Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 325409Details of grave number 325409 at Christ Church Rossett for Fanny Zachary

Fanny Zachary grave monument in Christ Church burial ground, Rossett, Wrexham, Wales

Fanny Zachary grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Fanny Zachary
Charles Zachary
1864811783father of Fanny Zachary
Maria Zachary
1804541750mother of Fanny Zachary

Breadcrumb trail images to help find Fanny Zachary grave location

(40 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 325409)

The following thumbnail images are the 40 taken before and 40 after the one for Fanny Zachary was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Fanny Zachary below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Fanny Zachary grave.

image: DSC00400
grave: 325369
Catherine Bennett
image number DSC00400
image: DSC00401
grave: 325370
Thomas Lloyd
image number DSC00401
image: DSC00908 DSC00909
grave: 325371
J Walter Manley
image number DSC00908 DSC00909
image: DSC00390
grave: 325372
Emma Gillam
image number DSC00390
image: DSC00391
grave: 325373
George Gillam
image number DSC00391
image: DSC00394 DSC00395
grave: 325374
Caleb Jarvis
image number DSC00394 DSC00395
image: DSC00385 DSC00386
grave: 325375
Trevor Griffith-Boscawen
image number DSC00385 DSC00386
image: DSC00387
grave: 325376
B Trevor Griffith-Boscawen
image number DSC00387
image: DSC00388
grave: 325377
Vera Edyth Broughton
image number DSC00388
image: DSC00389
grave: 325378
Lilian Griffith-Boscawen
image number DSC00389
image: DSC00402
grave: 325379
Diana Clutton
image number DSC00402
image: DSC00403 DCS00404
grave: 325380
William Parker
image number DSC00403 DCS00404
image: DSC00407
grave: 325381
Thomas Parker
image number DSC00407
image: DSC00408
grave: 325382
William Mercer
image number DSC00408
image: DSC00413
grave: 325383
Rowe Mercer
image number DSC00413
image: DSC00410
grave: 325384
Jane Edwards
image number DSC00410
image: DSC00419
grave: 325385
Thomas Aldersey Price
image number DSC00419
image: DSC00417
grave: 325386
Anne Price
image number DSC00417
image: DSC00420
grave: 325387
Harriet Price
image number DSC00420
image: DSC00967 DSC00968 DSC00971
grave: 325388
Mary Lewis
image number DSC00967 DSC00968 DSC00971
image: DSC00456
grave: 325390
John Bithell
image number DSC00456
image: DSC00457
grave: 325391
John Salter
image number DSC00457
image: DSC00458
grave: 325392
Ann Jones
image number DSC00458
image: DSC00459
grave: 325393
Ellen Edge
image number DSC00459
image: DSC00460
grave: 325394
Ellis Woolrich
image number DSC00460
image: DSC00461
grave: 325395
Mary Simpson
image number DSC00461
image: DSC00462
grave: 325396
Mary Roberts
image number DSC00462
image: DSC00463
grave: 325397
Elizabeth Prince
image number DSC00463
image: DSC00464
grave: 325398
George Edwards
image number DSC00464
image: DSC00465
grave: 325399
George Evans
image number DSC00465
image: DSC00466
grave: 325400
Thomas Grundy
image number DSC00466
image: DSC00467
grave: 325401
Robert Jones
image number DSC00467
image: DSC00468
grave: 325402
Sarah Halliwell
image number DSC00468
image: DSC00469
grave: 325403
Edie Price
image number DSC00469
image: DSC01016
grave: 325404
Mary Ann Griffiths
image number DSC01016
image: DSC00471
grave: 325405
William Johnson
image number DSC00471
image: DSC00472
grave: 325406
Annie Williams
image number DSC00472
image: DSC00473
grave: 325407
Jane Moss
image number DSC00473
image: DSC00474
grave: 325408
Elizabeth Roberts
image number DSC00474
image: DSC00475
grave: 325409
Fanny Zachary
image number DSC00475
image: DSC00480
grave: 325410
image number DSC00480
image: DSC00477 DSC00478
grave: 325411
image number DSC00477 DSC00478
image: DSC00485 DSC00486
grave: 325412
Evan Williams
image number DSC00485 DSC00486
image: DSC00483 DSC00484
grave: 325413
John Stewart MacKay
image number DSC00483 DSC00484
image: DSC00481
grave: 325414
image number DSC00481
image: DSC00476
grave: 325415
Ellis Evans
image number DSC00476
image: DSC00453
grave: 325416
Edward Woolrich
image number DSC00453
image: DSC00454
grave: 325417
Sarah Ann Woolrich
image number DSC00454
image: DSC00455
grave: 325418
John Arthur Woolrich
image number DSC00455
image: DSC00422
grave: 325419
William Ledsham
image number DSC00422
image: DSC00421
grave: 325420
John Evans
image number DSC00421
image: DSC01017
grave: 325421
Richard Lewis
image number DSC01017
image: DSC01021
grave: 325422
Peter Edwards
image number DSC01021
image: DSC00489
grave: 325423
John Griffiths
image number DSC00489
image: DSC00490
grave: 325424
George Edwards
image number DSC00490
image: DSC00492
grave: 325425
Edward Edwards
image number DSC00492
image: DSC00493
grave: 325427
William Jones
image number DSC00493
image: DSC00495
grave: 325428
John Carthew
image number DSC00495
image: DSC00496
grave: 325429
Peter Hughes
image number DSC00496
image: DSC00497
grave: 325430
Ann Randles
image number DSC00497
image: DSC00498
grave: 325431
Elizabeth Challiner
image number DSC00498
image: DSC00499
grave: 325432
Mary Ann Bythell
image number DSC00499
image: DSC00500
grave: 325433
Mathew Roberts
image number DSC00500
image: DSC00501
grave: 325434
Elizabeth Price
image number DSC00501
image: DSC00503
grave: 325435
John Liversage
image number DSC00503
image: DSC00504
grave: 325436
image number DSC00504
image: DSC00505
grave: 325437
Jane Chaloner
image number DSC00505
image: DSC00506
grave: 325438
Edward Hughes
image number DSC00506
image: DSC00507
grave: 325439
Sarah Ellis
image number DSC00507
image: DSC00508
grave: 325440
Ann Griffiths
image number DSC00508
image: DSC00509 DSC00510
grave: 325441
George Powell
image number DSC00509 DSC00510
image: DSC00511
grave: 325442
Thomas Roberts
image number DSC00511
image: DSC00512
grave: 325443
Samuel Johnson
image number DSC00512
image: DSC00514
grave: 325444
Harriet Challoner
image number DSC00514
image: DSC00515
grave: 325445
Ann Davies
image number DSC00515
image: DSC00516
grave: 325446
John Roberts
image number DSC00516
image: DSC00517
grave: 325447
William Davies
image number DSC00517
image: DSC00518
grave: 325448
Lily Mary Hutchings
image number DSC00518
image: DSC00519
grave: 325449
John Thomas
image number DSC00519

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