Susan Barnes grave monument in Municipal (part 2) cemetery, Earlham, Norfolk, England

Susan Barnes grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Susan Barnes
07 March 1920731847
Edward William Barnes
husband of Susan Barnes
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image: 9951
grave: 443588
Mary Moore
image number 9951
image: 9952
grave: 443589
Ann Moore
image number 9952
image: 9955
grave: 443590
Harriet Anne Fisher
image number 9955
image: 9957
grave: 443591
Elizabeth Meen
image number 9957
image: 9959
grave: 443592
William Jillings Meen
image number 9959
image: 9960
grave: 443593
Matilda Latham Balls
image number 9960
image: 9963
grave: 443594
Edgar Walter Canham
image number 9963
image: 9964
grave: 443595
John Dunn Beeston
image number 9964
image: 9965
grave: 443596
Gertrude Canham
image number 9965
image: 9966
grave: 443597
Charles Norris
image number 9966
image: 9969
grave: 443598
Susan Barnes
image number 9969
image: 9970
grave: 443599
Susan Shapland
image number 9970
image: 9972
grave: 443600
William Fielder
image number 9972
image: 9976
grave: 443601
Harry Walter Fox
image number 9976
image: 9976
grave: 443602
Hugh Fox
image number 9976
image: 9976
grave: 443603
Hugh Fox
image number 9976
image: 9981
grave: 443604
Elizabeth Kemp
image number 9981
image: 9982
grave: 443605
Walter Lewis Corsbie
image number 9982
image: 9983
grave: 443606
Muriel Steger Hamper
image number 9983
image: 9984
grave: 443607
Jane Muskett Gardiner
image number 9984
image: 9986
grave: 443608
Susan Taylor
image number 9986

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