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Thomas Adamson Lamplough grave monument in Parish cemetery, Preston, Yorkshire, England

Thomas Adamson Lamplough grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Adamson Lamplough
20 April 19746614 November 1908
Ethel May Lamplough
16 June 19836930 August 1914wife of Thomas Adamson Lamplough
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image: P1020868
grave: 393050
Nancy Tipping
image number P1020868
image: P1020869
grave: 393051
Lily Ann Richardson
image number P1020869
image: P1020870
grave: 393052
Darren Paul Headon
image number P1020870
image: P1020871
grave: 393053
Estelle Fisher
image number P1020871
image: P1020872
grave: 393054
Cyril Whitehand
image number P1020872
image: P1020876
grave: 393055
Ellen Marshall
image number P1020876
image: P1020877
grave: 393056
Eva Harrison
image number P1020877
image: P1020878
grave: 393057
Sarah Ann Bray
image number P1020878
image: P1020879
grave: 393058
Trevor Roustoby
image number P1020879
image: P1020880
grave: 393059
Mary Alice Wright
image number P1020880
image: P1020881
grave: 393060
Thomas Adamson Lamplough
image number P1020881
image: P1020882
grave: 393061
George & Rose Clark
image number P1020882
image: P1020883
grave: 393062
Doris Margaret Jackson
image number P1020883
image: P1020884
grave: 393063
Lillian May Kirkwood
image number P1020884
image: P1020885
grave: 393064
Beatrice Maud Barker
image number P1020885
image: P1020886
grave: 393065
Joseph Harry Longstaff
image number P1020886
image: P1020887
grave: 393066
Evelyn Hunter
image number P1020887
image: P1020888
grave: 393067
Isabel Bosman
image number P1020888
image: P1020889
grave: 393068
Arthur Wood
image number P1020889
image: P1020890
grave: 393069
Eric John Cook
image number P1020890
image: P1020891
grave: 393070
Charles Jobling
image number P1020891

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