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Sarah Alice Cooper grave monument in Attleborough Road cemetery, Hingham, Norfolk, England

Sarah Alice Cooper grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Sarah Alice Cooper

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image: harc655
grave: 924553
Stephen Andrew Rogers
image number harc655
image: harc656
grave: 924554
Mary Fuller
image number harc656
image: harc657
grave: 924555
Joan Margaret Pamment
image number harc657
image: harc658
grave: 924556
Ida Louise Peel
image number harc658
image: harc659
grave: 924557
Walter Pooley
image number harc659
image: harc660
grave: 924558
Joan Lily Quick
image number harc660
image: harc661
grave: 924559
George William Higgs
image number harc661
image: harc662
grave: 924560
Robert Henry Reginald Cormac Walshe
image number harc662
image: harc663
grave: 924561
Winifred Maud Binyon
image number harc663
image: harc664
grave: 924562
Leonard Stevens
image number harc664
image: harc665
grave: 924563
Catherine Corona Fowle
image number harc665
image: harc666
grave: 924564
Eileen Edmeades
image number harc666
image: harc667
grave: 924565
Malcolm Chilleystone
image number harc667
image: harc668
grave: 924566
Frederick Saunders
image number harc668
image: harc669
grave: 924567
Bob Elliott
image number harc669
image: harc670
grave: 924568
Caroline Ivy Strachan
image number harc670
image: harc671
grave: 924569
Neville Robert Kerrison
image number harc671
image: harc672
grave: 924570
David Ernest Jenkins
image number harc672
image: harc673
grave: 924571
Peter Trevor Dunnett
image number harc673
image: harc674
grave: 924572
Lawrence Jackman
image number harc674
image: harc675
grave: 924573
Sarah Alice Cooper
image number harc675
image: harc676
grave: 924574
Stanley Cordy
image number harc676
image: harc677
grave: 924575
Lucy Olive Bacon
image number harc677
image: harc678
grave: 924576
Peter Nightingale
image number harc678
image: harc679
grave: 924577
George William Charles Eke
image number harc679
image: harc680
grave: 924578
Brenda Janet Curtis
image number harc680
image: harc681
grave: 924579
Cecil Isaac Brett
image number harc681
image: harc682
grave: 924580
Eva Clara Bunn
image number harc682
image: harc683
grave: 924581
Mollie Meek
image number harc683
image: harc684
grave: 924582
Hilda Smith
image number harc684
image: harc685
grave: 924583
Frank Hugh Nigel Parry
image number harc685
image: harc686
grave: 924584
Lawrence Marshall
image number harc686
image: harc687
grave: 924585
Raymond Jones
image number harc687
image: harc688
grave: 924586
Jessie Slatter
image number harc688
image: harc689
grave: 924587
Rita Doreen Pease
image number harc689
image: harc690
grave: 924588
Doris Violet Smith
image number harc690
image: harc691
grave: 924589
Adrian Peter Charles Claveaux
image number harc691
image: harc692
grave: 924590
Reginald Arthur Sheldrake
image number harc692
image: harc693
grave: 924591
Doris Lawrenson
image number harc693
image: harc694
grave: 924592
Russell Harris
image number harc694
image: harc695
grave: 924593
Richard Augustus Stannard
image number harc695

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