Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 420830Details of grave number 420830 at St Margaret Breckles for Samuel Butcher

Samuel Butcher grave monument in St Margaret burial ground, Breckles, Norfolk, England

Samuel Butcher grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Samuel Butcher
Ruth Isabella Butcher
05/04/196610017/04/1866wife of Samuel Butcher

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image: Brek47
grave: 420820
Suzanne Chantal Goddard
image number Brek47
image: Brek48
grave: 420821
Mabel Clements
image number Brek48
image: Brek49
grave: 420822
Albert Edward Butcher
image number Brek49
image: Brek50
grave: 420823
Alfred Ernest Preston
image number Brek50
image: Brek51
grave: 420824
Robert Alfred Preston
image number Brek51
image: Brek52
grave: 420825
Clara Mayhew
image number Brek52
image: Brek53
grave: 420826
Frederic George Mayhew
image number Brek53
image: Brek54
grave: 420827
Frederic Mayhew
image number Brek54
image: Brek55
grave: 420828
Reg Tricker
image number Brek55
image: Brek56
grave: 420829
Susannah E Ayres
image number Brek56
image: Brek57
grave: 420830
Samuel Butcher
image number Brek57
image: Brek58
grave: 420831
Amelia Palmer
image number Brek58
image: Brek59
grave: 420832
Frederick George Browne
image number Brek59
image: Brek60
grave: 420833
Archie William Large
image number Brek60
image: Brek61
grave: 420834
Ronnie Archdale
image number Brek61
image: Brek62
grave: 420835
Vivian Ann Archer
image number Brek62
image: Brek63
grave: 420836
William South
image number Brek63
image: Brek64
grave: 420837
Madge Ethel Clifford
image number Brek64
image: Brek65
grave: 420838
Richard Frank Archer
image number Brek65
image: Brek66
grave: 420839
Jean Nora Archer
image number Brek66
image: Brek67
grave: 420840
Martha Boyd
image number Brek67

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