James Barrett grave monument in St Botolph burial ground, Tottenhill, Norfolk, England

James Barrett grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
James Barrett
Ruth Sarah Barrett
1952 wife of James Barrett
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find James Barrett grave location

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image: 001
grave: 82719
Thomas Ash Allen
image number 001
image: 002
grave: 82720
Mary Ambrose
image number 002
image: 003
grave: 82721
Robert Baker
image number 003
image: 004
grave: 82722
Sarah Ann Baker
image number 004
image: 005
grave: 82723
William Baker
image number 005
image: 006
grave: 82724
Mabel Hannah Ball
image number 006
image: 007
grave: 82725
Renee Ball
image number 007
image: 008
grave: 82726
Raymond Barber
image number 008
image: 009
grave: 82727
Esther Elizabeth Barker
image number 009
image: 010
grave: 82728
James Barrett
image number 010
image: 011
grave: 82729
Henry Stephen Benge
image number 011
image: 012
grave: 82730
Thomas Bennett
image number 012
image: 013
grave: 82731
Horace Nicholas Bilham
image number 013
image: 014
grave: 82732
Thomas Blanchflower
image number 014
image: 015
grave: 82733
Frederick George Boon Palmer
image number 015
image: 016
grave: 82734
James Boon Palmer
image number 016
image: 017
grave: 82735
Arnold George Weston Palmer
image number 017
image: 018
grave: 82736
Charles Fiddaman Boon
image number 018
image: 019
grave: 82737
Elizabeth Maria Boon
image number 019
image: 020
grave: 82738
Elizabeth Boon
image number 020

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