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Thomas Adamson Lamplough grave monument in Parish cemetery, Preston, Yorkshire, England

Thomas Adamson Lamplough grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Adamson Lamplough
20 April 19746614 November 1908
Ethel May Lamplough
16 June 19836930 August 1914wife of Thomas Adamson Lamplough
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Thomas Adamson Lamplough grave location

(40 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 393060)

The following thumbnail images are the 40 taken before and 40 after the one for Thomas Adamson Lamplough was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Thomas Adamson Lamplough below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Thomas Adamson Lamplough grave.

image: P1020830
grave: 393020
Ernest Oliver
image number P1020830
image: P1020831
grave: 393021
Miranda Rawson
image number P1020831
image: P1020833
grave: 393022
Thomas David Whitfield
image number P1020833
image: P1020834
grave: 393023
Judith Hoggard
image number P1020834
image: P1020836
grave: 393024
James B Dickinson
image number P1020836
image: P1020837
grave: 393025
Harriet Medforth
image number P1020837
image: P1020838
grave: 393026
Sheila Edwards
image number P1020838
image: P1020839
grave: 393027
Robert Pickering Fussey
image number P1020839
image: P1020840
grave: 393028
Florence Arksey
image number P1020840
image: P1020842
grave: 393029
George Thompson
image number P1020842
image: P1020844
grave: 393030
T H Macklin
image number P1020844
image: P1020845
grave: 393031
George Jackson
image number P1020845
image: P1020846
grave: 393032
Emily Starkey
image number P1020846
image: P1020847
grave: 393033
Clara Varlow
image number P1020847
image: P1020848
grave: 393034
Elsie May Curtis
image number P1020848
image: P1020850
grave: 393035
Harriet Atkinson
image number P1020850
image: P1020851
grave: 393036
Hilda Mary Whatling
image number P1020851
image: P1020852
grave: 393037
Davy Hardy Thompson
image number P1020852
image: P1020853
grave: 393038
Annis Biggs
image number P1020853
image: P1020855
grave: 393039
Lucy Ward
image number P1020855
image: P1020856
grave: 393040
Alfred Ward
image number P1020856
image: P1020857
grave: 393041
George Thompson
image number P1020857
image: P1020858
grave: 393042
James Thomas Atkinson
image number P1020858
image: P1020861
grave: 393043
Annie Whatling
image number P1020861
image: P1020862
grave: 393044
Walter William Straker
image number P1020862
image: P1020863
grave: 393045
Thomas Dixon
image number P1020863
image: P1020864
grave: 393046
A Jubb
image number P1020864
image: P1020865
grave: 393047
John David Fewster
image number P1020865
image: P1020866
grave: 393048
Stanley William Keymer
image number P1020866
image: P1020867
grave: 393049
Arthur W Fewster
image number P1020867
image: P1020868
grave: 393050
Nancy Tipping
image number P1020868
image: P1020869
grave: 393051
Lily Ann Richardson
image number P1020869
image: P1020870
grave: 393052
Darren Paul Headon
image number P1020870
image: P1020871
grave: 393053
Estelle Fisher
image number P1020871
image: P1020872
grave: 393054
Cyril Whitehand
image number P1020872
image: P1020876
grave: 393055
Ellen Marshall
image number P1020876
image: P1020877
grave: 393056
Eva Harrison
image number P1020877
image: P1020878
grave: 393057
Sarah Ann Bray
image number P1020878
image: P1020879
grave: 393058
Trevor Roustoby
image number P1020879
image: P1020880
grave: 393059
Mary Alice Wright
image number P1020880
image: P1020881
grave: 393060
Thomas Adamson Lamplough
image number P1020881
image: P1020882
grave: 393061
George & Rose Clark
image number P1020882
image: P1020883
grave: 393062
Doris Margaret Jackson
image number P1020883
image: P1020884
grave: 393063
Lillian May Kirkwood
image number P1020884
image: P1020885
grave: 393064
Beatrice Maud Barker
image number P1020885
image: P1020886
grave: 393065
Joseph Harry Longstaff
image number P1020886
image: P1020887
grave: 393066
Evelyn Hunter
image number P1020887
image: P1020888
grave: 393067
Isabel Bosman
image number P1020888
image: P1020889
grave: 393068
Arthur Wood
image number P1020889
image: P1020890
grave: 393069
Eric John Cook
image number P1020890
image: P1020891
grave: 393070
Charles Jobling
image number P1020891
image: P1020892
grave: 393071
Thomas Stancer Andrew
image number P1020892
image: P1020893
grave: 393072
Arthur Lundy
image number P1020893
image: P1020894
grave: 393073
Herbert William Simons
image number P1020894
image: P1020895
grave: 393074
Sydney Savage
image number P1020895
image: P1020896
grave: 393075
Terence Frank Hunter
image number P1020896
image: P1020897
grave: 393076
Hilda Fairbank
image number P1020897
image: P1020898
grave: 393077
Arthur Clarkson
image number P1020898
image: P1020899
grave: 393078
George Arthur Thompson
image number P1020899
image: P1020900
grave: 393079
Norman Hoff
image number P1020900
image: P1020901
grave: 393080
Alfred Whitehand
image number P1020901
image: P1020902
grave: 393081
Michael James Hopper
image number P1020902
image: P1020903
grave: 393082
Irene Hopper
image number P1020903
image: P1020904
grave: 393083
Septimus Robert Dickinson
image number P1020904
image: P1020905
grave: 393084
Lillian May Sanders
image number P1020905
image: P1020906
grave: 393085
George W Bray
image number P1020906
image: P1020908
grave: 393086
Alfred B Bishop
image number P1020908
image: P1020909
grave: 393087
Hannah Batt
image number P1020909
image: P1020910
grave: 393088
Cyril Edwin Garbutt
image number P1020910
image: P1020911
grave: 393089
Mary Ilana Dickinson
image number P1020911
image: P1020913
grave: 393090
Harry Grayson
image number P1020913
image: P1020915
grave: 393091
Jane Barker
image number P1020915
image: P1020916
grave: 393092
Graham Paul Bunting
image number P1020916
image: P1020917
grave: 393093
Hilda Mary Green
image number P1020917
image: P1020918
grave: 393094
Charlotte Towle
image number P1020918
image: P1020920
grave: 393095
John Mullins
image number P1020920
image: P1020921
grave: 393096
Charles Lamplough
image number P1020921
image: P1020922
grave: 393097
Tom D Whiting
image number P1020922
image: P1020923
grave: 393098
Edith Guy
image number P1020923
image: P1020924
grave: 393099
Ethel Lillian Maud Miles
image number P1020924
image: P1020926
grave: 393100
Annie Stringfellow
image number P1020926

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