 2017
GlenbeighCurra1154313Joy Reynolds12924 May 2017
Curra1154313Rob Reynolds12924 May 2017
GortreligCummer311130Joy Reynolds12927 May 2017
Cummer311130Rob Reynolds12927 May 2017
InchInch1453800Joy Reynolds12914 June 2017
Inch1453800Rob Reynolds12914 June 2017
KeelOld651424Joy Reynolds12907 June 2017
Old651424Rob Reynolds12907 June 2017
St Gobnait12310oddments (more than ten)Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood13 October 2015
St Gobnait (part 2)36410454Joy Reynolds12906 June 2017
St Gobnait (part 2)36410454Rob Reynolds12906 June 2017
KenmareKillowen19364Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood07 October 2015
Old17390oddments (more than ten)Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood23 September 2015
KilfenoraMonastery912096Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood04 October 2015
KilgarvanNew449120611Joy Reynolds12930 June 2017
New449120611Rob Reynolds12930 June 2017
Old29702Joy Reynolds12902 June 2017
Old29702Rob Reynolds12902 June 2017
LispoleAmbush330Joy ReynoldsJoy Reynolds22 May 2017
VentryVentry2666146Joy Reynolds12930 June 2017
Ventry2666146Rob Reynolds12930 June 2017


CallanKilbride2493310% completeSteve LockwoodSteve Lockwood17 September 2015
KilkennySt Canice Cathedral2249440% completeSteve LockwoodSteve Lockwood18 September 2015


ArdeeSt Mary Abbey1002503Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood13 December 2016
CollonChurch of Ireland1453975Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood19 January 2017
DarverSt Michael581551Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood19 January 2017
TallanstownOld6017711Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood29 January 2017


AghahowerParish731953Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood13 October 2015
CongAbbey8923115Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood13 October 2015
KillalaCrossPatrick501301John LockJohn Lock04 July 2017
ToormakeadyRuined8121Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood16 October 2015


NavanSt Mary1593035Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood31 January 2017


ArdcarneOld16636715Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood04 February 2017


DrumcliffeSt Columba611485Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood12 February 2017
St Columba (interior)14310John LockJohn Lock25 August 2017
St Columba (roll of honour)23230John LockJohn Lock25 August 2017
SligoAbbey1101922Steve LockwoodSteve Lockwood12 February 2017


DrumnakillyHoly Trinity175637unknown
OmaghBlackford Municipal5215774unknown
Dublin Road Municipal339754unknown
Edenderry Municipal259634unknown
Edenderry Presbyterian16559unknown


ArdmoreSt Declan781551270% completeSteve LockwoodSteve Lockwood18 September 2015
St Paul713090% completeSteve LockwoodSteve Lockwood18 September 2015


FernsCathedral3100David SinnettDavid Sinnett11 May 2015
TinternAbbey3112911believed to be completeSteve LockwoodSteve Lockwood17 September 2015
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