Suzanne Garnier grave monument in Vaugirard cemetery, Paris, Paris, France

Suzanne Garnier grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Suzanne Garnier nee Baudry
Pierre Camille Garnier
1944691875relationship not given of Suzanne Garnier
Pierre Paul Bernard Garnier
191761911relationship not given of Suzanne Garnier
Henri Louis Baudry
1926781848relationship not given of Suzanne Garnier
Huguette Garnier
1948461902relationship not given of Suzanne Garnier
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Suzanne Garnier grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 329448)

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image: PVAGérault1
grave: 329438
Louis Julien Gérault
image number PVAGérault1
image: PVAGleizal
grave: 329439
Claude Gleizal
image number PVAGleizal
image: PVALeconte
grave: 329440
Pierre Louis Marie Leconte
image number PVALeconte
image: PVANihart
grave: 329441
Jacques Prosper Laurent
image number PVANihart
image: PVARouillier
grave: 329442
Rose Léontine Rouillier
image number PVARouillier
image: PVAMarchand
grave: 329443
Michel Marchand
image number PVAMarchand
image: PVAVersillé
grave: 329444
Jacques Versillé
image number PVAVersillé
image: PVAPinget
grave: 329445
Auguste Pinget
image number PVAPinget
image: PVADunet
grave: 329446
Marie Hélène Dunet
image number PVADunet
image: PVASchendorff1
grave: 329447
Hélène Sabardin
image number PVASchendorff1
image: PVAGarnier1
grave: 329448
Suzanne Garnier
image number PVAGarnier1
image: PVABourson
grave: 329449
Norée(?) Albertine Bourson
image number PVABourson
image: PVAFrenoy1
grave: 329450
Louis Frenoy
image number PVAFrenoy1
image: PVABergeron
grave: 329451
(madame) Bergeron
image number PVABergeron
image: PVADemandes
grave: 329452
Henri Demandes
image number PVADemandes
image: PVADoumer1
grave: 329453
André Doumer
image number PVADoumer1
image: PVADoumer2
grave: 329454
Marcel Doumer
image number PVADoumer2
image: PVAPlateau1
grave: 329455
Marius Plateau
image number PVAPlateau1
image: PVABerger
grave: 329456
Ernest Berger
image number PVABerger
image: PVATrullet
grave: 329457
Edgard Trullet
image number PVATrullet
image: PVATreton1
grave: 329458
Jean Pierre Lenoël
image number PVATreton1

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