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Gravestone photographic resource  page Norfolk (England ) cemetery details

The churchyard or other cemetery sites within Norfolk listed below (with links) are ones that have been indexed.The ones in red (without links) are pending and will be added once they have been photographed and indexed.

To see details of a particular church, cemetery or war memorial, click its name link. To see details of all the churches, cemeteries and war memorials in a particular location (city / town / village), click on the location name.

Cemetery, churchyard and war memorial names that are listed in RED are ones which volunteers are currently photographing and indexing and are therefore not yet available.

city / town / villagechurch graveyard /
cemetery / memorial name
AlburghAll Saints (interior)13160
War Memorial24240
AlbySt Ethelbert14224042believed to be complete
AldebySt Mary19635667believed to be complete
AnmerSt Mary508318believed to be complete
AntinghamSt Mary8714568only pre 1901
St Mary and St Margaret8915525
AppletonSt Mary112believed to be complete
Ashby St MarySt Mary5911065
AshillSt Nicholas643531830believed to be complete except latest interments
War Memorial391010believed to be complete
AslactonSt Michael War Memorial11110
AylshamMunicipal796135719590% complete
BanhamChurchyard Extension43576524believed to be complete
War Memorial48482believed to be complete
BarmerSt Peter14216
BarneySt Mary the Virgin120
BarnhamSt Gregory356343only pre 1901
BawdeswellAll Saints13820312believed to be complete
Bawdeswell1612455believed to be complete
BedinghamSt Andrew288316believed to be complete
BeestonSt Lawrence6012612believed to be complete
Beeston RegisAll Saints40068976believed to be complete
BeightonWar Memorial990believed to be complete
BelaughSt Peterpending
BesthorpeAll Saintspending
War Memorial16161believed to be complete
BillingfordSt Peter791463
BlicklingSilvergate Lane67989believed to be complete
St Andrew1192414930% complete
Blo NortonSt Andrew1873312590% complete
War Memorial550believed to be complete
BlofieldSt Andrew and St Peter286130
BodneySt Mary519911believed to be complete
BoughtonWar Memorial550believed to be complete
Bracon AshSt Nicholas (interior)411024believed to be complete
St Nicholas War Memorial18180believed to be complete
BradwellSt Nicholas173350158
BramertonSt Peter8515894
Brandon ParvaAll Saints interior9210
War Memorial881
BrecklesSt Margaret7713212believed to be complete
BressinghamSt John the Baptist325243
War Memorial14142
BrettenhamSt Andrew721135believed to be complete except inside church
BridghamWar Memorial20200
BrininghamSt Maurice8515021
St Maurice (inside)8315
BrockdishSt Peter and St Paul1983253250% complete
BroomeWar Memorial19190
BrumsteadSt Peter6916429believed to be complete
BrundallSt Lawrence580
BunwellWar Memorial27270
Burgh next AylshamSt Mary the Virgin7913818believed to be complete
Burgh St PeterSt Mary10117243believed to be complete
Burnham MarketSt Mary13728078believed to be complete except inside church
St Mary (Westgate)19459inside church only
War Memorial44443believed to be complete
Burnham NortonSt Margaret6631216174
Burnham OverySt Clement18339
Burnham Sutton cum UlphAll Saints7514455believed to be complete except inside church
Burnham ThorpeAll Saints25647849
BurstonSt Mary15023939
Caistor St EdmundSt Edmund (interior)14310
War Memorial990
CalthorpeOur Lady with St Margaret10317929believed to be complete
CarbrookeWar Memorial27270
Carleton St PeterSt Peter244822
Castle AcreSt James the Great24633770% complete
War Memorial52520
CawstonAylsham Road57902710% complete
St Agnes1632998720% complete
Cley-next-the-seaSt Margaret437793181believed to be complete
Cockley CleyAll Saints121716
All Saints 213622933
ColbySt Giles14626731believed to be complete except inside church
ColneySt Andrew120
War Memorial660believed to be complete
ColtonSt Andrew (inside)27677inside church only
War Memorial990
CostonSt Michael34593believed to be complete
War Memorial330believed to be complete
CranwichSt Mary611137believed to be complete
CranworthSt Mary2305527believed to be complete except latest interments
Cranworth, Letton and SouthburghWar Memorial16160
CromerSt Peter and St Paul234454133only pre 1901
War Memorial88884
CrostwightAll Saints611165believed to be complete except inside church
CroxtonAll Saints10917929believed to be complete except inside church
DentonSt Mary the Virgin7220
St Mary the Virgin War Memorial11110
DenverSt Mary11618616
DickleburghWar Memorial29290believed to be complete
DilhamSt Nicholas21339674believed to be complete
DissCroft Lane Baptist12020% complete
War Memorial1981981believed to be complete
DraytonSt Margaret240
EarlhamMunicipal (part 1)505919106
Municipal (part 2)535103331
Municipal (part 3)35162717
Municipal (part 4)2324792
St Mary16525423
EarshamAll Saints420747130believed to be complete
East BradenhamSt Mary170206218believed to be complete except latest interments
War Memorial15340believed to be complete
East HarlingMunicipal31452928believed to be complete
War Memorial48481believed to be complete
East RaynhamSt Mary010pending
St Mary482721119
East RustonSt Mary286528105believed to be complete
St Mary (interior)12241believed to be complete
East TuddenhamAll Saints8191oddments (less than ten)
East WinchAll Saints285027
EastonWar Memorial14140
EcclesSt Mary1342461690% complete
ElsingSt Mary the Virgin21620inside church only
War Memorial14141believed to be complete
ErpinghamSt Mary332590113believed to be complete
FakenhamCreake Road (part 1)53830
FelbriggSt Margaret2710313
FelthorpeBaptist Chapel670
St Margaret15420361
FersfieldSt Andrew1452691
War Memorial440believed to be complete
FlordonSt Michael921775
ForncettWar Memorial11110
FoulshamHoly Innocents35863627believed to be complete
FoxleySt Thomas9217615believed to be complete except inside church
FreethorpeAll Saints14631232believed to be complete
FrenzeSt Andrew294913
FrittonSt Edmund25242820
FundenhallWar Memorial17170believed to be complete
GarboldishAll Saints (ruin)131believed to be complete
GarboldishamSt John the Baptist100197152
War Memorial19190believed to be complete
GaytonSt Nicholas32954990believed to be complete
Gayton ThorpeSt Mary366324believed to be complete
GillinghamSt Mary11020779only pre 1901
War Memorial20200
Great CressinghamSt Michael2073847believed to be complete except latest interments
War Memorial12271
Great DunhamWar Memorial12120
Great HockhamHoly Trinity22221
Great RyburghSt Andrew29139872
Great WalsinghamSt Peter383
Great WitchinghamSt Mary23735075
Great YarmouthSt Nicholas34704610% complete
GreshamAll Saints19468inside church only
War Memorial18180believed to be complete
GrimstonSt Botolph6218oddments (less than ten)
GunthorpeSt Mary12923021
St Mary (inside)15475
HackfordSt Mary1122062believed to be complete
War Memorial440believed to be complete
HaddiscoeSt Mary263510251only pre 1901
HainfordWar Memorial25250believed to be complete
HalesSt Margaret9319960
HalvergateSt Peter and St Paul22543461believed to be complete except inside church
HappisburghSt Mary the Virgin42763114
HaptonSt Margaret7111714
HarghamAll Saints481096believed to be complete
HassinghamSt Mary519910believed to be complete except inside church
HeachamSt Mary the Virgin10631694298believed to be complete
HelhoughtonAll Saints7714330
HellesdonSt Mary49886728believed to be complete except inside church
HellingtonSt John the Baptist203821
Hempstead near StalhamSt Andrew549318believed to be complete except inside church
HemsbySt Mary165323198only pre 1901
HepworthWar Memorial13131
HethelAll Saints (interior)143814believed to be complete
All Saints War Memorial440believed to be complete
HevinghamSt Botolph7103
St Mary the Virgin and St Botolph47680210
HilboroughAll Saints2264378believed to be complete except latest interments
War Memorial14140
HindolvestonSt George11118134believed to be complete
HinghamWar Memorial47471
Holme HaleSt Andrew391152840believed to be complete except latest interments
War Memorial14171believed to be complete
Holme next the SeaSt Mary17931553believed to be complete
HoningSt Peter and St Paul35053183believed to be complete
HoninghamSt Andrew152613
HoptonSt Margaret529939only pre 1901
St Margaret Ruin91910only pre 1901
HorseyAll Saints12342
Horsey-next-the-SeaAll Saints7012514believed to be complete except inside church
HoughtonSt Martin11818921
Houghton on the HillSt Mary243623believed to be complete except latest interments
HovetonSt John1322524
Hoveton St PeterSt Peter16426426believed to be complete except inside church
HunstantonAlexandra Road Municipal99139
IckburghWar Memorial12120believed to be complete
IllingtonSt Andrew33614believed to be complete except inside church
St Andrew3200inside church only
InghamHoly Trinity1372719
IngoldisthorpeSt Michael and All Angels15625341
IrsteadSt Michael8716236believed to be complete
KenninghallSt Marypending
St Mary War Memorial31310
KilverstoneSt Andrewpending
War Memorial990
Kirby BedonSt Andrew (interior)21590
St Andrew War Memorial16160
LangleySt Michael8518457only pre 1901
St Michael8518440
LarlingSt Ethelbert13423953believed to be complete
LessinghamAll Saints8214142believed to be complete
LimpenhoeSt Botolph12623550believed to be complete except inside church
LitchamWar Memorial20200
Little CressinghamSt Andrew16212082believed to be complete except latest interments
War Memorial8170
Little DunhamWar Memorial13130
Little EllinghamWar Memorial15150believed to be complete
Little MeltonAll Saints (roll of honour)11110
Little RyburghAll Saints (ruin)21435955
Little WitchinghamSt Faith14275
LonghamSt Andrew and St Peter13421552believed to be complete
LudhamSt Catherine5810653
MarshamAll Saints21236967believed to be complete
MarthamSt Mary the Virgin74416373
MautbySt Peter and St Paul15728038
MiddletonSt Mary5310699only pre 1901
War Memorial343410believed to be complete
MorningthorpeSt John the Baptist12624260
MoultonSt Mary15923752believed to be complete
MundersleyAll Saints34457360
All Saints (inside)48627
MundfordWar Memorial21210believed to be complete
NectonAll Saints571903171believed to be complete
New BuckenhamMoat Lane (overflow)21836510believed to be complete
Newton FlotmanSt Mary306412
North CreakeSt Mary339634146believed to be complete
North ElmhamWatts Naval School21240
North LophamSt Nicholaspending
War Memorial38380believed to be complete
North PickenhamSt Andrew1779864believed to be complete except latest interments
War Memorial981071believed to be complete
North WalshamSt Nicholas245445
NorthreppsSt Mary the Virgin252
Norton SubcourseSt Mary203315
NorwichAll Saints Westlegate271believed to be complete except inside church
Rosary pending
Rosary (section B)17739640
St Clement353only pre 1901
St Edmund Fishergate7150believed to be complete
St Faith14262
St George Colegate10321532believed to be complete
St George Tombland408627believed to be complete
St Gregory131only pre 1901
St Helen Bishopsgate4712512believed to be complete
St John Maddermarket7317336inside church only
St John the Baptist Timberhill5100believed to be complete except inside church
St Julian160
St Laurence231only pre 1901
St Michael at Plea428525believed to be complete
St Peter Mancroft77146103only pre 1901
St Peter Parmentergate4111
St Saviour784only pre 1901
St Stephen1482816believed to be complete
St Stephen War Memorial40402
Old BuckenhamWar Memorial46461
Old CattonSt Margaret2100
OrmesbySt Michael14829635believed to be complete except inside church
OrmsbySt Michael14281
OxboroughSt John the Evangelist16427551
PanxworthAll Saints33658believed to be complete
PastonSt Margaret15925542believed to be complete
Potter HeighamSt Nicholas187355136only pre 1901
Pulham MarketSt Mary Magdalene27713inside church only
War Memorial29290believed to be complete
QuidenhamSt Andrew1342292690% complete
RackheathAll Saints13124927believed to be complete
RanworthSt Helen3617422only pre 1901
Reedham385th Bomb Group212112believed to be complete
St John the Baptist427800141believed to be complete
War Memorial25259
RiddlesworthSt Peter8414333believed to be complete except inside church
RidlingtonSt Peter54971480% complete
Rockland St PeterSt Peter War Memorial14140believed to be complete
RollesbySt George10422699only pre 1901
RoudhamSt Andrew (ruin)33491390% complete
St Andrew (ruin)110
RoughtonSt Mary31749862
RoydonWar Memorial22220believed to be complete
RushallSt Mary14724727
St Mary (interior)220
St Mary (roll of honour)11110
RushfordSt John the Evangelist631210
St John the Evangelist631220
RystonSt Michael417018
Saham ToneySt George798314155believed to be complete except latest interments
St George War Memorial491106
SalleSt Peter and St Paul19634034believed to be complete
SandringhamSt Mary Magdalene14325191believed to be complete except inside church
SantonAll Saints10263believed to be complete
ScottowAll Saints12123152believed to be complete
ScoultonWar Memorial15151
Sea PallingSt Margaret21140158believed to be complete
Seething and MundhamWar Memorial990believed to be complete
ShelfangerAll Saints War Memorial990believed to be complete
SheltonWar Memorial17170believed to be complete
ShimplingSt George831175believed to be complete
ShipdhamAll Saints251568016believed to be complete except latest interments
Parish660151644believed to be complete except latest interments
War Memorial411011believed to be complete
ShoteshamWar Memorial21210
SloleySt Bartholomew13724570believed to be complete except inside church
SnettertonAll Saints11519945believed to be complete
SnettishamSt Mary555929204believed to be complete except inside church
South CreakeOur Lady St Mary9416238believed to be complete
Our Lady St Mary (pt 2)17326768believed to be complete
South LophamSt Andrewpending
War Memorial16161believed to be complete
South PickenhamAll Saints11712275believed to be complete except latest interments
War Memorial11171believed to be complete
SouthburghSt Andrew16332010
SparhamSt Mary1171959
SpixworthSt Peter7617018believed to be complete
Spooner RowHoly Trinity18191believed to be complete
St FaithSt Mary and St Andrew10192
StalhamSt Mary31957087believed to be complete
StanhoeWar Memorial75756believed to be complete
StiffkeySt John the Baptist23443786believed to be complete except inside church
StocktonSt Michael and All Angels6211062only pre 1901
Stoke FerryAll Saints142930
All Saints (inside)10193believed to be complete
War Memorial20201believed to be complete
Stratton StrawlessSt Margaret480
SurlinghamSt Saviour (ruin)560believed to be complete
SwaffhamBrandon Road956171035believed to be complete except latest interments
War Memorial1151151
SwainsthorpeSt Peter17530037
SwanningtonSt Margaret20522inside church only
War Memorial13130believed to be complete
Swanton NoversSt Edmund17235048
St Edmund (inside)12174
SyderstoneSt Mary27949098believed to be complete
TacolnestonWar Memorial14140believed to be complete
TasburghSt Mary the Virgin20336410
TaverhamSt Edmund5142
War Memorial11110
Terrington St JohnSt John26643464believed to be complete
ThelvetonSt Andrew1853375believed to be complete
ThetfordLondon Road (discarded gravestones)14223
London Road (section A)13325327believed to be complete
London Road (section B)8517215believed to be complete
London Road (section C)447418believed to be complete
London Road (section D)15127218believed to be complete
London Road (section E)32258923believed to be complete
London Road (section F)1732786believed to be complete
London Road (section G)982021believed to be complete
London Road (section M)3464911
St Cuthbert65839believed to be complete
St Mary the Less8514130
Thorpe AbbottsAll Saints254021only pre 1901
Thorpe MarketSt Margaret8016979only pre 1901
Thorpe St AndrewSt Andrew11399
ThrigbySt Mary295719only pre 1901
ThurgartonAll Saints931562
All Saints (roll of honour)660
ThurltonAll Saints124only pre 1901
ThwaiteAll Saints9416211believed to be complete
Thwaite St MarySt Mary559024believed to be complete
Tilney cum IslingtonSt Mary2864250% complete
Tivetshall St MargaretSt Margaret23438725believed to be complete
Tivetshall St MarySt Mary1231766believed to be complete
ToftreesAll Saints8917231
TopcroftSt Margaret13925249believed to be complete except inside church
TottenhillSt Botolph17529776
TottingtonWar Memorial60603
TunstallSt Peter and St Paul30519believed to be complete
TunsteadSt Mary (inside)431065inside church only
Upper SheringhamAll Saints355692220only pre 1901
All Saints111204119only pre 1901
WalcottAll Saints12925530believed to be complete except inside church
All Saints (interior)29480
WaterdenAll Saints9136believed to be complete
WattonSt Mary (commonweath war graves)38450
War Memorial47470
WaxhamSt John479421believed to be complete except inside church
WelborneAll Saints9168
WellinghamWar Memorial13131
Market Lane7861316188
Wells-next-the-SeaSt Nicholas27858778
St Nicholas27858781believed to be complete
WerehamWar Memorial17171believed to be complete
West AcreAll Saints3910830believed to be complete
West BilneySt Cecilia366413believed to be complete except inside church
West BradenhamSt Andrew302223817believed to be complete except latest interments
War Memorial15430believed to be complete
West HarlingAll Saints51892290% complete
West RaynhamSt Margaret30828
West RuntonHoly Trinity53390426
War Memorial51512
West SomertonSt Mary15327445believed to be complete except inside church
Weston LongvilleAll Saints (inside)407915inside church only
War Memorial10100believed to be complete
WheatacreAll Saints190381107believed to be complete
WhittingtonChrist Church6111350
WickhamptonSt Andrew6411820believed to be complete
WicklewoodAll Saints (interior)12251
War Memorial17171
WilbyAll Saints1282512190% complete
WinfarthingSt Mary the Virgin War Memorial15154believed to be complete
Witton BridgeSt Margaret10120029
WoodtonAll Saints21741780believed to be complete
WormegayWar Memorial880
WortwellWar Memorial26260
WrettonWar Memorial16161believed to be complete
WroxhamSt Mary the Virginpending
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Norfolk cemeteries scheduled to be photographed and indexed

Below are the churchyard or municipal cemetery sites that are going to be added to Norfolk.
city / town / villagecemetery namevolunteerstatusexpected date to
be added to GPR


St Peterscheduled to be photographedApril 2017


All SaintsJohn Lockscheduled to be photographedSeptember 2017


St MaryJohn Lockscheduled to be photographedNovember 2017


St AndrewJohn Lockscheduled to be photographedMay 2018

North Lopham

St NicholasJohn Lockscheduled to be photographedDecember 2017


Rosary Olley Kirstyscheduled to be photographedJuly 2019

South Lopham

St AndrewJohn Lockscheduled to be photographedMarch 2018


St Mary the Virginscheduled to be photographedApril 2017

Search Norfolk for a particular name



Use this search to find a specific named person within Norfolk. hint: using just part of the forename and surname will display other spellings of the name.

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