Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 325409Details of grave number 325409 at Christ Church Rossett for Fanny Zachary

Fanny Zachary grave monument in Christ Church burial ground, Rossett, Wrexham, Wales

Fanny Zachary grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Fanny Zachary
Charles Zachary
1864811783father of Fanny Zachary
Maria Zachary
1804541750mother of Fanny Zachary

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image: DSC00465
grave: 325399
George Evans
image number DSC00465
image: DSC00466
grave: 325400
Thomas Grundy
image number DSC00466
image: DSC00467
grave: 325401
Robert Jones
image number DSC00467
image: DSC00468
grave: 325402
Sarah Halliwell
image number DSC00468
image: DSC00469
grave: 325403
Edie Price
image number DSC00469
image: DSC01016
grave: 325404
Mary Ann Griffiths
image number DSC01016
image: DSC00471
grave: 325405
William Johnson
image number DSC00471
image: DSC00472
grave: 325406
Annie Williams
image number DSC00472
image: DSC00473
grave: 325407
Jane Moss
image number DSC00473
image: DSC00474
grave: 325408
Elizabeth Roberts
image number DSC00474
image: DSC00475
grave: 325409
Fanny Zachary
image number DSC00475
image: DSC00480
grave: 325410
image number DSC00480
image: DSC00477 DSC00478
grave: 325411
image number DSC00477 DSC00478
image: DSC00485 DSC00486
grave: 325412
Evan Williams
image number DSC00485 DSC00486
image: DSC00483 DSC00484
grave: 325413
John Stewart MacKay
image number DSC00483 DSC00484
image: DSC00481
grave: 325414
image number DSC00481
image: DSC00476
grave: 325415
Ellis Evans
image number DSC00476
image: DSC00453
grave: 325416
Edward Woolrich
image number DSC00453
image: DSC00454
grave: 325417
Sarah Ann Woolrich
image number DSC00454
image: DSC00455
grave: 325418
John Arthur Woolrich
image number DSC00455
image: DSC00422
grave: 325419
William Ledsham
image number DSC00422

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